20 Unintentional Ways Moms Let It Slip That They Were Pregnant

The best news ever is when a woman finds out she is having a baby. But a lot of moms-to-be choose to wait to announce the baby on board. Sometimes they just want to keep it a secret until they get more used to the idea. Others choose to wait to tell more than a handful of loved ones until the first trimester is over because the possibility of miscarriage which goes down drastically after the first 12 weeks. But keeping a secret that big can be really tough.

Sometimes the evidence is left out in a conspicuous location, such as when a friend spots the pregnancy test in the trash can or notices the ultrasound pictures in mom's purse when she goes to pay for lunch. Other times, they can tune in to a woman's exhaustion or notice how tight her clothes are getting. Some friends and family members catch on quickly, especially if they watch how a woman orders her lunch or dinner. It's easy to recognize the signs, especially for women who have had babies before. And sometimes it's nice to let the news slip and start the celebration even earlier.

Here are 20 unintentional ways moms let it slip that they were pregnant.

20 Pregnancy Test In The Trash Can

Women have to be careful with their pregnancy test if they want to keep a new pregnancy a secret. In the show "Friends," the news started to spread about Rachel's pregnancy because they found the test in the trash can. And one woman's engagement announcement went viral when people spied the pregnancy test in the corner of the screen.

While there are a lot of different tests on the market, the shape is pretty iconic, and people notice when they see it. Even the presence of a test tells us a lot about what's going on in a person's private life, even if we don't see the results, and we hope that women do a little better in trying to protect their secret by hiding their test.

19 Waving Off The Wine

Girls night out is an amazing tradition that bonds friends. But when you usually spit a bottle of wine with your friends and all of a sudden you start waving it off, it's hard for them to buy an excuse without giving you a knowing look and a congratulations.

Girlfriends are often the first to pick up on pregnancy, especially if they have gone through the experience themselves. They talk about whether or not they are trying, and they can pick up on the subtle signals. Sometimes they notice symptoms before the mom-to-be does and caution their friend to stay sober until they take a test. Girls night might be different for about nine months, but it'll still be fun.

18 The Sickness Gives It Away

One of the toughest parts of the first trimester is the morning sickness. And trying to keep it a secret when you are barfing all the time can be next to impossible. More than half of women report at least some nausea in those first three months. Sometimes the only way to keep it at bay is to constantly munch on crackers and sip ginger ale — and even then, there is usually at least one hurried run to the toilet or the trash can every day.

Of course, the worse the morning sickness, the harder to keep the secret. Some women end up with hyperemesis gravidarum, which can be so severe that they need to go to the hospital because of dehydration. Amy Schumer and Kate Middleton had their pregnancies outed because they were so sick, and it's even easier for co-workers and friends to pick up on the signs.

17 Family Members Spoil The News

While some women want to wait until the 12-week mark to publicly announce their pregnancy, many go ahead and tell a few of the most important people, including their partner and their parents and maybe other close family members. But sometimes they spill the beans and steal mom's thunder before her big announcement.

There have been more than a few celebrity pregnancies revealed because of loose lips from parents or a proud dad-to-be who can't keep mum. And it is even more common for everyday women who find out that their mom just couldn't wait to tell her church friends or her husband who has already passed around cigars at the office. You just have to chalk it up to the excitement and try not to resent their celebration.

16 Touching The Baby Bump

While we watch the royals these days, a lot of people comment on how often Meghan Markle touches her baby bump during her public appearances. But it's just something that moms-to-be do. A lot of times, they can't help but put a protective hand on the tummy, even before the baby bump has arrived and long before they actually feel any movement.

When a woman's mind drifts to the tiny baby growing inside, she will automatically cradle her bump. And an observant co-worker or friend might notice the tell-tall touch. Women, especially, are likely to figure out what it might mean if a woman rests her hand on her belly, and she just might figure out the news before a mom announces it.

15 Her Top Is Too Tight

Many people have their eye out for a baby bump — even though they have been warned about making assumptions about women's bodies by all of the assumptions made about celebs being pregnant when they have just eaten a big meal.

But sometimes women let it slip that they are expecting because their top is too tight in another place. That's because many moms-to-be will show their situation first by growing in the bra area before their belly shows any changes. Her growing cleavage could be a tip-off to the secret that mom is trying to keep for the first trimester.

14 Trips To The Bathroom Raise Suspicions

In those first few months of pregnancy, the bathroom might be a woman's favorite place. Between the morning sickness and the sudden urge to urinate, many women spend a lot more time going to that room, so anyone whose office or cubicle is near the inner sanctum might catch on to a woman's condition, and a woman's third trip to the restroom during dinner might cause family and friends to figure it out.

When an observant friend says "didn't you just go?" a mom-to-be might let it slip that she has a baby on board. It's less embarrassing than the other reasons that a woman might have to have frequent trips to the bathroom, that's for certain.

13 Her FitBit Gives It Away

Our smart technology has gotten the best of us, and it sometimes spills our secrets. That's true of health devices such as Fitbits that track your steps and your heart rate, and some people share their information with friends for encouragement.

A woman's resting heart rate goes up when pregnant, and she burns calories more quickly. There have been a few people who have only learned they were pregnant when they posted about their strange numbers online and learned that her body changes mean that she likely has a baby on board. They accidentally let the news slip because their fitness tracker was too smart for them.

12 Embarrassing Belch Makes People Wonder

A lot of women could never imagine something as embarrassing and crass as burping or farting in public. But when there is a baby on board, sometimes we don't have full control of our faculties. And if some gas escapes, people know that is so unlike their friend that they immediately figure out that something is going on with her body.

Pregnancy hormones in the first trimester cause digestion to slow and gas to build up. It's embarrassing to let one rip in a work meeting, but some moms would rather that people know her secret early than just think that she is gross. So they let the news slip before they were planning on to save themselves a more awkward experience.

11 Losing Breath On The Stairs

Women who are pregnant can really feel the effects pretty early. Even in the first few months, they can struggle with the most basic bodily functions, including breathing. The body needs even more oxygen so that some can be shared with the baby. That can mean that mom finds herself out of breath, even when taking the same staircase she easily tackles every day.

The situation can seek up on a woman, even when she is walking and talking with a  friend. It's something that would be expected when she is huffing and puffing with an eight-month baby bump, but it might spill her secret a lot sooner if she takes the stairs in that first trimester.

10 Sniffing Out Everybody's Lunch In The Break Room

Going to the break room during lunchtime at the office can be a gamble for a pregnant woman who is trying to keep it a secret. Her olfactory senses will go on overload, and she is likely to really struggle with all those smells, good and bad. That's because a pregnant woman's nose works overtime, allowing her to sniff out everything.

Some smells can even trigger nausea in that first trimester and beyond, and we all know that many break room smells aren't exactly pleasant. If a woman all of a sudden starts identifying what every coworker is having for lunch, it may tip them off that she has a baby on board. And she may even want to take on the break room fridge as part of her nesting.

9 The Waddle Is Unmistakable

Usually, this one doesn't show up until a little later in pregnancy. But for some women, it's their walk that gives their condition away. In fact, they have a name for a pregnant woman's gait — a waddle.

Some women don't waddle until the last month of pregnancy or so, but there are some who can feel the baby low in the pelvis for a while. That can cause them to walk with their legs kind of out. They tend to lean back, possibly because of the strain on their back in addition to the pelvis. It's unmistakable, and it sometimes shows up even before the baby bump is so obvious.

8 Animals Rat Her Out

Long before a human can detect whether or not a woman is pregnant, animals tend to pick up on it. It might have something to do with the hormones and an odor that only those with four legs can detect. Sometimes a woman's pets act a lot more protective even before she discovers she is pregnant.

There have been cases of everything from dolphins to horses to dogs and cats acting differently around a woman with a baby on the way. If people watch closely, they might figure out the mom-to-be's condition by simply watching how animals act around her.

7 Hair-Raising Give Away

Sometimes the clues to a woman's pregnancy can be found if you look closely at her hair. One of the major benefits of pregnancy hormones is that they are good for hair and seem to make the mane more manageable and luxurious, but that's not the only hint.

While there are various takes on whether or not it's safe, a lot of moms skip the hair coloring or major chemical treatments like perms or straightening during pregnancy. That's especially true in the first trimester when the baby's development is at its most fragile. So if a woman's roots are showing more than they normally do, that might mean that she's putting off her normal appointment because of the baby on board.

6 Emotional Response

Let's face it. There are times when all women seem a little overly emotional. Most of us can keep it together in public and at the office, but adding on some pregnancy hormones and those tears that usually wait until you get to the bathroom might spill out a little earlier.

A good Netflix movie could leave a mom-to-be blubbering — heck, sometimes a good commercial can bring on the tears. It's hardest at the beginning since the body is just getting used to the hormonal surge — and that can make keeping the pregnancy a secret an even more emotional journey.

5 She Just Can't Stay Awake

Another symptom that women experience in the first trimester is exhaustion. And we don't mean Sunday nap tired — we're talking drooling at the office, can't make it through a movie kind of bone-tired exhaustion. It makes it hard to muster the energy to do anything other than get through the workday.

So if a woman goes on a girls trip and decides to take a nap instead of going to the spa, then that could be a clue to her secret. If she isn't interested in meeting for an after-work bite because she's just too tired, she might just be letting it slip that a baby is on the way.

4 Spying The Ultrasound Pic

There isn't much to see on a first-trimester ultrasound. It's hard to make out much other than a sac and a little bean shape that doesn't resemble a baby very much. But even with that, it's still one of the most prized possessions of a mom-to-be — it's her first picture of her baby. Many moms keep the image in their purse.

Sometimes opening up her wallet or reaching in her lipstick could spill her secret. A photographer captured an image of Drew Barrymore's ultrasound peeking out of her purse to confirm that she had a baby on the way, and it's even more likely that a friend might spy the tell-tale black and white image.

3 Cravings At Work Lunches

Going out to lunch or dinner is a really big deal when you are pregnant — and even if alcohol isn't on the menu, how a woman's order changes drastically from the very beginning. And that could cause a woman to slip and let people know that she's got a little one inside of her dictating her cravings.

It's not just about what a woman can't wait to eat for lunch, though, especially since sometimes moms-to-be are so nauseated in the first trimester that they can't enjoy much. But if Friday is a sushi lunch day, a mom-to-be can no longer enjoy raw fish. She even has to be careful about the sandwiches she eats, since deli meat can be dangerous. A woman could let her pregnancy slip with how she orders at work lunches.

2 Switching To Decaf

Coffee can be a big part of office life. Many coworkers bond while getting their morning cup of joe and then hanging out in the afternoon while they get a refill to get through the day. But when women get pregnant, they learn that they need to cut back on the caffeine to ensure that the baby's development goes well.

It's OK for a woman to have one cup of coffee a day, according to research, but for some, that's a major cut. Some people might notice that she isn't hanging around the coffee pot or going on the Starbucks runs like she used to and figure out what's going on.

1 Mom Brain

Some of the smartest ladies around can find themselves forgetting simple things and losing their train of thought when they get pregnant. It's called mommy brain, and it happens to the best of us. In fact, there are research studies that prove that pregnancy can actually mess with a woman's brain.

So it's no surprise that someone women slip. They might be late for work because they couldn't find their glasses — when they were on top of their head. Or they could totally forget a key piece of information in the middle of a sentence. Some people can cover for it, but others might just admit defeat and let it slip that it's the baby messing with their brain.

Coworkers, family, and friends will know soon enough, so it's not a huge deal if the pregnancy news clips out early. Most people will celebrate the news, no matter when the mom lets it slip.

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