20 Unique Baby Names To Help You Make Sure Your Kid Stands Out

One of the most important - and one of the most fun - things you can do as you prepare for your new baby's arrival is to pick out a name. Choosing a baby name is necessary to give your baby a real identity and finding unique baby names to choose from is the goal of most expectant parents. And rightfully so. We all look forward to the days when our kids can be complimented on their one-of-a-kind names, instead of being stuck being the third of fourth of their moniker in their class at school.

It'd be easy to just pick up one of the many baby name books, flip to a random page, and choose the first name your finger lands on. But since parenting isn't always easy, why should picking out a baby name be any different, right? Instead of being at the mercy of baby books, we've compiled a list of some of the more unique names that you won't find just anywhere and that you can choose from with the knowledge that your baby will be more than just another of their name.

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20 Branwen

If you think the name Branwen sounds like something out of a mystical novel about fairies, you wouldn't be that far off. Stemming from Welsh mythology, the meaning behind this particular name is "beautiful raven." And in Mabinogion, an assortment of Welsh fairy tales, Branwen is the wife of an Irish king.

19 Dwyn

While the meaning behind Dwyn isn't universally or even widely known, its masculine background goes back to Celtic mythology. And as such, Dwyn refers to the Celtic god of love.

18 Abrial

A French name, Abrial or just one letter why of the more popular Gabriel, but a whole lot more unique. Meaning secure, or open, Abrial is almost another version of the name April, which on its own is unique in a way too.

17 Callisto

The most straight forward meaning of this name is "most beautiful" which, let's face it, sets some pretty high standards for your new baby girl. But the name itself just sounds beautiful, making its meaning pretty appropriate. Callisto is also a name of Greek origin, though not uncommonly found in many other countries.

16 Imara

Imara is of African-Swahili origins, meaning "strong" and most typical for a baby girl. The pronunciation uses the 'I' to sound like the 'ee' sound, making the name sound like "Eemara" in English.

15 Jonquil

While being an uncommon and unique name, Jonquil's English origins are still with merit, meaning "flower", and who wouldn't want to bestow upon their new baby girl a unique name that also has the most appropriate meaning behind it, right?

14 Phaedra

Popular in Greek mythology, the name Phaedra comes from the name of the mysterious and appealing daughter of the King Minos. The actual meaning of the name is "bright," which makes sense, as the name derives from a mythological princess, after all.

13 Meilani

Combining both Chinese and Hawaiian heritages, Meilani takes something from both cultures to create one beautiful name. Mei, of a Chinese background, means "great one," while Lani means "from the sky," giving you a name that literally means " great one from the sky."

12 Roan

The Celtic meaning of Roan is little red one, which would probably be perfect for a newborn baby sporting tiny wisps of red hair. Its Norse meaning refers to the Rowan tree, which is another perfect option if you're shooting for a more natural or nature-themed name for your new baby.

11 Turia

The name Turia is of a Latin background with the meaning still currently unknown. But that little fact just makes it all the more unique and appealing to bestow upon your new little one.

10 Carden

Coming from Old English origins, the name Carden was typically used as a boys' name and refers to a wool carder, or someone who, in the process of producing wool, works to remove any impurities. So the fact that it is considered a more masculine name option makes perfect sense.

9 Ara

The meaning behind the feminine name of Ara is ornament or decoration and comes from both English and Latin roots. It's also a unique name that isn't too far "out there" in terms of spelling or even pronunciation.

8 Danton

This name originates from France and is, simply put, another version of the more common name of Anthony. So it does make it possible to choose a name for your baby that is close to a more common one, but still helps you help your little one stand out.

7 Farrell

In most cultures, including Irish, Celtic, and even American, the commonly boys' name of Farrell means brave. Which is almost the perfect meaning of a name that you'd hope your little boy (or girl) to have, right?

6 Gannon

This name would be perfect for your little one if you expect them to be born with blonde locks and lighter skin, since its Irish meaning is, literally, fair-haired and fair-skinned. Would it be the worst thing if instead your new baby came out with black hair and olive skin? Of course not - it's still a totally unique name to choose.

5 Keen

Another strong and unique name, Keen has roots in both Old English and Irish. Its meaning involves being a brave fighter, and sharp-witted. So really, you can't go wrong.

4 Lysander

The boys' name Lysander comes from Greek origins and means liberator, or freed. A character in A Mid Summer Night's Dream also goes by the name, making it not totally unknown, but still super unique.

3 Neo

With South African roots, the sometimes unisex name Neo translates to "gift," which, if we're being honest here, is how we all view our little ones at any age. It's also free of complicated spelling or misplaced consonants, so that's a huge plus, right?

2 Shamir

Shamir is a Biblical name, though far less common than the Noah's, Mary's, and Isaac's of our time. In the Bible, one mention of Shamir refers to a town in a country where people are part of the tribe of Judah.

1 Vachel

With its French background, one would hope that Vachel would be a name with the sweetest meaning, but it, in fact, means little cow. Which, we know, isn't the most appealing name to gift your new baby with, but it is also still a very unique name for your new baby and meaning aside, will totally help them stand out. And that's the whole point, right?

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