20 Unique Twin Names That Will Have You Seeing Double

When someone receives news that they are expecting twins or multiples it can be exciting and a little scary. Parents worry about whether they will be able to handle two little one’s at once, but at the same time they anticipate their children being best buds, which is heart-warming. Naming the babies can be an anxious process and is a primary concern for a lot of new parents who are expecting multiples. Their children’s identities usually require careful consideration.

Many parents of twins say that when they were choosing names, they worried one child might like their name and the other might not. Some parents with multiples have also reported that they tried to avoid the old-school approach of naming their kids with the same letter or choosing names that rhyme. In other words, combinations like Bobby, Belinda and Bradley or Mary and Michael, are less likely today than they were twenty or thirty years ago.

So how do you go about choosing a name for your twins or multiples? Well there is no hard or fast rule. There are those who decide to honour the grandparents or great grandparents by using their names. Some go to the extreme and hire a baby naming service to help them. Yes, there are baby-naming consultants in both the United States and Europe that will come up with a unique name for your baby or multiples. The reality is, mothers and fathers get inspiration from all different sources when it comes to naming their multiples. We’ve compiled a list of 20 baby names for twins. Some are modern combinations; others are more traditional. We’ve even included a few that naming experts have dubbed, “cool”.

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20 Olivia And Sophia

This is a very popular combination for twin girls in the United States. The name Olivia is often associated with Shakespeare. In ‘Twelfth Night’ Olivia was the name of a beautiful, wealthy heiress who had no immediate family and who was being sought after by several men, most for the wrong reasons. Shakespeare’s Olivia turns out to be smart and strong – a woman with a mind of her own. The name Sophia is an ancient Greek name, but is often used by parents of Italian decent too.

Sophia Loren is a famous actress from Rome, who is known across the globe and carries the nickname, “the Italian Marilyn Monroe”. Pictured above, she was actually born Sofia, but changed the spelling when she became an actress. Today, both spellings are used around the world.

The names Olivia and Sophia have always been considered sophisticated sounding. While they are two distinct feminine names, they both end in “ia”, which many naming experts call, “cute”.

19 Ava And Ella

Along the same style as Olivia and Sophia, the combination of Ava and Ella is cute in that the names both end with “a”. Short names are very popular now a days and parents of twins/multiples have often said that they find shorter names easier, especially when they are talking about their kids.

For example, when they are in a room full of their friends and discussing their kid’s accomplishments, it is quicker and easier to say a short name as opposed to something like, Elizabeth and Anastasia. Historians believe the name Ava is Latin and is related in some way to birds or possibly the name “Eve”.

Parenting experts suggest that the name means, “Life”. Many people love the simplicity of the name, Ava. According to most baby naming sites, Ella is a short form of the name Ellen or Eleanor, but there are people who simply have Ella on their birth certificate. One of the most famous people with this name is Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald.

18 Levi And Griffin

The name Levi is certainly considered traditional. It is a Hebrew name that means, “joined in harmony”. Some scholars however have suggested that it could simply mean, “Priest” and come from the Minaean word lawi’u, meaning a priest.

Levi was also Matthew’s name before he became Jesus’s apostle. The Minaean are people who live in the kingdom of Ma’in located in what is known today as Yemen. Although the name Levi seemed to disappear from parent’s radar for several decades, it has experienced a comeback.

Actor Matthew McConaghey and Singer/Songwriter, Sheryl Crow both named their son’s Levi. Since this name is traditional, it goes well with the name Griffin. It is a relatively new name so it is a case of marrying the old and new. Griffin is in fact a surname of Celtic origin. A few parents in the United States registered the name Griffin for their son’s in the 1980’s and the name has climbed in popularity since then.

17 Sebastian And Benedict

Here are two beautiful boy’s names that you don’t hear all the time. They make a good pairing because they are both rather sophisticated sounding and both can be shortened. Sebastian is often Bastian for short, while many people with the name Benedict are accustomed to being called, Ben.

The two names do have very different meanings. Sebastian is a Latin name that means “venerable or revered”. It’s the name of the twin brother of Viola in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. The short form, Bastian is said to stand for strength and safety. Benedict also has a Latin origin, but it means, “Blessed”.

Many naming experts believe that the name comes from Benedicturus, the chant in the opening chapters of the Gospel. Pedro de Luna was named Pope Benedict XIII in 1328 and held the position until 1423 and Joseph Ratzinger was named Pope Benedict XVI in 2005. In 2013 he abdicated, or as some say, “retired” from the Vatican.

16 Emery And Adele

This is a combination that has good flow. Just say the names out loud and you will see for yourself that these two names do work well together. Emery is an old English name that has been growing in popularity over the last decade. Emery represents bravery and power so parents who wish for a strong and confident son are often drawn to this name. The name Adele got its start in France. It is in fact a variation of the name Adelaide. While her birth is unknown, we can tell you that there was a saint named Adele who died in the year 730. She was known for her holiness, prudence and compassion. The name Adele has always been popular in Europe, especially England. One of the world’s most famous singers, who happens to be from England, simply goes by the first name Adele.

15 London And Paris

Over the last few years both of these location names have grown in popularity. Many people are familiar with the name Paris Hilton, but there is also the late Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris, as well as TV producer and director Paris Barclay. Like Paris, London can be a boy or girl’s name, but it is most often used for girls. The name started to gain usage in the mid 90’s and has grown in popularity since then.

There is a professional football player, a professional soccer player, as well as actresses, comedians and singers with the first name of London. Having two location names obviously fits together and would be a great combination in a family that likes to travel. London and Paris are two of the most talked about tourist destinations in the world. Both of these places conjure up images of grandeur – London due to the connection to the Royal family and Paris because of the famed Eiffel tower and art district.

14 Clover And Cliff

Yes this combination does rhyme, but it combines a topographical name (Cliff) with a name derived from nature (Clover) to make it stand out. Cliff is in fact short for the name Clifford. There are a lot of well known people with the name Cliff, including professional baseball player, Cliff Lee; Metallica guitarist, Cliff Burton; British musician, Sir Cliff Richard, and professional wrestler, Cliff Compton who is known more for his stage name, which is Domino.

Clover is a cute name for a nature baby that is less traditional than floral names like Rose and Lily. Clover would certainly create a good vibe for a baby girl, after all the green clover has long been associated with good luck. A shamrock is a young spig of clover. Ireland’s patron saint apparently used it as a metaphor for the Christian Holy Trinity. Since it has always been seen as a symbol of Ireland, it could be a perfect name for a baby of Irish decent.

13 Cade And June

Cade is a boy’s name that is relatively new to North America. There are a number of possible meanings, but most naming experts are convinced that it was originally a surname. Some have suggested it comes from the German word that stands for “round or lumpy”, which of course doesn’t sound all that flattering; however, others have a different theory – that it comes from the Middle English word “cade”, meaning “pet”.

In this case, it seems gentle; as if it is a sign of affection to call someone Cade. It flows nicely with the girl’s name June. While this name was taken from the sixth month, it is also believed to have come from the Latin “Juno”, the mythological goddess of marriage and queen of the gods. June is a well-known name so matching it with Cade makes it an interesting combination; one that is sure to garner attention for your kids.

12 Blake And Gage

This is one of those hip/cool twin combinations that just seem to work. Both of these names are considered short and sweet. While Blake is gender neutral, most people use it as a boy’s name. Of course, one of the most famous people with the name Blake is not a boy, but an actress. Blake Lively, a young mother herself, carries the name proudly. Perhaps the most famous male named Blake right now is country music star and judge on the series The Voice, Blake Shelton.

Gage is a good match for Blake as it is equally short and equally strong. Some people associate the name with tasty green gage plums, while others think of a mathematical gauge when they hear the name. On it’s own, the name Gage is starting to rise in popularity. Some people are even adjusting the spelling to “Gaige” or “Gauge”. A number of rich and famous parents have taken to the name. For example, Gage Wilson is the son of Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys, Gage Voskuhl is the son of basketball player, Jake Voskuhl and Gage Christian Caiazzo is the son of professional wrestler John Kronus.

11 Matthew And Christopher

Here are two boy’s names that have stood the test of time and they sound great together. Perhaps the main reason they jive is that they are traditional and biblical. Matthew has been around for literally centuries. This is the name of one of the twelve Apostles and the author and namesake of the first book in the New Testament. It is believed that the name, Matthew means “Gift of God”. Meanwhile, Christopher is a Greek word that means “Carrier of Christ”.

St. Christopher is the patron Saint of travellers and is believed to have carried the Christ-child across a river. The combination of Matthew and Christopher is worth consideration by parents who are looking for more traditional names and who have a strong connection to their faith. Since both of these names have never really gone out of style, it is possible that there is a Matthew and a Christopher in your family. New parents can be inspired by ancestors to carry the names forward.

10 January And Nova

These names are cool options. January is a name that is familiar to us. It brings to mind, winter, new-year resolutions, and fresh starts. Actress January Jones is one of the most well known people who carry the name. Some people named January are nicknamed Jan or Jannie. While your baby wouldn’t be the first person to be named January, it is a rare name.

Names based on months, including April and May are used much more often. January goes well with the Latin name, Nova since it carries a shared meaning. Nova literally stands for “new beginning”. Nova is also the name of a star. According to astronomers, Novas are stars that are experiencing a powerful eruption, which causes them to brighten so that they appear suddenly in the night sky where previously there was no visible star. The combination of January and Nova not only makes sense, it flows since one name is long and the other is short.

9 Ian And Zachary

This name combination is also easy to pronounce because one name is short, while the other is longer. Keep in mind that Zachary can be shortened to Zach. Naming experts also refer to both of these names as “stately” sounding. The name Ian is of Scottish Gaelic origin, but it really came from the Hebrew name Yohanan, which corresponds to the English name of John. It makes sense to put Ian and Zachary together because Zachary also has Hebrew roots. Zachary was originally a Hebrew baby name meaning “Remembered by God”.

There are too many famous people with the name Ian to list here, but we can tell you that there are professional baseball players and golfers, actors, models, singers, politicians, and television producers who have this name. Perhaps the most famous Ian in recent years has been Actor, Ian McKleelen. The name Zachary became very popular in the 1980’s and continues to be a name of choice for many new parents.

8 Faith And Hope

In our current social climate, signs of inspiration are important. In recent years, messages of faith, hope and love have been dominant when it comes to home décor items. In fact, it is hard to go into a shopping mall without seeing a wall hanging, a T-shirt or piece of jewellery that has an inspiring word or two on it. Why not consider inspiring name combinations?

Faith and Hope are both beautiful girls names and can not only lift up those who have the name, but those around them. The name Faith became popular as far back as the 17th century. Today it is used a lot among Christians who relate it to faith in God. Hope became a girl’s name around the 17th century as well. Historians say the Puritans first used the name Hope as a virtue name. The three Christian virtues are: Faith, Hope, and Charity. By the way, Charity has also been used as a girl's name.

7 Henry And Oliver

These names are very traditional so they fit together nicely. Both Henry and Oliver have a long English history. It is not unusual to find boys with these names among English speaking families. However, both have become popular in other countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Serbia, Macedonia, and Czecheslovakia. In England the name Oliver was a rather common medieval name.

It did become rare after the 17th century due to the military commander Oliver Cromwell ruling the country following the civil war with what many considered “radical” approaches. In the 19th century the name became popular once again, due in part to the character, Oliver Twist in Charles Dickens’ novel of the same name. Henry is a name that has long been associated with royalty. There is Henry the eighth of course and then Prince Henry who we all know as Harry. Many celebrities have chosen the name Henry for their kids, including Julia Roberts and Colin Ferrell.

6 Sunny And Nikko

Both of these names are uncommon, but not totally new. They are interesting, playful names that go together because of their meaning. Sunny would make for a great name for a vibrant baby girl. You might associate the name with American actress, Sunny Mabrey. Some people choose a variation of the spelling Sunny and go with Sunni instead. Nikko is a Japanese name that means “sunlight”.

Nikko is the name of the leader of the flying monkeys in the 1939 film, Wizard of Oz that continues to attract movie watchers today. There are a number of celebrities that have used the name Nikko as a stage name, including Reality TV star, Nikko London whose birth name is, Londell Smith and R & B singer, Nikko Smith who was born Osborne Earl Smith. Aside from the two names connecting due to their meaning, these names are just really cute together.

5 McKenna And Peyton

The names McKenna and Peyton are surnames that have been adopted over the years as first names. It is believed that McKenna means “ son of the handsome one”, but in many countries, including the United States, this name is used primarily as a girl’s name not a boy’s name. McKenna Lane Kelley is an American gymnast and the daughter of former Olympic gymnast Mary Lou Retton. McKenna Nichols is the daughter of pro hockey player, Bernie Nichols. McKenna Nichols has a twin brother named, Flynn.

Peyton is an old English Surname and was the first name of the first President of the Continental Congress, Peyton Randolph. Today the most well recognized person with the name is recently retired American football quarterback, Peyton Manning. Over the last decade his popularity has spurned interest in the name. Some people seem to think Peyton may be linked to a place name. There is a place spelled “Payton” in Devon England, but the connection to Peyton the name, is simply a theory.

4 Jonah And Claire

These two names are soft sounding and are easy to connect because of their religious connotation. The Name Jonah comes from the Hebrew Yonah, which means Dove. In the Bible, Jonah who was a prophet, was swallowed by a whale after his ship sunk and was tossed up onto dry land after three days and nights. It is true that some people associate the name Jonah with bad luck, but others see Jonah as a symbol of humanity – a reminder that a lot of people make mistakes and we can learn from them.

Claire is also an historical name. It became popular in Europe and the British Isles hundred of years ago. Many people believe that Clair means “bright and famous” and that it is a name that comes from St. Clare of Assisi. She was the Italian nun who founded the order of the Poor Clares. The Poor Clares were a group of noblewomen who took a vow of poverty and followed St. Francis of Assisi. Today the Poor Clares still exist and are essentially nuns who live a life of prayer, simplicity, community, and joy.

3 Phoebe And Georgia

Phoebe and Georgia share Greek roots. Although today you will rarely come across a Greek girl named Phoebe. The Greek spelling is actually Phoibe, which means “bright or pure”. According to Greek mythology, Phoibe was a Titan linked to the moon. This was also a nickname of her granddaughter Artemis, the moon goddess. The name also appears in the New Testament. It is the name of a female minister in the church at Cenchreae. Phoebe Cates, Phoebe Tonkin and Phoebe Fox are all well-known actresses. While many people just assume that the name Georgia comes from the male name George, history seems to suggest that it comes from the Greek “Georgos”, which means “farmer”. Over the last few decades the name Georgia has become popular in Southern U.S States. Some people use it to honour the state of Georgia. Both Phoebe and Georgia are considered very feminine so it makes sense to put them together.

2 Wilson And Alison

These two names fit together due to the spelling, but they also have a strong connection when it comes to their meaning. Wilson is a common surname, which became a popular first name. Long before Wilson Woodrow became President of the United States in 1913, Wilson was established as a first name. Wilson is a name that has an air of sophistication to it. Wilson Cary Nicholas was an early American politician, Wilson Brown was a Civil War hero, and Wilson Caldwell was a distinguished Civil War-era African American.

The name Alison means “noble”. If you research the meaning of sophisticated and distinguished you will likely find the word “noble”. The name Alison has been getting more attention over the last decade due to the popularity of actresses like Allison Janney, Allison Munn, and Allison Williams. Notice how these ladies use a slightly different spelling from the original.

1 Archer And Molly

Archer is an old English baby name. The name comes from a Latin surname and describes skilled archers in the Middle Ages. The word archer literally translates into “bow” or “bowman”. Although the name has never been popular, it has been used on occasion for boys since the 19th century.

The girl’s name Molly fits with Archer in that they share English roots. In English the name Molly is a pet form of Mary. There are a number of well-known people who have the name Molly. They include actress, Molly Ringwald; seen above in a photo from the movie, The Breakfast club, comedian, Molly Shannon; model, Molly Sims, and House of Cards actress, Molly Parker. Both Archer and Molly are names that are associated with strength, achievement and tenacity. New parents may be attracted to this name combination simply because they sound good together and one is a common name, while the other is rarely used.

Naming a newborn is an important task for any parent. Most expectant mothers want the name they chose to be special and fit their child’s personality in the long run. Having to name twins or multiples can be even more daunting, but some research on the part of the parents, can lead to some really wonderful combinations.

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