19Ava And Ella

Along the same style as Olivia and Sophia, the combination of Ava and Ella is cute in that the names both end with “a”. Short names are very popular now a days and parents of twins/multiples have often said that they find shorter names easier, especially when they are

talking about their kids.

For example, when they are in a room full of their friends and discussing their kid’s accomplishments, it is quicker and easier to say a short name as opposed to something like, Elizabeth and Anastasia. Historians believe the name Ava is Latin and is related in some way to birds or possibly the name “Eve”.

Parenting experts suggest that the name means, “Life”. Many people love the simplicity of the name, Ava. According to most baby naming sites, Ella is a short form of the name Ellen or Eleanor, but there are people who simply have Ella on their birth certificate. One of the most famous people with this name is Jazz singer, Ella Fitzgerald.

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