20Olivia And Sophia

This is a very popular combination for twin girls in the United States. The name Olivia is often associated with Shakespeare. In ‘Twelfth Night’ Olivia was the name of a beautiful, wealthy heiress who had no immediate family and who was being sought after by several men, most for

the wrong reasons. Shakespeare’s Olivia turns out to be smart and strong – a woman with a mind of her own. The name Sophia is an ancient Greek name, but is often used by parents of Italian decent too.

Sophia Loren is a famous actress from Rome, who is known across the globe and carries the nickname, “the Italian Marilyn Monroe”. Pictured above, she was actually born Sofia, but changed the spelling when she became an actress. Today, both spellings are used around the world.

The names Olivia and Sophia have always been considered sophisticated sounding. While they are two distinct feminine names, they both end in “ia”, which many naming experts call, “cute”.

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