20 Unique Ways The Kardashians Raise Their Kids (That No One Else Does)

We're big fans of the little members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, but "normal" isn't exactly a word that we would use to describe the Kardashian mamas and the way that they raise their children.

We love seeing the cute photos of Kim and Kourtney's little ones playing and hanging out together, and no one can resist the sweetness of Khloe's baby girl True or Kylie's new addition Stormi. We know that if Kendall becomes a mother in the future, her baby will be just as adorable. And yet... can we relate to them? Do they talk about motherhood in a way that we would nod our heads along with and say, "Oh definitely, I do that too"? We would probably have to say no.

Thanks to their privilege and the amount of money that they all have to spend, the Kardashian moms do a lot of things that regular moms don't do. Of course, we totally understand that they live differently than we do. Sometimes, though, we do raise our eyebrows at some of the things that they do. We just can't help it when some things are so over-the-top.

Here are 20 unique ways the Kardashians raise their kids that no one else does.

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20 Kourtney Has A Zero-Microwave Household

via Cosmopolitan

According to M.parent24.com, Kourtney Kardashian has a zero microwave household. She has spoken about not using or having microwaves, and honestly, this isn't something that other moms would do.

While microwaves are handy and helpful for anyone, they're really great when you're a mom. You can heat up leftovers in no time at all and feed your family without going to too much trouble, which is great when you're really busy. Heating something up in the oven or on the stove would take much longer and not be as convenient. And when you're a mom, you really love things that are convenient.

19 Kylie Seems To Have Recovered From Having A Baby Super Fast (And Regular Moms Can't Do That)

via E Online

According to C. Sheet, it seems that Kylie Jenner recovered from having Stormi super fast. The website says, "Just a month after giving birth, Jenner posted a selfie of herself in her undies to give her Snapchat a view of her post-baby body. In doing so, she angered a ton of folks."

This is definitely something unique that Kylie Jenner has done that other moms can't do. If moms heard about this, they would say, "It's easy for her to do that since she's so rich." Healing and recovery from birth take a lot of time and it's not realistic to expect it to happen super quickly.

18 Kim Straightens North's Hair Twice A Year (And Most Moms Wouldn't Do That To Their Kids' Curly Hair)

via Vogue

According to Celebuzz, Kim Kardashian straightens North's hair twice a year. Maybe you have seen some photos of her with super straight locks.

When someone tweeted Kim saying that North's hair should stay curly, Kim tweeted in response, "She is allowed twice a year, on her birthday and birthday party! This pic was taken back in June on her bday." Even though this only twice a year, it's true that some moms might still feel that this is too often. Does a kid need to have their hair straightened? It's an interesting question. Like any other parenting question, it's true that every mom will have their own answer.

17 Kim Hands Over Any Beauty Products She Is Sent To North

via Hollywood.com

Celebrities are always being sent free products to try, hopefully so they can talk about them on social media and create some buzz and publicity.

You can probably guess that Kim Kardashian is sent a lot of beauty products. She says that she hands them over to North. Mamamia quoted her as saying, “I already know North is into makeup for sure. She had friends over this weekend and some of her girlfriends came and they were just all in her room, giving themselves makeovers. I was like, OK, she’s really, really into makeup. When companies send makeup and I have a lot, I’ll give it to her.” This is another unique way that she's raising her daughter.

16 Kylie Has Really Over-The-Top Delivery Demands (And She Paid More Than $10,000 For Takeout In 2018)

via Teen Vogue

It's already 6 p.m. and your kids are exhausted and hungry, which means that you're quickly getting tired, too. You assume that ordering takeout will be the easiest option since you don't have to put in any effort beyond deciding what to get and then paying for it. Of course, this isn't a habit that you can keep going since before you know it, you'll be way over the food budget that you set for yourself and your family.

Well, Kylie Jenner doesn't think that way. In 2008, she paid more than $10,000 for takeout from Postmates, according to Cnbc.com. She definitely has really over-the-top delivery demands, and it's honestly hard to fathom paying that much for food. She ordered bagels and even just one carrot because she had soup on the stove and was out of carrots. Other moms would never do this (and couldn't afford it, let's be real).

15 Kim Made Sure North Wouldn't Be Upset When She Breastfed Saint (And No Mom Would Do This)

via Vogue

According to Redbook magazine, Kim was on Ellen DeGeneres' show and she said,  "When I was breastfeeding [Saint], [North] was so jealous that I had to get a little milk box and put it in the other bra with a straw so she would drink and she would drink. She's so jealous."

This seems like a strange thing for a mom to do, right? This is something else that the Kardashian moms do that other moms would never do. If that was another mom, it seems like she would simply explain to her older child that babies are breastfed and that she shouldn't be envious.

14 Kourtney Sets Rigid Rules About Screen Time

via Hollywood Life

According to m.parent24.com,  Kourtney Kardashian has screen time rules, including half an hour during the week. The website says, "Admittedly, to some families this would seem rather strict, but Kourtney explains, “Every family is different, but these rules work for us!”

Screen time rules are hard for most moms to enforce these days as half an hour of screen time during the week doesn't seem like very much. There are some good aspects to some screen time, like playing educational games or watching a good TV show or movie that teaches kids some things. It seems like a lot to enforce.

13 Some Wonder If Kylie Makes Being A Mom Look Too Pretty And Easy

via People

According to Independent.co.uk, Kailyn Lowry from Teen Mom said, "when you're that young and you have that much money and you're able to have a nanny or have a lot of help, I think that shows that it's kind of glamorous to have a kid so young."

Some people wonder if Kylie Jenner makes being a mom look really easy. And some people might wonder if every Kardashian or Jenner who has kids makes it look easy. After all, they're always photographed wearing fabulous looks and they have great makeup and everything seems great. Other moms don't do this and are more honest about the difficult parts of raising children.

12 Kim Puts Labels On Every One Of Her Kids' Clothing (And That Seems Like Way Too Much Work For A Mom)

via Hollywood Life

According to Motherly, Kim Kardashian puts labels on all of her kids' clothes.

When you hear about moms who are organized, you might be thinking #momgoals because everyone is always striving to feel like they have their life together. But honestly, Kim's labeling love seems super unrealistic. If you tried to this, you would definitely think that it was way too much work and would get tired after a few minutes. While this works for her, it might not work for other moms, and other moms might forgo this idea and just keep their kids' clothing in separate dressers. That seems like a much easier thing to do.

11 Kylie Loves Diaper Changes... Which Moms Can't Relate To

via Us Weekly

Kylie Jenner has said that she loves changing diapers... and it's safe to say that moms can't relate to that.

People magazine quotes Kylie Jenner as saying, “You’re less selfish — and I actually enjoy changing diapers. It’s really satisfying. To make her clean again. And I don’t know, the whole thing is really … it’s, like, such an amazing experience.”

Have you ever changed a diaper and thought to yourself, "That was great"? It's totally okay to say no because it just doesn't seem like something that most moms would ever think. All you can do is hope that you get through the phase of changing dirty diapers.

10 Kourtney Says No To Plastic (But Regular Moms Might Feel Pressure To Be Perfect)

via Daily News

M.parent24.com says that Kourtney Kardashian says no to plastic, which is something else that this Kardashian mama does that others wouldn't.

If someone told moms that they should throw out everything in their house that is plastic and stop buying any products that have this material, they would be upset and feel way too much pressure to be perfect. Of course you want to be eco-friendly but it can be impossible to make sure that you absolutely never purchase plastic. Like many other things on this list, it's not realistic for moms to do this. You can do your best, of course, but you don't want to feel like you're failing.

9 Kylie Hired Four Nannies For Stormi

via People

Life and Style Mag says that Kylie Jenner hired four nannies for Stormi. Four sounds like... a lot. Even two would be a lot, don't you think?!

While you never want to judge a mother for hiring nannies because you know that some moms have nannies and some don't and it's a personal choice, you do have to admit that four is a huge number. This is another unique way that the Kardashian-Jenners are raising their kids. This almost seems more extravagant than paying more than $10,000 for takeout to be delivered to your house. Almost. Nothing can really beat that.

8 Khloe Says No First Dates For True Until She's 15

via People

According to Romper, Khloe Kardashian has said that her baby girl, True, can't go on any dates until she's 15 years old.

That seems strict, doesn't it? Sure, parents often joke that they don't want their kids to date until they're a specific age (and they often go even higher than 15 and say no dating until they're 25 or 30). Even if most parents would rather that their teenagers don't date until they're in college or beyond, it seems like they wouldn't actually make it a rule that their kids have to follow. What's wrong with a movie date at 13 or 14?

7 The Kardashians Have Bodyguards (Which Regular Families Wouldn't Have)

via CNN

According to People magazine, the Kardashians started being more careful about having bodyguards after Kim was robbed in Paris. Now they have "24/7 security."

Having bodyguards is another unique way that the Kardashians raise their children. Regular moms would never even think to hire a bodyguard and, honestly, there would be no reason to. While of course you will do everything to keep your kids safe and you're always thinking about that, having a bodyguard around would be too much. You can't say that you have this in common with Kim and her sisters... and you don't know anyone who could, either.

6 Kylie Went To Paris Without Stormi

via Page Six

The Daily Mail says that Kylie Jenner went to Paris without Stormi. This isn't something that a new mom would normally do, as you don't usually find yourself booking a big trip like that since you want to relish in the newborn phase.

And there's also the financial aspect... It's true that other moms don't have the same budget as Kylie Jenner and that having a baby and going on a vacation in the same period of time would be a big stretch financially. This is just one way that this family raises their kids that honestly are very unique.

5 The Kardashians Throw Super Over-The-Top Birthday Parties

via Entertainment Tonight

Throwing a party for your little one is the best time ever, and when you're working with a fun theme, it's even better. That being said, it's pretty clear that the Kardashians throw over-the-top birthday bashes for their kids and no other moms could pull this off.

North's second birthday party was at Disneyland, for instance, and according to Mashable,  North's first birthday had an Alice and Wonderland theme. There was a maze, roses everywhere, and a cake with the Cheshire Cat on it. Another time, according to Narcity, Kim had a party for North and Penelope since they have similar birthdays, and there was a unicorn theme.

And it seemed like a princess party would take a lot of effort...

4 Kim Doesn't Let Her Kids Play Everywhere In The House (And They Can't On Furniture)

via E! News

Kim Kardashian also raises her kids by having her kids play in one area in her house instead of everywhere. Iol.ca.za quoted her as saying, "Our home decor taste tends to be minimal and modern but the kids' playroom is the one room in the house where I let them run wild. That's where all the markers, paints and colors are ... By the time they're done there, they have no desire to take a pen to our white furniture, lol! (sic)"

This also seems like a fairly rigid way to parent (and it also seems fairly over-the-top). When you have kids, you know that they're going to play everywhere and that things will get messy. And that's the point, right?

3 Kim Found A Surrogate For Chicago And Chose To Have A Baby Girl

via The Mirror

Cafe Mom says, "With her third child, Chicago West, Kim decided to use a surrogate and use gender selection to have a girl. Some people called out Kim for choosing a girl because 'she needed a new accessory.'"

This is pretty unique because it seems like you don't really hear about people picking a boy or girl when they have a surrogate. People heard that Kim was using a surrogate, of course, and some facts about her did come out, but beyond that, you probably didn't hear anything about this. While not everyone will agree with saying that "she needed a new accessory" you might not agree with picking the gender.

2 Kim Says She Won't Spoil Her Children

via Pinterest

According to E Online, Kim Kardashian says that she doesn't spoil her kids.

Moms love spoiling their kids so this can be hard not to do. And this is another way that the Kardashians raise their kids that is really unique. No mom wants a spoiled child, but when moms typically say that they're going all out and spoiling their kids, they're often saying this in a pretty lighthearted tone. When you become a mother, you enjoy giving your kids fun toys and special treats, and you wouldn't ever want to stop doing that. Where's the joy in not spoiling those cute little ones?!

1 Kourtney Is All About Making Her Own Baby Food (Which Seems Like A Lot Of Work)

via Pinterest

There are several ways that Kourtney Kardashian raises her children that honestly sound really unique. For one thing, she doesn't let her kids drink soda, which is unfair since this should be a treat for a birthday party or maybe when going out for pizza or burgers. Kourtney also only serves organic food, and that's not something that moms could do on a daily basis.

Viralized also says that Kourtney has made her own baby food. When you hear that, don't you immediately think, "That's way too much work"? Of course, right? All of these food rules seem like they're very intense.

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