20 Unique Ways To Announce The Baby's Gender

Mom found out she's pregnant, and once that surprise is over, her next question will be, “Is it a boy? Is it a girl?” She can always go to her 20-week anatomy scan and have the sonographer reveal it to her, but lately that has been a thing of the past.

Gender reveals are becoming more popular and the ideas keep getting more and more exciting! We have compiled a list of 20 unique ways to reveal the gender of your baby. Below we have ideas that are great for gender reveal parties or even for just mom and dad to find out the gender alone. These ideas below are perfect for pictures and help make a memory of a lifetime. We have gender reveal ideas that even dad will love!

Whether the parents-to-be love food or cars, we have a gender reveal idea for everyone. Finding out the gender of  baby is a huge day for many because it is the next step in getting ready for the baby! If mom and dad want to find out the gender, we have a list of awesome and unique ideas.

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20 A Box Of Flowers

A great idea to find out your baby’s gender is to take the sealed envelope with your baby's gender inside to a florist. He/she will put a bouquet of flowers inside a box with the desired color for whatever gender you have. Once you open the box, you will find out if your having a bouncing baby boy or a sweet little girl.

Maybe you will want purple for a girl, or yellow for a boy. Whatever you decide, you will be surprised by this beautiful bouquet. After you open the box, you can display these flowers on your kitchen table or at the office.

19 Pie Face

This is a great gender reveal idea if you are on a budget or don’t mind getting dirty! You can take whipped cream, add some food dye into it, put it into a pie tin and then put uncolored whipped cream on top to hide the color. On the count of three, mom and dad, big sister or brother, or even both grandma’s smash the pie in one another’s face to reveal the gender of the baby.

This is another reveal that makes for great pictures and a super fun memory. You can also use vanilla pudding with food dye or even icing!

18 Scratch off

This next reveal idea is a great way to get everyone involved in the gender reveal. You can even send these in the mail to family members who cannot make the gender reveal party and have them video chat you to see their reaction! You can buy gender reveal scratch offs on Amazon, Etsy and a variety of other websites.

This is a fun idea for a gender reveal party that everyone will remember. You can even keep a few and give them to friends at the office to reveal the gender to your co-workers.

17 Big Sibling Tees

You can announce your babies’ gender by having your other children sport a tee shirt with the gender one it! You can do this a few ways: have a family member who knows the gender dress him/her up and let them walk out to the party or even dress them up for a picture and send it to family and friends.

You can get these shirts made on Etsy even do them yourself by writing or spray painting. This is a great way to get big bro or sis involved and have a fun time doing it.

16 Balloon darts

This next reveal is cost effective and a way to get the whole family involved! All you have to do is get a blank canvas (or you can decorate or special order one) and attach black balloons to it. You can fill one balloon with the color paint for the gender of your baby. You can use darts to pop the balloons, which gives several people at the party a chance to get involved!

This is a fun reveal because it is suspense building as each person takes a turn hoping to find a balloon with color inside!

15 Dress Up The Dog

If your dog (or even kitty!) is a huge part of your family, it may be a great idea to add them into the gender reveal. Whether you already know the gender, or you assign your BFF the responsibility of planning this reveal, this will be one to remember!

You can dress your pet up and have them come out during the gender reveal for the big surprise! If you research gender reveal dog outfits you will be given a ton of websites to find the perfect outfit. This is a super cute way to add your beloved pet into this special day.

14 Silly string

This is a cost effective and super fun to announce the gender of your baby. You can shop at your local dollar store or Walmart to find a variety of silly string colors. Whether you want yellow for a boy and orange for a girl, chances are you’ll find it. Mom and dad can spray one another, spray the grandparents, or even everyone spray together at the same time.

It may be time consuming to pick up the silly string in the yard or on the carpet, but it will be well worth it. This reveal makes for super cute pictures and a memory that will last a lifetime.

13 Set Off Fireworks

If you want to go over the top when finding out or revealing the gender of your baby, this is a great option! Once the ultrasound tech learns the gender of your little one, they will then give you an envelope with the sealed information. You will either take the information and give it to a friend or family member or do it yourself if you want to know in advanced.

You can order fire works of your desired color online or where fireworks are sold. This is a super fun idea, as long as it is done safely! Once those fireworks go off in the sky, you will learn if you are about to have a sassy baby girl or a spunky baby boy!

12 Take A Family Picture

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If you don’t want to have a gender reveal party, a good way to announce your sweetie’s gender is to take a family photograph and send it to friends and/or post on social media. You can all dress up wearing pink or blue, create a sign saying,"It’s a boy!” or even pose with colored balloons.

This is a great way to announce to your loved ones in a way that they can keep and cherish forever. You can have a friend take the photographs or even hire a professional! Whatever you decide to do, it will be memorable!

11 Box With Balloons

This next reveal idea is super cute and easy! All you need is a box, a balloon and maybe some wrapping paper. You can leave your box plain or decorate it with pink and blue paper or write a catchy saying on the front, such as, “Blue or pink, what do you think?” or “Twinkle twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are.”

If you do not know the gender, you can give the person at the store the slip of paper with the gender of your baby for them to put that color balloon in the box. After you tape or tie the box closed with ribbon, you are ready to go! Mom and dad or even the siblings can help open the box to reveal the balloon!

10 Paint Dad's Hands

This next gender reveal idea is super fun! In this case, mom and dad do not know the gender beforehand. They will assign a family member or friend to get paint of the colored desired for the gender of your baby.

Both parents will be blindfolded or close their eyes and dad will dip his hands in paint, place it on mama’s belly, and then upon opening their eyes they will know what they are having! This is a fun gender reveal idea for a party or even for private pictures. Of course, you should not use a shirt that you don’t mind getting a little dirty!

9 Paint Fight

This next idea is super fun for the kids and the adults! All you have to do is get some plain white tee shirts, water guns that you can find the dollar store and get some paint and you have a gender reveal! You can either have mom and dad wear white shirts and the party guests spray them, or they can spray each other!

All you have to do is fill up the water guns with paint for color of the gender and then on the count of three let the paint fight begin. This is a silly way to reveal the gender of your little sweetheart.

8 Football Or Baseball

If mom and/or dad is a baseball, golf, soccer, or football fan, they will be in luck for this gender reveal. You can order a ball of your choice online and they will ship it to you ready to go for your reveal.

This is great for a gender reveal party or even privately with dad, mom and big bro. This gender reveal makes for beautiful pictures and a super fun moment for everyone involved.

Whether you are a huge football fan, or you just think using a ball is a good idea for a reveal, this is a great option. If you are using a baseball or a golf ball, the bat and the club do not come with.

7 Car Tires

This next idea is perfect for any car enthusiast! All you have to do is order a car tire burnout pack, which simply is a black bag that sticks to your tires, step on the accelerator, and watch the pink or blue powder fly out to reveal the gender of your baby.

You can buy one bag for one tire or for a more dramatic effect, buy one for each tire. This is a super fun way to reveal the gender of your baby. This gender reveal idea is quick, easy and super fun for everyone involved.

6 Order A Cake

A gender reveal cake is a super tasty way to announce the gender. You can take the sealed envelope with your baby’s gender to a bakery and they will make you a cake with the desired color for whichever gender your baby is inside. This is a perfect idea for a gender reveal party, or even just at dinner with a few family members.

Cupcakes, cake pops or cake, regardless of what you decide, it will be delicious and a fun surprise. You can even have grandma or your BFF make the cake at home, but make sure they don’t slip and tell you the gender!

5 Pink Or Blue Smoke Cannon

Another fun way to announce the gender is to purchase a gender reveal smoke bomb or cannon. Imagine clouds of pink or blue smoke filling the air as you find out the gender of your soon to be baby. Mom and dad can each have one to light or everyone at the party can be given one.

This makes for not only beautiful pictures, but a great memory. This is something you can order right online. We love this idea because it is fun and super easy! Whether you are having a boy or a girl, this will add to a magical day.

4 Balloon With Confetti

This next reveal is a super fun idea for just mom and dad or for a party! You take a big black balloon and have it filled with the confetti color of the gender of your baby! You then take a pin, pop the balloon and everyone learns the gender of your little one! You can buy colored confetti online or even at the dollar store.

This is a fun reveal that makes for a great picture and a super fun memory. You can get big sister involved in this one too! This is a simple gender reveal idea that still has a wow factor.

3 Party Poppers

This is another fun way to get people at the gender reveal party involved in the big announcement. You can buy a push up confetti popper or shooter that has pink or blue glitter or confetti. You can find these at a party store or online.

On the count of three you and your guests will pop the party poppers and reveal the gender of that soon-to-be bundle of joy. This will require some clean up, but it will be worth it at the end of the day! This is a fun way to get everyone involved in this special day!

2 Fortune Cookies


If you want to go the food route for announcing, but you don’t want to do cake, this is a perfect idea. Who doesn’t love cookies, right? You can order customizable fortune cookies online to say things such as “it’s a girl!” or “welcoming a baby BOY in June!”

This is perfect because you can order these in bulk so everyone at the party has one to open. This is a yummy and super creative idea that your guests will remember forever. You can have big sister or even grandma open the fortune cookie first!

1 light saber


If mom and dad are Star Wars fans, or are looking for a super unique idea, this is perfect! You can order a blue or red light saber online and even find them in stores. Whether you guys already know the gender and want to surprise friends and family, or you are finding out for the first time, this is a cool idea.

Once you are ready to announce, you dim down the lights to find out the gender of your baby. You can keep the light saber and give it to big bro or even keep it as a decoration for the nursery

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