20 Unusual Baby Girl Names That Are Actually So Pretty

Choosing a name for a daughter is so much fun. There are so many gorgeous girl name options, but if the mom is looking for something a bit more unusual, yet not overtly weird, these 20 baby girl names are sure to please.

Choosing a name takes time and patience. If you want a name with a great nickname, then your options are more limited . Some names have very few or even no nickname options using the name alone, but you could always get creative with what you call her. Names like Maeve, Bexley, Greer, and Kenna (Reign fans will love these!) are all really charming girl names to think about.

If the name's meaning is something that you want to carefully look at, some of these names mean "beautiful," "mythical queen," and "island." Every name is slightly different in its meaning, and some are great feminine versions of common male names. If you wanted to name your little girl after your husband but want to give her a unique feminine name, these would work great for that too. We love names for girls that have strong meanings, perfect for our feisty, fiery little sweeties. There are a few in here that are just that - fiery!

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20 Bexley


Unique baby girl names can be tricky. Bexley is an adorable girl name that is Old English. The meaning leaves something to be desired, but it’s not bad - ”box trees.” A little girl named Bexley will likely be the only one in her class with that name. Coming up with a middle name for such a unique first name is actually really easy. Pair it with a traditional name like Bexley Ann, or Bexley Jane. Or you could go for another unique name pair to really make this name stand out. Bexley Rain, Bexley Willa, Bexley Lane all make cool choices for your beautifully unique baby girl name. Cute nicknames would be Bex, Lee-lee, or Bexie. Thankfully this unique name is pronounced just like it looks…so no one should have a problem saying it.

19 Greer


Greer is a gorgeous and unique name. For all of the Reign fans, you will instantly recognize this name as belonging to one of Mary Queen of Scots' ladies. Greer was a feisty, strong woman on the show, and was very unique herself. This old Latin name from the Middle Ages means, “watchful, vigilant.” This is a very unique feminine form of Gregory. Spelling variations include Grier, Gryr, and Grear. Kelsey Grammer’s daughter is named Greer. The best nickname for Greer is Gigi. So cute and so girly. A girl can still be feminine and have a unique name. If your husband's name is Gregory, this would be a sweet way to “pass down” his name to your daughter. As for middle names, Greer Kinsley sounds wonderful, as does Greer Elise.

18 Kinsley


Kinsley is a beautiful name. It’s unique but not weird. Beautiful but not ordinary. Kinsley is an English name with a meaning that’s not so profound, “King’s field.” Though it doesn’t mean beautiful or something delightfully girly, it isn’t a bad meaning. Kinsley sounds awesome paired with a traditional name. Kinsley Marie, Kinsley Rose, and Kinsley Paige would all be stunning. If you wanted to go with a unique name for your baby girl, Kinsley Tatum, or Kinsley Maeve would fit the bill. Fun nicknames for Kinsley would be Kinsy, Lee-lee, or Kinsle. The name is so unique that there are no famous celebrities with it. Maybe your little bundle of joy will be the first? The name sounds like it should belong to someone beautiful and famous…we will just have to wait for one to be found!

17 Ada


Sometimes it’s the short but sweet little names that really make us fall in love with them. Ada is precious! Similar in sound to Ava, but uniquely different, Ada is an African baby girl's name meaning, “the first daughter.” That is so cool, and of course feminine. This would never be a boy name thanks to the meaning alone. In French it means, “noble”, and in Hebrew it means “ornament.” This name only works for girls! Ada could be a great first name, or fun middle name option. Ada Mabel is adorable, and so it Ada Rose. With a name this cute and so short, there is no need to have a nickname. I’m not sure how you could possibly shorten the name but Ada-bada is a fun and quirky nickname!

16 Mabel


Sometimes it’s the short but sweet little names that really make us fall in love with them. Ada is precious! Similar in sound to Ava, but uniquely different. Ada is an African baby girl name meaning, “first daughter.” That is so cool, and of course feminine. This would never be a boy name thanks to the meaning alone. In French it means, “noble”, and in Hebrew it means “ornament.” This name only works for girls! Ada could be a great first name, or fun middle name option. Ada Mabel is adorable, and so it Ada Rose. With a name this cute and so short, there is no need to have a nickname. I’m not sure how you could possibly shorten the name buy Ada-bada is a fun one!

15 Naila

This name is so pretty if you know how to pronounce it. Nai(rhymes with eye)-la. Naila or Nayla are the two spelling variations of this name. This gorgeous name is Native American for "I love you." Such a unique name that sounds similar to Lila (another adorable, unique name). It’s one of those very feminine names that could never be apt for a boy. Gorgeous in its spelling, and with such a sweet sound, Lila could be her nickname, though there aren’t too many options with nicknames, unfortunately. You could make up your own, of course, or give her a nickname that doesn’t have to do with the sounds of her name, and is instead based on her personlity. Naila Jane, Naila Victoria, and Naila June are all great name combinations for your little sweetheart.

14 Fiona

The name Fiona Apple brings back fond memories from the 90’s for so many of us. The name Fiona is really quite beautifully Scottish. It means, “white, fair” and is one of those names that is only used for girls. The name Fiona became famous again when the movie Shrek portrayed Princess Fiona. Jenny Garth and Chad Lowe have a daughter named Fiona, and it’s also Julia Roberts’ middle name. When it comes to middle names, Fiona Kinsley and Fiona Greer are both gorgeous baby girl names. The simplicity of the spelling makes it so easy to spell and pronounce. It’s a name most are familiar with, but it hasn’t gained momentum in the U.S. like some other names have. The lack of momentum but yet familiarity makes it such a great choice.

13 Josie

Josie is another one of those short but sweet names. In Hebrew, it means, “God will add.” It is also a French baby girl name, and it means “may Jehovah add, addition.” Josie and the Pussycats, Josie Wales, Josie Duggar, these are just a few of the famous celebrities carrying the name or who have made the name famous. A cute nickname would be Jo, or Jo-Jo, or perhaps even Joey. Josie would make for a great first or middle name for any baby girl. Josie Cora, Josie Tatum, Kenna Josie, and Bexley Josie are all really nice girl name combinations that roll of the tongue. As a feminine form of John, this is a lovely way of passing down that family name if you have a husband, father, father-in-law, etc. named John.

12 Elise


This oh so pretty “E” name has gained popularity in recent years. Elisa is a Greek name meaning, “oath of God, God is satisfied.” Though it doesn’t sound at all like the name Elizabeth, it is a shortened form of that traditional name. The name was introduced to the U.S. in the late nineteenth century when Emily Blunt acted in The Adjustment Bureau, and her character's name was Elise. Piers Morgan named his baby girl Elise, and one of Beethoven’s first piano pieces is Fur Elise. Variations on this name include Lise, Liesl, Elyce, Elize, Ellice, etc. It really would make a charming middle name or an adorable first name. Elise Tatum, or Kenna Elise are great combinations, though it would go with almost any name you could think of!

11 Cora


A sweet little name for a sweet little girl. Cora is a Greek name that means, “maiden.” This is one of those really cute old-fashioned names that has come back to life in recent years. It has a strong sound and is very contemporary despite its history. Though Cora is a real name, many parents love to use the name Cora as a nickname for other names like Clara, Nora, Corrine, Corinna, and Coralie. Cora Mae, Cora Jael, Cora Hettie, Cora Rose, and Cora Elise all make great name combinations. As a middle name, Cora fits really well too. Since Cora can be a nickname as well as a full name, there really is no need to come up with a nickname for your baby girl. But if you want to, Cori and Cor are cute options.

10 Tatum


This super unique baby girl name is quite unlike any other. Tatum is an English name that means “brings joy.” Which is exactly what little girls tend to do! Tatum is a creative and hip girl name to use. Though it is considered gender neutral, it feels so girly to me. Tatum Ada and Tatum Greer are two very unique options for first and middle names. Tatum could also be a creative middle name. There is only one famous celebrity with this as a first name, Tatum O’Neal. Channing Tatum has this cool name as his last name, and really it seems to just fit no matter where you place this name. Whether you use it for a distinctive first, or middle name, your little girl is sure to bring joy to all who love her.

9 Avalon


If you love warm weather, exotic places, and anything tropical, this is the perfect name for your baby girl. Avalon means, “island”, which makes this name perfect for travelers, or those who just love unique names. Avalon is an island paradise of Celtic mythology. Rena Sofer and Julian Cope loved it so much that they named their daughter Avalon. Super cute nickname ideas would be Ava, Loni, or Ave. Avalon June, Avalon Mae, Avalon Elise, and Avalon Naila make great name combination ideas. If you give your daughter a more traditional first name, like Grace, Avalon would be a cool and unique middle name to spice it up a bit. Most than likely there will only be one Avalon in a class, and maybe even only one in the whole school.

8 Enya


When you hear Enya your first thought is probably the singer, Enya. She’s an Irish singer/songwriter who had a smash hit “Only Time” in the 90’s. It’s more than just a name for a band/singer. It’s a fantastic Irish baby girl name that means “fire”. Perfect for a fiery little newborn! There is just something about the shorter names, of 5 letters or less that make them so fun and unique. Enya is most certainly both of those things. Thankfully though it’s not a common name, it is still pronounced just as it’s spelled, and any adult who lived through the 90’s would certainly know how to say it. Enya Grace, Enya Paige, or Enya Marie are great traditional middle name options. For a spicier middle name combo, try Enya Elise or Enya Bexley.

7 Kenna


Reign fans, we have another great name from that incredibly addicting show that was downright binge-worthy on Netflix. Kenna is another gorgeous Scottish baby girl's name. Though she broke our hearts when she broke up with Bash, the name is simple, and yet very unique. The feminine version of Kenneth, this name means, “handsome, fiery.” If you were a die-hard fan of the show Kenna Greer, or Kenna Mary would be delightful. Kenna goes really well with other unique names like Kenna Maeve, or Kenna Rain, and these unique combinations will ensure that every teacher remembers her name. If your little girl lives up to her namesake she would have lots of spunk and tons of spirit. She may be living the poem, “She has sky above her, earth below her, and fire within her.”

6 Hettie


Hettie is an old-fashioned, yet totally adorable, baby girl name. It is French and means “rules her household”. She is bound to be a strong woman. A force to be reckoned with! Hettie can be a full name or a nickname. Hattie is another cool option very similar to Hettie. Hattie is the name of the oldest daughter on the show Parenthood. Hettie Grace, Hettie Jane, Hettie Maeve, Hettie Elise, or Hettie Paige are all beautiful name combinations. A name like this doesn’t require a nickname, though I’m sure you can come up with something cute. Hettie-Betty is cute, or Hettie teddy. Shortening it to make a nickname isn’t really an option unless you want to call her Het but you probably won't do that - Hettie is just so much fun to say!

5 Maeve

Maeve is positively charming. A Celtic name meaning, “a mythical queen”, Maeve is an older sounding name, but really has a cool sound. Not too many girl names have a “v” in them, and this name is so easy to pronounce and it also sounds just like it is spelled. The sweetest nickname for Maeve, is Mae. That is an adorable name that really works great for a nickname or middle name for any little girl. If you don’t like that nickname, you could try Eve, since her name ends with “eve”. Mae or Eve are adorable nicknames. Maeve Avalon, Maeve Harper, or Maeve Tatum are nice memorable combinations. If you want to go a little bit more traditional, Maeve Grace, or Maeve Ann are really cute name combinations too.

4 Sahara


Believe it or not, this could be a boy or girl's name. Imagining a boy with this name is quite hard though. It is one very feminine sounding name. Sahara is a desert, but it’s also a lovely unique option for a baby girl. It’s an Arabic name and the meaning is quite simply “desert” as you might expect. Sahara Paige, Sahara Hettie, and Sahara Tatum are really unique combinations. She is bound to have a dry sense of humor (get it?). Similar names to Sahara are Sienna, Sierra, Savannah, and Scarlet. Her nickname could be Sara, Ara, or even Hara. This name is great especially if you love unique nicknames as well. Most families want to give their children nicknames but not the same old name that every other kid has. Sahara makes that so easy.

3 Venice


Venice is a cool sounding baby boy or girl name. Believe it or not, this works great for either gender and is equally as cool and unique. Venice is a Shakespearean baby name meaning, “the merchant of Venice”. Though the meaning leaves something to be desired, it isn’t horrible. It doesn’t mean tyrant, or ugly or something awful! Venice would be great as a first or middle name. Venice Ella, Venice Enya, Venice Ada, are all great name combinations. Similar names to Venice are Vera, Vivienne, or Verona. Though they all have different meanings, they all have the lovely, unique “v” sound. “V” names are hard to come by for girls. Victoria is the most common, but if you want something unique, this is a great one!

2 Willa

Via Fashion Central

Willa is a fun name, similar to Willow, which is really nice too. Willa is the feminine form of the name William, and is an English name meaning, “resolute.” Willa doesn’t require a nickname because it’s already so short and so cute. But if you really want one for your baby girl, La-la, Willa-billa, and Lil-la are really cute options. Great name combinations for Willa are Willa Faith, Willa Greer, Willa Elise, and Willa Rein. Willa Holland is the most famous celebrity with this name. She has starred in many hit shows like The O.C., The Inside, and even on Gossip Girl for five episodes. If you love the name Willow but want to be even more unique, this name fits the bill perfectly. And it's just so darn fun to say!

1 Sedona


Sedona is unique in many ways. First of all, it's an American name. You don’t hear that too often! This American-born name means “created name.” There is a city in Arizona names Sedona, which the city was named after the earliest settlers there, Sedona Miller Schnebly. She was born in 1877, in Missouri, her mother was from Pennsylvania, and she just thought up the name and thought it was a beautiful name for her little girl. How cool is that? A really charming nickname option for this name, if you wanted one, would be Ona, or Sedi. Sedona Jane, Sedona Sky, Sedona Maeve, and Sedona Rain are beautiful and unique options. Some families love names that come from cities or places, like Savannah, Charlotte, and Venice, and if you're one of them, this is the perfect name for you.

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