20 Vintage Names Refurbished For Hipster Moms

Expecting parents are no stranger to baby name lists. From the moment a woman finds out she’s expecting a child, both her and her partner will start hunting for that perfect name. That perfect name is out there, but where will it be found? Only mom and dad will know.

Truth be told, choosing a name for a baby can be a difficult task. Think about it: there are SO many names out to there. Family names, exotic names, celebrity-inspired names, cultural-derived names, and the list goes on. There’s just so much for parents to consider, and so many baby name lists to read through.

That’s why this baby name list is dedicated to parents looking for a swanky mix of traditional and trendy. That’s right! And, the recent rise in popularity of vintage names is certainly worth noting. Today, there are modern-day twists on old-fashioned names – many of which hipster parents are swooning over!

For the moms out there that consider themselves hipster, there are plenty of baby names that leave a lasting impression!  Read on to discover these 20 old-fashioned names that have revived as modern-day favorites.

Mom and dad are certain to find a winner here.

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20 Pearl

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Pearl is a stunning name derived from the English word pearl, itself a hard object produced within a shelled mollusk. Pearls are commonly used in jewelry-making and are some of the most timeless pieces to wear.

The name is also said to have ties with the name Margaret, which can be directly translated to “pearl.” Although Margaret is a lovely name, there’s just something about the name Pearl that we prefer. Short and delicate, Pearl reminds us of the treasured riches from the under the sea. If you ask us, it would make an excellent name for your little gem.

19 Arthur

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Arthur is a Roman derived name from the clan “Artorius.” When translated from its Roman derivation, Arthur means "noble" and "courageous.” What mom wouldn’t want a courageous little boy?

We love Arthur for its historic roots and trendy vibe. That's probably why millennial moms have totally refurbished this name. It's just so perfect.

When it comes to the name's history, we can’t help but mention King Arthur – a legendary, not to mention, fierce British leader. So, if the name’s meaning and cool vibe aren't reasons enough to choose for your child, its historical ties to King Arthur will be.

18 Violet

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Violet is a beautiful name of English origin. When translated from its English roots, Violet means “flower” or “purple.” Violet first saw a rise in popularity in the early 1900s where newborn baby girls everywhere were given the name.

Although the name dropped off as the years went on, that’s no longer the case. Once again, Violet is a hit! Popularity-wise, the name is the 43rd most popular female name in America, and we only expect it to rise on the baby name charts in 2019! Violet is just one of those timeless, not to mention, adorable names parents can be proud to give their daughter.

17 Jasper

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Jasper is a highly acclaimed name with old-fashion, Hebrew roots. Originally seen as a surname, Jasper has made its mark as a standalone first name given to boys. Popularity-wise, Jasper is currently hitting its peak. That’s right! Jasper as a first name is sitting at 167 on the U.S. baby name charts.

Are you considering the name Jasper for your little boy? Go for it! The name is trendy, traditional and sophisticated all at once.

16 Rose

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Rose is one of the most beautiful female names that has had a remarkable revival for hipster moms today. The name is a pure juxtaposition of old and new. And with nature and floral names gaining popularity, we anticipate that Rose will become a chart-topper very soon.

Rose is also one of the most romantic girls’ names to date; the main symbol of romance is a rose often given from lover to the other. So, if parents are considering giving their daughter a romantic-sounding name that’s a perfect mix of vintage and modern, Rose is it.

15 Henry

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Henry, a German name meaning “rules the home,” is making its way back to the top of the baby name charts. While this name was most popular in the 1800s, with its popularity peak in 1883, moms today are revolving the trend.

Popularity-wise, Henry is currently the 27th most popular boys’ name in America, and we expect it to soar even higher in the next few years. If you ask us, the name Henry is an all-around winner. It’s truly the epitome of “stylish classic” – something many hipster moms look for when naming their baby.

14 Lillian

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Lillian is a well-rounded name of English origin. When translated from its derivation, Lillian means “lily flower.” Now, who wouldn’t want a name that means flower? Seriously! How cute?

Today, Lillian in its full version is being refurbished into the adorable (and equally as beautiful) Lilly. More and more moms are gravitating to Lilly, and we certainly know why! Literally meaning, “flower,” Lilly is the perfect contemporary twist on a timeless classic. What better name to give your little bundle of joy?

13 George

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George, an English name meaning “farmer” is beginning to regain its rank on the U.S. baby name charts. Within the last five years, millennial moms have chosen the name George more than ever.

Perhaps this has something to do with the name’s connection to the Royal family. Or, perhaps hipster moms everywhere are falling in love with the trend of refurbishing old-fashioned names. Whatever the case may be, George one of the most famous, not to mention, most charming boy names to date.

12 Hazel

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Hazel is a lovely vintage name of Teutonic origin that means “commander.” In some variations, Hazel can also be translated to simply: “the hazelnut tree.” In this meaning, the name is given an association with nature – something many hipster moms gravitate to.

Popularity-wise, Hazel is beginning to rise. According to BabyCenter, Hazel currently ranks 40th on the baby name charts – up three spots from last year. The last time the name saw this high of rank was in 1897, where it sat as the 18th most popular girls’ name in America.

11 Oliver

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Oliver is one of our favorite three-syllable boys’ name out there. When translated from its Latin roots, Oliver, originally seen as olivarius meaning “olive tree.” Popularity-wise, Oliver is currently hitting its popularity peak, sitting as the third most popular boys’ name in America.

Not only is the name Oliver hitting big today, but it was also a popular choice in the 19th century when literary classic "Oliver Twist" (1838) was written. If you ask us, Oliver is a superb choice for any darling little boy.

10 Grace

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Grace is a Latin name meaning “God’s grace,” and is a lovely choice for your darling daughter. We love the name Grace for not only its sacred meaning, but also because of its old-fashioned feel. It’s truly the perfect mix of old and new.

The name Grace also has a pretty cool name association. We all know the famous Grace Kellan y, American film actress who became Princess of Monaco after marrying Prince Rainier III in April 1956. So, do you want your daughter to have the same name as a princess? Give her the name Grace!

9 Vincent

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Commonly known as the Roman name Vincentius, Vincent is one of the oldest-standing names on this list. The name is also said to be derived from the Latin vincere, meaning "to conquer.”

When it comes to the name’s history, Vincent has been in use since the Middle Ages, however, it did not become common until the 19th century where it was popular among Christians. Popularity-wise, Vincent is once again on the rise. Within the last decade, Vincent has climbed from 119 to 50 – where it sits today. Talk about an oldie, but goodie!

8 Amelia

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Amelia is a female Teutonic name that means “defender.” It’s also seen as the old-fashioned variation of the ever-so-popular Emily, and today it’s making its way back to the top of the American baby name charts.

In 2018, the name Amelia was ranked as the seventh most popular female given name in the U.S. Talk about chart topper! We predict the name will soon break its way into the top five most popular names given to newborn baby girls in America.

Considering the name Amelia? Go for it! The name is not only beautiful; it’s also a completely ageless choice for any baby girl.

7 Pierce

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Pierce is an Anglo Saxon male name with a truly solid history. When translated from its origin, Pierce means “rock.” The name is also seen as the diminutive of the Old French name “Piers.”

Popularity-wise, Pierce hit its peak in the U.S. in 2013. And while the name is not as common as other old-fashioned names on this list, we predict it will see a huge spike in the next few years. Why? It’s truly a mama’s dream! Pierce is one of those names that’s just as incredible for a little boy as it is for a dapper, grown man.

6 Florence

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The name Florence originates from Latin word florens, meaning “to blossom.” The name itself is beautiful in sound and has very old-fashioned roots. A notable name bearer was Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. She was given the name because she was born in Florence, Italy.

Today, moms are swooning over this name. Why? It’s truly the perfect mix of old and new. Whether you’re inspired by the modern indie rock band “Florence and the Machine” or the beautiful ancient city of Italy, Florence would make a perfect name for any hipster mom expecting a little girl.

5 Sullivan

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Sullivan is an Old Gaelic surname turned hipster first name. And while Sullivan is still predominantly seen as a common Gaelic surname, we think it’s absolutely adorable for any little boy.

Like Oliver, Sullivan has three syllables. There’s just something about three syllable names that we love. Not only are they impactful, but they also flow well with a range of surnames. If you ask us, Sullivan is a name that doesn’t disappoint. It’s a dynamic choice in its full variation, and it can also be shortened to the super adorable “Sully.”

4 Daphne

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Daphne is a beautiful female name of Greek origin. In its Greek derivation, Daphne can be translated to “Bay tree” or “Laurel tree.” It’s another one of those nature-inspired names that hipster moms adore.

According to research, the name Daphne has ancient roots. In Greek mythology, Daphne was the name of the river-god Peneus’ daughter. In terms of popularity, Daphne hit its peak in 1962. Over time, the name slipped, however, it has begun to make a comeback today - and for good reason! Daphne is one of those names that people never forget. It’s an impactful name with a rich history, and any little girl would be lucky to have it.

3 Theodore

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Theodore is an absolutely adorable male name of Greek origin. In the Greek meaning of the name, Theodore means “God-given.” Now, that’s a pretty strong meaning and one many would be proud to back.

In terms of popularity, Theodore currently sits at 85 on the U.S. baby name charts. The name is beginning to make a comeback, as more and more moms are using it today. The last time Theodore saw such a high ranking was in the early 1900’s. In fact, in 1904, Theodore was the 30th most popular name in America. We expect Theodore to reach this ranking very soon, and perhaps within the next five to ten years.

2 Evelyn

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Evelyn is a gorgeous old-fashioned girls’ name that is beginning to see a spike in popularity today. English in derivation, Evelyn means “beauty” and “radiance.” As a first name, it can be shorted to Eve, or the ever-so-adorable Evie.

Popularity-wise, Evelyn is on the rise. The name is currently the 15th most popular girls’ name in America. And while it’s highest rank was in 1915 where is sat at spot 10, we expect it to break this record in the next five years. Why is Evelyn so desirable? It’s a beautiful-sounding name that has truly withstood the test of time.

1 Leo

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Traditionally seen as a pet name to Leonardo – itself an old-fashioned boys’ name – Leo has made its way into the hearts of hipster moms everywhere. When translated from its Latin roots, Leo means “lion.” Now that’s a fierce name any little boy would be proud to have!

Popularity-wise, Leo currently sits as the 22nd most popular boy's name in the U.S. – up ten spots from last year. According to SheKnows, Leo’s are known to be fierce competitors - much like a lion - and won't let anything stand in their way.

Expecting a boy in the near future? Consider giving him the name Leo. It’s the perfect mix of traditional and trendy.

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