20 Ways Audrey Roloff Is Raising Her Baby

If the name Audrey Roloff doesn’t sound familiar, there might be a reason for that. Until Audrey (last name Botti at that time) met and began dating Jeremy Roloff, she was relatively unknown.

Jeremy, on the other hand, grew up in the spotlight on the show Little People, Big World alongside his twin brother Zach, little sister Molly, little brother Jacob, and parents Matthew and Amy.

And while Audrey made appearances on the family’s show over the years, she and Jeremy have their own life and work pursuits these days. In addition to having a daughter, Ember Jean, who was born in September of 2017, the pair have also started a few business ideas, too.

Of course, Audrey’s first and foremost role in life is as a mama, as she’s not shy about sharing on her social media accounts. She may no longer be in the spotlight on the family’s reality TV show, but Audrey is proud of being a Roloff and raising the next generation, too.

However, her parenting methods are a little unconventional to most people, and even though she has tons of loyal social media followers, that doesn’t mean every member of the Roloff family is her biggest fan. Naysayers aside, here’s more on Audrey and 20 ways she’s raising her baby.

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20 Aiming For Natural Birth

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If her and Jeremy’s courtship wasn’t unconventional enough, welcoming their daughter was apparently, also. The couple spent years in a long-distance relationship before marrying a month after finally coming together geographically. Then, when they learned they were expecting their first child, Audrey announced her plans to have a natural birth. Highlighting how important it was to her, Audrey may have been taken aback at the response in the media and on her social media accounts. People had a lot of negative opinions about her birth, but in the end, Audrey did it her way regardless. Ember Jean Roloff was born on September 10th, 2017 in an all natural hospital birth.

19 Taking Breaks For Date Night


Although she’s clearly a hands-on mama—just check out her IG account if you don’t believe me—Audrey also knows that there are times mama needs a night off. Whether it’s her and hubby Jeremy attending a basketball game kid-free or her heading out to do some work on her own (dad stayed home with Ember that time), Audrey understands the importance of having a little “me” time. Of course, she also appreciates the importance of “we” time with her hubby — their marriage is also at the forefront of their social media meanderings. So much so, in fact, that she and Jeremy have started a website to support healthy marriages.

18 Nursing Past The One Year Mark


First of all, peep the adorable onesie Ember is wearing from the Always More collection —super cute, right? But it’s actually referring to the fact that Audrey is a nursing mama, and proud of that fact. She admitted that it isn’t always easy (more on that in a minute), but that through her faith, she trusted she’d be able to do it. As of her last post on the topic, she nursed baby Ember to at least 13 months old, which is a length of time some mamas can only dream of. Of course, there’s no word on whether she’s weaned (yet), but it wouldn’t surprise us if she kept on until age two or so.

17 …But Supplemented When It Was Necessary


Lest you think Audrey is actually the perfect mom and that breastfeeding came super easy to her, that’s not the case at all. Audrey has explained that in the early days of nursing Ember, she was struggling with her milk supply. Her comments on the subject led to a lot of criticism from people who felt like she was demonizing formula, but it came from a good place. She admitted she did have to supplement Ember for a time while she dealt with her supply issues, as much as it bothered her to do it, and that everything turned out okay in the end.

16 Stepping Away From Reality TV

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While Jeremy grew up in the spotlight on Little People, Big World, Audrey and her hubby decided they didn’t want to go that route with Ember. And while she announced on social media that their family will still be part of overall Roloff fam events, they’re no longer going to be regulars on the show. Audrey was careful to highlight, however, that she has no ill will against the reality TV show that resulted in her husband’s fame, but that they want a different upbringing for Ember. Clearly, however, they’re not averse to visiting Roloff Farms for biz purposes — she posted to IG when they hit the farm to sell some Always More clothing and copies of their book.

15 Staying True To Her Beliefs

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Clearly, Audrey’s religion is a big part of her life, marriage, and motherhood. She’s not shy about quoting Bible verses, sharing her prayers, and explaining how much her religion means to her. Whether it’s on social media, her blog, her book, or any other place, Audrey is faithful and true to her self wherever she’s writing or posting. And although it could be a point of contention given her in-laws’ divorce, Audrey and Jeremy even started their website—Beating 50 Percent—to encourage other Christian couples to fully embrace their marriage and grow together to avoid divorce. Whatever the case, Audrey’s beliefs are working for her — which is exactly how it should be.

14 Babywearing Everywhere


Here’s something most parents these days can relate to: babywearing! The trend has really picked up, although the tradition of babywearing is more than centuries old. And Audrey is one of those mamas who likes to keep her baby close, and clearly, Ember enjoys being cozy. Not only does Audrey babywear in a more modern carrier—perhaps an Ergo by the looks of it—but Jeremy has been memorialized wearing Ember on some hiking trips, too. He also shared an IG shot of him wearing Ember in a more traditional carrier—the kind ‘90s babies rode in—while traipsing around the family farm. Adorable!

13 Spending All Day In Jammies


Both Jeremy and Audrey’s social media accounts are full of jokes about their jammies. Whether it’s Audrey hinting at she and Ember staying in their pajamas all day at home or Jeremy noting how he doesn’t need more pajamas, the family clearly likes to be comfy. And hey, haven’t we all been there — especially as moms? What’s super adorable is that the family has matching jammies—Ember included—for the holidays. Of course, we bet they’ve got other matchy-matchy pajama sets, too — the fam is just that adorable. But what that really tells us is that Audrey and Jeremy are laid-back people and parents — no high-fashion stakes for baby Ember, either.

12 Getting Up Before The Baby


Before having children, Audrey was focused on her life, her religion, and her running. Her sport was long-distance running, and that’s where a lot of her life’s inspiration has come from. And part of her routine pre-baby was getting up early in the morning and journaling, plus exercising so that she was ready to greet the day. With a baby, of course, that’s a bit harder, but Audrey noted on her IG that one of her goals is to get up before Ember. That way, she gets a bit of time to herself but also gets to reflect on how grateful she is for the things she has in life — especially her baby.

11 Spending Time With Family


If you’re ever in the Helvetia, Oregon area—that’s where Roloff Farms is located—you just might run into Audrey there. She and Jeremy both venture over to the farm to hang out with the family—including Ember’s grandpa Matt and grandma Amy—and it’s an important part of their lives. Not only did Audrey and Jeremy fall in love around the campfire at Roloff Farms (part of why their daughter’s name is Ember), but they’ve purposely stayed close by so that their little girl can grow up much the way Jeremy did. Except, with fewer TV cameras, that is.

10 Encouraging Closeness With Cousins


While Jeremy was the first of the family to get married—he and Audrey wed in September 2014—his siblings are all paired up now, too. Twin brother Zach married his wife Tori Patton in July of 2015, and their son Jackson was born in May of 2017. Naturally, Ember, born four months later, is close enough in age to really bond with her cousin. Both Audrey and her sister-in-law Tori share adorable photos of the babies growing up together, and the two couples live close enough to one another that Auntie Tori and Uncle Zach sometimes babysit for baby Ember.

9 Using All The Oils


Lots of first-time moms tend to run to the ER whenever their baby is sick, but in this Roloff household, things are a little different. Audrey explained on IG that Jeremy was down for the count with a bad illness, and she was trying to ward it away from her and Ember. Her solution? Lots of essential oils, a diffuser, and checking Ember’s temperature frequently to make sure she was doing okay. Of course, Ember wasn’t actually sick—just Jeremy—but this was Audrey’s way of preventing illness, rather than waiting for it to creep up. She also swears by essential oils for all types of other ailments, too.

8 Being More Present


Although her IG makes it look like Audrey’s a doting and perfect mama 24/7, she and Jeremy both admit that neither their relationship nor their parenting is 100 percent ideal. There’s always room for improvement of course, just like Audrey’s tag line (“always more”) suggests. Which is why Audrey made the goal of being more present with her baby girl. Sure, she’s just a baby, but Audrey knows that the formative years are super important — so she rededicated herself to being present with the baby and not, say, checking her phone or trying to work while she’s spending time one-on-one with her girl.

7 Reliving Childhood Memories


Just like she and Jeremy are trying to ensure Ember is connected with Roloff Farms the way Jer was as a child, they’re also reliving Audrey’s childhood moments. They went to check out a zoo lights exhibit where Audrey went as a child as a family, preserving both Audrey’s ties to her past and a meaningful set of memories for baby Ember to treasure. But it’s not just the family outings that make for a great childhood throwback for Audrey. The couple also frequents Jeremy’s family’s farm, goes back to their old haunts from when they were dating, and treasures spending time with family to make sure the memories stay alive.

6 Making Time For Work

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Along with their website devoted to helping Christian couples defeat marriage statistics (it’s called Beating 50 Percent), Audrey and Jeremy have also written a book. It’s called A Love Letter Life and it’s addressed to both singles and couples who are looking to make their relationships work and build a strong foundation. Of course, Audrey also manages her own website—Auj Poj—that documents her life and her passions, plus a site for her “Always More” products and philosophy. Basically, Audrey isn’t satisfied with being “just” a mom or “just” a wife — although those are important pursuits for her. She’s all about making time for work that speaks to her heart, too.

5 Becoming A 'Mamapreneur'


A self-proclaimed “mamapreneur,” Audrey spends quite a bit of her social media energy on promoting her brand, Always More. The mama and wife often sports clothing and accessories with the tagline. And as she explained on her website and on social media, the line comes from Ephesians 3:20, which basically says, with God, you can do more than you think you’re able to. For Audrey, the meaning goes beyond that—it also refers to the fact that we always have more to give—and more to learn, among other things — in life. Her gear includes hats, necklaces, shirts, bags, and baby stuff, too.

4 Playing Outside (A Lot)


If you haven’t noticed already, the outdoors is a huge part of Audrey and Jeremy’s life —and little Ember’s. Jeremy and Audrey fell in love around campfires at Roloff Farms, they live in Oregon, they love the outdoors, and they get outside any chance they get. From traveling to the beach (which apparently isn’t far from their home) to heading to the snow, the family isn’t against getting outside and getting a little messy. And from IG, they’ve got the gear to make it cozy, too — just check out Ember’s cute little sweaters, boots, and even mini Carhart jackets like her mom and dad’s.

3 Celebrating Every Day


While birthdays are always cause for celebration whether you’re reality TV royalty or not, Audrey doesn’t stop there. She celebrates even the littlest moments via social media, sharing with her followers the adorable things Ember says and does. She shared when Ember said her first words, when she took her first steps, and everything in between. She notes how empathetic and loving Ember is, and how much she relishes in the time she gets to spend with her girl. Basically, every little quiet moment is a celebration—even if there’s no cake to be had. In this case, however, there was plenty of cake — for Ember’s first birthday bash!

2 Traveling As A Family


With the beach relatively close by and plenty of nature all around them, this little Roloff family definitely enjoys traveling. But it’s not just hitting nearby haunts that are fun and fulfilling for the trio. They also travel for conferences related to the couple’s book, website, and Audrey’s clothing line. At times, they’ve traveled together, and other times, Audrey goes off on her own. As tough as it was for Audrey to fly alone without Ember, she noted at the time that it was a new and rewarding experience, although she was eager to get back home to her two favorite people.

1 Writing All The Memories


Both Jeremy and Audrey are big on writing, and there’s a reason for that. During their long-distance relationship, and ever since then, they’ve always documented their love for one another in handwritten letters. And, Jeremy even wrote to Audrey on a typewriter during their courtship — a typewriter they now display in their family home. Their book is also a tribe to not only their love story but everyone’s love story. In it, they encourage couples (and singletons) to be intentional about their love lives, whether that’s dating or a decades-old marriage, and go the distance together. They also write letters to Ember for her to read when she’s older — how cute is that?

Sources: People, IG, Auj Poj

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