20 Ways Beyoncé And Jay-Z Are Raising Their Kids Differently

There are great musicians, and then there is Beyoncé. To some people, she might only be known for the fact that she is a pop star, but her fans see her as much more than that.

In fact, over the years, the star has proven to be a great role model, especially for young women. According to bbc.com, Beyoncé is the kind of person that many of us aspire to be.

Apparently, her group of fans—which she has affectionately nicknamed “the Beyhive”—find her to be incredibly influential. It is easy to see why they feel this way about her.

Beyoncé is not just successful in the world of music, she is also a success at a lot of other things as well. The performer is a mother of three, and she has a solid marriage to rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z.

Both of them are pretty busy with their professional goals, but they are also enjoying raising their little ones. Being the child of two superstars would be interesting, to say the least. For instance, their oldest child, Blue, has already had some incredible life experiences. Here are some of the ways the pair is raising their kids differently than other parents do.

20 Beyoncé Nurses In Public, Despite Receiving Backlash


 Children and their mothers can receive countless benefits from nursing, so it is easy to understand why so many mothers are choosing to do that these days. But there is a bit of controversy when it comes to doing it in public, which is why a lot of women choose to nurse their babies when they have some privacy.

But despite how some people feel about it, Beyoncé didn’t seem to care what others thought when she chose to nurse her oldest child in public. According to motherbabychild.blogspot.com, some people suggested that she use a public restroom to feed her child...

19 They Trademarked Their Daughter’s Name And Got In Trouble Because Of It


After their first child was born, Jay-Z and Beyoncé did not wait long at all before they decided that they wanted to trademark her name. But not everything is easy, even for these two superstars.

They had some issues getting Blue Ivy trademarked because of a bit of legal trouble they faced with someone who owns a business with the same name.

According to Dailymail.co.uk, the “Halo” singer claimed that the business owner then tried to sell her the rights to the name for millions of dollars. But Queen Bey was just not having it, so that didn’t happen, much to the dismay of the business owner.

18 There’s A Rumor That No One Was Allowed To Touch Blue Ivy When She Was Born


New parents are usually (and understandably) very cautious when it comes to their little bundle of joy, and of course, Beyoncé and her husband are no different. In fact, according to Thetalko.com, there is a rumor going around that the pair would not allow others to touch their firstborn baby unless they were wearing surgical masks and gloves.

While this has not been confirmed, it doesn’t seem all that strange. Babies, especially newborns, can get sick very easily, so it is not hard to understand why they might have asked visitors to be very careful when spending time with their little first little one.

17 They Pay $19,000 A Year For Blue's Education


The Carter family members are friends with a lot of other celebrities, including Mariah Carey, Kim Kardashian, and Kanye West. They are also friends with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who told them all about how wonderful things are for her children at the school they go to.

So, of course, they ended up enrolling their oldest child there. The price tag for it is pretty heavy since they have to pay approximately $19,000 a year for her to be there. Apparently, the couple also moved so that they could live closer to the school. In addition, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are very involved in their daughter’s education, and Jay-Z even attends PTA meetings, according to Dailymail.co.uk.

16 Gender Roles Aren’t A Big Deal To Them


Typically, when a couple is expecting a little boy, they will buy things that are blue, or whatever color they feel is right for a male baby. The same goes for those who anticipate having a little girl.

But Jay-Z and Beyoncé are just a little bit different. When they welcomed their three little ones into the world, the two decided that they would allow their children to like whatever they like without any influence from mom or dad.

According to Marketwatch.com, the musicians do not think their children should have to fit into any specific categories. They want Blue, Sir, and Rumi to feel free to just be themselves.

15 They Let Blue Ivy Spend Thousands Of Dollars


Famous people usually do not have to worry about money as much as the rest of us do, and Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and their children are no different. In fact, when Blue Ivy was only 6 years old, her parents actually let her bid $17,000 on a painting.

But she didn’t stop there, even when her father jokingly attempted to get her to quit. Blue Ivy also bid $19,000 on the same piece of art, but actor Tyler Perry won the item. However, according to Time.com, she did end up walking away with a different piece of art that night after bidding $10,000 on it.

14 The Two Actually Get Excited About Changing Diapers


 Being a parent is a very wonderful, adventurous, and exciting thing to do. It is a really unique journey, as there is nothing else quite like it.

But that does not necessarily mean that every part of it is beautiful. For example, a lot of parents know that changing a baby’s diaper is really not that fun.

But apparently, not everyone shares that opinion. According to Besttennews.com, Jay-Z and Beyoncé don’t mind changing diapers. In fact, they actually seem to like it.

It seems that the couple didn’t waste any time embracing every part of parenthood. Also, they seem to put equal work into taking care of their children, as they both change diapers.

13 Jay-Z And Beyoncé Don’t Do It All On Their Own


Beyoncé is a basically a supermom, honestly. She is successful, beautiful, and famous, and she has a strong marriage and great kids. She and husband Jay-Z really seem to have it all together.

Nevertheless, even they need help from time to time. While the two lovebirds so make awesome parents, that does not mean that things don’t get hard for them once in a while.

So, they have a little help when it comes to taking care of their kids. According to Dailymail.co.uk, they even have more than one nanny. Right after the twins were born, they actually had a total of eight nannies to assist them in caring for the little ones.

12 Their Kids Get To Travel Around The World


 There are times when our daily lives can get a little bit stressful, and sometimes we all need a bit of a break from everything. That is even true for people like Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

But traveling can be hard for some people. After all, vacations do get pretty expensive, and not everyone can afford to go on them very often.

While some celebrity parents don’t always take their kids on vacation with them, the Carters do. Recently, the pair enjoyed some time off together with their children, and they spent some time out on a boat, according to Harpersbazaar.com.

11 The Kids Get To Wear Expensive Designer Clothing


Many of us have seen children wearing some really cute, nice outfits. But usually, children don’t often wear pricey designer clothing. But of course, when it comes to the children of celebrities, things are a little bit different, especially in Beyoncé’s case.

The singer’s oldest child, Blue Ivy, has been seen wearing expensive clothing frequently, but that’s not really surprising, considering the fact that her mother is such a fashionista herself.

According to Instyle.com, the child has been spotted in some outfits that cost a few thousand dollars, at least. For example, she wore a dress that cost $11,000 to the MTV Video Music Awards. She also wore a diamond crown and $565 shoes to the event as well.

10 The Children Get To See Their Mom Work


 Apparently, when Beyoncé and Jay-Z go on tour these days, it becomes an event for the whole Carter family. According to Etonline.com, the oldest of their three offspring has been spotted at one of their concerts.

In fact, not only was she there, but Blue Ivy also kind of stole the show for a little while. It seems that little Blue is actually pretty good at getting the crowd hyped up, and perhaps she might be an opening act at one of her parent’s shows at some point in the future since she obviously does not mind getting attention from the audience.

9 Beyoncé And Jay-Z Include The Kids In Their Music


 According to Abcnews.com, vocal talent seems to run through the Carter family. Jay-Z has an incredibly long and successful persona in music, and so does his wife, Beyoncé.

But the talent doesn’t stop there. Apparently, Blue Ivy is already putting her musical talents on display for the world to hear.

The young celebrity has actually been heard in some of the music her parents have been making. For instance, fans of the couple were delighted to hear Blue rapping on her father’s album 4:44. The little girl has her own track on the album, and it is called “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family.”

8 They Occasionally Let The Paparazzi Snap Photos Of The Kids


 Usually, parents are not huge fans of complete strangers taking photos of their children. But it must be hard to avoid things like that when these parents are a couple of celebrities who have millions of fans around the world.

Most of the time, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are pretty private when it comes to Blue, Rumi, and Sir. But there are times when the couple allows the paparazzi to snap some images of the children.

According to Revolt.tv, images of the twins are not frequently seen by the public. But since they are so popular, the two superstars kind of have to allow the paparazzi to take some photos of the kids on occasion. Avoiding that every time they leave their home would be very difficult for the Carter family.

7 Blue Has Been Taught How To Handle The Paparazzi


Going from being an average person to one of the world’s most famous people would be really strange. However, what is probably even more strange is being born into show business, and always having someone at your side, snapping photos of every move you make, which is basically the life that Blue Ivy Carter is living right now.

But on the other hand, growing up like that teaches you how to handle strangers watching your every move, apparently. Since her whole family is so famous, Blue already knows how to communicate with the paparazzi. According to Gossiponthis.com, Blue and her dad were leaving an award ceremony a couple of years ago when Blue waved her finger at them and said not to take any pictures.

6 The Couple Allows Their Kids To Travel On Private Planes


 For some people, traveling on an airplane, in general, is a pretty big deal. However, some celebrities usually take travel methods to the next level, and that is the case for the Carter family.

Each of them, including the children, get to travel around the world on private airplanes. What is even more fascinating is the fact that they even own Bombardier Challenger 850 themselves. The plane has enough space for approximately 15-19 passengers, according to Therichest.com.

This thing is the perfect size for their family. Plus, it allows them to take their nannies with them as well since traveling with multiple kids is hard work sometimes.

5 One Of Them Gets To Go To Award Shows


Sometimes children might get to dress up and go to some pretty fancy events, but that is not usually something that happens frequently. But it seems that everything is different when your parents are two of the biggest names in the music industry these days.

According to Billboard.com, little Blue Ivy Carter has been allowed to attend numerous award shows with her famous family. Also, the little fashionista usually steals the show with some of her hilarious facial expressions.

It can be hard to get little ones to behave sometimes. However, Blue appears to be very good at remaining calm during this type of thing.

4 They're Teaching Their Kids About Business


Usually, kids are not already thinking about business matters when they are still little. But apparently, Blue Ivy Carter already has quite the future ahead of her when it comes to her professional life.

According to TMZ.com, the reason why Beyoncé and Jay-Z decided to trademark her name is so that she can sell products if he wanted to. The Carter family has a lot of future products in mind for little Blue to sell at some point, including video games and perfume.

But they aren’t going to stop there. They also plan to sell hair care items, electronic devices, and some clothing products.

3 Beyoncé Announced Her Pregnancy With Blue Ivy During A Performance


Announcing a pregnancy can be pretty fun. Some people have found some very creative ways to do it.

Even celebrities like to find fun and surprising ways to deliver the big news. For example, Beyoncé made everyone’s jaw hit the floor, figuratively speaking, years ago when she announced that she was pregnant with Blue Ivy.

She is one of the most famous singers in the world of music these days, so it is not really surprising that she chose to use the stage in her pregnancy announcement. According to Usmagazine.com, the performer opened her sequined jacket after singing so that she could show the world her baby bump.

2 Rumi And Sir’s Big Sister Was In The Delivery Room When They Were Born


According to Hollywoodlife.com, little Blue Ivy did not mind giving up her position as the only child of two of the biggest superstars in the world. In fact, she really enjoys being a big sister to her younger siblings, Rumi and Sir Carter.

Apparently, the little one has stepped up to help her parents raise the twins frequently. Also, while many parents wouldn’t typically have their children in the delivery room while they are having another baby, Blue was right there with her parents, witnessing the moment the twins were born. Blue appears to be a great big sister to the younger members of the Carter family.

1 Jay-Z And Beyoncé Gave Their Kids Some Unique Names


Celebrities are pretty awesome (for the most part). But let’s be honest, a lot of them have given their kids some very unique names that have definitely surprised people. But the good thing about this is that their names will not be easily forgotten.

Additionally, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are not any different. They gave each of their children names that are not exactly common. For example, the couple named their first child Blue Ivy Carter. Then, according to TMZ.com, they had two more children and named them Rumi and Sir. Apparently, the parents named Rumi after a poet, and Sir was a name that was mentioned in one of his poems.

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