20 Ways Kourtney Kardashian Raises Her Family (That Her Sisters Never Would)

As everyone knows, Kourtney and former partner Scott have called it quits. Kourtney Kardashian, however, just played a game of "Who'd You Rather?" while appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. When shown pics of some famous guys, she kept repeatedly choosing John Mayer as a potential crush. John's only real competition during the game was Leonardo DiCaprio. Kourtney has met John Mayer in the past and knows what can could happen since she's currently flying solo. Maybe some sparks will fly with Mayer in the future. Kourtney has said that she wants to be in love, according to Msn.com.

No matter what happens in Kourtney's love life, she always has her kids. As shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians (season 16), Kourtney jetted off to Bali with her three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, along with sisters Kim and Khloé (and their kids). Kourtney's ex, Scott, was also invited on this Kardashian family trip came along for the ride since he and Kourtney are successfully co-parenting.

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While Kourtney is raising her three kids with the help of her family and Scott, she does have a different parenting style than her sisters. She has her own way of doing things that may be defined as "organic." And while her clean and strict lifestyle may be different from her sisters, she definitely stands out to fans who are living a similar lifestyle. Anyone who is curious about how Kourtney raises her family will be surprised to see just how different she really is.

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20 She Believes In Attachment Parenting


Do you believe that babies should be picked up and held whenever they cry and that babies and children co-sleeping with mom is a good idea? If so, you naturally gravitate towards attachment parenting, just like Kourtney Kardashian does, according to Usmagazine.com. She is all about closeness with her kids.

On KUWTK, her kids seem happy and well-behaved, so her parenting style seems to be paying off. Her hands-on parenting style is something that other members of her family describe as a bit crazy, so she's on her own with the attachment parenting thing. Her sisters are choosing other parenting styles instead.

19 She Won't Use Microwaves To Prepare Family Meals


Kourtney is one of those moms who thinks that microwaves are harmful. She won't nuke food for her kids or herself in microwaves. She heats things up the old-fashioned way, on the stove, toaster oven, or in the oven. According to iHeart.com, Kourtney went so far as to throw away her own microwave.

People like Kourtney, who are anti-microwave, believe that microwaves rob food of nutrients. However, the experts at Health.harvard.edu believe that microwaves get a bad rap and actually keep most nutrients present in food, thanks to their quick cooking processes. How do you feel about microwaves?

18 She Feeds Her Kids Honey To Keep Them Healthy


Kourtney believes in the health properties of honey and she feeds pure honey to her children regularly. She also eats honey to feel her best. When Kourtney isn't feeding honey to her three children or eating it herself, she uses it as a beauty treatment. Her fave is Makuna Honey, according to Makunahoneyusa.com.

Kourtney slathers the stuff on her skin to make it more radiant. Honey facials and body treatments can be a little bit hard to rinse off, but they do soften and tone skin. There are skin products with honey added that don't leave a sticky feel or need to be rinsed off.

17 Her Kids Can't Have Fizzy Drinks


Kourtney isn't fond of fizzy drinks for children and her decision to avoid giving her kids these kinds of drinks may be a smart choice. The Dailymail.co.uk website reports that fizzy drinks interrupt the sleep patterns of children. Kids need deep and healing rest, and drinks like soda make it harder for them to sleep peacefully all night long.

Many of these drinks contain 40 grams of sugar or more, which is one reason why they negatively impact sleep patterns. Some fizzy drinks also contain caffeine, which is a stimulant. Most people know that soda isn't a healthy choice for kids. McDonald's stopped offering pop with Happy Meals in 2013.

16 She's Put Co-parenting Drama Behind Her


Kourtney and Scott had their ups and downs when they a couple, in large part because he had trouble settling down. He liked to party and he liked the ladies. He did cause Kourtney a lot of pain. She seemed to love Scott so much.

On the flip side, Kourtney can seem so serious at times. She seems a bit controlling and harsh. Sometimes, relationships just don't work, for whatever reasons. Kourtney and Scott have managed to put a lot of their emotional baggage behind them. They are co-parenting very well these days. Now, Khloé will need to learn how to co-parent with Tristan Thompson, while Kylie is still with her baby daddy.

15 She Won't Use Plastic Dishes In Her Home Kitchen


Kourtney tries to keep her household as healthy an environment as possible and she believes that plastic dishes are unhealthy. She prefers to use stainless steel and glass dishes. Her home is very organized and she's showcased her fondness for glass containers in the past.

While BPA-free plastics are now easier to find than ever before, a lot of people prefer to steer clear of plastic, just like Kourtney does. Khloé has been photographed carrying plastic water bottles, although she also has reusable water bottles. One-use plastics are very bad for the environment, so Kourtney is on the right track, according to The Daily Mail.

14 She Banned A Certain Word


In Kourtney's household, the word "f-a-t" is banned. Kourtney doesn't want to hear it and she doesn't say it. She doesn't want her kids thinking about body sizes and judging body shapes. She also doesn't want them to feel judged. She wants to model positive thinking, so she keeps that word out of everyone's vocabulary.

According to Yahoo.com, Kourtney disallowed the "F" words mostly for the sake of her daughter, Penelope. She doesn't want her daughter to grow up feeling that her body shape isn't good enough. She may be onto something because many females as young as 10 years old are already worried about not being fit enough.

13 She Made Baby Food From Scratch


Kourtney is into healthy eating for the most part. She will occasionally indulge in things that aren't so good for her, and give her kids the same treats, but she sticks to clean eating most of the time. She is so committed to offering healthy food to her kids that she made baby food from scratch, according to Stylecaster.com.

Kris Jenner gave Kourtney a baby food maker that Kourtney absolutely loved. The baby food maker made it simple to puree and steam veggies and fruit. Kourtney knew every ingredient that went into her homemade baby food. Her sisters aren't as intense about making everything from scratch.

12 She Doesn't Over-pack For Family Outings


Kourtney doesn't think it's necessary to bring a lot of stuff along when she goes on outings with her kids. She thinks that people (her sisters, perhaps?) overdo it when it comes to bringing stuff for the kids along. She prefers to travel light.

She can afford to pick up anything that she needs along the way if she has to. It's not like it's going to break her budget to stop and grab some child care essentials while she's out and about.

Thanks to being a member of the US's most famous reality TV family, Kourtney has racked up an estimated net worth of $35 million dollars, according to Celebritynetworth.com.

11 Her Kids Can't Use Electronic Gadgets At Mealtimes


When Kourtney's kids were younger, she did let them use iPads at restaurants sometimes, probably because iPads kept the kids quiet and occupied, but she has phased that out. She thinks that rules about electronic gadgets need to be revised as children grow. Fair enough.

Kourtney apparently has a bit of trouble controlling her own Smartphone usage, though. During a recent episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, her adorable son, Mason suggests that her love of a certain photo-sharing social media network takes up too much of her time. Mason will soon start doing "confessionals" on the show, according to Lifeandstylemag.com.

10 She Doesn't Put Red Lipstick On Daughter Penelope


Kim Kardashian was criticized for putting bright red lipstick on her daughter, North West, whom she often refers to as "Nori." A lot of people feel that North West is much too young for makeup unless makeup is part of a Halloween costume or something like that.

Kourtney's daughter, Penelope, has never been photographed in red lipstick – she is always fresh-faced, per People. North West chose the red lip look for a party, probably because Kim Kardashian doesn't seem to mind much when people tear her down for letting her daughter wear makeup. Khloé's baby daughter, True, is already playing with makeup. Stormi will be wearing is soon enough because of Kylie Cosmetics.

9 She Has Dressed Her Kids In Hand-Me-Downs


Kourtney's kids have great clothes and some of these great clothes are passed down. They are hand-me-downs. For example, Reign might wear clothes that Mason wore when he was little. Well-made kid's clothes hold up over the years, as long as they are cared for. Kourtney hangs onto the clothes and then hands them down.

Is Kourtney planning to have more kids and dress them in hand-me-downs? The answer is maybe. According to Hollywoodlife.com, Kourtney just turned 40 and she's happy with her life, but would like to have more children. She got proactive by freezing her own eggs, just in case she needs them.

8 She's Relaxed About Her Kids' Bedtimes


Some parents are pretty strict about their kid's bedtimes, but Kourtney is more relaxed. She doesn't stress about bedtimes. If the kids want to stay up a little later, she doesn't usually have a problem with it.

Her whole attachment parenting thing is about giving kids love and attention as much as possible. This includes the nighttime hours.

Kim Kardashian West is not really into attachment parenting. She prefers a lot more structure when it comes to rules and schedules for her kids. Khloé prefers Kim's parenting style to Kourtney's. Khloé chose Kim as True's guardian, according to Justjared.com.

7 She's Restricted Her Kids From Eating Dairy And Gluten


In the past, Kourtney stopped her children from consuming dairy products and foods that contained gluten. Recently, she admitted that she's changed a little bit. She lets herself and her kids have some gluten sometimes. Same with dairy, according to People.com.

While most people who follow dairy-free, gluten-free meal plans look great, it's really tough to stay on those ultra-clean meal plans over the long term. It requires a lot of discipline. So, it's not really surprising that Kourtney has relaxed the rules. Kourtney personally stayed away from dairy and gluten for two years before allowing herself these forbidden foods.

6 She Doesn't Follow A Set Daily Schedule


Kourtney doesn't have a 9 to 5 grind to deal with every day, like a lot of moms do. She does have to be filmed a lot, but she also has time away from the cameras. Overall, she's got a pretty enviable lifestyle, although she hasn't found her ideal match yet.

Basically, Kourtney has the power to enjoy a flexible schedule. She goes with the flow on most days. She can be spontaneous when it comes to how she spends her own time and how she spends time with the kids. Sister Kim is much busier, especially now that she's studying law for 18 hours a week, according to Yahoo.com.

5 She Tries Not To Work Too Much


Kim Kardashian can occasionally be brutally frank. She does not hold back once her temper is triggered. Kourtney is sometimes the target. When scheduling problems for a family photo shoot cropped up, Kim called Kourtney out for her weak work ethic. She said Kourtney doesn't have a passion for business. Kim didn't want to adjust her schedule to suit Kourtney's. The whole photoshoot scheduling issue turned into a big fight between the sisters.

According to People.com, problems between Kim and Kourtney started reaching a critical mass during the 14th season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Kourtney prefers to focus on her kids, rather than being all about business. That's her choice.

4 Mason Is Being Home-schooled


Kourtney decided to home-school Mason. He's her eldest child. When he reached school age, Kourtney realized that his attendance at a typical school would interfere with his appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to Bossip.com. I guess showbiz comes first!

Will Mason be missing out on a lot because he's learning at home, rather than in a classroom at a public or private school? It's hard to say. We all have our own opinions about home-schooling. The fact that Kourtney made this decision because she wanted Mason on camera for KUWTK is surprising, to say the least.

3 She Keeps A Close Eye On Scott's Love Interests


Sofia is dating Scott Disick. She has been dating Kourtney's ex for a few years now. This relationship has lasted much longer than most people expected it to. It must be strange to date Scott Disick. Even though he and Kourtney aren't together anymore, according to People.com, Scott and Kourtney are always linked, because of their three kids. Plus, they appear on TV together and go on holidays together.

Sofia must be very mature not to get thrown off by this stuff. She is apparently able to handle it. She has holidayed with Scott and Kourtney. For sure, Kourtney keeps a close eye on Sofia.

2 She Prefers To Give The Kids Organic Foods


Kourtney has created recipes, such as The Detox Salad, which are designed to help people reset their bodies and feel better fast. She also prefers to feed her children organic foods. There will be times when she lets things slide, and everyone has treats, such as potato chips, but she strongly believes in eating clean most of the time.

Kim and Khloé are known to enjoy fast food. Kanye enjoys it, too. While Kim, Khloé, and Kanye surely don't give their kids junk food regularly, they like it and aren't judgmental about it. Kourtney is strict about food, according to People.

1 She Brings Her Ex On Family Holidays


Did you see the season 16 episodes, where Scott and Kourtney were both in Bali? Bali is gorgeous and seems so peaceful — it's a total paradise. Kourtney was at first reluctant to invite Scott but caved in. He wanted to come. He spent a lot of his holiday in Bali playing with the kids outside. They hunted for treasure.

Kourtney got spiritual in Bali, along with her sisters. Kim doesn't have to deal with having an ex she shares a child with. At the time that the Bali episodes were filmed, Khloé was still with her baby daddy, Tristan.

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