20 Ways Mom Can Make The Unborn Baby Happy

It’s no secret the bond between a mother and her child starts from the moment the mommy is told there’s a bun in the oven. But who knew their bond could grow even deeper with the mom actually making her unborn child happy? Yes, a baby has emotions and feelings even while inside the womb. In fact, that’s where most of their personality comes into play. While there are jokes that a child is doing acrobats and performing even the most complex forms of gymnastics with their twists and turns, that could just serve as proof that the child is a developing soccer player.

The same holds true when it comes to a child expressing emotions in the womb. Mom might not be able to see it just yet, but a child is able to be happy. And fortunately, there are really easy ways to make this happen. It doesn’t have to be something complex as moms look out for the signs that their child is pleased in their temporary home and cocoon of a womb. Rather, it could be things as simple as rubbing the belly, telling a story, or even walking. Check out a few simple ways a mom can make her unborn child happy.

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20 Laugh

It turns out a child gets the giggles just like their mom, even while in the womb. So apparently, laughter does both mom and baby good. Research says that laughter helps the blood pressure be less tense, and even lowers any possible dangers of negative heart conditions. Interestingly enough, babies in the womb get joy and laughter just from their mother laughing. “When we’re watching the fetus on ultrasound and the mom starts to laugh, we can see the baby bounce up and down, as though on a trampoline,” a physician said according to Made For Mums. “When moms see this on-screen, they laugh harder and the fetus goes up and down even faster!” Looks like laughter really is the best medicine.

19 Rub The Belly

Rubbing the belly is not only one of the best ways a mother can interact with her unborn child, it’s also on the top of the list of how make a her baby happy. Setting aside even the smallest amount of moments to just rub the belly and bond with a child can help a baby get very happy. It might even be best to do this the same time of day so the baby can recognize the bond when he or she is welcomed into the world. For those moms who really want to step up their rub game, vitamin E oil is can help get moms into massage mode, creating an environment that’s both healthy and happy (plus it does wonders for stretch marks).

18 Listen To Classical Music

It’s been said that a baby listening to classical music will make it smarter. But did you know it can also make an unborn child even happier. It’s soothing for them while they continue to develop the ins and outs of their body. This can take effect as early as being five months pregnant. “Most babies in the womb react very well to the slow movements of baroque-type music, such as Mozart or Vivaldi,” Dr. Thomas Verny said according to Made For Mums. Apparently, since the rhythms and vibrations can be complimentary compared to mom’s heartbeats, it helps put the fetus in a good mood.

17 Tell A Story

Story time can begin long before the child reaches bedtime in their toddler years. In fact, it can start right when they’re in the womb. Word is, this is just one of the many ways to make an unborn child happy. Even in the womb, studies have proven that a child can recall stories if they hear them repeatedly. Think about how much this can help the child’s happiness, development and growth if these stories continue in their infant stage through their toddler years. How cool is that? Plus, it probably wouldn’t hurt their development process and could be a genius in the making.

16 Banana Smoothie For The Win

Who knew a banana smoothie could be so powerful?! Well, it can do wonders for both a mom and the child she’s carrying via a growing baby bump. Bananas are said to be amazing energy boosters with low calories. It also helps that they are packed with potassium, which has been dubbed a calming mineral. Plus, when it is blended with other ingredients like yogurt, milk, and omg brown sugar, it can make both mom and the unborn baby do a happy dance together. Another bonus is the banana and dairy can help with the baby’s development. *insert another happy dance here.*

15 Kick Up Your Feet

Sitting back and relaxing doesn’t just do mother good, it also helps boost the mood of the unborn baby. While mom should be relaxing as much as possible, kicking up her feet can not only help reduce stress but help treat those inevitable and unavoidable swollen ankles. Seeing a difference only calls for 10 to 20 minutes for a few times a day. “Deep, persistent patterns of feeling have an impact on the fetus,” Dr. Verny continued, according to Made For Mums. “If you take time out two or three times a day, you’ll really reduce stress for your baby.” Sounds like a happy baby in the making to us.

14 Meditation

Meditation does more than give a future mommy the chance to relax before her world is completely changed forever. Meditating 20 minutes a day actually grows the amount of DHEA, which is a hormone established to help boost moods. So meditating literally makes an unborn happy. There’s no easier way to put it. Whether it’s through yoga or simply taking a few minutes at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end of the day, meditating is a seemingly small act that can make a big difference in an unborn child’s happiness. After all, isn’t that what much of pregnancy is all about?

13 Have Dad Sing

There’s almost nothing better than having a future father help contribute to an unborn child’s happiness. While it’s clearly a little more difficult for them to build a bond together, it’s certainly not impossible. This can hold true especially in the last month of pregnancy, because by now, the unborn child should recognize their father’s voice almost as much as their mommy’s. After spending some time reading the unborn child their future favorite nighttime story, it might be a great idea for the dad to get in on the fun and sing a lullaby. This will also help calm the baby during what could be the most trying time of the pregnancy.

12 Talk To Them

They might not be able to talk back but talking to an unborn child definitely makes them a happy camper without question. It’s no secret that a baby can’t get enough of their mom and dad’s voices, so it only makes sense that hearing it will help boost their happy mood while they’re in the womb. Experts advice moms to not just talk to the unborn child in baby voice but speak to them as if they’re actually present. It might feel a little silly, but saying good morning and updating the baby on the latest happenings of the day can make them feel pretty happy.

11 Eat Chocolate

If there’s anytime to eat chocolate, during pregnancy might be the best time. It’s not only healthy for the baby, but it makes them happy (but seriously, who doesn’t love chocolate?). A recent study proved at least 300 women discovered that the children of women who eat a small bit of chocolate daily laugh and smile more than the babies of the mothers who didn’t indulge in the once guilty pleasure, according to Sappho’s Breathing. If there’s ever a need to make up an excuse to eat chocolate, look no further. And feel free to use the reason, “It’s for the baby,” whenever judgment is given.

10 Swim

Going for a swim while pregnant is more than just a relaxing way for mom to get in much needed movement and exercise. Doing water aerobics makes the baby feel more at home, and ultimately happier. It doesn’t just make sure the fetus is giving the best blood flow, but it also helps the baby take on activity of his or her own. The benefits of swimming while pregnant is seemingly endless, but one of the best bonuses and plus sides is that it helps improve the mood of an unborn child. And since it’s difficult to determine when they’re actually happy, we can all agree that swimming is a major win.

9 Buy A Plant

Flowers are a great way to make any room more aesthetically appealing and just smell amazingly delicious. But another great benefit of flowers and plants is that it helps give an alternative to candles, which could potentially have harmful chemicals for the unborn child and his or her mother. Interestingly enough, while it provides a great alternative, it’s also a way for the baby to get in on the fun, since it’s known that what mom smells impacts the fetus. It doesn’t hurt that flowers are absolutely gorgeous and can put the pregnant mom in a better mood, as well.

8 Stay Stress-Free

We completely understand that this so much easier said than done. After all, it’s hard enough to steer clear of stress when not pregnant, so it only makes sense that even the task of avoiding it all costs could cause for more stressful issues. Still, when keeping in mind that staying stress free helps the baby as much as it does the pregnant mommy, it might be easier to do so. Ultimately, babies respond to stress and can recognize when it exists. One way to monitor this is to note a research that determined the more anxiety a mom experienced, the more frequently a fetus would use their left hand to touch their face, according to Café Mom.

7 Discover Their Favorite Nursery Rhymes

As stated above, babies can often recognize and acknowledge similar tunes and catchphrases even while they are still developing in the womb. But did you also know that they react to different ones? So why not cash in on the one that’s clearly their favorite. According to Café Mom, one research instructed pregnant women to read their unborn baby a nursery rhyme twice a day during the third trimester. When doing so, the baby’s fetal heart rate tended to slow down when a mom speaks it, or even when a stranger does. They might not recognize the voice ultimately, but they certainly acknowledge the words.

6 Dance With Them

It’s never too early for a dance party with mom and her unborn son or daughter. Besides, when babies are turning acrobats, that’s a perfect chance for mom to get in on the fun (if she’s not trying to get back to sleep of course). Moving the body back and forth will not only comfort the baby but help him or her build a bond and connection to the mom’s rhythm. This could serve as a major benefit when mom sways the same way while coddling and cuddling with her baby when they are out of the womb and in her arms.

5 Playtime!

Yes, even unborn babies look forward to playtime with mom. And any woman who has mothered a teenager can completely understand it’s never too early to start before they’re ready to go off and play with their friends. Mom and an unborn child can have playtime together when she puts an object on her belly and wait for the baby to react with a tap or a kick. Continue moving it around and repeatedly watch the baby respond, and congratulations, your playdate is complete. This can also be accomplished by tapping the belly until a reaction is noticed. Still, it’s helpful to know playtime could come at any time, even in the middle of the night, if the fetus has their way.

4 Discover Their Favorite Foods

Yes, babies even have a food preference while in the womb. It turns out, when mom eats, the unborn child can taste the flavors through her amniotic fluid. From garlic and anise to ginger and sweets, this have already been acknowledged for impacting the amniotic fluid. Studies have said this could be the baby’s way to get ready for all of the amazing food they’ll enjoy once they arrive. Still, this goes even a step further than just tasting. Unborn babies can actually start to prefer certain flavors (the sweets of course) compared to more savory flavors. But hey, that’s just another excuse to enjoy a little bit more ice cream.

3 Take A Bath

Taking a bath can be one of the best activities for a pregnant woman to enjoy. And rumor has it the baby enjoys it just as much. Similar to swimming, taking a bath can immerse the baby bump in water, helping the fetus to feel more comfortable in their own habitat. Yet, unlike water aerobics this is a time both mom and baby can relax in warm water. Moms just have to be careful that the water isn’t too hot. Still they can certainly set a relaxing mood with soft music (i.e. classical) and even a photo of the baby nearby.

2 Stretch It Out

The stretches in yoga classes, particularly the ones focusing on antenatal, are a great way to balance the need to get physical and the desire to relax. It helps pregnant woman pinpoint the changes their body has made while admiring their own strength as they hone in on their child who is just about ready. According to Baby Centre, doing yoga poses in the second trimester, once a mom passes the 14-week mark, is the best when it comes to timeframes in the pregnancy. Moms have already been informed that yoga in the first trimester could serve as an issue with the child.

1 Take A Walk

Yes, even things as small as a simple walk can add joy to an unborn child’s day. This would also be the perfect time to chat it up with the baby and talk about plans you’ve made for him or her once they make their highly anticipated debut in the world. Taking a walk for anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes a day could serve as a simple task that makes a major difference for the unborn child. Plus, getting those steps in could help the pregnant mom guarantee she’s getting the necessary exercise to keep her body healthy during this amazing time of her life.

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