20 Ways Most Moms Don't Realize Their Newborn Is Saying ILY

A few weeks after coming home from the hospital, most new moms soon discover that their lives will be nothing but an endless series of diaper changes and sleepless nights, at least for a few weeks. During this period, babies will rarely show any facial expressions so, moms are often not in a position to read any emotions from their babies.

The baby might appear ungrateful to the extent that mom may start doubting her efforts and might begin to think that the baby is unhappy. Regardless, moms must keep pushing on, because the fragile little human beings are dependent on them for everything and they must do their best to take care of them.

As the baby gets older, he or she will begin to smile at mom and know how to communicate his or her emotions. They will gradually develop other facial expressions, develop gestures, and will move their limbs with greater coordination. Babies have their own language; they will begin to coo, babble, and make the cutest sounds. Using all these, the baby will be able to communicate his or her feelings, including showing mom that he or she loves her and appreciates every little thing she does for them.

Therefore, moms need to be on the lookout for these rare but precious moments that are bound to make a mom’s heart melt with joy. Here are 20 ways moms don't realize their babies are trying to tell them that they love them.

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20 When They Respond To Mom’s Voice

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Despite mom being affectionate towards her newborn baby, he or she is unable to say "I love you." However, sometimes moms do not realize babies have their own little ways of showing feelings towards them and communicating that they love her. A newborn will turn and follow her mom's voice as a way to say ILY.

According to thebump, babies are able to recognize their mom's voice as early as 20 weeks while they are in the uterus. It only makes sense that they do so because they recognize and love her voice so much. They feel calm and safe when they hear their mothers speak. Her voice also gives them comfort that she is somewhere near.

19 When They Relax In Her Arms

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When moms finish attending to their babies’ needs, instead of putting them back into their crib they can choose to stay with their baby and hold them. Babies like when mom does this and will seem to melt in their moms’ arms almost immediately. What moms don’t realize is that the baby is trying to say they enjoy being in her arms and they love her for the joy and comfort they bring them.

When babies relax in moms’ arms, there are confirming that they know mom is their comfort rock and they love her for simply being that. In most cases, babies end up falling asleep when mom is holding them. When mom finally tries to put them down, some babies wake up because they can feel the difference.

18 When They Direct Noises At Her

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As newborns grow, they begin to develop communication skills. At times when they know mom is in the same room as them, they may sometimes babble gibberish towards them, as if they are saying “Hey you!". Although the sounds may not be clear, the message they are trying to pass on is clear.

What moms don’t realize is that they are not solely doing this to get their attention but to show them that they love them also. They get amazed when moms respond to them. This is one way of developing their communication skills as claimed by todaysparents.

17 When They Reach Out For Mom

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When babies reach the three-month mark, they usually start showing their innate skills of reaching out for things. They will soon be able to lift their tiny hands up so that mom can carry them. What most moms don't realize is that by doing so, the newborn is trying to say they love her.

Babies ideally reaching out for things they want and love and because they love mom, they will reach out for her. According to whattoexpect, before they begin to reach out, they must process that there are objects and people around them and that they can stretch their arms to get to those things. When they realize they can reach out for mom, they will start reaching for her every time they want someone to hold them.

16 When They Choose Mom Over Everyone Else

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It does not matter whom babies end up spending time with; they are the happiest when they see their mothers and, of course, prefer them to anyone else. This sweet gesture shows they love mommy more than they love anyone else. The choice itself is proof that they love her.

Sometimes moms may notice that their babies will get fussy when left in the hands of another responsible caregiver, however, when she picks them up, they calm down. This tells mom that their babies prefer her to any other person. According to parents, this is because of the bond they have established.

15 When They Laugh With Her

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Newborns typically let out their first loud laugh when they are about three to four months and after weeks and weeks of waiting moms finally, get to witness it. Moms are likely to respond back with a big smile on their face or most likely laugh right back. Moms may not realize it but this is how newborns show their moms they love them.

Moms will fall in love with all the sounds that come with their babies’ laughter. According to whattoexpect, anything can trigger the first laugh, including their favorite toy, pet, or person. Moms will slowly discover the things that make them light up with laughter other than their love for them.

14 When They Try To Talk To Her

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Newborns take some time before they are able to master the art of communication. As they wait for their speech to develop, they develop their own special way of talking and this is by cooing and babbling. Newborns start communicating with this baby language between six to eight weeks after birth; this is according to healthline. When they coo, moms sometimes don’t realize that their newborn is trying to say that they love them.

Coos are soft, low noises that do not sound like words but moms are encouraged to engage their babies when they make these sounds and respond to them. Babies learn and develop their communication skills through this and many other ways. Cooing at mom is also a way of showing just how much they love her.

13 When They Adore Mom’s Face

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Newborns do not do much but they seem to look forward to feeding time. When moms pick their little ones to feed them, they sometimes catch their little ones staring at them. They may not realize it but this is just another way they say ILY.

According to babycenter, newborns have fuzzy vision at birth. They are able to see only about eight to 15 fifteen inches away, therefore when moms carry them, their face is probably the first thing they get an opportunity to stare at and study. With time, they will love to look at it because it becomes their favorite.

12 When They Run (Or Crawl) To Her For Safety

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Babycenter stated that newborns will sometimes bury their faces on their mom’s chest when they encounter unfamiliar people. They behave as though mom is their refuge because they are fond of her taking care of them. What moms don’t realize is that the baby is saying ILY.

When babies are born, they have to learn everything from their surrounding environment. Different sounds, colors, shapes, and people around them can easily overthrow them. They will cry out for mom when this happens because they love her and count on her for safety.

11 When They Are Trying To Imitate Her

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They say imitation is the best form of flattery, this is exactly what newborns do, and they imitate their mom’s facial expressions because she loves her. Sometimes moms make goofy faces in an attempt to make the baby smile but instead, they end up copying what she has just done.

For example, if mom sticks her tongue out, grins or frowns, the baby will try to repeat what she has just done. Moms may not realize this, but the baby might be trying to say they love her. According to parenting, babies imitate the activities and behavior of the people they love most.

10 When They Recognize Mom’s Smell

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Besides their sight, babies arrive into the world with most of their senses fairly well developed. Newborns can recognize their mothers smell within days after being born. According to parenting, a research study concluded that three-day-old babies were able to distinguish their mother’s milk from that of other mothers by smelling it.

By smelling and recognizing them, moms may not realize that their babies are saying ILY. Babies not only know their mothers smell but they love it, too. Mom's smell is one of the first things that help babies bond with their moms. Some babies refuse formula because they want their usual breastmilk.

9 When They Like Her Comforting Them

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Newborns cry a lot. They cry when they are; hungry, sleepy, tired, need a diaper change, or just want mom to hold them. At times, they can even cry for no apparent reason. When the little ones cry, moms are able to recognize the reason for their discomfort by reading their unique cues, according to verywellfamily. They are soon able to soothe them and attend to them.

As moms comfort their little ones, what they don’t realize is that he or she is saying thank you and I love you. This idea that the baby seeks the mother for comfort is proof of their love. Babies feel secure when they are with their mothers.

8 When They Cheer On Mom

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Even if newborns are not able to notice victorious moments, they always want their mothers to win. When moms show joy and happiness near their little one, they often join in and cheer them on as if they are sharing the joy. What moms don’t realize is that the newborn is trying to say he loves her.

As stated in parenting, their joy is similar to the one they experience when they see her after she has been away for a while. When babies cheer for mommy, one thing is for sure, this tiny and adorable human being loves mommy.

7 When They Get Excited Seeing Mom

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Moms start bonding with their newborns immediately after birth. The bond grows even stronger when moms start attending to their needs. In return, babies show mommy love by getting excited when they see her, which moms don’t realize at times. They can also giggle and kick in excitement when they see her.

Dr. Pete Stavinoha said this to thebump, “If your baby lights up when you enter the room, they have a serious love attachment to you.” Babies usually favor familiar faces in their life, so even though they appear to be calm when with a particular person, they will show special attention to their moms. That is how they show mom they love her.

6 When They Cry When She Is About To Leave

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As the bond between baby and mom deepens, babies can sometimes cry when moms leave them even if it is for a few seconds. Moms may not realize, but this is one of the ways babies show them that they love them. According to psychologytoday, separating a baby from his or her primary caregivers will affect his or her emotions especially when they are very young.

Some babies will only calm down when mom returns and picks them up. Despite such behavior, moms should not be afraid to leave their babies; it is part of their development. As they grow, they are able to understand that mom will always come back. They also have permission to miss her when she is away.

5 When They Smile At Her

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It takes time before babies can flash their first genuine smiles at mom. However, there are involuntary smiles that babies make for example when trying to fall asleep known as reflex smiles.

Babies are born with reflexes that control most of their muscle movements. The reflex smiles normally disappear by the time the baby is two months old and their first real one will appear at around three months, according to parents. Mom will be overjoyed every time their baby smiles at them although they may not realize that their newborn is trying to say ILY.

4 When They Enjoy Cuddling And Snuggling With Mom

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Moms enjoy cuddling their newborns. People might think that cuddling a baby all the time will make them spoilt. According to parents, in order for a baby to develop bad behavior, they should have enough cognitive memory and thoughts, which they don’t.

There is no such thing as holding a baby too much. On the contrary, cuddles and snuggles have many benefits to the little one. They offer comfort, safety, and most of all, a good time with mom. What moms don’t realize is that their newborns love them for creating this wonderful bonding time with them.

3 When They Attempt To Smooch Mom

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Moms never get tired of showering their newborns with kisses and smooches because they love them. What they don’t realize is that babies reciprocate with wet, sloppy, and sometimes forceful kisses on their face, neck, or shoulders to show they love them, too. This is one cute and affectionate way they show mom that they love her.

According to parenting, this shows that the little one actually pays attention to the way their mother shows them affection and learn a lot by just watching her. However, a newborn has no cognitive ability and sometimes the smooches may be involuntary but in any case, a mother’s heart will totally melt when they are on the receiving end.

2 When They Show Satisfaction

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Newborns show several cues when they are hungry. They will smack their lips, suck their hands, and cry to get mum to feed them. Babies are also born with rooting reflexes which means they automatically turn their faces towards a particular stimulus and make sucking movements with their mouth, this is according to medicinenet.

When they fuss, cry, and complain from hunger, they want mom to make them feel better through feeding them. When she does this, you can see the contentment on their faces and how they are full of love for her. They appear assured that they can always count on her to take care of all their needs.

1 When They Want To Play With Mom

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Babies sometimes show their moms that they love them by gesturing mom to play with them. When babies want to play, they will vigorously move their arms and legs up in the air. If they do this when they are not sleepy, hungry, or have a wet diaper, then they want to play.

Playing with a newborn is important; it is how they develop their motor skills as well as brain functions, according to raisingchildren. Moms can engage them by blowing raspberries, tickling them, playing peek-a-boo, making funny faces, or rolling their eyes and tongue. They will smile or laugh at mom as a way of saying they love her.

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