20 Ways Motherhood Already Changes Completely By The Third Month

There’s no doubt about it—for many women, the first few months of motherhood are full of some of the biggest challenges they have ever faced.

When the baby can’t stop waking up and crying during the night, when the budget is suddenly stretched by the addition of a new human being to the family, when there’s a constant worry about whether she’s doing everything right for her child—well, let’s just say that it becomes extremely overwhelming. It’s no wonder that so many women just can’t wait for those first couple months to be over—not because they don’t love their babies, but because they can only handle the extreme stress combined with the lack of sleep for so long before they feel like they’ve reached their limits.

But here’s the good news—it does get easier. Much, much easier. The baby will start sleeping through the night, there will be time to clean the house and cook real meals, and there will be days when everything really feels like it’s finally going smoothly and falling into place. The baby days don’t all have to be stressful! Here are 20 ways motherhood already changes completely by the third month home.

20 You've Finally Got A Sleep Schedule Down


This is definitely one of the biggest changes that occurs as women make it through those first three months of motherhood—according to Mumsnet, this is typically the time when babies finally start to sleep through the night. And that makes all the difference in the world!

When a mother can finally get a full seven or eight hours of sleep in a row, she will wake up feeling like a whole new woman.

The benefits of long hours of uninterrupted sleep really can’t be overstated—just ask any new parent how much they miss it, and they will tell you!

19 You Realize Just How Fast Your Baby Is Growing


It’s amazing how quickly babies develop in those first few months of life—according to Baby Center, many first time parents simply can’t believe how fast their babies really grow! Just think of all the onesies they grow out of over the course of just a couple months. In fact, people grow faster in their baby years than any other time in their lives.

After just a couple months at home with their babies, mothers will start to see just how fast they grow, and they will start to miss those first few weeks of babyhood and how tiny they were!

18 You Can Get Out Of The House More Often


During those first couple months of a baby’s life, it can be challenging to get out of the house and get a break—even if the baby is being good, parents are often so tired that all they want to do when the baby is calm is relax at home! According to The Bump, getting out of the house to do some fun things gets much easier around the third month.

It’s certainly not impossible beforehand, but there’s no doubt that it is harder the younger the baby is. After month three, it will simply become more manageable for mom and baby.

17 You Accept That Nothing About Parenthood Will Go Exactly As Planned


According to Parenting.com, many women agree that one of the hardest things about being a new parent is trying to accept that they can’t be perfect—and while we all know that perfection is an impossible standard, there is so much pressure on new moms to do things a certain way, and that kind of pressure is just not easy to deal with.

But after a couple months, it becomes easier to understand that you’re going to make little mistakes, and that is totally okay—after all, every single parent makes mistakes, and you probably turned out just fine!

16 You Want To Spend More Time With Your Other "Mom" Friends

We Heart It

There’s no doubt that motherhood can feel lonely at times, especially during those first couple months when every ounce of your energy is totally focused on the baby.

And unless your close friends all live nearby, you might not be able to spend time with them and blow off a little steam.

According to Mumsnet, spending more time with your other friends who have kids after that three month mark becomes so important—you have a little more flexibility to relax and spend time with your loved ones, and they will all want to hear how you’ve been holding up.

15 You Think About How Much You'll Miss These Baby Days


When a mother is in the midst of those first couple months of sleepless nights and endless worrying about her baby, it can seem hard to imagine that she could ever miss those days! But according to The Bump, after about three months, she will start to appreciate those little things that she never thought she would miss.

There are few things more precious in the world than those first few moments after your baby finally falls asleep! Yes, those early days of parenthood are a struggle, but there is plenty to miss in the midst of all the challenges.

14 You Might Start Thinking About Going Back To Work


There are many mothers out there who have the option of staying home for a year or even more after their baby is born—but there are others who either don’t quite have that same flexibility or simply miss their jobs!

According to Mom Junction, many women who are considering going back to work within a shorter time frame generally start to think seriously about it around the three month mark.

They may already have childcare options planned out, or they might be depending on their loved ones to step in to help them out once they’re back in the office.

13 Your Figure Is Starting To Change


Look, its silly that so many women feel so much pressure to “get their body back” right after having a baby—we should all be able to agree that this is just an unrealistic expectation.

Moms have too much on their minds to worry about weight loss! But here’s the good news—according to Empowering Parents, women will naturally lose most of the baby lbs as long as they eat a relatively healthily after having the baby. However, this can definitely be tough with all the challenges of parenting, so this is where dads can step in to cook!

12 You Aren't Calling Your Own Mom With Questions Every Day


When a woman first becomes a mother, it’s only natural that she will have a million questions for her own mom—and, of course, she’ll occasionally call her just to say “The baby won’t stop crying! Help!” A woman should always feel like she can ask her own mom all of her burning questions about motherhood. But according to What to Expect, women often start to feel a little more confident in their own instincts after about three months of parenting. They learn that they really can simply trust in their own decisions and know what’s best for their child.

11 You Don't Stress About Every Little Mishap


When a woman first becomes a mom, she might feel like no matter what she does, someone else is telling her to do it the opposite way. Or no matter how hard she tries, she is always falling short of someone else’s standards for parenthood. According to Today’s Parent, it gets a bit easier to move past the pressure to be a “perfect” parent after about three months, and mothers won’t get as stressed over every little mistake they happen to make. Look, kids are actually pretty hardy and adaptable—they don’t need a perfect parent, just a loving family.

10 Your House Is Looking A Lot Cleaner


Everyone knows that one of the biggest challenges of being a new parent (aside from learning how to take care of a little human being) is actually keeping the house clean! It’s no secret that mothers often feel a little embarrassed or guilty about the state of their homes after giving birth—but according to Mom Junction, finding the time to clean on a regular basis often gets much easier after three months. And as for the moms out there, don’t be shy about putting dad to work in this area—after all, his body is not recovering from childbirth!

9 You've Settled Into A Routine With Your Baby


One of the things that is most difficult about being a new parent is the way that your previous routine has to be totally overhauled. Having a solid routine is totally essentially to being a happy, healthy parent, but this can be nearly impossible to pin down at first! However, according to Today’s Parent, most women find it much easier to settle into the right routine after about three months of motherhood. And having a good routine to follow that makes both mom and baby happy can change everything! This is one of the keys to mastering the art of parenthood.

8 Sometimes You Daydream About Baby #2

We Heart It

When you’re just getting used to motherhood, and you feel like just having one child has already turned your whole life upside down in a matter of weeks, the thought of having another child sounds crazy, and you catch yourself wondering how parents with big families manage to do it all! But according to Hand in Hand Parenting, those thoughts about baby number two often start creeping in around the three month mark. Suddenly, all of the struggles of parenthood start to seem so worth it, and you know that you could totally take it on again for another baby.

7 You Worry Less About Other Parents' Opinions

Let’s face it—every single parent out there has a few opinions on how another parent should or shouldn’t raise their kids. In fact, according to Women’s Health, many women say that one of the toughest parts of becoming a mom is learning to just trust themselves and understand that it’s totally impossible to follow all the contradictory parenting advice out there! At the end of the day, mothers typically know what is best for their kids—and if you don’t, the best person to ask for advice is the husband, your own parents, or your pediatrician or your midwife.

6 You've Got That "I Can Handle This" Attitude


One of the best parts of hitting that three month mark in motherhood? Your confidence levels will start to soar—seriously, it’s like flipping a switch. According to What to Expect, many women make it through those first three months, start catching up on their sleep, doing some fun things again, and really getting understand their kids’ personality—and they start to feel like superwoman! Look, if you can raise a baby, it starts to feel like you can pretty much do anything. Motherhood is no walk in the park, but if you can handle it, what can’t you handle?

5 You Can Actually Tell Why The Baby Is Crying


When a baby cries, they’re trying to communicate something with you—but every new parent always feels like they’re wondering what, exactly, their baby is trying to say! It can definitely be tough to figure out at first, but after about three months of motherhood, a woman may begin to understand the slight differences that can reveal the reason why her baby is actually crying. According to Baby Center, a crying baby will sound different if they are crying because they are sick, hungry, or tired, and mothers can actually tune into those little cues to understand what their babies need.

4 You Worry About The Baby Teething


According to Healthy Children, teething for most babies generally doesn’t start until they are about six months old—but for some babies, it can actually happen earlier. Any mom who is home with her baby at the three month mark will probably start to get ready for the teething to begin. Want to be prepared when it starts? Get some teething toys ready in advance so that when those teeth do start coming in, you know exactly what to do to soothe your baby. Teething can be a tough time, so it certainly pays to be totally prepared in advance.

3 Your Baby's Development Will Amaze You


When a baby is first born, generally all the news parents can think about is keeping the baby physically healthy: feeding, sleeping, changing diapers, and all of those important things. But according to Empowering Parents, once you reach that three month mark, you suddenly feel like you can step back and really feel amazed about your baby’s development. After all, at one point they weighed just a few pounds and could barely do anything—and now, they’re starting to visibly grow and change and develop a personality. It’s truly fascinating to watch a baby grow and develop over the weeks.

2 You Start To Baby-Proof The House Again For Crawling


Before the baby comes along, every parent-to-be knows that they have to “babyproof” the house! But there are a few different stages of babyproofing, depending on how much your baby has developed. According to Mom Junction, you’ll want to take some extra steps to keep things safe before the baby starts to crawl. Now, this probably won’t happen for quite a while, but it’s only natural for mothers to get excited and start preparing a little bit early! And of course, it never hurts to be too prepared, right? You can never be too prepared when it comes to kids!

1 You Just Want To Savor Every Moment


Here’s the thing about the baby years—they honestly do fly by. Yes, even though they are challenging, exhausting, and difficult in many ways. But according to Mumsnet, many women say that they do miss them when they’re over, and as the baby grows and grows, mothers feel a desire to just savor every little moment. It’s only natural—after all, watching your child grow up is an experience that you cannot just go back and repeat. It’s a precious time that parents do cherish, even if they are grateful to finally get some sleep when it’s all said and done.

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