20 Ways Pregnancy Is Different For A-Listers

A-list women have fame, fortune, and enviable lifestyles but this doesn't mean that their lives are perfect. Lots of rich and famous people are unhappy sometimes; people adjust to having a lot of money. Being able to buy whatever they want does provide them with a lot of security and status, but it doesn't shield them from ups and downs in their careers and relationships.

The women featured on this list are successful celebs who are able to purchase the very best. This means that their pregnancy experiences are very different from those of non-rich, non-famous women. They still have deal with pregnancy symptoms, though; Kim Kardashian found pregnancy very tough and so did many other famous women.

Women who aren't rich and famous, but are expecting babies, may wish that they could be very wealthy, so they could rest up instead of working (and buy the priciest pregnancy and baby items). The good news is that it's possible to have a happy and a healthy pregnancy without all of the pamperings that pregnant celebs get. Careful nutrition, as much sleep as possible, proper hydration and regular, mild exercise are the keys to feeling good during pregnancy...and growing a healthy baby.

Now, it's time to look at A-listers and how their pregnancies are different than those of non-A-listers.

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20 They Wear Very Expensive Maternity Clothes


When Keira Knightley was expecting her baby daughter, Edie, she appeared on the red carpet in some stunning high fashion gowns. Natalie Portman is another rich celeb who's dazzled in the most expensive and chic maternity wear.

High fashion brands love dressing celebs because celebs generate so much free publicity, which translates to higher sales. Usually, female celebs will borrow gowns or be given gowns as gifts. In other words, they don't necessarily pay for what they wear.

Keira loved wearing Chanel, Valentino Couture and Erdem while she was pregnant, according to Vogue.com. These brands may be a little too rich for your blood.

19 They Have Access To Amazing Food


When you're pregnant and as rich as Kim Kardashian, you can hire a talented chef to cook for you and also go out and eat at the world's premier restaurants. You know how we always see celebs shopping at Whole Foods and farmer's markets? They do so because they can afford to buy organic, farm-fresh food whenever they want to. They fuel their bodies with the purest food that they can find, as well as occasional indulgences, such as very good ice cream.

Kim Kardashian has been pictured enjoying ice cream cones while expecting. Wealth makes it so simple to enjoy the best food, as well as delicious gourmet treats that satisfy pregnancy cravings.

18 They Can Take Time Off From Work


Most pregnant celebs take time off from work while they're expecting babies because they feel like they need a break from the daily grind.

While celebs do have work contracts sometimes, people bend over backward to give them what they want. So, it's usually possible for them to change their work schedules around unless they feel like working.

Carrie Underwood's official Instagram shows that she's currently spending some quality time relaxing and cuddling with her young son, as she awaits the birth of her second child. Carrie is a busy woman who is chilling out sometimes because she's focusing on growing a healthy baby. Carrie is worth 85 million bucks, according to YouTube.com.

17 They Use Costly Beauty Products


Lots of pregnant women do skin care rituals designed to prevent stretch marks...and celebs do just the same.

Celebs rely on their images to stay successful. This means that they want to stay as smooth as possible for as long as possible. Pregnant celebs will shell out cash for the best beauty products during pregnancy.

Since they're rich, celebs who are expecting babies don't need to worry about the bills for their beauty treatments. Kim Kardashian loved beauty products with natural rose scents. Jenna Dewan got laser treatments for the pregnancy skin condition, melasma, after her daughter, Everly, was born. Some beauty treatments need to wait until after childbirth.

16 Personal Trainers Help Them To Stay Fit

Blake Lively lost the baby weight and gained lean muscle after childbirth, with the help of a talented and respected personal trainer. To ensure that they stay fit during pregnancy (which makes it easier to get back in shape afterward!) Most pregnant celebs enjoy pregnancy-safe workouts with personal trainers.

Serena Williams is always surrounded by an entourage who help her to stay at peak fitness and she continued exercising for as long as she could while she was expecting, according to People.com. Serena had a very tough delivery. She eventually recovered, in part because she is so strong (physically and mentally).

15 They Often Hire Nutritionists

A celeb nutritionist who's worked with celeb moms, Kelly Ripa and Shakira, encourages her celeb clients to graze during pregnancy, rather than getting most of their daily calories at one meal (according to Fitpregnancy.com). She says grazing helps to prevent blood sugar problems that make pregnant women feel unwell. Kaiser also reports that changing it up with regard to daily diet is the key to getting a range of vital nutrients.

Good nutritionists do bring extensive skill to their duties. Unfortunately, their services may be pricey. Naturally, celeb clients can afford to get this type of nutritional advice while they are pregnant.

14 A-Listers Get Better Health Care


VIP patients with loads of money do get better health care services. It's not fair, but it's true. When a famous woman comes into a hospital for health care, whether she's pregnant or not, she is going to get a lot of attention. Plus, there are tiers to most health care systems. This means that rich people can buy health care services that poorer people just can't afford.

A Nytimes.com story from 2015 showed how hospitals pamper the rich. Rich patients, such as pregnant female celebs, are able to afford private rooms with a hotel vibe, which include fancy bathrobes, gourmet food, and other perks.

13 A-List Celebs Go All Out Getting Nurseries Ready


Some celebs, like the Kardashians, tend to be a little bit ostentatious when it comes to spending money. They like to show off. They don't spend their money quietly. Instead, they spend it lavishly and then show everyone what they bought, via their reality TV shows or their social media accounts.

While every pregnant celeb isn't into conspicuous consumption, it's safe to say that some of them do like to stand out by spending a fortune on over-the-top nurseries. Kourtney Kardashian created a gorgeous nursery while she was expecting daughter, Penelope, and then showed it off to fans. Most pregnant celebs can buy absolutely anything for their babies' nurseries.

12 They Can Vent About Pregnancy To Their Fans


Pregnancy gets pretty uncomfortable sometimes. Most of us were able to vent about our pregnancy symptoms to partners, friends, and families, but we didn't exactly have millions of fans all over the world to vent to. The most famous celeb moms do have huge audiences. There are so many people who want to listen to their thoughts on pregnancy and then offer support.

Pregnant celebs definitely have a voice. They never need to feel alone because so many people are paying attention to their interviews, social media posts and other public statements. In this sense, they have worldwide support systems.

11 Privacy May Be A Problem


How would you like to be very pregnant and be followed around by the paparazzi all day long while you did errands? That's what happened to Hilary Duff when she was nine months pregnant. She felt harassed and complained about it online. I felt sympathy for her. Having these photographers around all of the time would really get old. We all have times when we don't feel camera-ready. Everyone needs privacy.

Mila Kunis is another celeb who's had her privacy invaded during pregnancy. Pics of these famous women make money for photographers and money is what drives the whole paparazzi industry.

10 Celebs May See Negative Comments Online


Kylie Jenner decided to take a break from social media while she was expecting Stormi because Kylie didn't want to get emotional over negative comments. Kylie didn't want to transfer stress to her unborn baby. Pregnant celebs have feelings, just like everyone else, so it's no surprise that negative comments posted online may hurt their feelings.

Kylie seems to have had a very mature and admirable mindset about pregnancy. Her attitude towards motherhood is also pretty inspiring. She adores her daughter. Someday, Stormi is going to see negative comments online, about her mother, or father, or both. She may even see negative comments about herself.

9 They Don't Need To Worry About Money


Most celebs bring in a lot of money yearly or live off investments and savings from their best earning years. While some celebs do have money issues, most are more than comfortable financially. When celebs get pregnant, they don't have the money fears that pregnant women with less cash have to deal with. The vast majority of pregnant celebs know that they'll always be ok money-wise.

According to Celebritynetworth.com, Pink has an estimated net worth of 175 million bucks. When Pink was expecting, it's safe to say that she wasn't having sleepless nights worrying about paying the bills.

8 Their Images Change In The Public Eye


One possible negative about being pregnant, rich and famous is that a woman's image may change. For example, an actress who's used to being the young and beautiful love interest or action heroine may find that she's up for mom roles after getting pregnant. Pregnancy is a milestone. When famous women become pregnant, public perception of them may change. This can be a good thing. It really depends on the woman and the type of image that she wants to have. Women who aren't famous don't usually need to think about image quite so much. For celebs, image is a very big deal.

7 They Live In Huge And Fancy Houses


Most of us don't get to be pregnant while living in huge luxury mansions with incredible amenities. Rich female celebs live like queens in gorgeous homes. Many rich pregnant celebs have more than one gorgeous home. Beyoncé's home is worth a whopping 88 million bucks, based on information from Nimvo.com. Bey's house is in Bel-Air and it has thirty-three thousand square feet. If you're going to be dealing with morning sickness and swollen ankles, it may be more pleasant to do so in a massive estate that is totally luxurious. Most pregnant celebs don't have to clean these fancy houses, either. They have people for that.

6 They Have Household Help


Do you have a fleet of maids and anticipate hiring a bunch of nannies, too? If so, you're living the pregnant celeb lifestyle. These women can afford to leave the dirty work to professional cleaners. They can also afford plenty of help with their babies once their infants are born. Some pregnant celebs decide not to hire nannies once their babies are born, but others find nannies very helpful. Never having to do housework, unless you want to, is a big perk in life. It's a perk that few regular women can relate to. A lot of pregnant celebs have chefs, too.

5 They Buy The Priciest Baby Gear


Rich celebs, like Paris Hilton's sister, Nicky Hilton, don't need to budget when it comes to buying pregnancy items and baby items. They can go to the most exclusive stores in the world and buy whatever they want. You may do a scaled-down version of retail therapy while you're pregnant, just to relax (shopping is fun, right?) or to prepare yourself for being a mom. You may not be able to buy the priciest baby gear, such as baby clothes from Baby Dior, but you can have fun shopping for deals on cute pregnancy and baby items, on and offline.

4 They Go To Exclusive Events


Pregnant celebs get so many invitations to exclusive events. They can be social every night of the week if they want to. Big event planners love inviting celebs to events because celebs drum up publicity. In exchange for being treated like royalty at events (which usually offer free swag at gifting suites, plus gourmet food), such as awards ceremonies or charity bashes, celebs create a buzz.

Rich and famous celebs who are pregnant may scale back on the events, but the invitations keep on coming. Actress Rachel Weisz, who recently had a baby girl (she's married to Daniel Craig) attended the Tribeca Film Festival in the summer of 2018, with a sizable baby bump.

3 They Travel In Style


Getting from point A to point B while pregnant can be a chore. Pregnant celebs have it easier because they can fly first class, or ride around in limos driven by chauffeurs, or drive fancy cars themselves. Kylie Jenner had a whole fleet of luxury cars at her disposal while she was expecting. Beyoncé was often driven around in a luxury van with posh leather seats. Celebs don't travel exactly like you or me. They travel in high style for a more relaxing and luxurious experience. The richest pregnant celebs have their own planes. They don't need to fly around with strangers.

2 They Get Free Swag


Most people know that celebs get given a lot of free stuff. In the showbiz industry, it's known as swag. While A-listers don't usually care about gifting suits at events, because these celebs get paid big bucks to promote products year-round, they can visit gifting suites if they want to. It seems strange that celebs, who are rich and don't need free stuff, get given so much, but companies don't give pregnant celebs swag out of the goodness of their hearts. They do it to earn goodwill from celebs, who might mention their goods or services in interviews. It's a transaction.

1 They Can Score Lucrative Endorsements


Celebs who want to earn impressive money while they are expecting may sign on to endorse products or services. When Jessica Simpson became pregnant, she went on to promote Clearblue pregnancy tests, which surely earned her a very nice chunk of change. Kristin Bell promoted the Samsung brand and some of her ads were about her pregnancy. Kristin's hubby, Dax Shepherd, appeared with her in the ads. These are big-time endorsements that pay big bucks. Pregnant celebs can make a fortune just because they are pregnant. Once a person is famous, it's so easy to turn fame into cold, hard cash.

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