20 Ways Sarah Jessica Parker And Matthew Broderick Raise Their Three Kids

Sarah Jessica Parker is an American actress who has had a successful career in the entertainment industry for decades, with her debut in the 1976 revival of The Innocents, at the age of 11. She later captivated us with her roles in iconic films like Footloose (1984), Hocus Pocus (1993), The Family Stone (2005), Failure to Launch (2006), among others. But for some of us, Parker will always be our dear Carrie Bradshaw, the main character of the renown HBO franchise.

Sarah has been married to Matthew Broderick, another well-known actor from the Hollywood scene, since 1997. Sarah's brothers helped start a Broadway theatre company and Broderick quickly became involved. In 1991, shortly after Sarah had broken up with fellow actor Robert Downey Jr., one of her brothers introduced her to Matthew, and the pair began dating. In real life, Sarah stays away from the reflection of her iconic character as Carrie, as the actress not only wanted to get married, but she also wanted a family. In fact, these two have been happily married for more than 20 years, creating the balance that many couples look for in Hollywood but that not all achieve. Sarah and Matthew have a marriage that is rock-solid!

The famous couple welcomed their first child, a son, in October 2002. But when they decided to expand their family further, Sarah faced infertility problems, which prevented her from achieving her dream of conceiving again. Seven years after the arrival of their son, they had twin girls born via surrogate, an experience the actress described as amazing. So, here are 20 facts about how Parker and her husband are raising their children.

20 She Thinks That Having Siblings Is Important

After the birth of her first child, James Wilkie Broderick, in October 2002, Sarah and her husband began to experience infertility problems. But at the moment they realized that it would be impossible for them to conceive again through the traditional way, Parker and her husband began to consider new options because they were sure they wanted to expand the family.

Thus, in 2009 the couple welcomed their twins Tabitha Hodge Broderick and Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick via surrogate.

19 She Fears That Her Twins Will Plot Against Her

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Each stage in raising a child is different. But the stage that most worries most parents has to be adolescence, due to the hormonal changes, expectations, and the rebellions with which this stage of life is associated.

But above all things, the moment their kids begin having romantic interests- aka. the moment where kids start talking about girlfriends and boyfriends- that moment is what really worries some parents. And Sarah hasn't been the exception, as like many parents she has her worries, and that's why she was open about this topic.

According to Daily Mail UK, the actress joked during an interview about this, saying that sometimes she is afraid her kids are going to plot against her. "At the most difficult time, they might actually collude," she joked, but then continued to explain that she is actually nervous about it. "So, I'm thinking there are wonderful schools and other places far away," she jokingly hinted at the possibility of boarding schools.

18 She Teaches Them That They Can’t Always Get What They Want

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As parents, we always want to give the best to our children, and although sometimes it can be hard for us, we must say no to certain things. We have to put rules in the house in order to teach our kids the value of things and that they can not always have what they want. Many times we have to work hard for get what we want in life because nothing comes for free.

Parker during an interview expressed her thoughts on this topic, saying that she chooses to deny many of her children’s physical wants as a learning tool. She wants them to work for what they want instead of having it handed to them, like other celebrity kids.

17 Family Time Is Important

Sarah and her husband encourage their children to share quality time at home with them.- whether it means playing board games, listening to music, watching movies or simply talking about the topics their children are interested in. The Parker-Broderick family understand that it doesn't matter how important one’s job might be because at the end of the day family is the most important thing, and the small details always matter.

16 Her Children Don’t Have Babysitters Because Parker Is A Hands-On Mom

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Being a celebrity may seem like a simple thing, but usually, they face the debacle of finding enough time for their personal life without neglecting work, which is why it is normal for many celebrities to hire live-in help that will be for their kids all the time.

But Parker doesn't feel 100% comfortable with the idea of other people taking care of their kids 24/7 because she believes that's her role as a mother, and that's why she is a hands-on mom and prefers to take care of her kids herself whenever that’s possible.

Only when she and her husband are too busy at work and can not take care of their children do they hire staff to keep an eye on the kids. But this has happened on very specific occasions, as Parker usually prefers to be present in the daily activities of their children and take care of them, even when it comes to helping them with homework.

15 She Always Tries to Find Activities That Involve Quality Time

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One of the biggest problems faced by celebrities is the paparazzi. So, when they have their own families, some celebrities avoid doing certain types of activities in order to not expose their children to the discomfort that arises from thousands of cameras flashing at them without their consent.

But Parker has a different approach to this issue when it comes to family time. They don't deprive themselves of enjoying quality time outside, even if that means finding some paparazzi on the way. In fact, she loves the New York City playgrounds and she visits them with her kids as often as possible. They just decide to ignore the paparazzi and enjoy their time together.

14 Sarah Tries to Keep Her Children's Lives Away From The Spotlight

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Even though Sara and Matthew are aware that it is impossible to avoid all of the paparazzi in New York City, they try to expose their children as little as possible to certain Hollywood environments.

In fact, Sarah understands and respects her children’s privacy, so if we review her feeds on social media, we will realize that Sarah only shares a few pictures of her children showing their faces. In fact, most of the pics she does share are photos of the kids with their backs turned to the camera.

As a mother, Sarah understands that her children are the most valuable thing she has, but she is also aware that exposing her family too much to public scrutiny can be complicated, especially since she does not always hear positive criticism. Rather, she and her husband try to respect their children's privacy by raising them in a normal environment.

13 She Wants Her Kids To Feel Normal

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One of the advantages of living in New York City according to some celebrities is that they do not face as many paparazzi as in Los Angeles, so they can enjoy more privacy.

The Parker-Broderick family is based on NYC, and Sarah has build for her children a healthy family environment where they have a routine very similar to the one any other child in the city have. Parker's children go to private schools, take the school bus, and participate in various recreational activities.

For both parents, the most important thing is to give their children a normal life. That way, when they grow up, they can decide if they want a career in the entertainment industry or a life far from the Hollywood glow.

12 Parker Has Strict Rules When It Comes To Her Kids And The House

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick have been clear about the fact that they don’t have live-in help. But for those specific moments when they needed to hire someone to help with the house and their children, the staff must follow strict rules.

Page Six received several emails that were reportedly written by Parker herself, in which she gave instructions to her staffers about how to do certain things in the house. In one paragraph the mom-of-three wrote, "Refill a tiny 1.75-ounce container of Vaseline with a small spoon or knife for her children’s use. "

According to Page Six, "She stresses that the refill jar not be too big, so as to not clutter the house, and that the cutlery used to handle the Vaseline must be hand-washed using a paper towel followed by a cycle in the dishwasher."

11 She Enjoys Dressing Her Children to Impress

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Since Sarah Jessica Parker played the role of Carrie Bradshaw, she has become an icon of fashion, and to this day designers love to dress the actress with the best outfits. So, it should not surprise us that Sarah's great fashion sense has rubbed off on her children.

And although the actress understands that, when you have children you can not always look like a cover model, she still enjoys being able to create outfits for her children during special occasions. For this reason, every time we see the Parker-Broderick family together at an event, it is impossible not to pay attention to how well dressed they all look.

10 She Wants Her Children to Understand The Value Of A Dollar

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Sarah Jessica Parker has expressed on several occasions that she had a childhood with many economic limitations, as her mom wasn’t able to afford everything she wanted. Thanks to that, she understood the value of a dollar, and although she seeks to give the best quality life to her children, she also wants them to understand the importance of working in order to get the things they want.

Sarah has also explained on several occasions that, as her kids get older, she and her husband expect them to earn their own money to buy the things they want because there is nothing more rewarding than feeling productive, and thanks to that effort getting the things you wanted.

9 She Teaches Them The True Meaning Of Beauty

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When someone grow up under the lights of the entertainment industry, they start understanding how important it is to learn to love themselves, and that beauty comes in different presentations.

Paker believes that it is very important to teach kids the true meaning of beauty and why all people are beautiful in their own particular way. Both actors are trying to raise confident human beings teaching them about value, such as to respect others, because they believe that in this world we need more tolerance, and love.

That's why Parker has mentioned on several occasions the importance  of educating our children with the right values.

8 Parker Teaches Her Children How to Eat Properly

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We are what we eat. But all mothers know how difficult it can be to teach children the importance of eating vegetables and eating certain foods due to the nutrients they add to our body. And we all know that, if it were up to our children, they would live happily eating only junk food for the rest of their lives.

Sarah Jessica Parker knows all that, and has faced the same problem as many mothers, but the actress has tried to convey to her children the importance of eating healthy and exercising. In fact, Parker's  son, James Wilkie has a peanut allergy, so she purchases food to suit his situation. For this reason, everyone in the Parker-Broderick house has a balanced diet.

7 She Encourages Their Individuality

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According to Lynette Williams Davies, "Even though identical twins are from the same sperm and egg and therefore have exactly the same set of chromosomes and therefore genes, researchers are realizing that there are other forces at play."

Something that many parents of twins discover over time is that although their children look the same physically, they usually have different personalities. Marion Loretta and her sister Tabitha Hodge may look the same but each has her own style and a unique way of being.

Sarah has focused on understanding the personality of each of her daughters and motivating them to be themselves by always teaching them to respect and care for each other. Therefore, the actress avoids negative comparisons between the, and understands that each of her daughters learns and does things their own way.  

6 She Shares Her Work Ethic With Her Kids

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Something we can highlight about the career of Sarah Jessica Parker is that the actress always stayed away from typical Hollywood problems and issues. In fact, the actress fortunately did not face many of the situations that her other colleagues in the industry have faced. Parker, although she started in the industry at a very early age managed to stay focused on her goals and maintained a strong work ethic.

Parker has tried to convey to her children her wisdom and values regarding this field. She believes that the only way to be successful in the long term is to commit 100% to everything we do, and for this reason, the actress encourages her children to find their talents and dedicate time to what they are passionate about.

5 She Wasn't Afraid Of Having "The Talk" With Their Kids

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Something that many parents fear is having "the talk" with their children. Talking about the birds and the bees, changes in our body, and how a baby is conceived are often sensitive topics that many parents do not know how to approach. But for Sarah and Matthew, it wasn't a big deal at all.

Sarah opened about having the talk with her then-2-year old son, James Wilkie, during an interview with David Letterman. She explained that she knows what many parents feel when it comes to " the talk,", but she also understands that children are curious and they must learn eventually.

So, the actress told the audience how she explained to her son where babies came from. She told her son that he had one seed and there was a young woman named Mary who he would meet in sophomore year of college.

4 She Lets Her Kids Wear Whatever They Like On Specific Days 

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It may seem that Sarah can sometimes be controlling, but in reality, the actress tries to make things easy when it comes to the upbringing of her children. And, even though the actress has her own collection of children's clothing and loves to choose her children's outfits, she also understands that we all have our personal tastes, even children.

She let her kids wear whatever they like from Sunday night to Thursday night, as long as it is appropriate for the weather and for the school requirements. She encourages her kids to make their own choices, and clothes can be a great way for them to express their own personality.

3 The Twins Love To Read

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Reading is one of the best activities because it nourishes our mind. Encouraging reading habits is important because it helps our children process information in a different way, and helps them develop different parts of their brain in addition to improving their language skills.

Parker has tried to convey to her children the importance of reading books and enjoying this activity that nurtures their imagination and educates them. On April 2018, she shared a photo to social media showing one of her daughters reading a book in a corner of the house. Parker captioned the moment saying " Every chance she gets. A chip off the ol' block. X, sj."

2 Parker Values Experiencing New Things With Her Kids

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When we have children, it is normal that we change our perception about things and life. We begin to appreciate more and more the small details as we begin to focus more on making our children happy, and teaching them the wonders that life has to offer.

During a new episode of Girlboss Radio, hosted by Sophia Amoruso, Parked talked about this topic. She expressed the following,  "It's a really interesting way of living in the world. I read books differently, or I look at parents and children on the subway differently. I hear music differently or when I see something, I think, ‘I wish Tabitha and Loretta were with me now and they could see this.’ That's the good part."

1 Her Kids Enjoy Attending Red Carpets 

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As we previously explained, for the Parker-Broderick family spending time together is one of the most valuable things of the day. So, if they have the opportunity to combine pleasure with business, such as attending to red carpets with their children, why do not do it?

Every time that Parker and her husband are invited to a glamorous event in Hollywood, and it is also suitable for their children, they tend to take them as their dates for the night. And of course, the Parker-Broderick children love to enjoy the benefits of being the kids of recognized celebrities as their parents, like attending movie premieres.

Wouldn't this be a cool way to spend a Family Sunday?

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