20 Ways To Avoid Breaking The Bank With A Newborn

Having a baby can be stressful, and no we don’t just mean because mom is creating a tiny human and getting sick every single morning. The financial aspect of it can also be very stressful, being a parent in today’s world is very expensive and can leave some families wondering how on earth they are going to afford everything that they need. Whether the pregnancy was planned or it, mom might find herself drowning in doctors bills and wondering how on earth she is going to afford to buy everything that the baby needs.

Having a baby doesn't have to be that stressful though, and a lot of times we humans like to make mountains out of mole hills without ever really looking into ways to save some money. Buying things for the baby doesn't have to break mom's bank account, and we have discovered a ton of ways to help her make sure that she can afford everything that the family needs without a single worry. From second-hand clothes that they will be outgrowing in a month anyways, to couponing for diapers and formula, we left no area untouched and we would be honored to give moms some helpful tips on how to make sure that they don’t break the bank with the newborn baby.

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20 Breastfeed (If you can)

One of the biggest ways to save money after having a newborn by far is by breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not only super healthy for your baby, but it also allows you to save a ton of money on expensive baby formula. Why pay upwards of 20 dollars per can of formula when your body is producing exactly what your baby needs, for free? If you ask us, it just makes the most sense. You can do this all the way up until your baby is 1 year old and starts being transitioned to real milk.

19 Take Up Couponing

If there is one thing that we can attest to, it is that couponing will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Never pay over two dollars for diapers again, because when you combine coupons with in store sales, you will be saving big time! This will allow you to stock up on the necessities such as diapers, wipes, baby lotion, baby shampoo, and so much more. If you need help getting started with this you can even join groups on social media where other women like you will help teach you what to do.

18 Store Brands are just as good

It is no secret that the store brand items are always the cheapest, but apparently a lot of people don’t like going for them because they feel like it won’t be as good as the name brand items. This could not be any farther from the truth. In fact, you can go ahead and compare the ingredients list because you will quickly see that literally everything is the same except for the name on the front of the box. So the next time you are at the store, go ahead and buy the store brand formula, diapers, wipes, and milk, because it will save you a ton of money and it will make no difference at all.

17 Reusable Diapers are worth the work

A lot of women seem to have mixed feeling about this next one, because it sounds like it can get a tad bit messy, but it does have the potential to save you a ton of money. Cloth diapers are reusable diapers that you can just throw into the wash and keep using over and over again. We would normally suggest having a quite a few pairs of these on hand, and you probably should have your own in home washer and dryer in order to keep up with the babies dirty diapers.

16 Forget Expensive Crib Bedding

Forget about all of that expensive crib bedding that you get super tempted to buy every time you walk into a baby store. Your baby won’t even be using this bedding, in fact, doctors warn parents not to but their newborn into a crib with blankets or bumpers because they actually pose a risk to the baby and could lead to sids. This is really just something cosmetic that parents buy to make the nursery look cute, but it is not at all necessary.

15 Second Hand Clothing: great condition because they're outgrown fast

There is no denying the fact that babies tend to outgrow their clothing ridiculously fast. So why spend a fortune on a ton of brand new baby clothes when you could just get second hand clothes? I know that we all love to dress our babies up in adorable outfits for the perfect photo to share online for everyone to see, and a lot of people tend to associate second hand clothing with worn down, old, not so cute clothing. Of course, this could not be any further from what these clothes actually look like. If you just do a little hunting on online yard sale sites you will be sure to find some second hand clothing that is not only adorable, but like new as well, saving you a ton of money in the long run.

14 Stock Up: buying bulk saves

We kind of touched base on this next one a little bit when we discussed taking up couponing, but stocking up on all of the major items that a newborn needs while the stuff is sale can really help you save money. At the time of purchase, it might seem like you are spending a fortune buying numerous packs of diapers at once, but in reality if those diapers were on sale then it will be saving you money in the long haul. Obviously this method would save you money because you wouldn’t then be forced to go out and buy diapers at full price when the baby runs out.

13 A Crib Is A Crib, as long as it meets safety standards

When it comes to buying a crib there really is no need to go all out and buy the most luxurious and expensive one that you can find. All cribs have to meet the same safety standards, so you aren't really getting anything more or less safe when you buy a cheaper crib. Besides, by the time that your baby outgrows their crib the odds are that they will have destroyed it anyways and then you will have overspent for literally no reason at all. Moms who spend a ton on an expensive crib are usually just doing so for the looks, and so you are better off just going with what you know you can afford.

12 Save On Doctors Bills by following instructions

When it comes to a newborn, they can get sick very easily, this is partly due to the fact that they are not yet vaccinated and very new to this world and it’s germs. If you are a new mom then odds are that every little sniffle or cough will have you running to the doctors office, but there is a way to prevent this. Make sure to sanitize everything, don’t let strangers touch your newborn, don’t take your newborn out more than you need to, you can also make sure to enforce the rule that family members must wash their hands before holding your baby.

11 Sign Up For Samples

If you are formula feeding, then you know just how expensive that formula can be. Almost 30 dollars for one can is crazy! However there are companies, like similac and enfamil, that allow you to sign up to them online and they will send you formula samples through the mail right before the baby is born. I know, you're probably thinking that a sample of formula won’t be enough to save you any money, but these samples that they send out are actually full size formula tins! Companies like Pampers might also be willing to send out diaper samples if you just reach out to the company.

10 Similac Strong Moms Rewards

As an added bonus to getting free formula samples, if you sign up for similac strong moms at no cost to you, then you will also receive checks in the mail that can be used solely for purchasing similac formula. Of course these checks do not cover the entire cost of the formula, but they will indeed take off anywhere from five to ten dollars per can of formula. We should also mention that they won't just send you one of these checks, but at least five of them. So if you are looking for discounts of infant formula, then this is definitely the way to go.

9 Newborn Photos

As a new mom in the hospital you might get a little thrown off when someone hops into your room and starts taking these adorable professional photos of your baby. Of course you might be even more thrown off when they then tell you that it would cost upwards of 100 dollars to purchase these photos. Don’t worry though, because these days cameras are everywhere! Chances are that someone in your family has one of those brand new phones with as good a camera on it as anyone, or you have a friend with a quality camera. Friends and family love to help, especially when you're a new mom, and lending a camera or agreeing to be the photographer for the day is an easy way to do that.

8 Government Benefits

Being a parent today certainly is not easy, minimum wage doesn't cut it anymore and the cost of necessary items such as diapers and formula can be overwhelming. A lot of times women who are in need of help don’t realize that almost all families qualify for a government funded program that gives them vouchers to help pay for things like milk, diapers, formula, cheese, and sometimes even bread. This can definitely come in handy and no woman should ever feel embarrassed for applying for such benefits.

7 No need for fancy Strollers

Another item that we tend to need when having a baby is a stroller. Strollers are of course necessary to help get your baby around without having the lug that heavy carseat everywhere. When it comes to purchasing strollers, there are a ton of options. Strollers can actually range anywhere from 50 dollars all way up to 400 dollars. If you ask us, 400 dollars is quite steep for a baby stroller, especially when they all do the same thing. There is no need at all to go out and buy the most cool looking and expensive stroller out there, because at the end of the day you are really only buying it for it’s looks.

6 Any Car Seat will do, as long as it's safe

Car seats are a must when having a baby, in fact you can not take baby home from the hospital without one. As it turns out, car seats all have to meet the same safety requirements in order to be sold in stores, so you won’t be getting anything more or less safe when you buy the cheaper options. This again mainly comes to down to buying something more so for it’s looks, so if you are looking to save some money, go ahead and buy that 30 dollar car seat because it is just as safe as the 100 dollar one.

5 Daycare: babysitting services are less expensive

Unfortunately, not all moms can stay home with their babies, despite how much they might want to. Instead, moms these days often times have to go back to work shortly after having their baby, and this leaves them putting their baby into daycare. If there is one thing we know about daycare though, it is how expensive it gets. This is why parents are better off just signing up for an online babysitting service where babysitters get background checks, and you can decide what you want to pay.

4 Yard Sales

Babies tend to outgrow everything very fast. From their cribs, to their carseats, to their clothes, and their strollers, nothing lasts long. So why bother buying all new things when you could just check out your local yard sales and get things for, most of the time, under 20 dollars. This is something that not a lot of moms like to do, as they want their baby to have all new stuff, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all.

3 Hand Me Downs

If you know that you are going to have more children in the future, then be sure to save all of the baby stuff from your previous kids, even if you have to get a small storage unit, because this is going to save you a ton of money. Why bother buying all new things and starting over, when you could simply just use the stuff you bought for your last baby? This can be cribs, clothing, strollers, car seats, and even baby bottles. You won’t regret doing this when you realize how much money you are saving.

2 Donate (or sell) your Breast Milk

It’s okay to formula feed, despite what many people might tell you, and loads of mom’s do it. Why let that breast milk go to waste though when there a ton of kids who are in need of it? Breast milk can be pumped, stored, and donated when not being used, and some companies are even willing to compensate you for your time and effort for doing so. So why not make a few bucks off of something that your body is producing, but doesn't need? Sounds like a great idea to us.

1 Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are adorable, don’t get us wrong, but there really is no need for them. Let’s face it, newborns can’t sit up on their own, let alone walk. So why bother buying them shoes, especially when they will outgrow them within the next couple of weeks? If you are worried about keeping your little ones feet covered, you can invest in some footie pajamas or socks, but other than that there is no need to spend money on shoes for their adorable little feet.

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