20 Ways To Be A Low-Maintenance Pregnant Mom

Anyone who’s been pregnant knows that it can get very stressful! Moms-to-be have tons of things to worry about besides the fact that she's literally growing life inside of her. Suddenly she has to re-budget to make sure she can afford everything baby needs, she has to get all the supplies ready before the baby comes home, and likely have to deal with people’s unwarranted (and sometimes off-putting) advice.

Being stressed out during a pregnancy is not only a problem for mom, but also for the baby. Not to mention, but mom is also likely not feeling her normal self, and is getting tired and even agitated easily. That’s why it’s important to try to live the most low-maintenance lifestyle while pregnant. From saying goodbye to a time-consuming beauty routine to getting everything organized ahead of time, there’s a lot moms-to-be can do to reduce stress over the course of the pregnancy.

Check out these tips and tricks for how pregnant moms can become a low-maintenance mama! Just remember, the most important thing is that mom is feeling healthy and happy during her pregnancy, for both her and her baby’s sake. So long as moms do, everything else will fall into place.

20 Remove Yourself From The Drama


The number one thing that does not go with a low-maintenance person is drama!

There are tons of reasons why you should let go of any and all drama during your pregnancy. Most importantly, drama can cause you added stress, which isn’t good for yours or the health of the baby. Pregnancy is supposed to be an incredible experience in your life, and you don’t need bad vibes bringing you down.

Getting rid of drama is also important considering how busy you’ll be with a newborn! You want to soak up every minute with your little one, and don’t want pointless drama distracting you, or leaving you feeling overwhelmed. Bye, bye drama!

19 Skip The Full Face of Makeup

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Pregnancy is the ultimate reason to skip your usual makeup routine!

The further along you are in your pregnancy, the more uncomfortable and stressed out you may begin to feel. Doing everyday things, like spending 20 minutes or more on your makeup every morning, will begin to feel like a chore. Rather than dragging your legs to get it done, consider giving yourself a makeup-free day.

This will give you more time in the morning to just rest and relax… or at least not stress that you’re going to be late somewhere! It likely will also help make you feel more comfortable, since you’re not going to have layers upon layers of makeup on your face. And, above all, it will likely make you feel more care-free and relaxed, which should be your goal during pregnancy.

18 Let Your House Be Messy

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Many pregnant moms-to-be have said one of the worstthings about their pregnancy is not being able to keep up with the housework like they’re used to!

Granted, pregnancy definitely takes a physical toll on your body. Especially the father along you are, you likely won’t feel like being too active or doing the things you normally do. Regular chores like mopping the floors or doing laundry might take an extra big toll on you, and make you tired more easily.

No matter what, don’t push yourself too hard! It’s better (for both you and the baby) that the house be messy than you stressed-out, tired, and frustrated. Don’t be afraid to leave your house a bit less tidy than usual after pregnancy. It’s only going to get messier when the baby arrives!

17 Get Things Organized Ahead of Time

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Between doctor’s appointments, family events, and finding the time to baby-proof your house, there’s a lot of things you need to get done in the nine months before the baby arrives!

Save yourself a ton of stress by figuring our your schedule a head of time. Write down when all of your important appointments are, and make sure the rest of your family is aware of them, too. Make sure you have a way of getting to each appointment to make sure you avoid any confusion on the day of.

Of course, also make sure you’re preparing in other ways for the baby, like buying all the supplies you’ll need and setting up the crib and car seat. Don’t forget to pack a hospital bag, too!

16 Hire A Photographer


There will be tons of moments during your pregnancy that you want to capture, so consider investing in a photographer so you won’t have to stress about getting good-quality photos.

Tons of millennial parents are hiring photographers to do everything from capture the baby shower or gender reveal to have a maternity photoshoot for mom and dad. Get a photoshoot done when you’re close to delivering to show off your gorgeous pregnancy body, and then get one done when baby is here to show what a difference a few months makes.

Hiring a photographer is definitely an investment, but it will ensure you always have beautiful pictures to reflect back on and share with your little one when they grow up. Plus, not having to worry about being the photographer yourself will save you a lot of stress in the long run.

15 Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by every small detail when you’re expecting!

You’re probably anxious to make sure everything goes smoothly with the birth and afterwards, especially if this is your first baby. Plus, it doesn’t help that pregnancy hormones are making every one of your feelings amplified.

The best thing you can do to reduce your stress is to try and go with the flow. Granted, this is definitely easier said than done. But you need to challenge yourself to let go of the little things that are beyond your control, and just enjoy the moment. Stressing isn’t going to bring baby here any quicker- it might just make your pregnancy less enjoyable!

14 Learn to Love Leggings

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Anyone who says that leggings don’t count as pants clearly hasn’t been pregnant!

The farther along you get in your pregnancy, the more uncomfortable ordinary clothes are going to be. Eventually you’ll find yourself only gravitating towards sweatpants and leggings (likely because it’s all that fits you).

But leggings can be made chic if styled right! Search on Pinterest and YouTube to find inspiration how people have rocked leggings. Throw on a leather jacket and scarf to dress it up, or pair them with converse for a more casual feel. The comfier and more stylish you feel in your clothes, then better you’ll feel over-all. And don’t think that those leggings are going anywhere when baby arrives!

13 Stick To Your Budget

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One of the most stressful things during pregnancy can be finances! Suddenly, you have this new little person you have to work into the budget. And, any mom knows that shopping for a baby is not cheap.

To keep yourself stress-free, make it a point to stick to your budget no matter what. Calculate your finances early into your pregnancy, and note down how much you have to spend on baby gear and how much you expect it to cost. Consider buying things second hand from thrift shops or Facebook markets to cut costs, or ask friends if they’re getting rid of any old baby things.

Making sure you’re not worried about your budget will keep your pregnancy low-maintenance and you not so stressed out!

12 Don’t Have Unrealistic Expectations

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Society likes to make pregnancy seems like it’s always a wonderful, stress-free experience. But the reality of it couldn’t be any different!

There are tons of things that can go awry during your pregnancy, from horrible pregnancy symptoms to drama with your family or partner to health issues. The best thing you can do is to make sure you don’t have unrealistic expectations going into your pregnancy. Be aware of the things that could turn out differently, and have a plan for what you’ll do if that happens.

Most of all, it’s important to have open and honest communication with your partner so you’re both on the same page. Let them know what your needs and worries are, and remember that this is a nerve-wracking yet thrilling experience for them, too!

11 Let Your Hair Air-Dry

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Part of being a low-maintenance mom is having a no-fuss beauty routine that allows you to get out of the house ASAP. We suggest letting your hair air dry to not only save you time but help restore the health of your air!

When you get out of the show, simply keep your hair in a towel for 10 minutes to soak up any extra moisture. Then, take it out and brush through with a wide toothcomb to get rid of any knots. Depending on your hair type and texture, add product to get beachy waves or to smooth out frizz.

This routine will take less than 5 minutes and literally zero effort, so you can give your attention to something else. Besides, who feels like styling their hair when they’re pregnant?

10 Don’t Worry if You’re Running Late

Pregnancy is one of those things that gives you a built-in excuse anytime you’re late, so don’t feel bad if you’re running behind time while expecting.

Like we’re said, pregnancy will make you feel more tired and irritable than normal, so you’re probably not going to be as keen to head out of the house as usual. Especially if you have other kids to take care of, it might take you even longer to leave the house than normal, which might make you late.

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re having trouble arriving on time- you’ve got more important things to worry about, like growing life! Everyone else will understand and, if they don’t, then that’s on them.

9 Communicate Your Needs


Good communication is really the solution to most problems!

Especially when you’re used to or like doing everything on your own, it can feel weird asking for help or telling people what you need from them. But there’s no shame in letting people know what you need from them, especially when you’re pregnant!

Make sure your friends and family know what they can do to make your pregnancy more comfortable or easier. Let anyone know if they’re unintentionally stressing you out or getting on your nerves. Above all, make sure you have open and honest communication with your partner. They’re likely your biggest support system through this experience, so it’s important your both on the same page.

8 Have A Hospital Plan In Place

The one thing you’ll probably be the most worried about during your pregnancy is when you inevitably go into labour! But having a hospital plan agreed on beforehand will help cut your worry in half.

Discuss with your partner or whoever else is going to be in the room with your at the hospital what you want the experience to look like. Decide who you want to be in the room, and let them know ahead of time. Pack a bag with all the essentials you’ll need while there, including a change of clothes, pyjamas, toiletries, and anything to make you feel more at home.

Remember, this is your labour experience, so don’t be afraid to assert what you need or expect from your hospital experience.

7 Put Your Hair In Braids Overnight

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Another way to save time and keep your stress levels down is to take advantage of this effortless hairstyle!

If you don’t want to worry about styling your hair but also want to look chic and cute, then throw your hair in braids overnight. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll take them out and have perfect mermaid hair. Spray a little de-frizz serum to fight fly-aways and you’re good to go.

And, if you don’t feel like keep your hair down, you can always keep them in the braids for a stylish up-do. Search YouTube or Pinterest for fun hairstyles you can achieve with braids.

6 Mark Everything Down On A Calendar

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Given that you likely have a lot of appointments and other appearances to make while pregnancy, get into the habit of writing everything down on a calendar!

Mark everything from your doctor’s appointments to parenting classes to baby shower on the calendar so the whole family can know what’s up. Even write down special milestones, like when you’re entering a new trimester or when the baby kicks for the first time, to make the memory permanent.

It will reduce your stress knowing that everyone is aware of all the things that are happening in the next few months, and will also help you plan better to have it visually laid-out in front of you.

5 Treat Yo’ Self

During pregnancy, you’re likely worried about taking care of everyone else over you, including your baby that’s on the way, your partner, and any other kids you have at home!

Although you can’t just let go of your other responsibilities, it is important to make sure you’re also taking care of yourself. And this includes indulging yourself every so often! Reward yourself for being pregnant by taking yourself out for some retail therapy or even a spa day. You don’t have to spend a lot to do self care.

Even a walk in the park by yourself or grabbing coffee with a friend can do the trick. The point it to make sure you’re setting apart time where you can do things that make you happy and feel good, which will help make your pregnancy all the better.

4 Have A Pyjama Day

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Anyone who ever said that wearing pyjamas during the day was unacceptable has clearly never been pregnant!

If you’re having one of those days where you don’t feel like getting dressed let alone do anything, then treat yourself to a pyjama day! Stay in your comfy clothes all day, and just hang out around the house. Treat yourself to a movie or your favourite TV show, and make sure you do some self-care to make sure you and the baby are stress-free.

What’s an even better idea? Get the whole family in on the idea! Have you and your kids or partner build a fort and have a movie night all in your PJs. How’s that for being low-maintenance!

3 Just Let Kids Be Kids


You know you have your hands extra full if you have other children to take care of while pregnant!

Don’t stress yourself out by being on your kids’ case during your entire pregnancy. Children are going to make a mess and be rambunctious no matter what you do, so it’s not worth stressing yourself out even more over things you can’t control. Learn to take a deep breathe and let things go if your kids are getting up to no good.

And, of course, don’t be hesitant to tell your kids that this is a stress-full time for the family, and let them know what they can do to help prepare for their younger sibling. The more involved the kids are with the pregnancy, the more excited and helpful they’ll be when it comes to it.

2 Know When To Take Time Off

Life can get crazy in the blink of an eye, especially when you’ve got something as exciting as a pregnancy going on! But that means it’s also easy for the stress of life to creep up on us, even when we’re not expecting it.

One of the most important things you need to do during your pregnancy is know when to take time off. If you’re continuing to work while expecting, ensure that you’re putting your health first. You should be ready to take time off of work at the recommendation of your Doctor, and you should have a plan for what work or maternity leave looks like post-baby.

Even more, don’t be afraid to take a mental health break. Being pregnant brings on a ton of different emotions both during and after, which can be overwhelming. Make sure you’re putting your mental health first, which is essential for both you and the baby.

1 Be Kind To Yourself

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Above all, the most important thing you can do to ensure a low-maintenance pregnancy is to be kind to yourself.

We’re often our biggest critics! We’ve already discussed the importance of not having unrealistic expectations, but it’s also equally important to make sure you’re being kind and understanding towards yourself. It’s easy to beat yourself up if you feel like things aren’t working out the way we want, or if you’re not able to get everything done on your to-do list.

Pregnancy is difficult enough without you getting upset with yourself. Give yourself a pat on the back for simply getting through the day while expecting, because that’s an accomplishment in itself!

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