20 Ways To Bond With The Baby Before They're Even Born

The bond between a mother and her baby is unshakeable and profoundly deep.

Before the baby arrives, moms can take advantage of creative and fun ways to get closer to their little one still in the baby bump. From listening to music to using positive visualization, moms can choose from an array of methods to develop their personal connection to their child while still in the womb.

Not only does connecting to the baby before the delivery help alleviate any stress or jitters  a mom may have about childbirth, but it enriches a mom’s personal birth experience, and better prepares them for upcoming motherhood.

Mothers can take comfort that bonding helps them to emotionally and mentally prepare for a baby’s arrival. Bonding with an unborn baby may mean spending time in the nursery, reading stories to the baby bump directly, or journaling about future dreams and hopes that a mother may have for their child.

When bonding with an unborn baby, the most important thing is to celebrate and honor the connection that a mother has to the amazing new life growing inside her. Bonding is a critical step that creates a healthy and nurturing relationship between a mother and child.

20 Reading to the baby bump

Literacy is so important for a little one’s development and success in life, and it is never too early to begin exposing baby to the magic of books.

Mom can choose from classic titles that use simple language, are familiar beloved titles of mom's from her early years, or are just plain fun to read. It is perfectly okay to read child-friendly material from the newspaper, blogs, magazines, and other material. The most important thing is to read to the bump.

Reading to the baby while in the womb encourages bonding, increases feel-good hormones, and gives the baby plenty of time to fall in love even more with their mother’s voice.

19 Planning and setting up the nursery

Mothers who want to give into their desire to nest and prepare for their baby’s arrival, may find joy spending loads of time setting up the nursery.

Not only is time spent in the nursery a great way to mentally and emotionally prepare for the arrival of a new bundle of joy, but it helps mother better bond with the baby. While a mother is putting up decorations, filing away clothing, or placing a new toy in the crib, she can tell her little one all about it.

A mom might find that their little one is kicking away in the bump, in delight and excitement about all the good things to come once they are born!

18 Writing the baby a letter to read to them when they get older


Believe it or not, it is really easy for mothers to forget how life was before they were pregnant and finally got to meet their little one after delivery.

Sites like Motherly, provide a cute template to help mothers write a letter to their bun in the oven, which they can place in the baby book or scrapbook for memories. Also, a mother may choose to read her letter that she wrote to her child before birth.

Writing a letter to the baby is a great way for a mother to bond with her child, release and better understand her emotions about motherhood, and leave the baby a sweet personalized keepsake.

17 Using positive visualization and meditation

Getting in tune with the spiritual and energetic side of being pregnant can be a new way for a mother to experience motherhood.

When it comes to bonding with the baby still in the womb, a mother can choose to meditate or use guided positive visualization to better connect to their child. According to sources like Light Love and Spirit online, spending time sending positive thoughts of unconditional love to the baby bump, and listening for any intuitive messages are a peaceful practice to engage in while pregnant.

Meditating or focusing on positive visualization with the baby bump helps lower stress and anxiety levels, but also helps build a serene spiritual connection to baby too.

16 Give the baby bump a gentle massage

mom holding baby bump

Moms are not the only one who could use a massage during pregnancy. Even a baby can get a kick out of a massage while hanging out in the womb.

And science backs up mothers who do make time to touch their baby bump, while reading, singing, or talking to their baby at the same time. According to What to Expect, a study involving women pregnant in their second and third trimester were invited to touch their baby bumps, and the babies were studied for their reaction.

Massaging the bump a great way to bond with the baby, but it also proves that babies do develop their sense of response to touch earlier than previously thought.

15 Keep a picture of ultrasound close by to look at often

ultrasound in frame

Trying to imagine what a little one is doing in the womb can be difficult, unless a mother decides to keep a picture of the ultrasound close.

Keeping a picture of the ultrasound in a place where a mother can see it throughout the day, is a great way to focus on the pregnancy, and offer well-wishes and positive energy toward the baby.

Bonding with the baby before birth is a lot easier when a mother has something nice to look at, and being able to see a clear image of a little one’s development is something exciting to talk to the bump about.

14 Nudge back when the baby gives a kick in the bump

Similar to giving the baby bump a massage, which can elicit a kick or two in response, a mom may want to nudge back when baby busts a move from the womb.

Nudging back in response to a baby’s movements lets them know that there is indeed an outside world beyond the womb, and helps the baby develop their response to touch. It can also be a lot of fun bonding with baby, when a mom quickly gets a reaction from their baby, with either a kick, somersault, or flutter.

Bonding by playing with the baby through the bump is also helpful for keeping track of a little one’s progress and development.

13 Sing to the baby bump and play music

christina augilera

According to Web MD, singing to the baby while in the womb is a good practice because a baby may find it soothing, and will recognize familiar music later in life.

If mom has a favorite song to sing that is for her baby alone, it further helps the bonding process. Additionally, babies are very responsive to music and will be quicker to develop their acquisition for language if they are exposed to singing, reading, and are talked to while still in the bump.

Mom can enjoy singing to baby around the 18th-week mark for good results, and babies also seem to love exposure to classical music too.

12 Be mindful and in the moment about being pregnant and the baby’s existence

Pregnancy can be such a roller coaster at times, with changing emotions, rushing to the bathroom, and dealing with a growing baby bump, it can be challenging to have a zen moment.

There is so much more to being pregnant than preparing the nursery for baby’s arrival, going to prenatal appointments, and trying on new maternity wear. If a mom wants to enjoy bonding with her baby, she should remember the importance of occasionally slowing down, relaxing, and being more mindful.

Taking a moment to quietly reflect and get in tune with the baby bump, recognizing the baby’s existence, and basking in the simplicity of being pregnant is a good thing to try.

11 Get Dad involved in the process of baby bonding with reading, talking, singing, etc.

Bonding with the baby is not solely all about mom. After all, it is important that dad gets involved in the process too. Being exposed to two different parents is great for a baby’s development of language, and can give mom a break on having to do all the work.

Dads can enjoy massaging the baby bump, nudging back when the baby gives a kick or can take turns reading the baby the latest baby book, or talking about their day. No matter the approach, getting dad involved with the baby before they are born is a great way to connect to both baby and mom during her pregnancy.

10 Practice some yoga and relaxation techniques to prepare for birth

Stress is a mind killer, and it is something best avoided whenever possible while pregnant. According to Live Science, stress can negatively impact the health and development of a baby during pregnancy and can interfere with the health and bonding between baby and mom too.

In order to combat stress, mom can make time to relax with some yoga. Yoga is not only a low-impact form of exercise that is helpful for keeping mom limber and loose to deliver the baby and stay fit, but it is a great way to be more mindful and focus on the baby bump in a positive way.

9 Go swimming or take a bath, the water feels fine

Mom can take a dip in the pool or enjoy a bath to better bond with her baby before birth.

Provided that a mother is not experiencing any health problems or difficulties with her pregnancy, which would make immersing in water dangerous, a bath or swimming is safe.

According to Baby Prepping, going for a swim can be relaxing, and may help to alleviate fatigued muscles and swollen legs and feet. Plus, it is a low-impact form of exercise.

Spending time in an environment that leaves mom feeling weightless is also a great time to enjoy meditating or doing positive visualization to connect to the baby.

8 Give Your Baby Bump Some Safe Body Art And Celebratory Decorations

Celebrating the emergence of a new life into the world, and celebrating the power and beauty of being pregnant with the use of body art can be a fun way for a mother to bond with her baby.

Provided that whatever materials are used to decorate the baby bump are safe, a mom can let dad, her friends, or an expert body painter decorate her figure.

Some women may choose whimsical designs like waves, flowers, or clouds. Other women may prefer to have an ancient design to invoke blessings or protection for their little bun in the oven. There are endless possibilities.

7 Throw A Blessing Party For Mom And Baby

Move over typical baby shower, blessing parties for expectant mothers can offer so much more.

A blessing party is a wonderful way to personalize the pregnancy experience, bond with the baby, and introduce the close loved ones to the new baby yet to arrive.

Pregnancy can be really tough because of frequent bathroom runs, waddling around with a growing baby bump, and aches and pains. Taking a day to have meaningful people gather around to bless a mother’s pregnancy, offer massages, bring gifts, and celebrate with food, drink, and laughter is a must-have.

A blessing party can be designed to fit a mother’s lifestyle needs, without having a specific religion or faith practice attached. Good vibes, empowerment, and celebration of mom and baby are all that is essential.

6 Do Some Journaling

There is something so pleasing about amassing cool pens, accessories, stickers, and running your fingers over a bound blank journal.

Maybe a journal could be the place where a mom can scribble down some cool baby name ideas if the perfect name has yet to be decided?

The process of keeping a journal can be very therapeutic for people of all ages. And for a mom, a journal can be the perfect outlet to express hopes, dreams, fears, and wishes for the baby.

Plus, there is something inimitable about being able to use a pen and paper to release emotions and ideas about a mom’s pregnancy experience.

5 Use Your Baby’s Name When Talking To Them Out Loud

If mom has definitely decided on what to name her little one, it helps to use a baby’s name out loud when speaking to the baby bump.

Yes, some moms may feel a bit apprehensive or silly about doing this at first, but it really helps cement the bonding process. Instead of referring to the baby as “the baby,” why not call a little one while still unborn by their name?

Names have power, and the choice of a name for a baby is meant to be a blessing. Bonding with an unborn baby by using their name, lets them know that they are loved, wanted, and that their arrival is awaited with bated breath.

4 Shine A Light On Your Tummy To See Baby’s Response


Moms who get a kick out of getting their baby to move around while in the bump may love this activity.

Dad, kids, and loved ones may find this idea fun as well, provided that mom is okay with it.

A simple and funny way for a mom to bond with her baby is to lay back somewhere comfortable, grab a flashlight, and shine the light directly on the baby bump. Contrary to earlier thoughts about a baby’s awareness while in the womb, a baby bump is able to let light pass through.

Babies who have a flashlight shined in their direction may kick, squirm about, and cause a mom to feel joy about the connection.

3 Dance The Day Or Night Away (baby might bust a move too)

When pregnant, both mom and baby could use some fun types of exercise. And dancing is a great way for mom to burn some calories, while safely having fun with her baby bump.

As an added bonus, whatever music that a mother exposes to her little one, may quickly become a childhood favorite. Babies do remember the types of music they heard while in the womb, and because sound is amplified in the watery womb, mom’s dance number choices do make an impression.

Mom might be surprised and delighted when she finds her baby kicking in time with the music or swimming around while still in the baby bump.

2 Send Some Loving Energy And Peaceful Vibes To Baby

mom talk to baby bump

Pregnancy can be stressful for a mom and her baby at times.

If a mom chooses somewhere quiet and peaceful to relax, she can take the time to live in the moment of her pregnancy, and bond with her baby bump.

Sending out peaceful thoughts and loving energy to the baby while in the womb, is helpful for improving mom’s health, the baby’s health, and feeling all around whole and well about motherhood.

The world needs more positive and loving energy, to raise people who have more compassion, empathy, and understanding. Why not have a mom start early with her little one, while still in the womb?

1 Create A Video Diary Or Photo Keepsake Book

Mothers can never take enough pictures or record enough videos when pregnant. Life is a series of amazing and crazy moments, and once they are lived through, they are gone.

Taking photos or creating a video diary is a fun way to personalize the pregnancy experience, leave a baby a keepsake to review when older, and help a mother make sense of motherhood. Plus, mom can bond with her baby by talking about her day while taking a video, mentioning prenatal exam results, or gush over the ultrasound photo.

The most important thing is to take lots of media, so that a mom can edit her selection of what to include to immortalize her love for her child.

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