20 Ways To Get Him To Have More Babies

Baby fever. Those two words can make a dad break out into a panicked sweat, especially when they thought the number of kids they already had was fine, or it might be too much to handle.

However, when a mother is yearning for another child, there’s no stopping a clever mom who will try to convince dad to change his mind. Surprisingly, some of the ideas on this list that have proven successful, don’t require any out-there solutions or tackling the hubby in the bedroom when caught unawares. No, getting a dad to give in to having “just one more little one” can be a lot more subtle and slippery than one might think. Like magic, a dad may end up thinking that it was always his idea to add another member to the brood. Or was it? Wink.

After all, even a dad can’t resist that cute and cuddly angelic face staring back at him, right? And having enough kids to make a family football team might be fun. If baby fever has caused a mom to crave being pregnant again, dad better watch out! It doesn’t take long to make a trip to the maternity ward thanks to a mom’s clever actions.

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20 Remind them that The biological clock is ticking

Cliche as it sounds, the biological clock is real.

And when it comes to ensuring that the kids that a mom delivers has a higher chance of being healthy, strong, and without a lot of defects, it pays to have kids earlier than late. Yes, it’s true that a lot of women wait until they are older to have a child, especially when financial stability and security is concerned.

However, the price to pay for waiting longer to get pregnant and have children can be high. Sometimes, fertility treatments may be the only solution or adopting. And before dad makes a protest, aging impacts both mom and dad, too.

19 Emphasize importance of leaving a legacy behind


Who doesn’t say as a parent, “I will not be like my parents.” Who’s with me on this one?

Well, if a dad really wants to live up to his proposed standards of leaving a more positive legacy behind, and doing things differently than his parents, why not have another little one?Honestly, before dad can protest having another child, he should think about it.

Perhaps, the approach to earlier children didn’t go as well as planned? Or, what if there is something special about bearing more than just one or two children, to sow the world with more humans who have a specific ideology on life?

The concept of a legacy is not only for the noble classes.

18 More babies equals more children to help care for Mom and Dad when older

Child labor may be frowned upon, but getting kids to do chores as they get older is not a crime.

And teaching children the importance of contributing their share by doing some type of work builds character and a respect for their time and resources. Additionally, if mom and dad are only parents to one or two children, who is going to be there to take care of them when they become aged?

Having a brood of at least three or more children may help mom and dad even the odds of there being more offspring that are concerned enough to make sure they are well taken care of when elderly.

17 Mom always wanted a family like Kate Plus 8 or The Sound Of Music

Kate Plus 8

If a family wants to be the next reality TV stars, they have to have something noteworthy about them. And what is more interesting than being a caravan of babies, babies, everywhere! Right?

Well, maybe reality television stars like Kate Gosselin and her brood may have been on to something. After all, there are some experiences in life that require having more children than you have fingers and toes, right?

And if reality TV dreams get crushed, as they often do, then there’s always resorting to transforming a large family into a sideshow attraction, open up a family business, or make a sports team.

16 Make him feel jealous by dropping hints about other families large broods

According to sites like Love Panky, resorting to making a guy jealous can more quickly get their attention, and get them to do whatever they can to please you.

Now, before we go any further, I don’t fully advocate for resorting to getting a guy jealous for a mom to get her way, but some women don’t mind the method.

Many men want to feel like they are on top of their confidence game at all times. However, if mom gets dad jealous about how life would be so much better, like those larger families on TV, he might feel the need to prove mom’s challenge wrong.

And before dad knows it, there’s a bun in the oven, stat.

15 If Dad finally got the larger SUV or upgraded the house, there’s room for more kids too


Dads need their toys too. However, if a dad finally gets that upgrade he always wanted with the house expansion or drives home a new SUV, he might be asking for it.

Unfortunately, if there are enough money and resources to go toward more space, then certainly there has to be more space for another baby, right? It’s the logic of baby fever.

After letting dad have his way about what he wants, mom could be secretly plotting how she can use dad’s new “little victory” to justify having just one more baby. If that SUV has all that room for the sports gear and tools, a new car seat shouldn’t be a problem.

14 "We Don't Want Them To Be Lonely, So Our Only Child Could Use A Sibling"

spoiled only child

According to Dr. Newman, a social psychologist, the myth of only children being spoiled, lonely, or selfish is not factually true. In fact, these stereotypes used to bully families into having a large brood of children stem from the 1890s.

Now, unless dad is a history buff, or has the idea to fact-check about the life of only children, a mom may have an advantage.

If a mom wants to get a dad to feel super guilty about not giving that one sad, lonely, only child a sibling to be a new playmate, or build their character, guilt may help a mom get knocked up one more time.

13 You can save money and the environment by giving the new baby the old hand-me down clothes and toys

baby clothes hand-me downs

Going green never looked so fruitful, as a mom can tell dad that having another child would help to reduce waste.

Thanks to the popularity of fast fashion, an article in Newsweek alerted the public about how much waste is created from textiles that cannot be recycled or repurchased. So, unfortunately, many of those darling baby clothes, despite how fashionable and cute they are, are no longer in style. Reducing plastic and landfill waste, by passing down old toys helps too.

If a dad cares about leaving a greener and cleaner planet for future generations, having another baby to wear those still adorable hand-me-down clothes is a winning solution.

12 Get a pet, and if it goes poorly, remind him that kids are easier than pets and get your name and good looks

Puppy dog is sleeping after destroying shoes and toilet paper.

Getting a pet has often been the barometer test for the health of a relationship to handle a child.

If a mom needs a clever way to try to convince dad that having a baby would be so much easier than dealing with walking fluffy or living with chewed up shoes, or shredded couch cushions, getting a pet might help sway dad’s opinion.

Observing how dad handles the added responsibility of caring for another living creature may also help mom get a pulse on how dad feels about finances, resources, and his stress levels. After all, dealing with lost sleep and changing nappies isn’t a piece of cake either, but there’s been a lot of practice.

11 Reverse psychology: Claim More Kids Are Off Limits

Instead of relying on the typical guilt trip to a dad, lamenting about how that biological clock is ticking or comparing other families with at least five kids as being an unlived dream, mom should consider reverse psychology.

Confusing as it may be, something about the challenge to logic might have something to do with it. Either way, if mom wants dad to be more open to knocking her up again, she might want to talk about how impossible it is for her to have another baby because of old age, or some made-up reason.

If a dad wants to make his lady feel secure, he might be up to the challenge of making her dreams come true. Baby magic.

10 Solve Whatever Problems Are Keeping Him From Saying Yes

Moms are not the only ones who have doubts or worries about caring for their family.

Dad might not want to have more children if they have fears about their health, finances, or think it might be a huge strain on the family dynamic.

Dads realize that the security of the home and family members is important, and being able to be a supportive figure might be challenged by the addition of a new member.

If a mom wants to quell her baby fever and get a bun in the oven, it pays to ask dad questions, be sensitive, be patient, and focus on finding solutions and common ground, not making a scene.

9 Load on the compliments and ask him how his day was, get him open with sensitivity

When’s the last time dad received a compliment? When was the last time dad was met with some affection and playful touches?

If a mom is feeling the baby fever and wants to cool things down, it pays to pay more attention to the emotional sensitivities of dad. After all, if a dad isn’t feeling like his emotions, wants, and needs are being expressed and met, he might not be remotely open to the idea of having another child.

There’s no need to be raunchy or put pressure on dad to get naughty. Instead, simply asking dad about his day, offering a favorite drink, meal, or spending time watching a television show that he likes can do so much more.

8 Wear more alluring clothing and dump the frumpy look

Unfortunately for mom, most men are visual creatures. Although dad may still think that under those layers of stained jogging pants, fuzzy slippers, and an oversized t-shirt that there’s still that beautiful goddess underneath, it could help mom’s chances of getting knocked up if she polished up a bit.

If a mom wants to turn dad’s head and get them to want ever so badly to get another bun in that oven, mom should dress up once in a while.

Baby magic is more likely to happen when a mom is wearing some perfume, puts on a bit of makeup, does her hair or nails, and wears clothing that makes her look and feel beautiful inside and out.

7 Frequency illusion: pictures of babies around the house, take him places where there are more babies

Frequency illusion can be another tool in a mom’s arsenal to get dad to catch baby fever, and get to making more babies.

If dad is constantly seeing things that would trigger him to think about babies, seeing text messages with pictures of cute babies, visiting places where there are adorable babies and are watching shows online about sweet angelic babies, mom might find herself knocked up sooner than later.

Mom doesn’t have to say a word about wanting a new baby, and human psychology and frequency illusion are often strong enough to influence a dad to get the memo. Yay science!

6 Remind him how awesome his Dad skills are, and how attractive it is

nurturing dad baby in shirt pocket

Dad’s need to know and feel that they are valued and that they still have that je ne sais quoi about them. After all, that’s what made a mom fall in love with them and get that first baby, right?

Mom has to tell dad often how great he is at holding babies with those strong and secure arms. Dad needs to know he changes diapers like a boss, and that his good looks need to be passed on to another new addition to the family.

Mom should be genuine and timely with her delivery of compliments and observations about why dad is such an awesome father. And before mom realizes it, the pregnancy test does not lie.

5 Cook more often, and feel free to make foods that just happen to be aphrodisiacs

smiling while cooking

There’s a saying that the stomach is a way to a man’s heart. And if mom wants to take that advice, then she needs to make use of her culinary skills to influence dad to knock her up.

Mom can choose to cook up some foods that are known aphrodisiacs, provided they are not risky or poisonous. And a simple way to warm dad’s heart to make another baby is to simply cook one of dad’s favorite meals. No fighting about who does the dishes later, either.

There’s nothing wrong with ordering take-out now and then too if mom is pressed for time.

4 If you only have a girl, she could use a brother. If you only have a boy, he could use a sister

Baby goals, life goals, family goals. If a mom wants dad to agree to have one more child, she can use the influence of shared goals in life. And when it comes to having children, some families love the idea of being able to have the perfect pair.

If there is only a little girl, she might so love the experience of having a brother. And if there is only a little boy in the family, he might enjoy being a big brother to a little sister. And if a mom is up to it, she can bring up the idea of having twins, which offers a unique experience in motherhood and fatherhood, especially if they are identical

3 If he sees you are confident and thriving, he’ll be more open to having a bigger family

wife smiling while looking up at husband

If a man is confident that his wife is satisfied, the home is financially secure, and there are no extreme stresses on the relationship and home life as it is now, chances are a husband will be more open to the idea of having a new little one running around.

So, wives that want a bun in the oven should show some affection and appreciation toward their husband. Smiling, laughing, and showing that the family can handle the needs and demands of a new family member means a lot to a man who may worry that a new baby might be too much.

2 Be patient: drop hints now and then, but don’t be pushy

The biological clock may be ticking for a lady, but a mom cannot let that cause her to race to rush her hubby into having another kid. Actually, pressuring a guy constantly can backfire in a bad way fast.

Not giving a guy enough time to really sort out their feelings and thoughts about having a new little bundle of joy running around, may actually cause mom and hubby to fall out with one another, or encourage distance.

Subtlety and patience are the keys to success for a mom who wants a new baby. Dropping hints without coming off pushy now and then is more than enough for a dad to catch a clue.

1 Use the word “us” when talking about having another baby. Don’t be selfish.

If a mom is interested in getting her hubby to be open to the idea of having another little one, it’s important that she throws around the word “Us.”

When trying to win a guy over, it is vital to remind him how that future baby is going to have the DNA of both parents flowing through their veins. Making a new life is a joint effort, and it is essential that dad’s ideas and feelings are an equal part of the baby-making equation. Before dad knows it, adding a new addition to the family may feel more like his idea.

Ultimately, if a new baby is an “Us” idea, that is best.

Sources: Susan Newman, Ph.D., Newsweek, Love Panky, Huffington Post, When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, Baby Center

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