20 Ways To Tell (During Pregnancy And After) What The Baby Will Be Like When They Grow Up

There are a lot of things expecting mothers and fathers think about before the new baby girl or boy arrives. Some of the thoughts that might be discussed by moms and dads-to-be are how they plan to raise their children, what they will name them, and what kind of hopes and dreams they have for them.

However, those who are expecting children are often curious about other things as well. Moms and dads often think about what their children will look like. They wonder whether he or she will get mom's hair, or if they will inherit their fathers’ nose. It is kind of hard to predict what a child will look like before they are born. However, it is not impossible, as we can give some educated guesses on things like what colour a child's’ eyes will be.

However, one major thing that mothers and fathers are extremely curious about is what kind of personality their kid will have. This is a bit like the whole nature versus nurture thing, and that is because some personality traits are inherited, while others are learned over a period of time. However, discovering what a child might be like when they grow up is not totally impossible.

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20 What Moms Say During Pregnancy Matters

Many expecting moms love to talk to their unborn bundles of joy. In fact, this is very important to do, as it helps the mother and the child create a bond with one another before the baby is even born.

However, it should be noted that the words we choose to use while talking to our unborn babies are very important, and should be chosen carefully. For example, children might have an issue being independent if their mothers used certain words while speaking to them before they were born.

It is important for our children to know that we are there, but they should also know that they are their own person.

19 A Fussy Baby Might Be A Picky Person

Firstly, it should be noted that no one person is going to be exactly like anyone else. We are all very unique, so it can be extremely difficult to predict what a child will be like when they grow up, but that does not mean it is impossible.

There are some people who believe that a child who is fussy during infancy might grow up to be a picky person. Furthermore, some fussy babies do seem to be more likely than other babies to have anxiety when they are adults, so there is definitely a connection between those two things.

18 Unborn Babies Pick Up Emotional Things From Mom

When a baby boy or a baby girl is in the womb, there are a lot of very interesting and important things happening. Furthermore, there are many things that happen outside of the womb that can have a major impact on unborn children.

One great example of this is the emotions an expecting mother has. Babies do not have to be fully developed to know what their mothers are feeling, and it is because of this that children often pick up many of the same emotional feelings that their mothers have.

The way a woman’s brain and hormones work have a great effect on the children she carries in her womb.

17 Little Ones Who Coo May Have Strong Language Skills

Having solid, strong language skills are definitely an essential thing for everyone. One great thing is that there are ways that parents can try to help their children develop these skills when they are infants.

In order to help a child gain strong skills in this department, there are a lot of things moms and dads should do with their little ones. For example, they should play games with them, and these games should involve the child's’ hands and feet. Furthermore, they should read to them often.

Another thing parents can do to see that their child has some pretty strong language skills is talk. Talking to them is very important, and they can also teach their children how to describe things. Babies who are already making cooing sounds are well on their way to being gifted in this department.

16 Moms' Feelings About The Baby Have A Strong Impact On Them

Unborn babies are pretty smart. In fact, it seems that there are always new discoveries being made about what happens in a woman's’ womb when she is carrying one or more children. Our little ones know a lot about what is going on with their mothers. One fun fact is that babies can even taste what we are eating.

One important thing to remember is that unborn children pick up on their mother’s emotions, which means that they might be able to tell if they are wanted or not. If a new mom is having negative feelings about the baby, they could have negative feelings about themselves later on in life.

15 They Are Stronger People If They Get Affection

Hugs, as well as other forms of affection, are actually very important, despite the fact that they are something that does not take much time or effort from either party that is involved. Children who receive a lot of affection when they are young will see many positive side effects from this throughout the later parts of their lives.

In fact, a child who is hugged often is likely to be more intelligent, happy, and close to his or her parents than they would have been if they had not received hugs. Furthermore, children can often tell the difference between being hugged by their moms and being hugged by others.

14 Spring Babies Are More Optimistic

There are a lot of people out there who believe that astrology plays a pretty big role in who they are. Furthermore, there are also a lot of men and women who tend to believe that astrology is nothing more than ridiculous entertainment.

However, it seems that the truth lies somewhere in between those two categories. One thing that appears to be true is that children who are born during the spring months tend to be happier and more optimistic than those that are born during other times of the year.

Furthermore, apparently, those that have a birthday during the spring season are more likely to take on leadership roles as adults.

13 A Baby's Reactions May Not Change

Babies seem to have some of the cutest and funniest reactions to new things. That is why so many parents like to record their child's’ facial expression when he or she is doing something they have not done before, such as trying something sour, like a lemon.

However, something a lot of parents do not realize is that the reactions babies have to new things is not likely to change when they are adults. While there are many factors that can make a difference in this scenario, it seems that babies who react to new situations in a calm way will always do so, and those who get anxious might always react that way as well.

12 Summer Babies Might Have Mood Swings

Contrary to what many people think, a baby’s personality can be greatly impacted by the time of the year during which they were born.

However, this does not necessarily mean that every personal detail about a person, as well as their future, can be predicted simply based off of their birthdate. But it does mean that people tend to have certain personality traits if they were born during times of the year.

In fact, babies who are born during the summer months are apparently much more likely to suffer from mood swings then their peers are. This is because certain months out of the year can greatly affect our brains.

11 Babies Born In The Fall Might Be More Content

Fall is a very fun and beautiful time of the year. I, myself, was born in October, and I can honestly say that this is an awesome time of the year to have a birthday.

There are a lot of factors that pretty much make fall a perfect season. For example, the weather is not too hot, and it is also not too cold. Instead, the weather is somewhere in between both places, and it is lovely.

This is a great time to be born. In fact, some people claim that children who have fall birthdays are actually less likely to suffer from depression, and they are not as likely to have some mental illnesses as babies who are born during other times of the year.

10 Mom And Dads' Words Are A Big Deal

There are a lot of very important people in many of our lives. However, some of the most important people in a persons’ life are the ones who raised him or her, and that is because the people whom a child spends time with when they are growing can have a great impact on him or her.

So, how a child turns out later in their life can have a lot to do with the way they are treated by their parents. If a child is constantly told that he or she is awesome and that they can achieve many great things, then it seems likely that the child will have a good amount of confidence in themselves when they are adults, which will help them in achieving their goals in life.

In other words, moms and dads who love to tell their kids how amazing they are should know that they are doing something that is very beneficial for their kid in the long run.

9 Putting The Child Above The Parents May Not Be Good

A lot of mothers and fathers tend to believe that it is okay to put their children above themselves, which is perfectly understandable. After all, our children are extremely important to us, so it is easy to see why a lot of parents tend to do this.

However, it seems that children who grow up seeing their parents put each other first are actually better off. This is true for a couple of reasons, one of which is because those who see their parents do this actually seem to become happier individuals than other children who are not raised this way.

8 Winter Babies Have Great Imaginations

Having a child during the winter months can be a pretty cool thing to do, and yes, that pun was absolutely intended. But it is also very true.

That is because there are a lot of benefits towards giving birth to a baby during this time of the year. In fact, some of the babies who are born during the coldest months of the year might actually have a slightly higher IQ score than some of their peers.

Another fun fact about winter babies is that they are very creative. Furthermore, these little ones typically have some pretty strong imaginations.

7 Sleep Is Very Important

There are a lot of things in life that can have a negative or a positive impact on our mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing. In fact, something that has a huge effect on all of these things is sleep, and that is true no matter what age a person is.

Those who have a good sleep schedule are less likely to have diabetes. Furthermore, sleep can have a big effect on the mood and happiness of a child. Therefore, children who have a good sleep schedule are much more likely to be physically healthy and happy people than those who have poor sleep schedules.

Furthermore, poor sleep habits have a direct connection to obesity, which can possibly affect a child for a very long time. In other words, parents who have children that love to sleep at night probably don’t need to worry about them being unhealthy adults, at least not where sleep is concerned.

6 Anxious Moms Can Have Anxious Babies

It is perfectly natural for mothers to have some moments of stress and anxiety. That is especially true for those that are pregnant. For example, women who were surprised to find out that they are carrying a baby might be worried because they are not ready to raise a child just yet.

However, something that is important to make a note of, especially for pregnant women, is that the temperaments of unborn babies tend to be heavily influenced by the temperaments of their mothers. That is because when a woman is carrying her child, her body is producing chemicals that can have a direct effect on her baby.

5 Birth Order Matters

There are a lot of things that can have an effect on the personality a person has when they are a grown adult. One of the things that can affect this is the order in which children are born.

For example, the oldest child will almost certainly act differently this his or her younger siblings. Furthermore, those who did not grow up with siblings may have certain personality traits because of that as well.

Firstborn children may be overachievers. They might also be a bit more controlling than their younger peers. Additionally, middle children may be the peacemakers, and those who are the youngest in their family might be a little more fun-loving than the others.

4 Some Babies Are More Likely To Be Curious

For the most part, children are pretty curious young people. This is definitely a great thing, as it shows that they enjoy learning new things.

This is even truer when it comes to babies. Baby girls and baby boys are always trying to figure out things that are new to them. For example, little ones love to play with their fingers and toes and discover how they work, and this is perfectly normal.

However, it seems that babies who felt especially safe in the womb are actually a bit more comfortable with learning new things than those who did not. Since mom’s emotions can directly impact her baby during pregnancy, she should practice things like yoga in order to create a calm and safe atmosphere for her baby.

3 A Child's Focus Can Indicate Intelligence

There are a lot of things that mothers and fathers-to-be are typically very curious about when it comes to their unborn baby. One of the things that moms and dads often wonder about is how intelligent their little girl or boy will be.

Well, there are some signs that can point to a child having a high IQ when he or she is older. For example, if a child can react to something new he or she is not used to after spending a considerable amount of time focusing on something else, it seems likely that they are very intelligent.

2 Moms Can Pass On Positive Attitudes

There is an old saying that goes something like this: “do as I say and not as I do.” That basically means that children should learn from their parents’ words, and yet they should not learn from their actions.

Well, that is just not how it works.

Children, whether they know it or not, tend to emulate what they see their mothers and fathers doing. This can also mean that the child will take on the moods of his or her parents. So, mothers who have a genuinely positive outlook on life during and after pregnancy will actually raise children that are very likely to be positive people themselves.

1 Genetics Are A Big Factor

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when parents are trying to predict what their child's’ personality might be like when he or she grows up. Some of the things that have a lot of influence on this are how the parents raise them, as well as what kind of personalities each parent has as well.

However, something else that is a pretty big deal here is the genes that we inherit from our families. While not every part of our personalities are affected by genetics alone, this is certainly something that is worth thinking about. That is because approximately 40% of the personality traits we each have are actually traits that came from our ancestors.

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