20 Ways Victoria’s Secret Models Raise Their Kids

Usually, when we think of Victoria's Secret models, we don't really think about mothers. We think about the energy, the youth, the attraction, and the bright colors of the clothing that they sell to the world. But the truth is, many of the most famous Victoria's Secret models, both past and present, are mothers.

Sure, some of the newest ones, such as Kendall Jenner and Barbara Palvin, are far from being parents, but the ones who have truly made their mark on the brand have also made their mark as parents. This list will delve into the lives of a handful of the most notable Victoria's Secret models and how they raise their children. Some of these women have very firm rules about how they want their children to be brought up, some of which almost conflict with their lifestyle as a model. But other parents are far more lenient about things and want their children to have a bit more freedom.

Whichever way they lean, this list contains nuggets of information that not only gives us insight into the lives of these stars but also lessons that we can apply to our own children. Without further ado, here are 20 ways Victoria's Secret models raise their children.

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20 Alessandra Ambrosio Keeps Her Kids Active

Via: Celebzz

It shouldn't take any of us aback that Victoria's Secret retiree Alessandra Ambrosio makes her children keep active. After all, models, in general, are all about fitness, but Victoria's Secret models really take things up a notch. But staying active doesn't just mean exercise, it means keeping days busy and full of fun things. When talking to People about her life with her daughter Anja and her son Noah, Ambrosio said, “We love going to the beach, hanging in Malibu and playing volleyball. I like to entertain in my house." She went on by saying, “Here in California, it is just so easy. We like going rollerblading and biking, all [kinds] of things!” 

19 Heidi Klum Is "Loving" Above All

Heidi Klum is one of those retired Victoria's Secret models who seems to be working more now than she ever did. Although she did get booted off AGT, alongside Mel B, by Simon Cowell and replaced by younger female stars, while the well-aged Cowell and Howie Mandell kept their positions. But even with this loss, she still seems to be everywhere, and her children aren't far behind. This is because she always wants them around her. This allows her to explore her most important parenting lesson, "to love them". For her, this is vital. She wants to be that dotting, caring, and supportive mom no matter what. But she will need to have a lot of love to give as she has 4 children: three with Seal and one with Flavio Briatore.

18 Coachella-Bound With Alessandra Ambrosio's Daughter

Coachella has become an event for the ultra-rich who want to be photographed looking amazing, albeit slightly ridiculous given the choice of garb. Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is certainly one of these people. Although she didn't just want this for herself, she also wanted it for her young daughter. She also decided she wanted the world to know that she and her friend were taking their very young daughters to a music festival designed for adults and populated by a lot of things that children just shouldn't be around until they are older. Additionally, the festival is very loud and thus harmful to kids with developing ears. Fans of Ambrosio were quick to call her out on this decision, saying things like, "If you have to drive to Coachella in a car seat, then you are probably too young to go."

17 Candice Swanepoel Nursed For A Long Time

Via: Celebzz

Candice Swanepoel (a last name that nobody can truly pronounce) is another Victoria's Secret model that endorses breastfeeding. She decided that she was going to breastfeed her son all the way until he was one year old, which is an admittedly long time to breastfeed a child. Sill, she didn't want to include bottle and formula feeding until much later in order to establish a stronger connection between them and give him the proper nutrients. Swanepoel (pronounced, "Swainpool"?) was so devoted to this rule that she even did it while she was completely dressed in glam fashion-show regalia for one of her many Victoria's Secret runway walks.

16 Gisele Bündchen's Milk Is The Be-All-End-All


Regardless of whether you like Tom Brady and his wife, Victoria's Secret veteran, Gisele Bündchen, you have to admit that the pair are pretty engaging. A lot of this has to do with their talent and good looks. But apparently, Gisele has another special feature that we knew nothing about; her milk. The milk she produces was often used to keep her children happy and healthy when they were babies. She would use a dropper and put milk up their nose to ward off bacteria on planes that they had to fly on, as well as put it in their eyes to clear things up. Giselle claims that this trick works even though there's absolutely zero science behind it and anyone should absolutely consult their physician before attempting this.

15 Miranda Kerr Successfully Co-Parents

Via: Popsugar 

Co-parenting is something a lot of folks have to do nowadays. After all, a lot of people, especially in Hollywood, end up going their separate ways. Even though some parents are incapable of working together after their relationship has come to a close, Miranda Kerr is not one of them. She had a very public relationship with Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean actor Orlando Bloom. The pair even had a son together, Flynn. Although they couldn't make things work between them, the pair work well together. Long after their split, Bloom posted an image of his son hugging a poster of his mom and wrote, "we came across this billboard in China while he was visiting me on set he loves his mum and what's not to love- she's a wonderful mother a great friend and co-parent so blessed and grateful."

14 Health Regiments For Karolina Kurkova's Boys

Victoria's Secret model Karolina Kurkova has been quoted as saying, "There’s no cutting corners. If you want to be strong, or you want to have beautiful skin or toned muscles, you have to work at it. You have to do something for it. Nothing is going to be just there.” Clearly, she follows these rules herself, but she also makes her two boys, Tobin and Noah, do the same via her health website. She even started a Goop-like site for children that focuses on holistic remedies for upset tummies, such as a $22.50 bottle of a blend of sprouted rice, yam, fennel seed, herbs, and licorice. The site also has physical health tips for children. If this all sounds a bit hooky to you, it's probably because it is. But still, Kurkova is sure that she wants her children to be healthy and follow a lifestyle trend that might make them reach that goal.

13 Heidi Klum Is Both A Mom And A Dad

Heidi Klum is usually on the market for a new beau, as she had tended to hop between them, aside from her three major relationships which include Seal, Ric Pipino, and Flavio Briatore. But since she is often a lone mom, she has to play both roles in the family dynamic. When discussing this with the press, she cited how she has always played this double role, even when she was with Seal. She said, "[Seal] was never your typical dad who left for work in the morning with his briefcase and would be by home by dinnertime every night. He traveled a lot. The kids knew it was part of his job. I'm a mom and a dad at the same time." Luckily for her kids, Klum seems to be able to find a healthy way of doing this while letting them have time with their fathers.

12 Relying On Schedules Is Best For Heidi Klum's Kids

Although Heidi Klum loves to have fun with her kids, she relies heavily on schedules for them to follow. This makes sense given the fact that this working mom is on multiple shows, doing photo shoots, and press almost every day. Seriously, she's one of the busiest women in Hollywood. Having her children on schedules not only benefits working out her own but also keeping her kids on track. It makes sure that they feel accomplished during the day and gets them interested in things such as sports, the arts, yoga, and academics. This is a challenging task since all four of her kids are quite different, meaning that they are unlikely to be at the same location at the same time. But Klum is more than used to running around.

11 Giselle Bündchen's Kids Must Do Yoga And Meditate

When talking to Vogue in 2017, Victoria's Secret retiree Gisele Bündchen went into detail about the importance of yoga and meditation in her life: “As a mother, you’re always giving. It’s important to give something to yourself, so you can give from a place of being full, instead of giving from a place of being depleted, which isn’t healthy for you or for the family." But she also spoke about how important it is for her children, regardless of their age, to start practicing the same routines. She wants them to find their center and be at peace with their thoughts in a world that is constantly given them so much information at once. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, this practice can be incredibly helpful, even if it's just 10 minutes of deep breathing a day.

10 Lily Aldridge And Doutzen Kroes Love Breastfeeding

Via: Twitter 

There have been many Victoria Secret models who have been very open about their thoughts on breastfeeding, but none more so than Lily Aldridge and Doutzen Kroes, who currently walk the runway for the major clothing brand. Both moms are constantly out there promoting breastfeeding to new moms all around the world. Both have stated that they feel very happy to be blessed with the gift of breastfeeding and they hope that every mother who can do this finds a way of incorporating it into their children's feeding times in some way. Both models are relatively new moms although Lily Aldridge has a daughter, Dixie Pearl, who is just under 10-years-old.

9 No Dating For Rhea Durham's Daughter

Rhea Durham was once a very popular Victoria's Secret model until she met and married The Departed, Ted, and Transformers actor Mark Wahlberg. The couple has four children together and run a pretty tight ship. Both are fairly old-school and devoted to their faith, meaning that they have some classic approaches to parenting mixed in with their progressive perspectives. However, the pair aren't so progressive about their 15-year-old daughter, Ella, dating. Wahlberg specifically is completely against his daughter dating until she is much older. He wants to keep her away from boys and have her eyes on school. Durham feels similarly but is slightly more lenient about it. We shall see who gets their way.

8 School Pick-Ups And Drop-Offs Are Routine For Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr may be a pretty successful celebrity who can afford to have one of her nannies pick her son, Flynn, up from school, but she is actually adamant about doing it herself. This is one of the most "normal" things that any of the women on this list do for their kids. Kerr is constantly there to drop her son off at school and pick him up whenever she can. When talking to the press, Miranda Kerr explained that it's one of her favorite things to do ever: "There is nothing better than picking my son up from school and seeing his little face light up."

7 Heidi Klum Lets Her Kids Dress Themselves

Via: Pinterest

When it comes to fashion, Heidi Klum sure knows a lot. It's one of her greatest joys and passions. And it's actually something that has transferred to her son Henry, who is pretty fashion-forward and wants to look good. But her other kids just aren't that into it. But all of them are allowed to dress themselves and find their own styles, even if it's one that their mother isn't a big fan of. A good example is when one of her kids wanted to take all of his hair off because he had seen a mohawk and liked how it looked on the sides. Although Klum didn't like this, she was happy to accommodate him and let him find himself through the way he looks.

6 Behati Prinsloo Has A Different Parenting Style Than Her Husband

Parenting with a spouse can be as challenging as parenting a child without one. This is because everybody is different. And when it comes to Victoria's Secret model Behati Prinsloo and her husband, Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, she couldn't be more different in regards to her parenting style. When discussing her parenting style with her husbands in an interview, Prinsloo said,  “He’s actually stricter than me and I thought I was going to be the strict one." While Levine cares about their daughter's time in front of the T.V., what she eats for breakfast, and how she spends her day, Prinsloo is far more lenient, basically being the "good cop."

5 Karolina Kurkova Battles To Instill Confidence In Her Boys

Although some of Karolina Kurkova's health regiments for her boys may be a bit on the odd side, she has a very important belief regarding instilling confidence in her sons. She knows the importance of creating strong men for the world who can handle criticism and be in touch with the way these comments feel. When talking about instilling confidence in her boys, Kurkova explained, "as much as I want to protect them, I can’t. They have to learn that not everybody is going to love them and not everybody is going to say nice things." Her role as a parent is to teach them these things and help them manage these feelings so they don't get the better of them later on in life.

4 Miranda Kerr Finds Balance As A Mom

Via: People

Miranda Kerr is first and foremost a parent. This is something that she really values in her life. In fact, she is utterly devoted to it, more so than she is to her modeling jobs, which she still adores. But in order to be a great parent, she knows that she needs to find a balance between work, family, and personal time. Personal health is vital to the growth and security of everything else. “Whether it’s exercise, reading a book, or 10 minutes of meditation, it’s important to look after yourself and have some ‘me’ time to avoid burnout,” she told MyDomaine. Frankly, this is a mindset that we can totally all appreciate.

3 Home-Grown Plant Menu At Giselle Bündchen's House

If you've ever wondered how Tom Brady, Gisele, and their kids manage to stay so healthy and fit, we have a firm answer for you. Besides for their amazing genetics and constant exercise, the pair have gravitated to a mostly plant-based menu. This is something that they have their children on as well. Gisele says that this is because it's not only good for the planet but also for her children who seem to thrive when eating a great deal more plants and plant-based foods than before. Luckily for them, Gisele has most of her food grown on their property. This means that she, her husband, or anyone who works for them, can go out into the garden and pick freshly grown fruits and veggies themselves.

2 Doutzen Kroes Has High Aspirations For Her Daughter

Via: Fan Pop


Doutzen Kroes has one of the most thoughtful and forward-thinking approaches to parenting. Although she loves her job as a Victoria's Secret model, she really wants her daughter to have different aspirations than she did. She wants her daughter to study and grow more creative passions that could not only benefit her but the world around her. One of the ways that she, as well as her husband, DJ Sunnery James, promote these aspirations is by not complimenting their daughter on her looks. Instead of saying how "pretty" or "beautiful" she is, they tend to spend more time complimenting her on her intelligence and creativity, as well as her passions for these things. Hopefully, this will help her develop a passion for something specific and a drive in order to accomplish her dreams.

1 Celebrating Halloween With The Ambrosio Kids

Via: People 

Veteran Victoria's Secret Model, Alessandra Ambrosio still has a very busy life as a model. Her schedule requires her, as well as her kids, to hit the road and travel the world for photography and fashion-line endorsements. However, no matter where they are, they always make time for Halloween. Once fall comes, they almost always head home for a visit to the pumpkin patch as well as their regular trick-or-treating route. Ambrosio makes sure that she is able to be with her kids on this day so they can have fun with family and friends and "get some sugar." Clearly, this is one of those days where this Victoria's Secret model is far more flexible when it comes to her children's menus.

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