20 Weird Things Moms Kept After Pregnancy

There are a lot of things in life that are simply amazing, and one of them is pregnancy. Our bodies can pull off some really hard tasks, and being pregnant and giving birth are two of them. While those things can be a little bit scary, it is important to remember that the female human anatomy is designed for this kind of thing.

Furthermore, those who have had multiple pregnancies have been amazed with every single one. That is because every mother, baby, and pregnancy is different. None of them are exactly the same, which is why some mothers and fathers want to do everything they can to create memories during the pregnancy.

A lot of expecting parents are interested in doing things like photoshoots, as well as framing the sonogram images of their unborn children. But there are a lot of creative ways to create keepsakes.

However, there are also some very unconventional, and sometimes just plain weird, things that moms have chosen to keep after the birth of the baby. Some of them are pretty cool, and others are a little bit strange. Here are some of the weirdest things moms have been known to keep after being pregnant.

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20 Moms Can Drink Coffee From A Sonogram Mug Now

Men and women everywhere have to have a boost of energy every now and then, especially when they are on the go a lot. Furthermore, it seems that the people who need this extra boost of energy more than anyone else are new mothers who are caring for very young children.

Well, one of the ways new moms choose to remember their pregnancy is to have one of their sonogram images put on a coffee mug. This is a pretty cool thing to do, as it would definitely be a cool object to hand down to one’s children or grandchildren.

19 Some Moms Keep Their Home Pregnancy Tests

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most incredible moments in life. Becoming an expecting mother is a very big event, and it changes every part of life. So, it is no surprise that some mothers keep things that remind them of how they felt the day they found out they were pregnant.

There are some mothers who kept their positive pregnancy tests, instead of throwing them away after using them. Seeing those two little pink lines is awesome, but it might be better to just take a picture of the test rather than keep it for years.

18 Sometimes Moms Want To Make A Teddybear With Their Cord In It

One of the things little boys and little girls seem to love the most is playing with toys. Furthermore, there have been a few toys that have remained very popular since they were invented, and one of them is the teddy bear.

Kids everywhere have been comforted and entertained by these fluffy stuffed animals for years. These days, one of the many strange things that can be created as a keepsake from a woman’s pregnancy is a teddy bear with the umbilical cord inside of it. Moms can have these made by saving their cords and placing them in a bag, and then having the bag sewn into the toy.

17 Some Moms Keep The Stump

There are some truly beautiful, as well as interesting, things that mothers have chosen to keep as a reminder of their pregnancies. However, there are also some very strange things that have chosen to keep as well.

Many mothers have been known to do something with their umbilical cord after the baby has been born. One of the weirdest things some moms have done is keep the stump in a bag somewhere.

Keeping something that reminds one of being pregnant with their child is wonderful. However, there are some things that should not be done, and keeping the stump in a bag is not one of them.

16 Some Parents Like To Have People Guess What The Gender Of The New Baby Will Be

These days, expecting mothers and fathers love to do a lot of different things to celebrate the upcoming arrival of their new baby girl or boy. A lot of parents have started throwing gender reveal parties, which are usually very creative and definitely a lot of fun to attend.

Furthermore, there are many families who like to throw a few guesses out there about whether the baby will be a girl or a boy. But keeping something from one of these moments probably is not a good idea. For example, the child may see this project when they are older, and feel that they disappointed some relatives by not being the gender that some of the relatives guess they would be.

15 Sometimes Mom Keeps Her Milk

There are a lot of different pieces of jewelry that are designed with mothers in mind. That is why there are so many rings, necklaces, and earrings that are specifically advertised as Mother’s Day gifts.

While pieces of jewelry with beautiful gems in them are great, some mothers want something a bit more personal. That is when a different kind of jewelry comes in. This type of jewelry is made with the mother’s milk.

As odd as this is, it is actually quite a beautiful thing to look at. When the milk is in whatever jewelry the mother chooses, it looks very similar to an opal.

14 There Are Mothers Who Like Umbilical Cord Jewelry

The umbilical cord plays a very vital role in pregnancy. So, a lot of mothers have been finding different things to do with it. After all, it does have a lot of health benefits for both the mother and the child.

However, some moms like to keep their cords and make jewelry out of them. This sounds unusual, but it actually seems to be something many new moms are doing these days.

Furthermore, umbilical cords are not that pretty to look at. So, it is kind of amazing to see what kind of beautiful pieces can actually be created from one.

13 Sometimes Moms Keep The Hair From Their Childs' First Haircut In A Necklace

There are a lot of things moms keep to remember their pregnancy, as well as their child's’ first few years of life outside of the womb. One of the most interesting things some parents have been known to keep is a lock of their baby’s hair after he or she has had their first haircut.

This is not at all unusual, but some people do think this is a little bit strange. Some moms who choose to do this keep the hair in baby books, which are designed for the parents to record their experiences during pregnancy, as well as the child's’ first few years of life. Others like to keep it in necklaces.

12 Some Moms Want A Life-Size Replica Of Their Pregnant Belly

Some mothers are slightly less confident in themselves when they are in the later months of their pregnancy. However, there are also some moms out there who are not only confident in their body while they are pregnant, but they are also very proud of their body, and they love the way it looks and feels during pregnancy.

In fact, some women choose to have a replica of their belly made before the baby is born. This is quite a personal piece of artwork, and some of these casts are really quite interesting and unique. This is usually done when the mother is nearly eight months pregnant.

11 Sometimes Stamps Are Created

Stamps have been around for a very long time. They are usually just meant to use when someone is mailing a letter, card, or a package. However, there are some men and women who collect stamps.

Collecting stamps can be a pretty fun thing to do. That is because there are some that are very cool, and they may be made in honor of a famous person, while others may feature artwork based off of a historical event.

Those who collect stamps might be interested in sonogram stamps. These stamps are odd, but they are kind of a cool pregnancy keepsake.

10 Wall Art Can Be Made Out Of The Placenta

There have been many cases during which art has imitated life and vice versa. So, it is not very surprising to find out that some mothers create wall art that is inspired by their placenta.

The placenta is a very important thing during pregnancy. This is what provides an unborn baby with oxygen, as well at the nutrients they need in order to stay healthy while they are in their mothers’ womb.

These things are not very pretty to look at. However, they do make for some very interesting and weird pieces of art. Placenta wall art is definitely a weird pregnancy keepsake.

9 The Sonogram Can Also Be Turned Into Wall Art

There are some really strange things mothers have decided to keep to help them remember what their pregnancies were like. However, just because something may seem a bit odd does not mean it is necessarily a bad idea.

A great example of this is sonogram wall art. This is not something we see much of usually, but it is a pretty cool thing in general. Sonograms are usually the first images we see of our unborn children, so naturally, we usually want to do something cool with those pictures.

8 They Can Have The Sonogram Image Printed On A Shirt

T-shirts have definitely left their mark on the world of fashion. They can be plain, solid shirts that only have one color on them, or they can have multiple colors on them. Furthermore, T-shirts often have text, images, or both on them, and that is why some moms like to put their sonogram images on a t-shirt.

However, this is kind of a weird thing to do. One reason this is not a more popular pregnancy keepsake is that this kind of shirt can only be worn a few times. However, it could be framed and saved for the child to see when he or she is older.

7 There Is Now A Fetus Replica

A lot of the things moms and dads like to keep to remind them of when their baby was in the womb are pretty cool and creative things. But there are also some very strange items, and then there are the things that are just plain creepy.

Fetus replicas are not meant to freak people out, but they are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. These statues look very real, and they are images of unborn babies. Expecting parents can have them made for a few hundred dollars. The statue is based on sonogram images of the unborn child.

6 Moms Can Turn Their Sonogram Photo Into A Nightlight

Our children really know how to light up our lives, and now they can literally light up the room before they are even born. That is because expecting mothers and fathers have the option to have a nightlight made with the image of their unborn little bundle of joy on it.

This seems as though it might be soothing to some. However, it might be a little bit confusing and creepy to look at when you first wake up in the morning. Those of us who have to take a few minutes to allow our brains to focus after we have been asleep for hours might find this rather unpleasant.

5 Mothers Have Kept Their Babies Hair In Rings

While some moms and dads love to keep a lock of their child's’ hair after it is cut for the first time and place it in a photo album or a baby book, others choose to wear it. Some think this is strange, but others see it as a great keepsake.

These days, parents who wish to do this can also choose to wear the hair in jewelry instead of placing it in a book or an album. Furthermore, some pet owners choose to do this as well, so that they always have a part of the furry family member with them.

4 Sculpture Of The Baby's Face

Technology has come a very long way. For example, we used to send letters to family members that lived far away, and then that turned into phone calls and emails. Furthermore, we also now have the opportunity to send text messages to our loved ones who live too far away for us to see every day.

In fact, technology has advanced so much that expecting parents can now have images of their unborn child made into a 3D sculpture. This is a bit on the strange side, but it does come in handy for expecting mothers who are unable to see their baby when they are having an ultrasound done.

3 Ultrasound Nail Art Is Just Weird

A lot of parents want to find a unique way to honor their children. While some moms and dads might choose to get a tattoo, and others might want to paint their sonogram image on one of their walls at home, some mothers are choosing to get their child's’ sonogram photo painted on their nails.

This is not the weirdest idea out there, but usually, parents like to have an item that will last for a very long time. Nail art usually does not last that long, especially for moms who are very active, simply because breaking a nail or chipping the polish is very common.

2 Moms Can Have A Phone Case That Reminds Them Of Their Pregnancy

Moms and dads are always coming up with new and exciting ways to honor their little ones. Many of us have to use our cell phones for numerous things every day, so it may not come as a surprise that some mothers are coming up with some very interesting phone cases that are not like phone cases any other people might have.

These days, some moms are having their sonogram images put onto cases for their cell phones so that they can always take a quick peek at their baby. Furthermore, there are a lot of different styles one can choose from if they want to have a sonogram phone case.

1 There Is Such A Thing As Tooth Jewelry

Most parents are very sentimental when it comes to their children. This means that a lot of us like to keep every little thing as a reminder of what pregnancy was like, or what our kid was like at a certain age.

Something that seems to have become a big trend lately is to make jewelry out of the first teeth a child loses. Some moms and dads view this as odd, while others are totally okay with it. Everyone is different, so what works for some people may not work for others.

Furthermore, this is not as much of a new thing as many people believe it is. Queen Victoria placed her child’s first tooth in a broach, which is now on display in Buckingham Palace.

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