20 Whisper Confessions From Girls Who Got Knocked Up With Twins

They’re 15 to 19 years old. They’re in high school or college. They’ve made a decision to be physically intimate – and now they’re pregnant. And it’s not just with one baby that will forever change the course of their young lives but with two.

They’re teenagers, they’re pregnant, and they’re expecting twins. And they’ve taken to Whisper to confess their true thoughts, feelings, hopes, and fears about their situations.

Perhaps in sharing what they’re going through – and in us gathering their confessions in list form here – something can be learned. Perhaps out of their pain, fear, and suffering can come knowledge and some sort of hope for the future. Maybe it can provoke people to question what led to these often challenging and unfortunate circumstances and to address what might be done to prevent things like this from happening so very often.

Education is so frequently the key to prevention. With knowledge about being safe and reproduction, and resources for sexual health and birth control readily and easily available, teens can make better choices and leave more options open in their futures.

With great hope that these young women found a way to bravely face the challenges ahead, we share with you now 20 Whisper confessions from teens who found out they were carrying twins.

20 A BIG Secret


She’s 36 weeks pregnant. She is expecting not one but two babies (and any day now, at that). She is only 15 years old!

But the kicker is that her mom hasn’t noticed! Just… what?

And she says that “not even” her mom has noticed, implying that no one really knows. What in the world?

Have you ever seen someone carrying twins? Even in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy, they can look almost “ready to pop” as they sometimes say. And at 36 weeks, delivery is just around the corner. I can’t imagine it being possible to hide a pregnancy – with twins or without twins – that late in the game, no matter how fit and toned a gal was or how overweight she was. We just can’t imagine how this would be possible.

19 School Girl’s Surprise


Her boyfriend doesn’t know. Her family doesn’t know. It seems that at this point, her pregnancy – with twins – is still a complete secret. And to drive home the point of how incredibly young she still is at just 19, there’s that little tidbit at the end: She just took (and passed, at least…) her finals.

Most people graduate high school at 17 or 18 years old. So this leads us to believe she must be in some sort of college. And how in the world will she continue on with that when she has not one but TWO newborns to look after?

She does have a boyfriend who is currently still in the picture, unlike some of the confessors featured in this article…

But they aren’t married, she’s still a student, and we have to wonder how in the world this will all play out…

18 Unlucky Or Unintelligent?

We know that birth control is not one hundred percent effective. But still, do you think the young lady who wrote these words used a condom or some other form of birth control for her first time? If she had, don’t you think it would be far less likely that she would find herself in this situation?

She waited until she was 18, which many would consider to be a rather smart decision. At this point, though a teen still, she is considered an “adult” in the United States. And at this point, if her partner is also over 18, the act can be considered consensual.

Here’s proof of why it’s a bad idea to have the attitude that “it could never happen to me.” Being physically intimate one time is all it takes to make a baby – or two… or more.

17 Tight Squeeze


The rough part of this one is the image it creates. We can’t help but picture this young woman, unable to even fit into the normal desk at school – high school, that is.

There’s a lot of other information missing from this tale. Is there a father in the picture? Does she know who the father is? Will she be able to complete at least her high school education? At 17 years old, we have to assume that she’d almost made it, as many kids graduate at 17 or 18 years old.

We read many confessions in researching for this article about teens hiding their pregnancies even up until the last trimester. It seems this news must have been quite obvious, since she wouldn’t even fit into a regular school desk since before the midway mark of the pregnancy.

16 Rapidly Expanding Fam


At 18, you’re technically considered an adult. At the time, you may even begin to feel like an adult, especially if the circumstances of your life have required you to already take on significant responsibility for yourself.

But many of us in our twenties or thirties or beyond would look back on this time and laugh at how we were still such babies. There was still so much we didn’t understand about the world. We probably still didn’t really know at all what we wanted to do in life, or even where we hoped life would take us.

This gal is that crazy age of 18, where you’re an “adult,” but are you really? And she’s already expecting twins. But the shocking part is the last sentence of the confession. She already has two other children.

15 Absentee Dad


At 16, the biggest thing going on in many teen’s lives is the freedom and responsibility of getting to drive a car on their own. For this young woman, 16 is the age at which she will become – or be near to becoming, in any case – a mother.

And we include this confession for an important reason. It’s not just that teenagers rarely have completed an educated, the better to be able to secure work and provide for themselves and a future family. It’s not just that they often lack the maturity to be able to successfully navigate life’s many challenges – and that’s not even including the challenges of parenthood.

It’s that at such a young age, relationships come and go. They don’t often last for years and years, so there is no set system of family and support for a child.

14 Already A Mom


Whereas many young women expecting babies confess to hiding the pregnancies from those close to them, this individual shares that she does in fact have the support of her family. But she does not have the support of a loving partner. She does not have a relationship with the babies’ father.

We have questions. Does she know who the father is? Did they break up? Were they ever in a relationship at all? Might this serve as a cautionary tale to not be intimate with someone with whom you do not have a loving and committed relationship? We think the answer to that last one is probably, um, yeah!

By not being able to “give them up,” we interpret that she feels that she could never give the twins up for adoption. At least she does have the support of her family for the journey ahead.

13 The Bright Side


When you hear “pregnant teenager,” do some associations immediately come to mind? Unmarried. Unsupported. Knocked up. One-night stand. Irresponsible.

Well this confessor claims that her situation is perhaps rather different. She is in a loving relationship, and though she is only the tender age of 16, she is actually married to the guy. It wasn’t some chance encounter or reckless decision, as the two have known each other for a lifetime already. Basically, it sounds like this dad, though probably young, as well, is not likely to bail on her.

The fact that they have already been in a relationship for two years (starting when she was 14??) may give readers out there a little hope, as well. And she, at least, has confidence that her partner will be a good dad.

12 All In The Family


In some cultures and in some family groups, the older siblings really are expected to help out with childcare for the younger brothers and sisters, or even to essentially raise them. Parents must work to provide for the family, and someone has to look after, feed, dress, and provide care for the children not yet old enough to do as much for themselves.

So for this young lady, it sounds like it won’t really be that much of a change. She seems almost already to have settled into her expected role as the mother figure.

She faces the road ahead bravely.

But we have to wonder, what if this expectation hadn’t been placed on her? What if her own parents had been around to watch after her more carefully while she was still a kid herself, rather than putting so much responsibility on her at such a very young age?

11 Never Suspected


This young woman had no clue what was going on! She (wisely) sought medical care for some strange symptoms, including back pain and some stomach problems. That’s when she found out what was really going on – that she was pregnant… and with twins.

With so many of these, it’s very tempting to wish there was a bit more information! Is she in a committed relationship? Was she using some form of birth control? We’d just like know how exactly this happened – and why exactly she was so incredibly surprised. The age of 18 is still really rather young, but it’s not too young to understand a few basic things, such as how babies are made.

We don’t mean to be insensitive. We’re just curious, really and truly.

And at least she found out rather quickly what was really going on!

10 Fear Factor


To be carrying twin babies at the very young age of 16 would be scary, indeed. Do you have any education? Do you have a job? Do you have a loving partner to help you parent these expected children?

How will you manage? How will you all survive?

And here’s a big one: Are your own parents still in the picture – and what do they have to say about all of this? Do they know?

That’s a lot of questions, and we’ll never know the answers to any of them because this is a completely anonymous Whisper confession. But the point is that a lot of questions translates to a lot of unknowns. And the unknown is scary.

It can be difficult enough to face being responsible for another human life – or two – as an adult with a steady partner, a job, and your own place to live…

9 Still Fresh


This young woman just found out that she is expecting. On top of that, she’s expecting times two. And it is scary and stressful, to be sure.

We have to mention at least once, here, though, that if you are going to make the decision to get busy in the sheets, shouldn’t you be prepared to face the probable consequences? It can’t be possible to make it to the age of 16 in this world not knowing that intercourse is how humans reproduce.

The teenage years involve some bad decisions for many folks. Maybe they sneak out at night when they’re supposed to be sleeping, drive too fast on the freeway, go to a party instead of studying for a big test, or quit the team rather than training hard and giving it their best.

When we have watchful and helpful mentors, we learn from these bad decisions, hopefully before we’ve experienced too many life-altering consequences.

8 At A Loss


This one is straightforward and simple. This girl is pregnant – with twins – she’s 15 years old, and she does not know what to do.

If only she had a parent or mentor to go to, perhaps one she could have turned to before she made the decision that got her into this current predicament – the decision to do it at the age of 15.

If she knows for a fact that she is carrying multiples, we can assume that she has at least been to a doctor who has confirmed the pregnancy and conveyed this information to her. Did the doctor not inquire about her plan, given that she is only 15? How did she receive this medical care without the consent of a parent or guardian? Or does that parent or guardian just not really know what to do either?

7 Can’t Find Her Way


Are you just now feeling lost, or is this maybe something that’s been going on for quite some time?

Although the age of 18 means the responsibility of technically being an adult, many young people are still relying on their parents or other family for emotional support, advice, a place to live, food, and finances.

We have to wonder what particular situation this young lady is currently in. Is she out on her own already, as we know that some people already are even at such a rather young age? Is she still relying on her own parents or family group?

But we can assume that this was unplanned, and one might guess that she does not have a supportive partner there to help her navigate the uncertain road ahead.

6 Twice As Un-Nice


Why, oh why, are so many of these confessors only 16 years old? And why do they all have smartphones?

That’s what we have to wonder.

So you have the family support or job / wherewithal to have your own phone with a Whisper app installed, you think you are ready to engage in the very adult act of intercourse, but then when it’s time to face the consequences of that choice, you are left feeling scared. And when this young woman found out those consequences were multiple, literally, she was left feeling even more scared.

What was she thinking at the time? What were the circumstances that led to this situation? How could it have been prevented, so that she could move on to young adulthood without having to overcome this huge obstacle and face this very real fear?

5 Another Big Decision


Let’s think about some common things going on in a standard 15-year-old’s life. They may be learning to drive or perhaps they’ve received their learner’s permit. They probably fairly recently started high school, and are perhaps in their freshman or sophomore year. They may be trying out a sport, taking up or continuing on with a musical instrument, and really beginning to start the process of figuring out who they are.

They may try on a few different styles, groups of friends, attitudes, and personas as they get further along into adolescence. But adulthood still seems miles and miles away.

And this very young woman has already lost her virginity, become impregnated, found out she would have twins if the pregnancy was continued, and made the decision not to continue with it.

4 Race To The Finish Line


It sounds as though she just wants to get the pregnancy over with and pretend the whole thing never happened.

But will it not be difficult to look back on this in the years to come and wonder about the choices that she once made – as such a young person?

At 16, you’re still so much a child. What a really, really big decision to make before you’ve even lived very long at all. But then so is the decision to be physically intimate… and this is the consequence, one which this confessor had to face.

Did she keep going to school? Does she know who the father is? What are his thoughts on the two babies being put up for adoption? Or does he even know? We will never know and never truly understand, but this young woman will have to live with this decision for the rest of her life.

3 Playing The Odds


So does she already have one child? Or does she mean that it was overwhelming enough to think of having one baby on the way, and then she discovered that she was carrying twins?

Panicking certainly seems a fitting thing to do. Like so many others included in this article, this confession is from someone who is only 16 years old.

It’s not old enough in many cases to be completely responsible for yourself, much less another life – or two.

We’ve heard from young women feeling scared and then even more scared once they discovered the news that they were pregnant with twins. We’ve read of them feeling completely terrified. And now we hear from this young lady in a complete panic.

Here’s hoping that she was able to move forward wisely and carefully and continue on with life making decisions she wouldn’t regret.

2 Back To The Future


At last, a teen who at least touches on some concerns about her future! It’s not just “I’m scared” or “I don’t know what to do.” She’s actually considering, actually thinking through, how this will affect the course of her life.

She’s stressed that she won’t be able to go to college – or even finish high school. She is only 16 after all. But the fact that she is at least considering these factors seems to be a good sign. Maybe she can still find a way, if a bit different than the course she had previously predicted.

And this is also one of the rare instances we’ve read about today where the teen is not completely alone. She believes, at least, that she is in a loving relationship. We have to wonder, though, if this loving boyfriend has heard the big news just yet.

1 One Of Each With Success Out Of Reach


Looking for a job at 22 weeks pregnant would be quite interesting. In 18 weeks or thereabouts, there will be two babies on the scene, so it may get a little interesting to show up and work at said job, right?

What do you do in this situation? It seems that unless this young expectant mother has someone to rely on financially, she’ll be in quite the jam. Who will pay for medical bills? Who will provide clothes and food and a place for her and her children to live?

We can only hope that she is currently in a situation that provides her at least some form of support to build upon as she faces the abundant challenges ahead.

She may be frozen in fear as she writes her confession, but hopefully she can get moving and find some solutions before that little boy and girl arrive.

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