20 Women Who Didn't Know They Were Pregnant Until they Were In Labor

Melony is 18-years-old, living on her own, going to college, works a full-time job, and has a great boyfriend that she has been with since high school.

Now, one day Melony starts to feel ill. There is a lot of pressure in her lower stomach, she is cramping bad, and even having some leakage down below. At first, she believes that she is having her monthly cycle. It is around the time she should be starting, after all.

Then the pain starts to increase...

Before she knows it, the pain gets so bad that she is bent over the bathroom sink crying and screaming. Her boyfriend runs in and calls 911.

By the time an ambulance arrives though, Melony feels something between her legs. The paramedics arrive just in time to help her deliver a beautiful full-term baby.

Mom and dad are surprised, though. Neither of the two had any clue that Melody was pregnant. How is this possible?

Well, some women are lucky enough to go through their entire pregnancy without any signs of pregnancy. Morning sickness, loss of a cycle, body changes, all these and more are signs they do not have. Some may experience a change in size, but not enough to make them think they are expecting, especially if they are on birth control. Some women will experience the baby moving but being a first-time pregnancy might think it is just gas or indigestion.

Hard to believe right?

Well, it's true and here are 20 women who experienced it — some even twice.

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20 Judy Brown (I Thought It Was Indigestion)


Judy Brown, age 47, had been married to her husband Jason Brown for 22-years, but throughout their marriage, the pair had never really thought about becoming parents. To them, if it happened, it happened.

According to Sfglobe.com, in November 2015, the couple made their way to the hospital due to Judy having extreme stomach pains that she figured was just indigestion, gallstones or a big blockage. Little did she know that she was, in fact, pregnant and an hour away from delivering a baby girl.

"To understand and take in that I was pregnant and was about to go into labor ... it was very stressful," Brown explained.

To their luck, Judy gave birth to a healthy baby girl that they would go on to name Carolyn Rose.

19 Brittany Young (I Thought They Said I Wasn't That Far Along)


Back in 2015, Brittany Young took a trip to the hospital in Des Moines due to an injured nose. While there she learned she was pregnant and when asked how far along, the tech told her 12 weeks.

According to Newser.com, Brittany started to have stomach pains one night while at home. Being so early into the pregnancy, she just took some Tylenol and tried to rest, the pain returned though.

"I got in the shower, not even five minutes after that, I was like, my stomach is still hurting. Not even five seconds (later), I had to push," Young says.

One push later and Brittany had given birth to her fourth child, a healthy baby girl she named Miracle. Come to find out she had misheard the tech when she said 12-weeks...

"This baby's eyes were open; she was just sitting there staring at me. She didn't cry or anything," Young says. "I was in shock. I was like, there's a baby here."

18 Milaois Young (My Mom Assured Me It Was Just Appendicitis)


According to mirror.co.uk, the night Milaois went into labor she had been sick all night. Her mother Victoria was pretty sure she had appendicitis, that is until her water broke.

They quickly called an ambulance, but before it could arrive, Milaois gave birth right there on the kitchen floor. She told The Irish Mirror that the baby just slid right out into her pants.

“When she came out, she let out a little cry and then she stopped breathing so my Ma had to resuscitate her."

Unfortunately, Milaois had only been 24-weeks pregnant and her daughter was way too tiny to function on her own. Her mother was able to resuscitate her and she was quickly taken to the hospital when the ambulance arrived.

During her pregnancy, Milaois's body had only changed slightly and had some back pain. Any time the baby had moved, she figured it was just gas. She never thought she could have been pregnant.

17 Charlotte Thomson (I Thought I Was Just Having Bad Cramps)


According to Independent.co.uk, Charlotte was a party girl when she became pregnant at 19. Throughout her entire pregnancy, she went out regularly with her friends and only changed her appearance slightly. She figured she put on some extra meat because she was going out so much and did not think anything of it since she was still able to fit in her size eight clothes and was having monthly periods.

Then one night, Charlotte started to have severe stomach pains. At the hospital, doctors revealed that she was nine months pregnant and in labor.

“I told them that there had to be a mistake,” Charlotte said. “I’d had no symptoms.”

Three hours later, Thomson gave birth to Molly. Doctors told Charlotte that the baby had been wedged up in her ribs, which is why she was still able to fit into her jeans.

Since her daughter’s birth, she has calmed down a lot and is now focused on being the best mom she can be.

16 Ada Guan (I Took Two Pregnancy Tests)


When Ada Guan gave birth to her baby, she did it on a plane that was going from Calgary to Tokyo.

According to CBC.ca, Ada had been traveling with her boyfriend, Wesley Branch, when she went into labor. Luckily, there were three doctors on board when this happened that were able to help her deliver a healthy baby.

Just three weeks earlier, Ada and Wesley had been visiting his parents, who both had no idea she was pregnant.

"I said to her, 'Did you not feel anything inside?' and she said 'No, every once in a while, I felt gas or rumblings in there' but never thinking it was a baby in there," says Sandra, Wesley’s mother.

"This just happened completely unexpectedly. It turned out we have a little baby, beautiful girl," Wesley said to reporters as he held the baby. "Her name is Chloe."

15 Jennifer West (I Just Wasn't Feeling Well)


According to Parenting.com, during a fourth of July trip with some friends and her husband, Jennifer started to feel sick. She woke up one morning with severe cramps, back pain, and was achy all over, so she decided to stay home and miss out on the activities her husband and friends had planned.

After hours of pacing and trying to nap with no relief, she went to her husband and told him she needed to go to the hospital. Once she arrived at Hayward Area Memorial Hospital around 7pm, it didn’t take long before she was rushed into a room where the doctor told her she was eight centimeters dilated.

Unfortunately, Jennifer was too far along to receive an epidural, but after a few minutes of some tearful pushing, she delivered a healthy baby boy.

14 Jennifer Scollin (I Knew As Soon As My Water Broke)


When Jennifer Scollin found out that she was pregnant, she didn’t even have enough time to get to the hospital before she delivered her new bundle of joy.

According to Newser.com, Jennifer hadn’t been feeling well right before she went into labor. She didn’t think it was anything but a stomach bug though. Then one Saturday morning, she woke up to some severe stomach pains. Immediately she called her boyfriend and asked him to come home. Within minutes of his arrival though, something unexpected happened, her water broke.

An ambulance arrived shortly after, but this baby was not waiting, and Jennifer ended up giving birth right there in her driveway to her second child.

"Two pushes and he was out,” Jennifer told the Connecticut Post.

13 Katie Kropas (I Thought My Feet Swelling Was From Me Working Too Much)


Katherine “Katie” Kropas was 23-years-old when she gave birth to her baby girl at South Shore Hospital.

According to Necn.com, the only symptom Katie had to deal with while pregnant is swollen feet. She never chalked that up to pregnancy though, she just thought it was because it was the holidays and she was having to spend up to 50 hours a week on her feet as she worked as a caterer.

What made the whole experience even more surprising is that she was on birth control and still had a regular cycle throughout the entire pregnancy.

Katie gave birth to her daughter on a Tuesday at 11:06pm. Her daughter was completely healthy.

12 Lynette Pearce (Gave Birth On The Battlefield)


Lynette Pearce was a British Army soldier stationed out in Afghanistan when she gave birth to her son while on the front line.

According to Dailymail.co.uk, four days after Camp Bastion was attacked, Lynette went into labor and delivered a five-week premature baby boy. Lynette had no idea she was pregnant the entire time and was able to keep up on all her training regiments. Just days earlier she did an eight-mile hike with a 30-pound bookbag on her back.

After the birth, mom and baby were sent to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. Despite little Immanuel being five-weeks early, he is a very happy and healthy baby.

11 Trish Staine (I Thought It Was Just A Pinched Nerve)


After running a two-hour marathon, Trish Staine ended up checking herself into a hospital due to severe back pain that she figured was a pinched nerve she got from her marathon.

According to Christianpost.com, Trish and her husband John were in for a big surprise though. She was actually pregnant, in labor and about to deliver in just a few short minutes.

During her pregnancy, Trish had no symptoms, not even change of figure or fetal movement, and her husband had a vasectomy after their last child, so pregnancy wasn’t even a thought for them.

"I definitely thought I was done having kids," Trish explained. The pair already had a 7-year-old daughter, an 11-year-old son, and then John also had three sons from a previous relationship that were 17, 19, and 20 years old.

Trish gave birth to a healthy baby five weeks early.

10 Gaynor Rzepka (I Thought I Just Had To Go To The Bathroom)


According to Mirror.co.uk, Gaynor Rzepka, age 25, had just gotten off a 10-hour work shift at the supermarket she worked at when she gave birth to her healthy son, Olly-James.

It all started earlier that day when Gaynor started to feel unwell. Her manager, noticing she was struggling, asked her if she wanted to go home early, but Gaynor insisted on working her whole shift.

It was around one in the morning when she would wake up in severe pain.

Gaynor said: “I was having a really sharp pain in the side of my stomach all day. The only way I can describe it is that it was like someone stabbing me in the right-hand side of my groin.”

Around 5:20 in the morning, Gaynor gave birth to her son in the toilet at her parent’s house after just one push.

9 Pamela Vugts (Thought She Was Experiencing Side Effects From Her Kick Boxing Match)


According to Urbantabloid.com, Pamela Vugts was a 17-year-old junior fighter participating in a kickboxing match the day she found out she was pregnant. During the match, Pamela suffered a kick to the stomach that resulted in her having to be rushed to the hospital right away after she started experiencing severe pain.

When Pamela arrived at the hospital, pregnancy was the last thing on her mind, which is why when the doctors told her she was pregnant, Pamela, along with her parents, were in awe. Pamela was, in fact, seven-months pregnant and because of the kick to her stomach, her baby was in distress and she had to have a C-section.

Pamela gave birth to a premature baby boy.

8 Danielle Miller (I Just Felt Sick During My Shift At McDonald's)


Danielle Miller was just a young 16-year-old teenager when she learned that she was pregnant.

According to Buzzbeagle.com, the young teenager was working a night shift at her local McDonald's in Vancouver when she suddenly felt sick. She ran into the bathroom and after a while, her co-worker followed to check on her and heard her crying. Before either of them knew it though, Danielle started to deliver her baby right there over the toilet. Her co-worker called 911 while another helped Danielle to deliver her child with the help of the woman on the phone.

Danielle had no idea that she was pregnant and had no symptoms to lead her to think she was.

7 Nadia Watson (I Thought It Was A Bowel Movement)


According to Standardmedia.co.ke, Nadia Watson, who was 22 at the time, awoke one night with severe cramps that she thought was just either a bad cycle starting or a bowel movement. She headed to the bathroom where she then collapsed on to the floor in pain. Before she even had time to think she learned that they were not period cramps, but actually labor pains.

For an hour, Nadia laid there on the floor screaming in pain as she delivered a bouncing baby girl all by herself while her boyfriend slept in the nearby bedroom.

In fact, her boyfriend was in such a deep sleep that he didn’t wake until the police and ambulances arrived, called by their neighbors who had heard Nadia’s screaming.

6 Tawanda (Not Once, But Twice, With No Symptoms)


According to Dailymail.co.uk, on the TLC special I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, viewers learned that Tawanda was a club one night when she started to feel ill. She was able to hail down a cab as the pain started to intensify. While begging the cabby to take her home, Tawanda realizes that there is something coming out of her. That is when she learns that she is in labor and that something is actually the baby’s head. She ended up giving birth right there in the cab to a healthy baby boy.

Fast forward 13 years and Tawanda is now a mother of five and married. On a catch-up special TLC did called I Still Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, we see that she is at a bbq with friends when she starts feeling ill and experiencing yet again those all too familiar pains, she had years ago. Come to find out she was pregnant yet again and didn’t know. With the help of some friends, Tawanda is able to give birth to a healthy baby boy.

5 Roxana Rodriguez (I Thought The Labor Pains Were Just Cramps)


According to Urbantabloid.com, back in 2014, a nun from El Salvador gave birth to a healthy baby boy without even knowing she was pregnant.

Reports go that the nun known as Sister Roxana Rodriguez had been complaining of severe stomach pains the day of delivery and had been rushed to the hospital. It wasn’t long after she arrived that the 31-year-old nun found out that it was not a bad monthly cycle like she thought, but actually a pregnancy she knew nothing about, and she was about to give birth to a beautiful little boy.

To this day, there are still mixed reports about if she actually knew or not that she was pregnant, or if she was ashamed and decided to intentionally keep the pregnancy a secret.

4 Amanda Burger (I Had A Weird Feeling, But Each Test Came Out Negative)


Amanda Burger woke one night to some severe cramping that she figured was just stomach cramps. After taking some meds and placing a heating pad on her back, Amanda grew concerned when the cramps didn’t stop but intensified.

According to Globegazette.com, that is when Amanda woke her husband up and told him to take her to the hospital where Amanda would soon learn she was in labor and about to deliver a baby girl.

A few hours after arriving at the hospital, Amanda gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that she named McKinlee.

After the surprising event, Amanda admitted to how she watched the show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant on TLC, but she never thought it could ever happen to her.

During her pregnancy, Amanda did feel weird, but she took several tests that all came back negative so she never thought she was pregnant.

3 Amanda Prentice (Had No Idea Until She Had A Seizure)


According to Urbntabloid.com, Amanda Prentice and her husband Billy had been trying for years to have children of their own. Unfortunately, a baby just hadn’t been in the cards for them, that was until they both learned that they had finally been blessed with a bundle of joy. Amazing news, right? In most cases yes, but Amanda and Billy had learned about it five hours before Amanda gave birth.

Throughout her pregnancy, Amanda had no signs that she was with child. It wasn’t until she had a seizure and her husband rushed her to the hospital that she learned the truth. The pregnancy had caused her seizure, but she was still able to give birth to a healthy little girl who she named Allie and who was their miracle baby.

2 Crystal (Not Once, But Twice)


Earlier, we learned about a woman named Tawanda who had not one surprise pregnancy, but two. Well, TLC also did a feature on another woman named Crystal, only unlike Tawanda who had her boys 13 years apart, Crystal had her two babies back-to-back.

According to Dailymail.co.uk, Crystal started to experience some severe pains that she thought were just kidney stones. After a trip to the hospital though, she learned that they weren’t what she thought, but actually a baby about to be born.

Fast forward one-year later, Crystal is still trying to get over her surprise pregnancy when she learns that yet again, she is in labor and about to give birth.

Just like her first pregnancy, Crystal swears that she had no signs of ever being pregnant.

Her second child was born on her bathroom floor with the help of her boyfriend and her aunt.

1 Stephanie Hughes (I Just Thought It Was A Bad Period)


Like Amanda Burgers, Stephanie Hughes watched the TLC show I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant and thought that there was no chance of something like that ever happening to her.

According to USmagazine.com though, it did. On a Friday, August 26, 2016, Stephanie arrived at UnityPoint Health Trinity Regional Medical Center in Fort Dodge, Iowa complaining of bleeding and severe cramps.

“I thought it was a bad period,” she told Us Weekly.

Boy, was she wrong.

Three hours later Stephanie welcomed a healthy baby girl via C-section that she later named Ames Unity Hughes.

“I never had any cravings. I never got sick. I was still wearing my regular clothes,” the 36-year-old tells Us. “I had no signs of pregnancy.”

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