20 Women Who Gave Birth At A Walmart

Walmart is the kind of place that attracts a very wide variety of people. By no means are all the costumers who come to this massive retail chain as brazen and bizarre as the stereotypes would have you believe. But that doesn't mean that Walmart doesn't lure in a wide array of remarkably odd individuals. This is probably because the chain has something for everybody. It's a one-stop shop.

That means it has everything from food, medicine, and clothing to pregnancy and prenatal items. Perhaps this is why there have been a number of very pregnant individuals who have actually given birth at Walmart. Yeah, this sounds somewhat unfortunate and equally hilarious, but it's true. One can't always control when a baby wants to come into this world. Sometimes it happens at pretty inconvenient times. But, hey, what a story to be able to tell later on!

This article will go into detail about a number of women who had no choice but to give birth to their kids in the aisles or check-out lines of the world-famous store. Although it may not have been their first-choice location, their bodies couldn't hold out any longer. Without further ado, here are 20 Women Who Gave Birth At Walmart.

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20 Having A "Register Baby"

Via: People

In October 2016, a woman in Payson, Utah, stepped into Walmart to purchase a few things for her upcoming bundle of joy. However, by the time she was paying for the newly selected products, she was already in unexpected and full-on labor. In fact, she gave birth at register 11. The Store associates who helped her get through the ordeal named the little human "register baby." What made this event even more memorable was the fact that she insisted on paying for what she bought before she had the baby. As the workers said, it was very similar to a scene from a movie.

19 A Walmart "Code White"

via:Le Courrier de Saint-Hyacinthe

TVA shared a story about a 39-year-old pregnant woman who had her baby in a Walmart in Quebec. Annick Lepage-Pichette thought she had a week before she was due so believed it was safe to pick up a few things at the store. Unfortunately, she went into labor while shopping. She thought she could make it to the hospital but then couldn't make it out the Walmart door. This is what caused Walmart to call a "Code White," meaning that the staff is needed to deal with a medical issue.

The staff made a makeshift delivery room behind some sheets and pillows and helped Lepage-Puchette bring her baby into the world with only three pushes.

18 Unhappiness In The Walmart Bathroom

Although some Walmart births are full of joy, this is an instance where things didn't go as planned. A woman in 2009 ended up going into labor while shopping, despite the fact that the baby was about a month premature. The woman barricaded herself in the bathroom. Unfortunately, she thought the situation had taken a turn for the worse. This caused her to flee the store without asking for help. But the baby was, in fact, fine, and was found by employees in the washroom after the fact. The woman was then examined by the courts to see if any wrongdoing took place. Any way you slice it, this was an unfortunate scenario for all parties.

17 Going Into Labor While Shopping


Back in 2013, a woman who was 8 months pregnant decided that she would take a chance and go to Walmart to pick up a few things for the house. She was in a small county in the Midwest, so Walmart was the best option for her to get everything that she needed in one trip. Things were going well until she found that she was going into labor in one of the aisles of the store. She managed to call for help but ended up having the baby in the washroom before the first responders could even arrive. Once they got there, they merely had to snip the umbilical cord. She had done all the work herself.

16 Leaving Walmart With A Newborn

Via: Miifotos

Walmart is the type of place where you can purchase just about everything. In fact, when you go in, you tend to expect only to buy a couple of items and end up leaving with a lot more than you bargained for. Well, a woman in Georgia took home something she really didn't expect, her newborn. This is because she gave birth inside of Walmart. This was something that the woman had to go through by herself as well as with a couple of employees who provided her with a couple of necessary items. The EMTs arrived on site too late, and could only help her with the end results. The big job she had to do all on her own without any meds. Talk about a unique Walmart experience.

15 Off-Duty Officer Helps Deliver Baby


Sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time. This was certainly the case for an off-duty officer who was at a local Walmart in Kansas City in 2012. It was lucky that he was there because he encountered a woman who was in the middle of delivery at the entrance of the world-famous store. Although he had never helped a delivery before, he had some experience with it as he watched his wife give birth four times prior. So, he was able to help her out when no one else could. Eventually, the paramedics came to help them out. The woman must have been thrilled that there was someone else there to help her out.

14 A Hurricane Hits The Parking Lot

Via: NBC News

In October 2018, Hurricane Michael swept through the Florida Panhandle, forcing those in the area to take refuge in spaces that wouldn't be so desolate. Such a place was a Walmart parking lot. A husband and his pregnant wife waited out the storm there in their car. Unfortunately, the wife went into labor. This made the upcoming father step up to the plate and help to deliver the baby. It was a dramatic scene for so many reasons. Eventually, the husband was able to help his newborn son come into the world, and the rest is history. Although this pair wasn't in Walmart, they were certainly close enough to have a "Walmart baby."

13 Colorado Walmart Baby

Via: Motherly

A woman in Canon City, Colorado, in 2015, was forced to give birth in the bathroom of a Walmart. The baby's birth came out of nowhere, even though she had a few days before she was due. However, due to it being a complicated birth, the baby didn't look the way that he should have. This caused a Walmart employee, Monica LeDoux, to step up and help out. She revived the baby and basically saved him with the help of authorities on the other end of the phone. Eventually, paramedics arrived at the scene, and both mother and child left the Walmart happy and healthy.

12 Fellow Shoppers Come To Pregnant Woman's Aide


Back in 2004, a very pregnant woman in North Dakota had to deal with going into labor while shopping at a Walmart. She was 34 weeks pregnant and therefore still had a couple of weeks before she was expected to give birth. But by the time she was climbing back into her vehicle, she realized that the baby was coming then and there. She was pretty unnerved by this, but luckily bystanders were there to help her. Before they could, she grabbed a sweatshirt from the back of her car. A few fellow shoppers came to help her deliver the baby, who was already on its way out. By the time paramedics arrived at the Walmart parking lot, the baby had already come into the world.

11 Paramedics Guide Father Through Birthing Procedure

There's no way that an individual can be prepared to help birth a baby without learning the proper information. It's easy to guess how it's done by watching television and movies, but unless you're actually there in the moment, there's no way to truly know how to do it. But one father in Mustang, Oklahoma had absolutely no choice but to help his wife deliver their baby in the parking lot of a Walmart. They were forced to pull over here after they learned that the woman was going into labor right there and then. The scene was a bit chaotic, but the dad-to-be managed to get ahold of paramedics, who guided him through the procedure over the phone. By the time they arrived, the baby had already been born.

10 Giving Birth While Shopping For Pickles

Via: Regan Mae

Women often get odd cravings when they're pregnant. One common craving that they have is for pickles. This is precisely what brought Zykia Eutsey to a Walmart in Portsmouth a couple of years ago. She was searching the store for her favorite brand of pickles when she found out that she was actually going into labor. The paramedics managed to get to the scene right as she was giving birth to the baby. This meant that they had to help her right there and then. Afterward, they immediately transported her and the baby to the hospital where they both were treated. At the end of the day, both ended up being happy and healthy.

9 Going Into Labor On An Evening At Walmart

A woman shopping at a Walmart in upstate New York experienced a pretty sudden birth in the aisles of the store. This occurred back in 2013, at around 8 at night. The woman had no choice but to give birth to her baby with the help of fellow customers in the middle of the store. As with cases like this one, the birthing process was very fast. But it couldn't have been done without the help of the completely random people around her. Could you imagine asking strangers to help birth your baby? Well, this poor woman had to. Luckily, the paramedics arrived at the Walmart shortly after the birth in order to clean-up and whisk them away to the hospital.

8 Walmart Employee Gives Birth At Work

It's not just customers who have given birth at Walmart. In one case from 2015, a Walmart employee named Rosaline Madrid actually had to give birth at work. As many pregnant women have to do, Madrid kept working even though she should have been resting. But she had to in order to pay her bills. Instead of working out front, she relocated to the freezer department so she didn't have to be on her feet all day long. But this wasn't enough to stop her from giving birth while working. She gave birth on the floor of the restroom at her work to a baby with the help of a registered nurse who happened to be in the store at the time.

7 Fire Crews Rush To Walmart


Back in 2017, a young woman in Monroe had to give birth in a Walmart store. Luckily, she had the assistance of store personnel and Frenchtown Township fire crews who raced to the scene after they were called. The woman was about 39 weeks pregnant with her second child and wasn't expecting to give birth in such a place. The personnel arrived in time and helped to deliver her baby on the spot since moving her would not be conducive to a healthy birth. The emergency workers even ended up snipping the umbilical cord. The Walmart staff then brought the woman blankets to wrap herself and her baby in as well as help to her gain some privacy.

6 Shopping Trip Takes A Detour


It seems like Walmart births happen all across the U.S. There doesn't seem to be a State that hasn't had at least one. This includes Alabama, where a woman went into labor at a Walmart on Montclair Road in Birmingham in 2015. The woman had no choice but to stay put in the store as her baby decided that they wanted to get out as soon as possible. There was no time to wait to be transported to a hospital and not even enough time to give birth with the help of paramedics. The woman went to the washroom to try and give birth. But when the emergency responders arrived, they managed to take her to a hospital while she was in the middle of giving birth.

5 Police Called To A Very Complicated Scene

Via: Ap News

The authorities responded to requests to come to a Walmart in Kennewick, Washington, in early 2018. When they arrived on the scene, they found a pretty complicated situation. They found a pregnant woman in her car in the parking lot who had also partaken in other activities. The woman appeared to be fast asleep. When they woke her, it was immediately clear that she was just about to have her baby. This caused them to push against the clock to get her to a hospital before she was able to give birth. However, the baby was already partially out by the time they got her off the Walmart premises.

4 Father Shops, Mother Gives Birth

Shopping trips can often require a team effort. Other times, it's more effective if one person goes in and the other waits in the car. However, this wasn't the case for a Floridian woman who actually gave birth to her fourth child in the Walmart parking lot. This was while her husband went into the store to buy a few beers. He left her in the car with their three kids while they were on the way to the hospital. Apparently, those beers weren't the only thing that couldn't wait. The woman had no choice but to deliver the baby then and there, and it only took a matter of minutes to complete.

3 Birth In The Walmart Parking Lot

An Oklahoma couple, Brandi and Jeff Ross (no, not that Jeff Ross), actually had to give birth to their kid while parked in the superstore's parking lot. Apparently, they had just been sent home from the hospital because doctors didn't think Brandi was ready to deliver. Clearly, they had no idea what they were talking about, as the couple didn't even make it home before the baby was on it's way out. The Walmart parking lot was the best bet they had for a safe delivery. Eventually, Jeff had to help deliver the baby right then and there before the paramedics arrived on the scene.

2 Baby Girl Born At Walmart


By this point, Walmart should probably open a hospital wing at all of its stores. There's just so many women who seem to want to give birth there. Many of these stories feel very similar because it happens so often. They think they have time before their delivery date, have time to go to a one-stop shop, and end up finding out that their baby wants to come in the prenatal aisle. This was precisely the case in a country town in Indiana. The fire department was the first to arrive on the scene, followed swiftly by the paramedics. But, by the time they got there, the mom had already finished given birth on the floor in the back of the store.

1 Baby In Aisle Five

Via: Fox 40

Back in 2014, a woman inside of a Walmart in the Northeast had to give birth to her kid shortly after 5 in the morning. There's no telling what this woman was doing in a Walmart so early in the morning, but for some reason, she felt she needed to pick up some things. The woman had no choice but to give birth to her little bundle of joy right there and then. She had some help from the staff, but the entire thing took place very swiftly. By the time the paramedics arrived on the scene, the baby was already being cradled in the arms of his adoring mother.

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