20 Women Who Went Into Labor In The Most Inconvenient Places

The one worry that any pregnant mom has that is just days or even weeks away from her delivery date is going into labor somewhere very inconvenient. That can mean her going into labor somewhere that is nowhere near the local hospital or her home if that is where she chose to deliver.

In fact, many heavily pregnant moms that are nearing their due dates prefer to stay somewhere that is close to home or the hospital just in case the timing comes up. Additionally, at that stage of the third trimester, their energy levels are quite limited and that is also why they prefer to stay home as often as they can.

However, there are times when many pregnant moms that are towards the end of their pregnancy have an abundance of energy. That in itself can be a sign that labor is on its way as well. And, these moms end up taking a chance and leaving their homes to go grocery shopping, to the mall, a fast food restaurant, or to anywhere else they need to go! And, many of these moms did go into labor in places that are less than ideal. Here are 20 examples of these moms going into labor in the most inconvenient places.

20 While Working At Quiznos

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Can you imagine while you are working at a fast food restaurant serving hungry customers their orders of fries, burgers, Quiznos sandwiches and then you go right into labor? Talk about bad timing. However, this did happen to a woman who went by Tiffany S.

She had told The Bump that while she was working at Quiznos, her water broke right there. All she could do was walked over to the back, grabbed some towels and made a few phone calls. She even stated that her coworker panicked to the point of wanting to close the shop so that she could be driven to the hospital. That is one interesting story that this woman's baby will be hearing about one day.

19 A Fourth Of July Firework Event

fire works
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When you attend a Fourth of July firework celebration, the only thing you will want to focus on is having an enjoyable barbecue or picnic and becoming excited about watching fireworks. Well, according to The Bump, a woman who went by Jessica M stated that she went into labor during a Fourth of July celebration.

She even said her water broke during the fireworks finale when they shot a number of fireworks at once. She chalked it up to the fact that her son wanted to join the party, and that is why she had to go into labor during that particular inconvenient moment!

18 A Real Estate Agent Went To Labor During A House Showing

If you are a real estate agent, you know what kind of hard work that goes into presenting a home the best way possible so that the there is a good chance that your client will buy the home. And, then you will end up with a nice commission. The last thing you would want to see happen is you becoming ill, or falling down, or going into labor in the middle of a showing.

According to The Bump, a real estate agent who went by Melissa H said that while she was showing a house to a client, she went into labor at the staircase bottom. She had her son 48 hours after and was happy to say that her client was not bothered that she went into labor during that showing. That is because she ended up buying that house anyway.

17 At A Mexican Restaurant

Mexican restaurant
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I found it funny how that I had my daughter 48 hours after going to a Mexican restaurant, but I did not go into labor there- unless I did but it was the very early stages. However, according to The Bump, a woman who went by Brittany N stated that while she was at a Mexican restaurant waiting for her food, she went into labor.

However, she was in denial that she was in labor and insisted on waiting for the food anyway - until she really could not do that anymore since she was not functional. That was when she knew it was time to get to the hospital. Hopefully, the food was packed up, refrigerated and then picked up by a family member not too long after the fact.

16 Waiting For Lunch At Subway In A Line

subway line
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When you are standing in line waiting for the sub you want to eat at Subway, or if you are waiting in line at any fast food restaurant, the last thing you would want to happen is to have anything unthinkable happen during that time spent in line.

Well, according to The Bump, a woman who went by Melissa H (not the real estate agent) said that while she was standing in line at Subway, waiting for her turn to order her sub, that is when she went into labor. Once that happened, it was obviously time to head over to the hospital, and lunch had to obviously be put on hold.

15 On The Way To Church

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When you are heading to church, all that you expect to happen is to attend the service without any upheavals getting into the way. However, that was not the case with a woman who went by Carrie B according to The Bump.

Carrie B stated that while she was on her way to church, she went into labor. However, she stayed during the entire service even though she was in labor. However, after the service was over, that is when she went straight to the hospital. It is safe to say that she was having one heck of a blessed day.

14 During A Girl’s Night Out

girls night out
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When you are having a girl's night out whether you are watching a movie or going out for dinner, you just want to let loose, and enjoy yourself. You only want to have an enjoyable evening with your friends without any kind of unwanted excitement heading your way.

However, according to The Bump, a woman who went by Danielle K stated that while she was having dinner with her friends one night, that is when her water broke- right then and right there. Her baby arrived the next day. That was the first of many times her child had interrupted her time out with her friends.

13 On A Bus

pregnant on a bus
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If you have to go on the bus because you cannot drive or don't have a car, you will expect to face delays due to the bus' frequent stops. That said, you would end up likely being late to arrive at your desired destination. However, you would hope that nothing major would interfere with your bus ride.

According to The Bump, a woman who went by Rae said that on her way back home from her doctor's appointment on the bus, that is when she went into labor. She did not elaborate on anything happening after that. Hopefully, she ended up at the hospital after the fact.

12 While Helping A Friend Move To A New House

moving to a new home
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The last thing you would want to happen while helping your friend move to their new home is to become ill, or even worse, go into labor. And, according to The Bump, a woman named Katherine shared her story about that. Not only did she go into active labor while she was eating lunch while helping her friend move to her new home.

However, she also said that she gave birth on the empty living room floor! That is one story to tell. However, you have to wonder how much she really did while helping her friend move. That is considering she was at the end of her last trimester. How did she have the energy to help her friend? That is what I would like to know.

11 At The Hairdresser During A Hair Dye Treatment

hair dye treatment
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Many pregnant moms are afraid to have their hair dyed, however, research conducted on this subject matter had indicated it is safe to do. And, according to The Bump, a woman who went by JhawkCE shared her interesting experience. She literally said that while she was having highlights done, her hairdresser was five foils away from being finished when her water broke.

She had to stop the hair treatment, wash her hair, and then placed a garbage bag on the driver's seat on her car so she could drive herself to the hospital. That is one of the toughest situations that involves going into labor.

10 On The Toilet

toilet seat
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There have been many stories about women going into labor while they were in the bathroom. However, this story is a little different and not as incredible as that others since she was already at the hospital.

However, according to Parents, this mom was on the toilet, trying to do #2 since she had that sensation of being in early labor. Her OBGYN was trying to get her back to the delivery table so that the baby's head would not fall into the toilet. She ended up lunging to the table, but instead, she was wedged between the wall and the table. She was stuck there and squatting. The OBGYN had to take a pillow and slid under the table on his back. The pillow was meant for the baby to land onto because the floor would not be the ideal place for the baby's head to end up on.

9 While Running A Marathon

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Exercising during pregnancy is beneficial, but running a marathon takes that a bit too far. Not to mention, who has the energy in their last trimester to run a marathon? According to Parenting, a mom from Illinois named Amber Miller decided to join 45,000 other runners in the race to the finish line with her doctor's permission at 39 weeks pregnant.

She went into labor during the race and then ended up getting something to eat after that was done. After that point, Miller's husband took her to the hospital to deliver their daughter. You can't help but be impressed with how much energy and stamina she had to run like that at 39 weeks pregnant!

8 A Surprising Vacation

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There have been occasional stories about moms giving birth and not knowing they were pregnant in the first place. That is incredibly rare, and according to Parenting, a mom named Jennifer West was in that situation.

West had gone on vacation with her family right before the Fourth Of July holiday. And, she stated that the morning before that day, while away, she had severe stomach cramps and spent the day in bed.

While her husband Dan was becoming worried, he took her to the nearest hospital, and then the biggest surprise happened. She was in labor and was about to give birth. Jennifer and Dan were stunned, and she was one of those rare cases of pregnant women still having periods!

7 Right After Passing The Driver's Exam

driving test
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I remember when I passed my driver's test when I was 17, that was most definitely an exciting moment as others would most definitely relate. However, that was not nearly as exciting as it was for a Scottish 20-year-old woman named Emily French.

According to Parenting, Emily French had just literally passed her driver's test and was in active labor. She took the first opportunity after that to use her new driver's license because she ended up driving herself to the hospital. At this point, she was having contractions every 10 minutes, but drove anyway and then her baby was delivered.

6 On The Plane

pregnant on plane
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Many airlines permit pregnant women to fly unless they are in their last month. That is because the last thing they want to happen is to be responsible for a birth. And, according to Parenting, this is exactly what happened to 41-year-old, Aida Alamillo who was on her way from The Philippines to San Francisco.

The Philippines Airlines health personnel and her doctor gave her the green light to be on the flight, and she started having labor pains five hours before landing in the USA. Luckily, there were three on-flight nurses and the flight attendants helped her deliver, and the baby was born within 15 minutes. She was met by the paramedics right at the gate to take her to the hospital.

5 On The Train

pregnant on a train
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You just learned about a woman giving birth on a plane. And, you are about to learn about another one giving birth on the train. According to CBS News, a 31-year-old woman named Rabita Sarkar from New Jersey stated that she was having some pains but did not think anything of it at the time since it was before her due date.

That said, she went on the train to New York with her husband. However, in time, the labor pains were getting worse and then the next thing she knew was that the baby was about to be born during the train ride. And what a ride it was because it happened.

4 On A Shrimp Boat

shrimp boat
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Many women work right until the very end of their pregnancy, just like a cook on Captain Ed Kiesel's shrimp boat. However, according to CBS News, the cook went into labor while working on the shrimp boat, and the baby was coming out fast, but in a breech position.

The captain himself was the one who delivered the baby. And, the baby was not crying but after performing CPR, that changed. That said, the cook will always have one interesting birth story to tell others. That is because how many times are babies born on shrimp boats, or any other boat for that matter?

3 On An Elevator

pregnant in elevator
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One common worry of being in an elevator is being stuck in one, and fortunately that is not one thing I have experienced yet, and hopefully, I never will. However, the one place where any mom-to-be would not want to go into labor would be in the elevator.

And, according to CBS News, a woman named Katie Thacker of Spanaway, Washington was already in the hospital because she was in labor. However, she had to go to the elevator there. And, the labor became active so quickly that she ended up delivering her son right then and there. Fortunately, there were nurses around to help her. But giving birth in an elevator sounds quite daunting.

2 During An MRI

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This story scares me because I can't imagine having an MRI since I am claustrophobic. And, the idea of going into labor in an MRI machine is even more sketchy. However, according to CBS News, this did happen. There are open MRI scanners at Charite Hospital in Berlin, Germany to accommodate pregnant women, which sounds a little better than the traditional MRI.

However, even if it is open, the last place where you would want to go into labor is during an MRI exam. And, it did happen to a woman right there. Even though the purpose of this MRI is to witness what happens during labor, that is just not the place to give birth.

1 In Antarctica

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Whenever you think of anyone giving birth in Antarctica, you would think of penguin chicks hatching from their eggs and mama seals giving birth. And, that is one place where humans are not meant to go into labor and deliver their bundles of joy.

However, according to Mental Floss, it has happened, and it sounds incredibly inconvenient for obvious reasons. There are simply not enough resources there to support a birth. But, a pregnant woman in Argentina was flown there so the country could claim that area of land on the continent. And, she did end up giving birth in January 1978 at the Argentine army’s Esperanza Base. 

But, again, because of the lack of proper resources there to support any kind of birth complications if any were to happen, the last place you would ever want to go into labor and give birth would be in Antarctica.

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