20 Women Who Were Pregnant On Their Wedding Day

First comes love, then comes baby in a baby carriage, then comes marriage. It might not rhyme as smoothly, but that was the reality for these ladies who sported a baby bump on their wedding day. Getting married and having a child are arguably two of the most amazing yet stressful times in a woman’s life. We couldn’t imagine doing both at once! That calls for some big applause.

Still, these ladies braved the storm and proved that it can be done. While it’s definitely not done with ease, it certainly makes for great stories to share with the world and their families. Well, maybe not their families because some of these ladies confessed their closed ones still don’t know to this day that they were toting a baby bump when they walked down the aisle. Still, we have to admit, these women are heroic to say the least, especially the one who went into labor just after she was rocking the dance floor with her husband of just a couple of hours.

With that being said, check out some pretty hilarious, amazing, and real stories of women who shared their reality of what it was really like to be pregnant on their wedding day.

20 The Bride Who Gave Birth On Her Wedding Day

The idea of having a baby on the same day as a wedding is mind boggling; especially when it’s the bride who’s giving birth. “One second I was dancing with my new husband…the next I was giving birth,” a bride dished to Daily Mail. She was 36 weeks pregnant at the time. But apparently the excitement made the baby want to come even earlier.

Her water broke during the reception and she was rushed to the hospital where she and her husband welcomed their first child together. As for their guests? They kept the party going at the wedding reception.

19 It Was A Pleasant Surprise For This Mom-To-Be

One pregnant bride looked on the bright side when it came to having a wedding just weeks before she was scheduled to deliver her first child. “I was 8 months pregnant on my wedding day,” she revealed via Whisper. “We were engaged before I was pregnant and rushed the wedding a bit.” While it was rushed, she hinted that she wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“It was the best day of my life. We had such a good time.”

Well, that’s what we love to hear. We’re glad she was able to enjoy her wedding day despite it being different than she expected.

18 The Trick To Dress Shopping

One pregnant woman revealed the secret to finding one of the most important items for the wedding: the dress! If we thought dress shopping was stressful before, think about doing it with a baby bump. “I got married three weeks before my due date, resulting in a huge dress panic,” she shared with Made For Mums.

“I ended up wearing a beautiful, non-maternity dress and I just bought one size bigger.”

It seems getting a bigger size might be the answer to many pregnant brides’ prayers. Still, she added she only went up one size to cater to the tummy area.

17 Are Artificial Flowers Best?

Thanks to the smell, artificial flowers could be a better win compared to real flowers. After all, it’s no secret a pregnant woman’s senses are super intense. “So many smells upset a pregnant bride’s nose,” one woman told Mama Mia. “I was so sensitive to smells that I really needed to choose flowers that hardly smelled at all.”

Another bonus of using artificial flowers is that they can be kept for long after the wedding! Being a pregnant bride can make the day even more of a blur, so being able to keep the beautiful florals can help bring a special moment of nostalgia.

16 Morning Sickness While Dress Shopping

There are just some things that can’t be avoided when a woman is having a child and planning for a wedding. One woman detailed her experience of walking down the aisle, and everything that lead up to it, when she was five months pregnant. “I didn’t think I would puke in the parking lot from morning sickness right before wedding dress shopping,” she said in a Babble blog.

“I didn’t think I would show off ultrasound pictures at my rehearsal dinner or that I wouldn’t have a bachelorette party or bridal shower.” Still, when it came to her big day, she couldn’t help but own it!

15 A Baby Saved This Woman’s Wedding

…And maybe even her marriage! One woman revealed via Whisper that she changed her mind about being a runaway bride after she discovered she was pregnant. But she can tell the story way better than we can.

“My fiancé said he wanted 8 kids,” she wrote. “I thought he was joking. On our wedding day it was in his vows. I walked out of the church. Got a call from my doctor. I was pregnant. Went back in. Got married.”

As short as that story is, it’s pretty hilarious. Our only question is if the husband ever knew how close he was to not getting married that day.

14 Reschedule The Honeymoon, I’m Feeling Sick!

We can’t help but sympathize with this bride who had to cancel her and her husband’s honeymoon amid her pregnancy. “We had booked to go on a cruise but I was still feeling sick and didn’t want to go on a cruise because I didn’t want to be very far away from the hospital,” she told Mama Mia.

“In fact I was too tired to go anywhere. So we stayed home. I’d prefer to honeymoon when I can fit into a bikini anyway.” We totally get it. Plus a cruise while pregnant just sounds like one is begging for their morning sickness to flare up.

13 Her Secret’s Safe With Us

Another pregnant bride decided to keep the news of her bundle of joy a secret. Well, it’s because she didn’t find out until two weeks before her big day that she was even pregnant. Instead of making a big announcement, she said she preferred to keep it private. “I kind of liked it, it was like our little secret,” she said with Brides.

“There was something nice about feeling like our whole family was there, baby and all.”

Still, she admitted she had to get creative during the reception portion of the festivities but was proud to say overall, it was a success (minus a little nausea here and there).

12 Cancel The Groom’s Deodorant

Similar to the flowers factor, it’s safe to say the groom wearing strong deodorant might not be a great idea. When the pregnant bride and soon-to-be-dad groom go in for the kiss, his deodorant can completely interfere with the moment.

One woman told Mama Mia, “My husband wears Rexona Sport and has done since the day I met him, except he’s had to stop during the nine-months of each of my pregnancies because the smell made me incredibly sick to my stomach.”

She added the same held true for her wedding day. “He didn’t wear any deodorant or aftershave…” she added. We can’t help but wonder how that worked out.

11 One Grandma Spotted This Bride's Baby Bump

Of course Grandma would bring joy to a baby bump that one bride might have otherwise attempted to hide. If mother knows best, Grandma knows all. “My grandma told me I looked pregnant on my wedding day,” one bride told Whisper. “I thought I hid it well considering I was five months pregnant.” Well, apparently not.

Still, considering grandmas are pretty much they best, we would bet that she helped ease the tension when this witty bride told the rest of the family the big news. We can only hope she was met with cheers and love from her close ones.

10 Not The Most Welcome Appearance For The Big Day


And we’re not talking about the baby bump. Instead, one pregnant bride went for a brand new look shortly after her now husband popped the question. She cut her hair! What she didn’t know was that her face would be spreading thanks carrying an amazing child. By the time her wedding came, she wasn’t a fan of her hairstyle at all. She also wasn’t a fan of her dress.

“My messy short hair was hard to tame, a piece of it shooting up at the top, like Tintin’s,” she said in Glamour. “The straps on my seamstress-made, ho-hum boring silk dress wouldn’t stay up. The felt-and-net scarf (that I had turned into a cape to glam up the dress) slipped whenever I moved.” Still, she couldn’t deny that while those things went left, everything else went just right.

9 What About The Ring Size?

Aahh, swollen hands and feet. The joy of being pregnant. When the idea of being a bride at the same time is considered as well, it might only be a matter of time before one has to reconsider their ring size. “Let me just say two words… ‘fat’ and ‘fingers,’” one pregnant bride told Mama Mia.

“Yep, you may swell due to being on your feet all day or stress, so get ready for the ring to possibly not fit as the groom tries to slide it on your finger.” So what does one do in this situation? “Just grab it and put it on your necklace later,” she added. Simple enough.

8 The Art Of Walking Down The Aisle While Pregnant

When it comes to being a pregnant bride, one of the main concerns is walking down the aisle and how to do it without feeling or looking crazy. One pregnant bride found the trick to doing it right.

“Pregnant women don’t want to walk very far so my walk down the aisle was short,” she told Mama Mia. She also suggested booking a reception venue that’s as close in proximity as possible to the ceremony venue.

“The less you have to travel the better.” We know this is true even for brides who aren’t pregnant, so we think it’s safe to say it’s even more vital for those who are.

7 Too Tired To Do Anything


It’s normal to be exhausted on the wedding night. After all, we’ve heard countless stories of how brides and grooms just order food and crash after the success and emotions that come along with their big day. One bride said this was even more so her reality thanks to her pregnant status on her wedding day.

“I was six weeks pregnant and sick as a dog, so we got through the courthouse wedding, suffered through my mother taking us out to dinner, went home and went right to bed!” she told The Stir. Is that the definition of a good time? Kinda sounds like it.

6 A Dad Who ‘Refused’ To Make Light Of It

While one bride was ready with plenty of jokes about being pregnant on her wedding day, father wasn’t necessarily in joking and goofy spirits. She told Whisper that because of her pregnancy, she had a quick wedding, which has also been culturally dubbed as a shotgun wedding. So, what did she want her dad to bring to the festivities? A shotgun.

“He refused,” she said. Maybe he just needed a little more time to get used to the idea. Either way, that’s pretty hilarious that she actually asked her father to bring a shotgun to her shotgun wedding. It doesn’t get any better than that.

5 A Somewhat Hilarious Memory


We couldn’t help but laugh at one bride who detailed her pregnant bride experience with The Talko. “Dreams of a beautiful bride when she turns to the side she is 8 to 9 months pregnant,” she dished. We can only imagine who she’s talking about. To get rid of any mystery, she added, “Oh and I am the bride.”

Whew! We didn’t see that coming! Totally kidding. But kudos to her for stepping out there and doing both. And while we completely love her sarcasm, we bet she was just as beautiful as she mentioned. Plus, it makes for a great story.

4 An Inevitable Wedding Dress Faux Pas?

One bride made it clear she thought she had everything planned out when she walked down the aisle six months pregnant. However, she dished to Made For Mums that it was her dress that caused one of the biggest issues.

“I was six months when I got married, but only found out that my eBay wedding dress didn’t fit 10 days before the wedding,” she said. So how did she fix it? “I then had a mad rush to get a new one for my big day!”

Despite the major faux pas, that might be a given when considering the seemingly never ending changes a pregnant woman goes through, we’d bet that she was the belle of the ball at her wedding.

3 Too Late To Cancel The Wedding?

While some brides know that they are pregnant when they decide to plan a wedding, there is a completely different section of women who don’t find out until they are in the middle of preparing to say their I Do’s. One pregnant bride vented her story to The Talko.

“I can’t believe this has happened… it’s 6 months until we get married,” she said. “The pregnancy test is positive.” She made it clear she wasn’t necessarily ecstatic about the news when she ended her confession with, “I could cry.” We can only hope things worked out for her.

2 Baby Or Wedding?

One bride told The Talko she had difficulty deciding if she wanted to have a baby first or be a pregnant bride. It’s safe to say she’s not the only one in her position who has had to make that choice. We’re not clear what she ended with but we do know that she was certainly having an inner attle.

“My wedding is later this year and I don’t want to be a pregnant bride,” she confessed almost in secret. “Is that selfish?” We’re not ones to judge, but we can totally understand the battle of deciding to do what she thinks is right.

1 Mixed Emotions About Her Bundle Of Joy

One mom had no shame in admitting she didn’t know how to feel after she found out she was pregnant while planning her wedding. While a baby was always in the plans, she indicated in more ways than one that it was a complete surprise. “I always wanted a baby but the timing is the worst,” she told The Talko. “I don’t know whether to cry or rejoice!”

She of course ended her dilemma with a hashtag that others in her case can relate to, “#pregnantbrideprobs.” I’m sure searching for this on Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media site will reveal even more stories.

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