15 YouTube Moms Women Should Follow Before The Baby Comes

Motherhood is the most amazing experience women will ever go through, but it can be tough. While moms-to-be are on maternity leave, they can find themselves twiddling their thumbs until their husbands arrive home from work. This is the perfect time for the internet to come into play, especially Youtube.

Youtube moms are filled with such life, and joy, that it becomes hard not to watch them. Viewers enter their everyday lives, learn new cleaning hacks, labor and delivery stories, adventures and meal inspirations. Any unprepared mother can watch these women slay motherhood, and instantly feel prepared to tackle on their new journey as mothers.

The choices of Youtube mothers are endless. There are mothers who are married to their soulmates, single, teenaged, have multiple children, and even women who are mothers with special needs children. However, these mothers do not focus on their struggles. No way! These mothers embrace their lives and constantly have a smile on. It makes one wonder, do they ever have a bad day? Of course, they do! They also film very personal and emotional topics that they struggle through. Together, with their children and support system, they turn to their online families for guidance and reassurance. Above all, when viewers reach out with specific questions, these wonderful women take the time to reach out to their viewers, to show them that they are heard, appreciated and will extend their platform for anyone in need.

Here is the list of our 15 favorite Youtube moms who will inspire expecting mothers to be their best self, and to relax... it's just a baby!

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15 GiGi & Me

Darling Olivia is a brave 18 years old, and mother to the adorable Gracelyn, 18 months. What makes Olivia so special is she decided to make the best out of her single-parenting, and slay the Youtube game quickly, being able to provide for herself and her daughter.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I turned to Youtube for some guidance and reassurance that my husband and I were going to do a great job as parents. I started typing in breastfeeding moms and I landed on Olivia's page. Olivia, shout out girl because I totally fell in love with you for being so open about breastfeeding.

Olivia had a hard time breastfeeding, at first, due to an extremely painful latch. She had this to say in one of her vlogs,

"I was literally shaking, I was sweating, I was crying, I was begging them for pain medicine."

But, after realizing her daughter had a tongue tie, and getting advice from family members and professionals, she kept with it and finally got the hang of it. Kudos!

14 Olivia Palmer

Olivia may simply be one of the most nurturing mothers on this list. Although she is quite young, Olivia conquers motherhood the best way she can. She is the mother of her daughter Avalynn Mae, 9 months. She truly shines a light on what great parenting is, and how your initial instinct as a parent isn't achieved because you hit a certain age. No, great parenting is from you trying to be the best mother you can be. I watched a video, that initially brought me to her page, and she was sending her a daughter a message. In it she goes on to say,

"8 months have gone by now and I won’t for a second tell you it’s been easy but I will tell you that every late night rocking you to sleep, every drop of wasted food I’ve wiped off your face every emotional break down I’ve had, and every sleep deprived day I’ve made it through has been worth it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world for you have built be to be the mother that I didn’t think I was capable to be."

Now, if that doesn't make you ugly cry, I honestly don't know what will.

13 Ellie And Jared

Ellie and Jared are phenomenal parents to Jackson, 4, and Calvin 2. I fell in love with Ellie and Jared when they were brave enough to share their miscarriage experience. Miscarriage is such a taboo subject, but this couple was brave enough to be able to share their story with the world.

Ellie had this to say about her miscarriage,

"I find it very weird to have so many emotions. To be peaceful but to be angry but to feel calm like but do not feel calm but then to not feel calm and feel frustrated."

We're so happy that Ellie has such a supportive husband and great kids, that were able to give her the time, relaxation, and care that she truly needed to recover.

What stands out about Ellie and Jared is their sense of belonging. As you watch their clips, you automatically get drawn in and feel as though you're a real part of their family, although you're just a viewer. They offer a calm environment even though they're constantly on wicked adventures, trips, day trips to the beach and throwing lavish parties.

On a brighter note, we are thrilled to announce that Ellie and Jared are now pregnant again! They are close to their 30th week and we cannot wait to meet their newest bundle of joy.

12 Little FootSteps

Megan, 21, is the mom to son Cayden, 4, and daughter Aria, 1. I stumbled on to her page when I was looking for night-time routines that I could perfect and use on my own children. Not only did I get the night-time routine that I desperately needed, but I also found myself clicking through countless videos and falling in love with her adorable family.

I finally watched a vlog that I was able to relate to, word for word. Her clip begins with a mountain of laundry that she continues to explain, "I don't know what I'm going to do with all this."And, as I glanced over at the 4 laundry baskets in my hallway, I looked back at my phone and continued watching Megan. And then, just when I thought I couldn't relate to Megan anymore, she continues to say,

"We only do laundry at night because it saves on energy cost. And the last thing I want to do is drag my 'behind' downstairs, when I've finally put the kids to sleep, and do laundry."

Preach it, girl! Moms, if this isn't relatable and makes Megan a real mom, I don't know what will. Someone, please invent a self-washing laundry basket.

11 JesssFam

This humbled family is highly underrated in the Youtube community. Jess and her husband are extremely outnumbered by their children, for a total of 7 children, making this a household of 9 alltogether!

Here's the story: Jess' husband has 2 kids from a previous relationship, Jess has 4 kids from a previous relation, and they have 1 child together. That's a whole lot of babies, but they blend so well together that it's hard to even tell they haven't been together since Day 1.

It's the perfect plot for a TLC sitcom and would give us a perfect reason to watch more of them. 

Jess first caught my eye, a month ago, when I watched a video of her revealing her stomach after 5 kids. I absolutely had to watch that video. Unfortunately, it wasn't what I expected it to be, however, I still fell in love with the rest of her videos.

When you think about it, Jess truly is Wonderwoman. I have two kids and I can't find the time or energy to do everything she does in a day, with five kids.

10 2011TeenageMom

I started falling in love with Vanessa and her adorable little family when her oldest daughter, Lily, was just a few months old. Lily is the sweetest little girl I've ever seen on Youtube. Most importantly, Lily has Turner Syndrome, and Vanessa's husband is in the military. Talk about juggling multiple scenarios at once, which she does with true grace.

Turner syndrome is a chromosomal condition in females. It can cause skeletal abnormalities, and webbed hands and feet, heart defects and many other symptoms.

In addition to brave little Lily, Vanessa is also mom to her son, Charlie, 1. I have to say, being a young mom is hard and being a mom to a child with special needs is even harder. However, being a mom to a special needs child and a baby, while being alone, is something that I cannot even fathom.

My absolute favorite 2011teenagemom vlog is her newly posted video about her labor and delivery with Charlie. After going through labor twice, and having an extreme baby fever, it warmed my heart to witness such a precious moment. I've continued to watch and support Vanessa, and I don't have any intentions of stopping.

9 Saccone Joly's

The incredibly popular, Youtube favorite's SacconeJoly's follows Jonathan and Anna, and their three kids Emilie, 5, Eduardo,4, and Alessia, 1, with another little one on the way! I began watching this adorable family when Anna announced her 4th pregnancy. Being a dog lover, and watching Anna's 6 Maltises interacting with her throughout her pregnancy, and with her young children, is something every vet and pet lover should watch. They are protective and surround Anna more often than when she wasn't pregnant.

This family will warm your heart. Each vlog feels like an inclusion into their family. They must be doing something right seeing as though they have over a million Youtube followers.

And, if you really needed a feel-good moment, the link for the marriage proposal, the birth of their 3 kids AND the birth of their puppies are all linked to their page.

I mean, babies, puppies and romantic gestures... can it get any sweeter?

8 Rachelle Swammie

Rachelle and Justin are a couple that I truly admire. Two years ago, they announced their successful pregnancy through IVF. Rachelle filmed herself throughout her pregnancy, as do all Youtube moms and moms-to-be. Unfortunately, Rachelle announced to her Youtube family, that her beloved daughter, Brynn, was stillborn in May of 2017. I watched her video and wept with her. Her pain was real, it wasn't scripted or fake. I continued to watch Rachelle in hopes my online presence would mean something in her day. Not that she knew me personally, but just so she could feel like she could come talk and there would be people silently supporting her goals, successes and being there to listen to her when she needed it most.

Her husband, Justin, is currently serving in the military and deployed while Rachelle goes through her pregnancy.

Don't worry Justin, we're all watching over Rachelle!

I am happy to announce that Rachelle and Justin are once again pregnant, and have surpassed the week her pregnancy ended with Brynn. I am so thrilled and overjoyed for this family. And above all, for Rachelle and Justin to have grieved together, and managed to stay together as a couple, and as parents, is something that everyone going through similar situations should be inspired by.

7 OkBaby

Kyra is one heck of a mom. Her kids, Levi and Alaya, are the most precious babies you'll ever see. Although Kyra's kids are quite young, it was a pleasant surprise when she announced she had another bun in the oven. If you're like me, and you've been searching for every Youtube mom out there, let me warn you about one thing: Levi and Alaya are stunningly beautiful children. Their family dynamic will invite you in for more.

I've watched Kyra for a little over a year when she only had baby Levi at the time. Her infectious laugh and gorgeous smile was a like a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Literally, it was raining when I first watched her channel and my mood suddenly shifted from grumpy rainy weather type of mood to rainbows and sunshine. 

If you're a young mom, and you're not only looking for parenting inspiration but also couple goals, Kyra and Oscar will be the ones to deliver that. There's a reason why this adorable family has over a million followers.

6 Jelian Mercardo

I was first introduced to Jelian when she posted a recent clip with another of my favorite Youtube families, KKandBabyJ. I had never seen Jelian's vlogs, but I was intrigued by her connection with Keren from KKandBabyJ. Jelien was one of the best Youtube bests I've ever, well, found. She is truly a beast-mode kind of mother.

Let me introduce you to the very beautiful Jelian, and her super adorable son, Mateo. Together, they are two peas in a pod, peanut butter and jelly, rainbows and unicorns. Although Jelian is a single teenage mom, she continues to surprise me and slays the motherhood game, playing roles of both mom and dad. She provides a stellar apartment that is continuously clean, her child is fed and well dressed. The basic essentials are constantly met for Mateo, which some young mothers, especially single mothers, have a hard time achieving. However, Mateo may just be the best thing to ever happen to Jelian. Although she doesn't post a large number of vlogs like other Youtube moms, I look forward to the notifications from Youtube when she does post one.

5  The Life Of Us Vlogs

Anisia, Devonte, and Juliet are the complete package. They are completely meant-to-be. When you first watch Anisia and her gorgeous little family, you would never expect her to be 17 years old. However, her maturity and parenting are on-par with middle-aged parents. Who said you couldn't be a fantastic mother because of your age?

Anisia first started her vlogging life in the middle of last year. She began with a video called "Pregnant at 14 | My story" which has reached nearly 10 million views. 

Best of all, Anisia has a darling long-life partner, Devonte, who helps her raise her flawless daughter. This couple is real, they make hilarious jokes and continuously poke fun at each other, with pure love in their eyes. Anisia found herself a real catch, on Twitter, with her boyfriend Devonte as her soulmate. Devonte is clearly Juliet's best friend and they are buddies for life. I love the vibes this family gives off, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this young family.

4 The Bramfam

The Bramfam is on a whole other level when it comes to their Youtube channel. They remind me of Jersey Shore meets The Kardashians. Bramty and Louis have a super cute daughter named Penelope, who recently turned 3. This family is hands-down the most real family you will ever meet. As a couple, these two are pure love. When viewers watch their videos, you could instantly feel that these two were meant to be together, and this little girl was destined to be theirs. Watching this family will have you laughing from start to finish, you'll have anxious butterflies when you watch how they cut the neighbor's electricity by draining their jacuzzi.

The video I'm referring to, with the electricity and jacuzzi, is the same clip that brought me to their family in the first place.

Kim Kardashian actually snapchatted little Penelope!

So, here's the scoop, Bramty, and Louis took a picture of Penelope and posted it on social media, as parents do every day. An app called Screenshotit posted Peneloppe as a prime example of what the app does. If a parent is looking to purchase an outfit they have seen on social media, all they have to do is take a screenshot and throw it in the app to be able to find where to buy it. Well, Kim K took to Snapchat to do an ad for the app, and lone and behold, Penelope's picture was used as Kim K's descriptive example.

Bramty totally fangirled, of course, who wouldn't? She even showed her mother, who looked so proud of her daughter that she started getting emotional. Understandably of course. My favorite part is when Bramty starts filming, showing the Snapchat clip and while Kim K says "so all these cute vlogger moms can," Bramty interjects by saying "That's me! She called me a cute vlogger mom"

Definitely, my go-to Youtube mom when I need some pure entertainment.

3 KKandBabyJ

At the time Keren created her Youtube channel, only Khoa and baby Jackson were around to be featured in her vlogs. Do you ever wonder what "KK and Baby J" stands for? Well, Keren is engaged to her high school sweetheart, and father to her children, Khoa. And J, well that's for their adorable eldest son, Jackson. Keren and Khoa later had their other heartbreaker, Landon, and are currently expecting their 3rd child together.

Keren is extremely real when she is filming. She has breastfed, both publically and on many of her vlogs.

Best of all, the sweetest clip you will ever see in your entire life is the vlog on Khoa's proposal.

It is a personal favorite that I watch over and over, especially when I'm feeling down in the dumps.

I began watching Keren and Khoa a little over a year ago. While I was watching another Youtube mom, KKandBabyJ appeared on the sidebar of similar channels. I watched one vlog and have been hooked on this family ever since. I follow them on all social media platforms, I am subscribed to her channel, and anxiously wait for the alerts to go off to tell me Keren has posted another video, let alone that she had her new baby!

2 Salama Mohammed

Salama is one of the greatest Youtube moms out there. With her large following on her personal IG account and Facebook page, it is unknown why her Youtube channel has been so widely underrated. Salama is a mother to two gorgeous young boys, Khalifa, 8, and Abdullah, 4, and married to her true soulmate, Khalid. Together, as husband and wife, Salama and Khalid own the Youtube channel 'The Al Ameris.'

If you're looking for a great laugh, but something that will fill your heart with love and joy, this is the mom that you should direct yourself to. The love that Salama and Khalid have, as husband and wife, business partners, and parents is apparent with the many affectioned vlogs. From recreating the most notorious scene of the Titanic, when Jack and Rose are at the tip of the boat, to challenging each other to a Dyson vacuum challenge, this couple will have you rolling on the floor with tears in your eyes.

I first fell in love with Salama, and her family, when a video of Khalid popped up on my newsfeed. In this one clip, Khalid expressed his thoughts on being a supportive husband. He continued to say that Salama's success was a success for him, as they were about to board a flight, headed for Egypt for an event that Salama was invited to attend.

"As you all know, Salama has played a huge role in my success, has been a supporter of me, has pushed me beyond my limits, to achieve the dreams and the things that I want in my life. And this is why I believe, wholeheartedly, that says 'behind every great man is a great woman.' but I think why can't we flip that? Why can't great women have great men pushing them and supporting them, giving them that extra drive to achieve the things they want in life."

The minute I finished watching this vlog, I grabbed the tissues and found myself binge-watching countless videos and, instantly, fell in love with Salama, Khalid, and their adorable family.

1 BritneyandBaby

My all-time favorite Youtube mom goes out to the exquisite, Britneyandbaby. I have followed Britney ever since she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Aria. Well, friends, Aria is now 6 years old. Britney is also a mother to Nolan, 3, and Harlow, 1.

When Nolan was 1, Britney and her then-fiance, and children's father, Ean, received the news that Nolan was in need of surgery on his hand. Later, Britney and Ean found out that Nolan had muscular dystrophy. Muscular dystrophy is a condition that is genetically passed through the mother, although no one in Britney's family has muscular dystrophy. However, muscular dystrophy is a genetic disease that weakens, and eventually, degenerates the muscles. Luckily, Nolan has an amazing set of parents, that can take him to all of his appointments, therapy, and schedule testing.

If you want to know what mama-bear looks like, watch Britney's videos when she attends doctors appointments. Although the answers are unclear, and the doctors' tend to give her a runaround, Britney handles it like a boss and doesn't put up with anything. She constantly defends Nolan and his condition, requiring nothing but the best for her darling son. When she returns the car, either frustrated or extremely exhausted, your heart will squeeze, and you will wish that the internet would hurry up and allow us to give virtual hugs.

Britney has shaped me into the mother I am today.

I watched her Day In The Life videos when Aria was an infant. Inspired, I watched how she formed her days, making sure she saved time for school, when and how she put Aria down for a nap, warmed her bottles, did her hair, and still managed to make dinner, at the end of a long day. Since then, I continue to watch Britney clean her house, juggle bringing Aria to swimming and gymnastics, and manage to be a single mother to three young kids, all while filming her vlogs. I'm lucky if I can answer an email when my kids are awake. One of her newer vlogs about deciding to split from Ean had me captured, she gave great advice about living the best life for you, and not for others. Since then, her spirit has lifted and a genuine smile has been brought back, the same smile she had in her oldest vlogs.

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