20 Head Strong Names For A Baby Taurus

Astrology is pretty mind-blowing. While the concept of celestial bodies and stars having an impact on the lives of human beings sounds ridiculously far-fetched, it actually has an element of truth about it.

While you may have always been interested in what your star sign has to say about you, and regularly consult the newspaper to see how your day will pan out, have you ever thought about using astrology to help find a name for your baby? Nope? Well give us your trust and we'll help you get inspired.

By actively engaging in learning about your child's horoscope and it's traits, and in thinking about the names which fit best with your child's sign, you'll actually be preparing yourself well in advance for the little person about to come into your life!

If your baby is born between April 21st and May 20th, you are going to have a Taurus on your hands! Their prominent traits include stubbornness, devotion, loyalty, patience and determination. If they say they're going to do something, they do it! They love routine and are hesitant about change, and I can vouch for this as my younger sister is a Taurus - 'the bull' - and she possesses all of these traits, especially the stubbornness!

When choosing a name for your little Taurean, a name that's practical or down-to-earth, deep or insightful would be ideal. In this article we present you with 20 carefully selected choices that would work perfectly for your little Taurean child!

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20 Fabian

Origin: Latin

The Taurean - having been born in the spring months when the earth is returning to life and becoming fruitful once again after winter, not to mention it's symbol of the bull - is renowned for having a strong connection to the land. The Taurus element is earth: flowers, farming and all of nature's treasures, making the name Fabian, which translates to 'grower of beans,' an ideal choice.

Pronounced FAH-bee-ahn, the roots of Fabian lie in the Roman name Fabianus (perhaps avoid using the Roman version, it's a little bit too risky, if you ask me!) which was derived from a Roman family named Fabius. And that name's history lies with the word faba which means 'broad bean.'

Fabian is a beautiful sounding name that's steadfast and timeless. There are also plenty of adorable nicknames you could use for your little one, including Fabs, Fabby, Fabek, Fabish and Bian.

19 Dawn

Origin: Old English

Being connected so strongly to the land, makes the name Dawn - which means 'daybreak' or 'the first appearance of light,' a more than ideal choice for your little Taurean girl. It is originally derived from the Old English word 'dagung.'

Dawn, honestly, has one of the most beautiful, thought-provoking meanings behind it that you could ask for. Dawn - a chance to rise and start again. If I were to call my little girl Dawn, that's what I'd tell her. I'd tell her that if she'd had a crappy day, to remember the meaning of her name, 'daybreak' - another opportunity opens to find joy in the world.

I'm surprised that this name is uncommon. It doesn't make an appearance in the top 1000 names for girls in the US or in England. The last time it was featured in the US top 1000 list was in 2000.

18 Joseph

Origin: Hebrew

The meaning of the name Joseph is 'shall increase,' which makes it an all too perfect choice for a little Taurean boy, who is naturally determined to succeed! It also has the most adorable nicknames - Jojo, Joey, Joe...the list goes on.

The English pronunciation is JO-saf, though the German pronunciation of YO-zef is just as likeable. Taureans like to be grounded. They like nothing better than a practical daily routine. So this sensible, universal, yet still hugely likeable name would work extremely well for a boy from his younger years through to late adulthood.

It's currently the 21st most popular name for boys in the US and funnily enough it's also the 21st most popular name for boys in England and Wales, too! While it is often used, don't let that cloud your choice. There's so much going for this one. If the name Joseph feels right, go for it.

17 Mae

Origin: Old English

If your little Taurean girl is born in the month of May, why not consider naming her after the month that'll forever be most special to her and to you? But, instead of going for the usual spelling of May which is actually quite common, why not shake things up a bit and opt for the Old English version Mae?

Pronounced the same way as you would say the month, Mae is a unique, simple, attractive name that works well wherever you are in the world. It also teams up well with plenty of other names. While it's beautiful, it doesn't have too much of a 'girly, cutesy' vibe to it. It's a more creative and quirky choice than May - something that naturally artistic Taureans will appreciate!

Mae also means 'pearl' in Ancient Greek so there are multiple layers of meaning for your little Taurean to be proud of.

16 Garth

Origin: Old Norse

When you're choosing a name for your little Taurus boy, it's a nice idea to bear in mind the star signs' connection with nature. I like to think that associating your child's name with nature will work to encourage them to think of the earth and how they are treating it. Many Taureans I know - including my Dad and my sister - are avid gardeners and like nothing better than being outside and giving mother nature 'a helping hand.'

The Old Norse name Garth means 'a field,' or 'a garden.' While some people think it's too serious a choice for a little boy, I think a Taurus would, in the long run, most certainly appreciates such a 'sturdy' name.

Pronounced GAHRTH, Garth is an intriguing name. It brings to mind somebody who works well with their hands, doesn't mind hard work and is a reliable and trustworthy friend.

15 Daisy

Origin: English

This name is just so beautiful in its simplicity and meaning. It is, of course, simply from the English word for the white flower that makes everyone cheerful. Honestly though, can you think of anyone who doesn't enjoy seeing a flood of daisies?

It's a flower that makes even the smallest of children happy - primarily because they're so easy for their little fingers to pick! Did you know too, that daisies grow everywhere in the world except for Antarctica?

The name itself is thought to come from the Old English 'daes eag' which means 'days eye' because of the way the daisy opens at dawn. Daisies also represent purity and innocence. Anyone who calls this name 'too old fashioned' or 'boring' are simply unable to see the potential it has. Give it to your little girl, and she will always have something new to tell people about her name!

14 Alan

Origin: English

I do not think a more sturdy name exists in the world, than Alan! It's rugged, masculine and ever so strong - ideal for a Taurus! The meaning of the name isn't all that certain, though it's thought to have been used in Brittany as early as the 6th Century.

It may mean 'little rock. Though it could also be in reference to the Alans, an Iranian people who migrated into Europe during the 4th and 5th Centuries. Alan is a name which has lent itself to many inspirational figures, including Alan Shepard, the first American man in space and the fifth man to land on the moon.

It's a regularly used name in Poland where it's the 6th most popular name for boys, though it's not as popular in England and Wales as I thought it would be. It sits on the list as the 170th most popular choice.

13 Flora

Origin: English

When thinking about names for your little spring child, it's always good to have a few flower related names in the mix. If there happens to be a link to a goddess, all the better! Flora is one choice that has everything. It has a deep, meaningful and fascinating history that your little girl will be proud of.

The delicate yet slightly unusual name Flora is has its roots in the Latin word flos which means 'flower.' Flora also happened to be the Roman goddess of flowers and spring. She was also the wife of Zephyr, the west wind. It was first used in France during the Renaissance. In Scotland, it would be used as an Anglicized form of the name Fionnghuala.

It's a name which automatically makes the person who hears it, envisage spring time. Think of it, your little girl would be a walking emblem of spring!

12 Slade

Origin: English

When I think of the parents of a little boy called Slade, I think of rockers. The sort of parents who would bring their kids to a heavy metal concert - with protective headphones of course! It's one of those 'too cool for school' names. Though I can envisage the little boy wearing it to be a kind, supportive, reliable kind of kid.

I think it would suit a Taurean boy down to the ground. It's a strong, no nonsense name that still has that essential 'connection to the earth' element that you should be looking out for when searching for a Taurean name. That earthy connection comes from its original meaning in Old English, which was 'valley.'

If you're thinking 'I know if from somewhere...' it could well be from the British rock band Slade who made it big during the Indie wave in the early 90's.

11 Hayley

Origin: English

I have always had a soft spot for the name Hayley. I first read it meant 'high meadow' and I thought to myself 'isn't that just gorgeous!' It immediately brought to mind warm spring days in hazy meadows bursting with flowers and long, sweet smelling grasses.

On deeper inspection I learned the 'official' meaning is actually 'hay clearing,' which from the Old English heg which means 'hay' and leah which means 'clearing.' Either way, I still adore this name and think it to be a sublime choice for a little girl born in spring time.

Pronounced HAY-lee, it has several variants - all of which I like - including Hailee, Hailey and Haylie. Someone said that it sounded almost 'angelic' and that it made them think of 'halo,' which is just lovely. Interestingly, the name Hayley didn't actually become popular in the US and Canada until the 1980's and 90's.

10 Ethan

Origin: Hebrew

Ethan is a powerful name that vibrates with strength when you say it. Try it! Say it out loud. Do you see what I mean? For a Taurus boy, I think Ethan is one of the best choices you could make. It's from the Hebrew name Eian which means 'solid,' 'enduring' and 'firm.'

The name has an earthy feeling about it, and I envisage an Ethan liking nothing better than being out in the woods or the fields, earning his living by working with the land. Ethan is a persistent kind of guy, but rational and sensitive.

It's a hugely popular choice in Canada, France and the US and I can't say I'm surprised. Pronounced EE-than, Ethan was the name of the founding father of the United States. I've read a description of him being 'A rough and humble kind of man--a warrior with a patriot's heart.'

9 Gemma

Origin: Greek

While I have never thought too much about the name Gemma until I learned what it means. It's a name moms expecting girls in April and May really ought to have on their 'maybe' list! The word Gemma actually stems from Archaic Greek and means 'mother earth.'

Though it is also a medieval Italian nickname that means 'gem' or 'precious stone.' And in Latin, Gemma means 'bud.' I have heard the name 'Gem' being used a lot in England, but the more I hear it, the more I warm to it. I actually prefer Gem as a name to Gemma!

Pronounced JEM-a in English, Gemma is also sometimes seen spelt Jemma. I was expecting it to be listed highly in England, but it's actually more commonly used in Italy, where it ranks as the 106th most popular name for girls. It's also a popular choice in the Netherlands.

8 Clay

Origin: English

If you are looking for something earthy for your little boy, regard Clay as an option. You're not going to find a much more earthy name than this! It's originally from an English surname that referred to someone who worked with the material.

If you live in the US you'll be hard pressed to find another little boy with the same name, as Clay is ranked at 718 in the top 1000 names list.

I learned something especially fascinating about the name Clay and why it may have been a popular choice in years past. In a journal called Names that was published in 1953 was the following folkloric ritual. 'If a mother has lost two children in childbirth or shortly thereafter, she can be assured of the survival of her third child...only if the second baby lies buried face down in the grave and the third child is named for Mother Earth.'

7 Gaia

Origin: Greek

The element associated with Taurus is earth and nature's treasures, making the Greek name Gaia - which means 'earth,' 'earth mother' and 'ancestral mother of all life' - an option well worth considering as you couldn't ask for better symbolism!

Nowadays, many Neopagans choose to worship Gaia, believing that she is the spiritual embodiment of the earth. While being a name that looks and sounds 'otherworldly,' it's not complicated or difficult to remember and will work wherever you're living.

Gaia is pronounced GAY-a in English, but you can also say GIE-a. At the end of the day it's all down to personal preference and how you and your family want to pronounce it. When I went to school with a girl called Gaia, I said GAY-a and my teacher said GIE-a. She'd reply to both and wasn't all that bothered if people wanted to pronounce it differently.

6 Eden

Origin: Hebrew

While the majority of us will associate the name Eden with the biblical Garden of Eden, it also means 'gentle' in Hebrew and is also a kind of rose, giving it a weighty, deeply fascinating history. Any name associated with gardens - be it biblical or not - or plants is worthy of consideration for your Taurus baby.

While I'm not religious, I can still appreciate the imagery the name Eden brings up of a beautiful place lush with life. It's a popular choice in Israel, though more so for girls than boys.

Many people are put off because of the 'place of pleasure' association, but I think those people are making trouble for this otherwise decent name!

If you're wanting to pronounce Eden with the Hebrew pronunciation, you would say ED-en. If you're for the English pronunciation, you would say EE-den. It's a familiar name but not too common.

5 Anthea

Origin: Greek

Anthea is not a name you hear every day, even though it looks as though it ought to be. For a Taurus girl it has everything...for a start, Anthea was another name for the the Greek goddess Hera, the goddess of marshes and swamps, flowers and love. The word actually means 'flower' or 'blossom.'

In England you'll hear it pronounced AN-thee-a, but I actually prefer the French pronunciation of AN-tay-ah. While I personally don't have great memories of the name - it belonged to my language teacher at school who was a staunch supporter of fox hunting - I still think it beautiful and it's as gorgeous on a little girl as it is on a grown woman.

The nicknames you can use are irresistible too - Ann, Annie and Thea. In my experience, women with the name Anthea tend to have Taurean characteristics - they're strong, persistent and calm.

4 Neo

Origin: Greek

Spring is all about renewal. Ewes are birthing lambs. Nests become a hub of activity. The buds on the trees are plumping out and getting ready for their big blossom reveal. Everything is new. Everything is breathing. The world is waking up and it's happy. I can't think of a name to better represent this magical time of awakening - and the time of the Taurus - than the name Neo.

It's original meaning is 'new' and its roots are in the Greek word neos. It's also an anagram of 'one.' In Tswana, South Africa it means gift. Gift your son with this name and he'll be able to way lyrical about its meaning and history!

It's a short, simple and memorable. It's a popular choice in Sweden where it has been in the top 100 since 2003. Elsewhere in the world though, you'll find it isn't so often used.

3 Faith

Origin: Latin

You can trust a Taurus with your life. They will defend you to their dying breath. Believe me. I have several of them in my family so I should know! The defensive characteristic of the Taurean makes Faith one of the best possible names for your little girl. It's origins are Latin and if you dig a bit deeper past its current day meaning of 'faith' you'll find that it originally meant 'to trust.'

Pronounced FAYTH - and you can also spell it like this too - some people think it sounds too 'frilly and pretty,' others think it sounds 'common and trashy,' but in my opinion it brings to mind a strong, independent woman who knows what she wants out of life and won't quit until she has it. Many people called their daughters Faith after Faith Lehane - portrayed by Eliza Dushku - from Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

2 Taurus

Origin: Late Roman/Astronomy

While some people might think calling your son Taurus because he happens to be a Taurus is cheesy, I put my hand up and disagree. Taurus is actually one of the few star signs that's usable as a name, and I think this fact is to be taken advantage of. Plus, it's really cool.

Aside from sounding cool - it's pronounced tore-is - it also has a meaning and history that can't really be topped by much else. Derived from the Latin taurus which means 'bull,' not only does it have all of the associations that come with the star sign, but it was also borne by no less than four Roman senators and seven Roman consuls.

It was used briefly in the 1970's but since then, hasn't made it onto any lists anywhere, according to my research, making it all the more unique and special for your little guy!

1 Adele

Mixed race baby girl sleeping on bed

Origin: Old German

When we usually think of a Taurus, we think of someone who is stubborn, argumentative and angry much of the time. What we disregard, or don't even consider, is the fact that they have a sensitivity to people and their surroundings that many of us are unable to understand. Yes, they can be bullheaded and furious, but they can also be sweet, thoughtful and not capable of hurting a fly. They're also deeply devoted to their friends and family.

This is what makes the name Adele so perfect for you Taurean girl. It's an Old German name which means 'noble,' 'kind' and 'tender.' It was most popular in the year 1910 and it's never really recovered the status it held back then. Pronounced a-DEL in English, it's a beautiful, strong name that really holds its ground, but it's tragically underused, despite the influence of English singer Adele.

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