2019's Best Books For Moms, By Moms, About Motherhood

When I was pregnant with my son, a thoughtful mom gifted me a book of poetry and art. It was a miniature coffee table book and perfect for long nursing sessions. Inside were examples of the beauty and rawness and struggle that is motherhood. Throughout the ages, mothering has been a well-studied and misunderstood experience. Today, we live in a time where women are not only taught to read and write - they're encouraged to become readers and writers! Some of these women grow up to become writers, and some of those writers have children of their own. Of course, parenthood is comedy gold - it's often gross and embarrassing, but there's at least we can find humor in it!

2019 has proven to be a banner year for moms writing about motherhood. If you need a little lift or perhaps another audiobook to add to your queue, take note! These are this year's best books about mothers!

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Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts: A Healing Guide to the Secret Fears of New Mothers

Written by maternal health expert Dr. Karen Kleiman, this humorous self-help book tells new moms they're not alone. The illustrations are amazing - comics pulled directly from the viral SpeakTheSecret campaign - and touch a nerve. If you have scary thoughts or want to help a mom friend in need, give this book a go.

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Making Motherhood Work: How Women Manage Careers and Caregiving

This is the kind of think-piece about motherhood that really intrigues me! Written by sociologist Caitlyn Collins, Making Motherhood Work unpacks the culture of motherhood, careers, and care work in four different countries. Read this to get fired up about how U.S. women get no paid maternity leave!

Amateur Hour: Motherhood in Essays and Swear Words

A collection of essays seems perfectly built for moms. We have just enough time to get ten pages in before we get pulled away by another crying kid, right? With a generous helping of sass, Kimberly Harrington writes poetic retellings of failed PTO bake sales. In its softer moments, the essays are a quiet retreat for moms in the midst of chaos.

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Nab the preorder of the first book from comedic geniuses Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the creators of #IMOMSOHARD. This puppy hits shelves in April, promising to be the kind of best-gal-pal story time that you need after a day of cleaning up spilled cereal. These ladies will be real with you, try real hard to mom like a champ, and fail with no grace whatsoever. At the end of the day, their support for one another as fellow moms gives this book enough heart to match its humor.

The Brown Mama Mindset: A Blueprint for Black Moms on Life, Love and Home

Muffy Mendoza founded Brown Mamas as an in-person and online support community for mothers of color. One reviewer explained the book as a self-guided transformative process. Intended to address the unique issues faced by black women, The Brown Mama Mindset is Mendoza's way of making space for the black experience of motherhood.

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If you find reading to be an isolating activity, consider using a mommy book club as a way to socialize! Reading together can be a very edifying experience - you can learn from one another and keep your mind open. With or without a book club, make these books written by moms for moms a priority on your reading list!

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