Here Are The 2019 Predictions For The Most Popular Baby Names

2019 may have just begun but there are already some sure trends when it comes to this year's hottest baby names. Move over Ashley, Laura, Josh, and Zach, the new generation of babes will be bringing back some timeless names that you haven't heard on the playground much...at least not yet.

Nameberry just released the top 100 names likely to be the most popular for both boys and girls this year. They found these names by taking the most searched for baby names as 2018 came to a close hinting as to what new parents are loving as they prepare to welcome a 2019 baby.

Following the trend of the last few years, old fashioned names with a certain level of elegance and everlasting appeal are very popular. Ada, Astrid, Beatrix, Delphine, Elsie, Lavinia, Mabel, Magot, Ophelia, and Theodora are a small sample of the types of names popular for girls on their list.

Boy names on the list include Ambrose, Archer, Bennett, Cassius, Ezra, Jude, Maverick, Rafferty, Sawyer, and Zephyr. These names can also be described as timeless. If you already have a child, we're sure you've already picked up on this trend. Millennials becoming parents have decided to venture out of the box after spending their grade years identifying classmates with the same name by their last initial.

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We're almost through the first month of the year so there's so no telling if any of these names will make the most popular lists of the year. Of course, celebrity babies have an impact on prominent names and there are quite a few celebrity babies expected to make their debut soon. Expecting babies this year include Duchess Meghan Markle, Amy Schumer, and Jessica Simpson. They're just a few of the celebs set to give birth this year. Whatever they name their children could have an impact on final popularity for the year. This may be especially true for the new royal Meghan is carrying.

Are you expecting a baby this year? If so, were you thinking about any of the names on this list? Are you loving these timeless trends or are you more into what's been popular in the recent past?

What are you naming your baby? Let us know in the comments!

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