10 Most Popular Boy Names In 2019

Picking a baby name is one of the toughest things new parents must do before their little one even arrives. Family and friends are always eager to hear what name the parents choose, which adds pressure to picking the right one. Luckily there’s information out there on what names parents are giving their baby boys this year.

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We did a little work for you and picked the top ten cutest baby boy names for 2019. And just a fair warning- all of these names are adorable if you’re currently looking for the perfect one for your impending bundle of joy!

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10 Liam

Liam ranked number two of 50 most popular boy names this year, and we really aren’t surprised. This cute name has both a German origin, and Irish version meaning “protector” and is said to be a shorter version of the name William. 

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While knowing the origin and meaning of a baby name is great, this name is also very trendy without being overused. There are also a few popular Liams, such as Liam Hemsworth, and who wouldn’t want to use the same name as the Australian actor?!

9 Oliver

This classic name is making a comeback as one of the top 10 baby boy names this year. It comes from two origins- a word for olive tree in Latin and the French name "Olivier." Oliver can also be shortened into the (super adorable) female version of the name with “Olive.”

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This is one name that will never go out of style as it’s both trendy and timeless. We’re big fans of this old-school name as more and more parents pick it for their baby boys!

8 Mason

The name “Mason” came in at number six on a list of the top 50 baby boy names of 2019 and has some seriously classic origins. This French name is said to have been popular in the Middle Ages as a name used by stoneworkers, which makes total sense as a mason is someone who works with stone.

Of course, we use the name “Mason” for different reasons today (such as it being totally cute!) as not all Masons are stoneworkers. Just ask Kourtney Kardashian’s oldest son, Mason Disick!

7 Noah

Noah was ranked as the most popular baby boy name so far in 2019. Its Hebrew meaning of “rest” and “comfort” is very well-known as in the biblical story of Noah and his ark. While the name Noah has been growing in popularity in recent years, it is still not overly used, which makes it a great option for new parents. In fact, Miley Cyrus has a younger sister named Noah, which makes this name not only a classic, but also very cool!

6 Lucas

This is one of the more common names on the list and came in at number five on a list of 50 top 2019 baby boy names. The Latin origin is pretty cool as it means “illumination" or "light-giving." Luke, who was an author of New Testament gospel, is also a nickname for Lucas.

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Notably, there are a few famous people with the name Lucas, such as George Lucas, creator of Star Wars. Overall, parents can’t go wrong with this historic and popular boy name!

5 Ethan

Ethan has been making a comeback in recent years as this cute name gains popularity. It ranked at number eight out of 50 boy names for 2019 and has a pretty great meaning. From a Hebrew origin, Ethan is said to mean “strong” and “safe,” which makes for a great baby name. As with a lot of other names on our list, it does have a biblical background with Ethan being considered wise. What parent doesn’t want their son to grow up being wise and strong?!

4 Jackson

Have you ever met a Jackson in person? It seems this name is growing in popularity at number nine of 50 on the list for 2019, but is still not a common name to come across in real life. Of course, this makes it more appealing knowing half of your child’s kindergarten class won’t be Jacksons!

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It’s a super sweet name, and we’re glad it’s rising in popularity! Plus, if Jackson is too long for your kiddo, “Jack” is also a classic nickname.

3 Elijah 

Another biblical name, this one comes from a Hebrew origin meaning “Yahweh is God.” This one hasn’t just grown in popularity in 2019, but has been a very trendy name for over a decade now. With a solid background and meaning, it’s no wonder so many parents pick this cute name for their baby boys! Plus, “Eli” makes for the ultimate baby nickname. Lord of the Rings actor Elijah Wood also brought great fame to this sweet name!

2 Logan

This baby boy name came in at number seven on a list of the top 50 names of 2019 so far, and we aren’t surprised! It’s been a sweet name for many years, and we can’t get enough! It’s Scottish origin has an interesting meaning of “hollow,” as in a location or place.

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Unlike a lot of other names on this list, it does not have a biblical meaning, which may be preferred by some parents. But whatever your preference is, there’s no denying Logan is a strong name!

1 Aidan

Perhaps not as surprising as some of the other names, Aidan comes in at number 10 on the list. This name has definitely increased in popularity the past several years, and we’re sure you know at least one or two kids with this trendy moniker!

However, just because more and more kids are being named Aiden these days doesn’t make it any less fun! It’s a unisex name with an Irish origin said to mean “fiery,” and we love that.

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