2019's Top Nursery Design Trends

This is going to be a big design year, I can feel it in my bones! 2018 feels like it crammed a whole decade of decor trends into one year! But 2019 is going to be the best nursery design year yet. I've had my eye on the biggest trends in nursery decor for several months now. Some classic styles are still in vogue, while other newer trends are providing a fresh update on tired old "baby" decor. Get the best-dressed nursery of 2019 with these big hits in interior design!

Black-And-White Monochrome Baby Decor Is Trending In 2019

This is such a timeless look! Via My Baby Doo/Pinterest

Monochrome palettes lend nurseries a whimsical - yet mature - vibe. Better yet, choosing a color to "pop" is easy, as pretty much everything will look great against a plain black and white background! Mixing and matching decor items (pillows, linens, and rugs) is almost too easy in monochrome. Beyond the color scheme, this trend can fit into nearly any design influence. Clean, modern lines in pure black and white; cool vintage atmosphere; or boho-chic. Even a glam Gatsby-style room is easy to pull off in these basics! Developmentally, the high-contrast colors offer great mental and visual stimulation for growing brains!

Dabble Your Decor In Geometric Prints

This boho nursery mixes 2019 trends with ease! Via Remington Avenue

While geometric shapes will abound in every color, many designers show a crossover between the monochrome trend and the geometric trend. In many cases, the black-on-white prints will be of simple 2-D geometrical shapes. This trend also gives a thoughtful nod to the orderliness of clean shapes, instilling a sense of calm in what can be a room of chaos. As the child grows, track their developmental milestones by practicing the names of all the shapes in their room!

Style A Vintage Bohemian Nursery With Macrame & Live Plants

This is basically the look I was going for in my living room. My walls are that exact color! Via Project Nursery

I'm not even sure what to call this particular design aesthetic. Vintage boho-chic? Whatever it is, I'm here for it. This is probably the inspiration for my own daughter's nursery if I'm being honest. A few weeks ago, I made a DIY macrame wall hanging for her room. Live plants give the room a relaxed, soothing, sensuous vibe. There's something refreshing about sharing air with a houseplant! Bring that life indoors - just be sure the plants you add to your baby's nursery are baby-safe!

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Plan For Your Baby To Grow Into A Toddler With Her Own "House Bed"

I love how cozy this house bed feels! Via Amazon

Is it still considered a nursery if a toddler lives there? One of the challenges of nursery design is the child outgrowing the room's style. By considering what toddlers are adding to their own decor, it's easier to plan for a true living design; one that grows with the kid living there. 2019's hottest toddler bed design is the "house bed". In a cute twist of a bed-inside-a-house-inside-a-house, the house bed offers a cozy retreat for restful nights. While you may not want your baby to sleep in a toddler bed just yet, you could consider incorporating it into your future design plans.

Don't Shy Away From Bold Wallpaper

Go Big Or Go Bold! Via Pinterest

The bolder, the better! Recent years have brought about a boom in creative wall coverings. Did you know you can even find peel-and-stick "wooden" planks to revamp your walls and furniture? What a statement! Parents are designing next year's nursery around big, flashy, boisterous prints and colors in temporary (and permanent) wallpapers. Some use the wallpaper as an accent wall while others wrap the room in brightness! Whether you choose a print that nods to another of the trends (Geometric patterns? Black and white prints?), or a signature style for your child, wallpaper is a great way to change up their look! Peel-and-stick options offer the option of easier redecorating in the future!

Create A Cozy Snuggle Nook For Baby

What a sweet hiding spot! Via Caden Lane

This is absolutely the best nursery design idea of 2019! I'm a big fan of creature comforts, so I always want my rooms to be cozy, comfy, and inviting. By adding a permanent "fort" - or a snuggle nook - you can make your baby's room a sensory wonderland! Some parents achieve the "nook" effect by adding a canopy over the baby's crib or bed. Others create a reading space with pillows and soft rugs. My favorite is the tent option! Shep has a tent that gives him a special hiding place and enhances his room's aesthetic. What a whimsical treat, to have a safe and cozy space in your own room!

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Which of these design trends fits your baby's nursery? Send me pictures of your baby's nursery on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3 to be featured in future nursery design articles! 

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