21 Gorgeous Girl Names From Forgotten Disney Princesses

The official Disney Princesses are such a loved and adored group all over the world. These 11 beauties are seen everywhere and on every kind of trinket imaginable, from toys to utensils and kitchenware, to clothes and accessories. These princesses are everywhere.

However, there are some forgotten princesses that haven't gotten as much of a royal treatment. These heroines have great quality, are of equal beauty and deserve a look at as well. For parents looking for that perfect name for their own little princess, these name bearers are great representatives.

We've put together a list of names that don't appear on the merchandise quite as much or have been forgotten over time. Some of these princesses were popular when their films were released, but seemed to have been forgotten, while others never really had the glory days in the spotlight that they deserved.

Here is a list of 20 forgotten princesses that should be getting the royal treatment, but unfortunately aren't anymore. These princesses were part of films that filled the imagination and left us in wonder, and we think their names will do the same thing. Get ready to add some beautiful names to the list for your future princess.

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21 Tamina

This Disney princess name is not only forgotten in the U.S., it's never really been considered. While it's in the top 200 in Germany, Tamina has never been featured on the American list of top 1000 baby names. Maybe it's because "T" names are a dime a dozen, or maybe it's because this one just hasn't been in the spotlight long enough.

Are you still trying to figure out which Disney princess she is? Well, I'll help you figure it out. Tamina is the Princess of the Holy City of Alamut. Still not sure? Her character was played by the beautiful Gemma Arterton in the Disney film, The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.

Tamina was forced to marry the Prince of Dastan, adopted the son of the King Sharaman of Persia after Alamut is invaded. Other than her beauty, Princess Tamina was known to be strong-willed, resourceful, sassy and smart.

Tamina may be a newer princess name, but it definitely has some potential. The only downside to this one is that it may lack in meaning, what it makes up for in beauty. One theory is that it stems from the German name "Tamien" or the Hebrew name "Tamar."

20 Kida

Though Kida has been in not one, but two Disney animated films, it has never been on the American popularity charts. Disney producer's always had the intent of making Princess Kida stand out from other princesses. They wanted her to have a distinct personality and appearance. Unlike most princesses, the creators of Kida did not want her to appear like a damsel in distress.

Princess Kida was the strong, caring, brave and resourceful princess who starred in both Atlantis: The Lost Empire and Atlantis: Milo's Return. Her goal in the film was to discover Atlantis' past, and then to help restore it to its former glory. She is was featured on television in one House of Mouse episode. She was a princess by birth, but in the second film became a queen.

Kida, pronounced kee-da, is said to be of both Japanese and Native American origin. The Native American variation means "raising away the darkness," while the Japanese origin means "rice paddy near the tree."

Kida is definitely a more exotic choice from the Disney princess list, some may not even agree she's a princess, even though she appeared in the My Princess Collection series and was a princess by birth.

19 Megara

A great alternative to Megan, Megara has never been featured on the American list. This moniker has a Greek origin and is also a Sicilian place name.

Megara is probably better known as Meg, at least that's what she said her friends called her in the movie, Hercules.

Though some say it's up for debate as to whether Megara is technical part of the Disney Princess franchise, she was included in the second edition "Princess Collection" and the "Disney Princess Singalong" series, as well as "Disney Princess Pins" sold in Disney stores.

Megara had sold her soul to Hades, who called her "Nutmeg," to bring back the love of her life from death. Sadly, when he came back to life, he left her for another woman. She still had to work for Hades, but did end up falling in love with Hercules. In the film, Megara is free-spirited and independent. She is also quick-witted and sarcastic, but kind and caring as well.

Megara is Greek for "great." Megara is also an ancient Greek colony in Sicily. This forgotten Disney princess moniker has a lot of potential as an up and coming name in the Greek and place name trends.

18 Andrina

There are seven possible names of the daughters of King Triton to choose from, and Andrina is one of my favorites. Despite the undeniable beauty of this moniker, and the whole princess thing, Andrina has never been on the American popularity list. Andrina was the second of the six sisters of Ariel, and the aunt to Ariel's daughter in the sequel.

Andrina, like the other princesses on the film, had a few short appearance, one of which was the song "Daughter's of Triton" where she and her sisters all sang their names. She also appeared in the sequel as one of Melody's aunts and was seen as they were celebrating the birth of the newborn.

Andrina's origin and meaning is a mystery, but some theories say that it is a variation of the name Andrea. It is said to mean "warrior." Though there aren't any other given name bearers, Ingrid Andrina was a beautiful Russian actress in the 70s.

It is estimated that there have been about 12,000 people in the world given the name Andrina, and it is currently ranked in the mid-17000 for baby names. Andrina is a great alternative to the overused Andrea, it's a unique choice, and don't forget royal too.

17 Attina

The second favorite of the Triton sisters is Attina, the eldest of the princesses. Attina has never been featured on any popularity list, though it's definitely one of the more familiar feeling and wearable of the sister's names. It was featured in an article on Nameberry.com as a "Mermaid Name Beyond Madison and Ariel."

In The Little Mermaid, Attina was always looking out for her younger sisters, as sort of the "mother hen." She was the first of the princesses of Atlantica, according to Disney Magazine, becomes married to a prince that lives in a faraway place. Attina is considered to be bossy by her sisters, as she feels a sense of responsibility for them. In the book, Attina has a catfish named Fin-Fin and loves to read.

In the prequel, Attina is 21 years old, loves music and plays the harp and extremely dislikes merpeople who pollute to coral reef that she calls home. Her favorite food is seaweed casserole. The name of the person who was Attina's voice in the first film is actually unknown.

Though the meaning is unknown, Attina is said to be a variation of Athena, which means is a Greek mythology name that has broken into the top 200.

16 Marian

This historically gender neutral moniker had a pretty good ride on the charts when it first entered in 1880. It entered the top 100 in 1912, where it stayed until 1935. However, in the mid-1950s it began a downward trend that it would never recover from. By 2001 it was completely kicked off the charts and still hasn't reappeared today.

In the Disney animated film Robin Hood, Maid Marian is said to be the niece of King Richard.

Maid Marian fell in love with Robin Hood when they were young, but were separated when she left for London for reasons unknown.

She still loved him, even when they were reunited. Maid Marian's character was made to be beautiful, kind, gentle and brave. Fun fact, Maid Marian was the only character to ever wear shoes on her feet in the entire movie. Her character was also used in the tv show, Once Upon a Time.

Marian is the French medieval variation of the name Marie, which means "bitter." Sarah Jessica Parker and husband, Matthew Broderick, chose the Marion spelling for one of their twin daughters. Other spelling variations are Marrian and Maryon, but none of these have been as successful as the original, Marian.

15 Eilonwy

In the 1985 Disney film, The Black Cauldron, Princess Eilonwry of Llyr was just 12 years old. She was slender, blue eyed and blonde. In the movie she appears to have magical abilities that end up saving her, her love interest Taran, and Fflewdurr from the horned king's prison.

Princess Eilonwry was talkative and outgoing, cynical and strong willed. Despite some of these qualities, she was also affectionate and caring, especially toward Taran. In the movie, Princess Eilonwry was taken hostage by an emperor known as "The Horned King." He takes her in hopes that her magical abilities can help him find the "black cauldron."

Taran is a farmboy that she meets on her attempt to escape the castle. The two set out to escape the castle together. They free prisoner, Fflewdurr, and the three escape to the land of Fair Folk together. The film never did well at the box office, thus Eilonwhy has long been forgotten and not usually included when people think of the official Disney princesses.

Eilonwhy, pronounced eye-LAHN-wee, is said to be the creation of Lloyd Alexander for his book, The Chronicles of Pydrain. Though the name has no apparent meaning, it is said to be of Welsh origin.

14 Giselle

This beautiful name entered the American list in 1983, but it wasn't until 20 years later that it entered the top 200 and stayed for 10 more years. Giselle hasn't moved very far either. It is still the 271st most popular baby girl's name.

In the movie Enchanted, Giselle from the land of Andalasia is your stereotypical Disney princess, and Amy Adams is wonderful at playing the role. She is pushed down a well by the evil queen and lands in New York City in her wedding dress. She had planned to wed her prince charming that day. Instead she experiences the real life frustrations and fears of being on earth, and not in her perfect fairy land.

Giselle is strawberry blonde with big blue eyes. She is very pure of heart, but also very gullible and naive. She is friendly and outgoing and dreamy and romantic. She eventually does meet her one true love and experiences true love's first kiss, but it isn't who she thought it would be.

Giselle, pronounced jiz-ELLE, German for "pledge, hostage." Fun fact, Disney decided not to include Giselle in the princess franchise, though they had originally intended to, because they would have had to pay royalties to Amy Adams.

13 Atta

Atta is not one of the alliterated Triton sisters, but instead, Atta is the princess, and later queen of the ant colony. The name Atta has never been featured on the American list, it could take the place of Etta, which is part of the overdone "e" name trend.

Atta is the crown princess ant in Disney's 1998 film A Bug's Life. She is the oldest daughter of the queen of the ant colony called, Ant Island. Atta's creators made her nervous and unsure of her upcoming role as queen at the beginning of the film. She is also shown as a perfectionist because she thinks being perfect will help her future colony like her more. She has a crush on ant friend, Flik, which is shown more throughout the film.

Though Atta has many enemies in the movie, she also has several very close allies who later become her good friends. They help her realized her true potential as queen, which she ultimately becomes at the end of the film, alongside her chosen mate, Flik.

It is said that Atta is of Finnish origin and means "father." It's actually considered gender neutral, despite its meaning, and the double "t" makes it a little more feminine in the U.S.

12 Melody

Melody has long been a favorite of parents in the U.S. It began its successful journey on the American list in 1942, where it entered at #524. It wasn't long before Melody was safely inside the top 500, where it would remain even to this day. It has recently made it to its highest point ever, #143.

If you're a fan of sequels than you'll know exactly who Princess Melody is. If you're not, then I will get you up to date on this princess moniker. Princess Melody is the daughter of Melody and Eric. In The Little Mermaid Two: Return to the Sea, the film opens up to the all of Ariel and Eric's family members awaiting the birth of their baby, Melody.

Melody is a great name bearer for a modern baby. She is a little bit tomboyish and headstrong, but she is also loving, sweet and a little bit shy. In the film she basically looks like Ariel with black hair like Eric. Though she can hold her breath for a long time, she can't breath under water.

The name Melody is Greek for "strong." It was extremely popular in the 1960s, and is being reinvented by parents today.

11 Faline

This long lost Disney Princess name has never been on the American list, despite its use for sweet Bambi's little love interest. Faline is an Irish baby name that hasn't yet been imported to the success of other Irish names like Meghan and Brian, but it just might need a little bit more time.

Faline is the beautiful female protagonist in the 1923 novel and 1942 film rendition of Bambi. She was also featured in the second film. She is considered a princess on this list because Bambi, her mate and lover is the princes of the forest, which would make her his princess.

Faline enters the film as a giggly, wide eyed little fawn, and throughout it becomes a beautiful young adult, or doe. Her creators made her to appear sweet, sensitive, and caring. She is first introduced to Bambi through a meeting with their mothers, who encourage the two to get to know each other. They don't meet again until the second half of the film, when they're grown up.

Faline, pronounced Faa-LIYIYN,  is Irish for "in charge." Another translation is from the English word "Fallon" for "cat like." An alternative spelling is Falleen, which is a more modern Colleen.

10 Kiara

This princess moniker is relatively newer on the popularity list, but it has done very well since its entry in 1988. Kiara was in the top 200 just one year later and stayed there until 2011. It even entered the top 100 during that time. Today, Kiara has dropped slightly to #354. It's also a top 400 name in England.

Princess Kiara was featured as the protagonist in The Lion Kind II: Simba's Pride, which premiered in 1998. Kiera was Simba and Nala's daughter. As a child, Kiera's creators made her wild and curious and was constantly seeking new adventures. Most of her adventures were found away from her home in the pride land, which didn't look good to her future subjects. As Kiara grew, she accepted her role as future queen and throughout the movie her outlook turns into a positive one.

Kiara is also featured in the Disney Junior film, The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar. 

She carries the same wild, care free adventurous spirit into this film as well. She also has a notable amount of heroin-ism and selflessness.

Kiara, pronounced kee-AHR-a, is a variation of the Italian Chiara and the Spanish, Ciara, which means "light, clear, little, dark.

9 Merida

This moniker isn't actually Scottish, despite its Scottish princess name bearer. Merida is actually of Spanish origin and has only been seen on the American popularity list once, and that was just last year. It came out of nowhere and entered at the 516th most popular baby girl's name.

Princess Merida is the protagonist of the 2012 Disney film Brave. Merida is a beautifully striking redhead that is the epitome of a free spirit. She is an adventurous tomboy who is excellent with a bow. She is a one of a kind princess that is a perfect symbol of the modern girl.

In the film, Merida felt that her mother, Queen Elinor, had too high of expectations for her and their relationship became distant. In the film, Merida was 16 years old and didn't attain the royal appearance that her mother believed a princess should have. However, all of that would change at the end of the film when Merida had to help her mother change back from a bear, or should we become one forever.

Merida is a Latin name that means "high place of honor." It basically means princess, and represents one of the best official Disney princesses.

8 Anna

Anna has only left the top 100 twice in its time on the charts since 1880. Not only has it always been extremely popular in the U.S., but it is also popular all over the world. It is a top 50 name in 8 other countries and a top 100 name in 3 others. Today, Anna is ranked #43 on the American list, up from #53 the previous year.

Princess Anna rarely gets the recognition of her sister, Queen Elsa. Elsa has also been a trending name since the Disney movie, Frozen, was released, but it has yet to see the success of timeless and old fashioned Anna.

Princess Anna was the main female protagonist in the film. Also unlike her sister, Anna is super energetic, eccentric, outgoing and free-spirited. Anna adored her sister, but the two grew apart after Elsa pushed her away, and again after their parents died. At 18, Anna is a hopeless romantic, but truly just wants to have a relationship with her sister.

Anna is a variation of Hannah that means "grace." Anna has been a favorite in literature, like in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina. Two real life name bearers are Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect star, and Anna Paquin.

7 Rapunzel

Rapunzel is probably the quirkiest of the names on this list, but then again, she is also a quirky kind of princess, not the traditional royal type. This moniker has never been featured on the American list, mostly because its only association is with the long golden headed princess.

In Disney's Tangled, Rapunzel is an extremely spirited 18 year old with beautiful extremely long magical golden locks. Rapunzel had been kidnapped from her king and queen mother and father at a young age and locked away in a tower. It wasn't until she was 18 that a handsome man, Flynn Ryder in the film, climbed up the tower to save her.

The heroine of the story will long be remembered as the fair maiden who threw down her long hair from a tower so her handsome prince could climb up to save her. In the film, Rapunzel's dress is traditional German, just like the name.

Rapunzel, pronounced rah-PUN-zel,  is a German flower name.

The flower is known for its distinct leaves, and were worn in her hair in the movie. Rapunzel has never been as successful as other princess names. Just like Cinderella, it's only ever been identified as with the princesses.

6 Tiana

Tiana has been on the popularity list since 1975. It was in the top 500 by 1989, but has dropped out since. In 2010, the year after The Princess and the Frog was released, it reached #334, its highest ranking ever. Today, Tiana is ranked #578, and also a top 400 name in Germany and England.

Princess Tiana is the only African American princess and the first Disney princess in the 21st century who played the protagonist in the film adaption of The Princess and the Frog. The film begins with Tiana as a child and tells the story of how she wished on a star that she would one day own a restaurant. The story later opens up to grown up Tiana in her own restaurant.

They later get into the classic story of the princess and the frog, and Tiana kissing the frog who turns out to be a prince. However, in this case, instead of the frog turning into a human, Tiana turns into a frog.

Tiana, pronounced tee-AHN-ah, is Slavic for "fairy queen." Tiana gained popularity when the movie released, but has declined slightly since. However, it's not one that will likely fall off the chart any time soon.

5 Leia

Leia, pronounced LAY-ah, has been on the American popularity list since 1978, but actually had little success until last year. It began an upward trend in 2010 and hit #279 last year, its highest ranking ever. It is also a top 100 name in Sweden and a top 400 name in England and Germany.

Princess Leia is the main female protagonist, who began as Leia Skywalker in the famous Star Wars series. The Star Wars franchise was bought by Disney in 2012, when they bought the "Lucasfilm Company" for $4 billion. They launched their first Star Wars reboot in 2015.

Leia's iconic hair style with a bun over each ear will probably always be what we think of when we hear the name. Leia is the twin sister of Luke Skywalker, the daughter of Darth Vader, and was portrayed by Carrie Fisher in the film. Leia will probably always be associated with this princess, at least if you're a fan of the Star Wars universe.

Leia is the Spanish variation of the name Leya, which means "the law, lion." The Leya spelling is not and has never been on the popularity list, probably because the Leia spelling was seen on the charts first.

4 Anastasia

Though I have only just recently seen this film, Anastasia is one of my favorite princesses and princess names. This beautiful moniker entered the American popularity list since 1880, and had some major ups and downs on the chart, and was actually knocked off for all of the 1940s.

Today, Anastasia has made a major comeback and has reached #123 on the charts, its highest ranking yet. It is also a top 200 name in Germany and England. Though Anastasia is an older Disney movie, its recent success is likely credited to Anastasia Steele.

In the 1997 film, Anastasia was the long lost princess of Russia. She is based on the actualy the daughter of the last czar of Russia, Nicholas II. However, the real Anastasia was killed in 1918 during the execution of the Romanov family. Thankfully, the Disney rendition is slightly more upbeat.

Though the movie sort of flopped, Anastasia is said to be joining the "Official" Disney Princess franchise beginning in the summer of 2019.

Anastasia, though popular in Russia, is actually Greek for "resurrection." It has also been the name of several saints and royalty. It's a beautiful princess name that is finally reaching its full potential!

3 Ariel

One of the most beloved Disney princesses, Ariel, is a princess name that has been doing pretty well on the popularity list for quite some time. It entered in 1978 and by 1990, the year after The Little Mermaid was released, it entered the top 100. It has stayed within the top 300 since then, and today, is back at #142.

Princess Ariel is fiery redheaded protagonist of The Little Mermaid. She is known for her free spirit, curiosity and desire for adventure. She is the youngest of the 7 daughters of King Triton.

In the film, she falls in love with a human, Prince Eric, who she later marries. Ariel did hit some obstacles as she was on the journey to find true love. This one ends up with a true happy ever after, however. Her father took sympathy on her and bestowed her with legs so she was able to marry Eric.

Ariel is actually a Biblical name. It is Hebrew for "lion of God." It is also used as a symbolic name for the city of Jerusalem. Fun fact, Ariel is used slightly more for boys in Israel, but that probably wouldn't go over so well in the States.

2 Nancy

Nancy is one of the more common names on our list, and this one has been very successful in the States since the very beginning of the popularity list. It entered in the top 100 in 1880 and stayed there for a century. Nancy was a top ten name for 21 years in the middle of that century as well.

Nancy didn't start to decline until around 2009, when it left the top 500. By 2016, Nancy was as low as #878, however, last year it was completely resurrected and made it to #187 once again. It is also still a top 100 name in England.

Nancy is probably the one name on this list that has to be explained. This moniker belongs to Idina Menzel's character on the Disney film, Enchanted. At the end of the movie, Nancy marries Prince Charming, thus making her a princess.

Nancy is a diminutive of Ann, which means "grace." There have been several other famous name bearers like Nancy Drew, Nancy from Oliver Twist, the children's character Fancy Nancy. Frank Sinatra and Ronald Reagan chose Nancy for their daughters as well. Nancy has been a timeless name that has been and probably will always be in the top 1000.

1 Moana

Moana isn't necessarily forgotten, but she hasn't gotten the same amount of royal treatment, especially compared to other Disney princesses. Moana, pronounced MOH-ah-na or MWA-nah, was never seen on the American list until just last year when it entered as the 412th most popular baby name.

In the film, Moana was the protagonist and heroine who, at first, struggles with self doubt, but in the end truly proves herself and finds her true identity. Moana is an adventure seeking, sea loving, headstrong 16 year old who happens to be the daughter of the chief of her village, making her their future leader.

Though she has always doubted herself and her leadership abilities, she ends up saving their island and becoming a great wayfinder. Moana is also quite a beauty, with dark eyes and wavey dark hair. Fun fact, her creators actually designed her body to be more realistic than previous Disney princesses.

In many Polynesian countries, Moana means "ocean."

This moniker is perfect for a little princess born on or near the sea, or even conceived somewhere near the ocean. Moana's recent jump into the top 500 isn't a surprise at all. This one will probably continue to rise on the charts.

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