21 Little-Known Details About Mark Wahlberg And His Kids

10Mark Wahlberg is about the most timeless man on Earth, except for perhaps George Clooney, Sean Connery, and Richard Gere. For those ladies who came of age in the '90s, Mark Wahlberg was the center of bad boy crushes. Covered in tats and forever missing a t-shirt, Mark Wahlberg rapped his way into the hearts of many.

While many teen heartthrobs fizzle out as they grow older and lose that certain appeal, Mark Wahlberg has done the impossible. He went from handsome to dreamy! Wahlberg is well into his forties now, is married and the father to four children. His rap game crossed over into a legit, credible acting gig and he has become one of the highest paid actors of our time.

Pretty darn good for a scrubby, little kid from Boston. Mark has many credits under his belt these days, but his greatest achievements are no doubt his two daughters and his two sons with his wife Rhea Durham. This celebrity family is doing a whole lot right, it seems, from sports and rules to family time. Here are 20 things people should know about Mark and Rhea's pack of kiddos.

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21 His kids aren't exactly Marky Mark fans

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Mark's four children aren't exactly feeling the good vibrations when it comes to their father's early musical successes. The 47-year-old actor and entertainer told the host of Sunday Today that his four children are embarrassed by his earlier rap/pop hit "Good Vibrations." When it suddenly came on over the speakers at one of his son's sporting events, his kid pretty much buried his head into his helmet in embarrassment It has to be hard for his kids coming up on the teenage years to see their father in a funky bunch light. We all know those weren't exactly Mark's glory years.

20 They use him for his celeb connections

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Mark Walberg let his fans know that his kids pretty much use him for his vast celeb connections. He told late show host Seth Meyers that while at him, his kids want nearly nothing to do with him, pretty typical when you consider his children's ages. However, it's a whole other ballgame when his kids want to use their father's connections to their advantage. Walberg told Seth Meyers that his four kids don't think he is all that cool unless of course, they want to meet someone like Drake. That's when they will turn the charm on and finesse their father.

19 Daughter Ella won't be hitting the dating scene anytime soon

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Walberg's eldest daughter, Ella, is now fifteen years old and growing into a stunning beauty. (Did anyone think the opposite would happen? No way! Not with the genes of her handsome father and stunning mother.) While Walberg recognizes that his little girl is fast approaching the age of dating, he is still managing to keep her on a pretty tight leash. He even tends to "extend her punishments" if it means keeping the high school sophomore until his watchful eye. Try as he might, there will come a time very soon where he and wife Rhea will have to let their gal spread his lovely wings.

18 His kids have to have a backup plan

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So what will the Wahlberg kids do as grown-ups? Will they follow in the footsteps of their acting, modeling parents? Will they go into the family burger business or do something entirely different. The kids have some time to decide, but Mark and Rhea have made one thing very clear. Whatever they chose, they better have a backup plan. Mark has publicly stated that he would very much like them to stay far away from the world of entertainment and his wife Rhea wouldn't mind if her sons grew up to excel in the wide world of sports and athletics.

17 Little Grace is an already an accomplished equestrian

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The youngest child in the bunch, Grace, has taken to horses in recent years. Just this past fall Mark and Rhea couldn't help but take to social media to express their pride in Grace as she took home first place in a local equestrian show. The proud papa was beaming at the accomplishments of his eight-year-old baby and had to let the world know about her talent. Grace posed alongside her trusted horse and her parents looking nothing but darling in her riding outfit. She was the picture of pride holding her ribbon, but even her smile couldn't beat our her parents' smiles of joy.

16 The Kids had a Catholic upbringing

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Mark Wahlberg was raised on the East coast as a strict Irish Catholic boy in a big family, and he has passed his views and beliefs onto his four young and impressionable children. His little lady, Grace recently made her Holy Communion, which is an important celebration and milestone in this particular faith. The special ceremony took place at Church of Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, California, which is also the same Christian church that Mark and his wife wed in several years ago. It seems that Walhberg is making sure to pass down his Irish Catholic ways to his offspring.

15 Mark and his co-star Will Ferrel are matchmaking dads

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Mark's daughter Ella is on a tight leash when it comes to boys and dating, but there is one young man that daddy seems to approve of. Mark and funny father, Will Ferrell, starred together in Daddy's Home 2 and the talented fellows struck up a friendship. Their kids developed a liking for one another as well. Ella Rae and Ferrell's son Magnus were in "some sort of communication," according to Mark. The youngsters follow each other on social media it seems, but there seems no need to get too worried. The kids are still pretty young, and their dads are on top of things!

14 The girls don't approve of their father's pics

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No girl wants their father flaunting his bod all over television and social media for the world to see. To a teenage girl, this is the ultimate form of embarrassment, even when your dad is one of the best looking fathers around. Mark Wahlberg's two daughters become downright mortified when they discover that dad has been posting shirtless images on his social media pages. Wahlberg revealed to talk show host Ellen, that his girls are forever telling him to go and put a shirt on, and when he does have one on, they suggest he throws another one on!

13 His daughter Ella was born on a monumental day

Mark Wahlberg grew up in a large Irish Catholic family alongside nine brothers and sisters. His sister Debbie passed away fifteen years ago at only forty-three years old. Debbie sadly passed on because of a heart attack in Boston, Mass., on the most crucial day of Mark's life. Her date of expiration is the date that Wahlberg first became a father. His daughter Ella Raw was born on the same day Mark lost his beloved sister. Imagine having the most beautiful experience that life can offer as well as the most challenging and sorrow-filled one all occur in the span of twenty-four hours.

12 Michael Wahlberg might be a future football star

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Mark and Rhea's one son seems to be quite the athletic talent. Son Michael is an avid football player who shows quite a bit of promise in the sport. Mom Rhea has said that she wouldn't mind watching her son grow up and take on the sports world. Michael's doting mom and enthusiastically animated father are often seen on the field sidelines supporting their son and his team. Mark looks like the rest of us who spend our weekends cheering our kids on in their athletic endeavors. Check him out HERE, getting way into the game and conjuring up good vibes from the sidelines.

11 His kids inspire his work

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Wahlberg stars alongside actress Rose Byrne in the film Instant Family, and while plenty of the movie's inspiration came from Director Sean Aster's own experiences with foster care and the adoption process, much of Wahlberg's personal acting inspiration was drawn from his four children. His kids acted as little muses for his work in this particular film. He drew heavily from his emotions as a loving father as well as the trials and tribulations that parenthood was brought along. For example, his daughter Ella is the same age as one of the movie characters, Lizzy. Mark's movie mom is also loosely based on MMark's tough-love, no-nonsense mom.

10 Three of the couple's four kids were born before marriage

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Mark and his now wife Rhea Durham have been together for a very long time. The first became a too-cute couple in 2001 and then welcomed their first daughter into the world a few years later. While the pair remained monogamous and devoted to their little family, they were in no rush to run down the aisle, even though marriage before kids is a pretty common Catholic value. Mark and Rhea went on to become parents to son Michael, who was born in 2006 and then to another son Brendan in 2008. After many years together and three beautiful children, the pair did finally tie the knot in 2009 before having little Grace a year later.

9 Mark's Kids always come first

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Mark is a devoted father to his four children; there is little doubt about that! His brother Donnie, a well known former bad boy band member, married former bunny and anti-vaccine activist Jenny McCarthy, but brother Mark was not in attendance. What could have kept him from attending his brother's wedding nuptials? Well, it seems that the wedding celebration fell on the same day as his daughter's birthday, and Mark could not possibly miss his little girl's celebration. He passed on the family wedding to help his little lady blow out her birthday candles. What a heck of a dad!

8 Any more siblings to come?

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Considering Mark comes from a huge Irish Catholic family, and Rhea has made no secret that her dream was to have two little girls and two little boys, one has to ask: will tone more little Wahlberg be joining the family someday? Mark revealed in an interview that his wife says she is done having kids, but daddy Mark isn't so sure. He is convinced that she might decide one more kid is in the plan because she loves being a mother so much. He let talk show host Ellen know that she may want to stay tuned because you never know if the Funky Bunch is about to grow up two tiny feet.

7 The Wahlberg kids are homeschooled

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When your father makes a living traveling from one major film project to the next, education can end up looking less than traditional. Plenty of movie stars, music sensations, and entertainers choose to take their growing families on the road and hence end up providing them with a non-traditional, homeschooling education. A few years ago, this was precisely the direction the Wahlbergs turned in. For them, it made more sense to keep their family together and educate them on the job rather than keep them in public school while their father made his loving away from them for months at a time.

6 The Wahlberg kids have some famous relatives

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As if having one of the world's highest-paid actors and most stunning female models as your primary genetic contributors isn't enough, the Wahlberg foursome has a deep, deep gene pool of talent and beauty to pull from. Mark and Rhea's children also get to claim the likes of Madonna and Celine Dion as distant relatives. With so much beauty, talent and business sense floating around in their DNA, we don't see how they aren't going to grow up to become anything but successful! We can't wait to see what these kids do in the next decade of life.

5 Sunday mass is a tradition

We know that the Wahlberg kids are being raised in their father's Irish Catholic tradition of life and they are working their way through the holy sacraments, but for this famous clan, the family that prays together stays together. The Wahlbergs sure have a ton going on these days from their Burger chains to Mark's acting gigs all the way down to the children's equestrian and football meets and match ups. As busy as they are, the six of them still make it a point to attend mass together on Sundays. Their faith seems to keep them grounded and stable as they take on all that the world has to offer.

4 His children probably won't be getting any tattoos in the future

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Marky Mark indeed has gathered a collection of body ink over his four-plus decades of life. While tattoos seemed like a grand idea in his earlier years, middle age has left him yearning for less ink and more skin. Seven of his tattoos have now been removed, and he even took his eldest children along with him to witness the painful removal procedure. Papa Mark needed several treatments to have them removed, but his children, ages ten and eight at the time, only made it through witnessing one session. That seemed enough for them to get turned off of tats for a lifetime.

3 Ella's talent in the entertainment industry is the DNA

Wahlberg's son is the athlete of the bunch, and his youngest child has already shown her fitness and style while riding atop a horse, but eldest daughter Ella might be the one that ends up following in her father's footsteps. Of course, entertainment is not where he would prefer his children, he has spoken to this several times before, but Ella has already shown great promise in the area of musical theater production. At age fifteen she has plenty of time to sort out her likes and dislikes, but it wouldn't surprise us to eventually see her and dad team up on the silver screen.

2 Oldest son Michael's name is a family name

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Mark Wahlberg's first-born son is named Michael, but what many people don't know it that Michael is a family name. According to an interview with Esquire magazine, Mark's father used to call him Monkey. That pet name eventually turned into Mike after Wahlberg disclosed to his dad that Monkey wasn't a name that he preferred. From age seven on forward, Mark was called Mike by his doting dad. Because of Wahlberg's love for his father, he chose to give his oldest son the name that his dad had called him for so many years.

1 Two kids never met the family patriarch

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Mark Wahlberg is very open about the love, appreciation, and respect he holds for his mother and father. Although his parents parted ways during Mark's youth, he spent equal time with both his mother and his father. Mark's daughter Ella and son Michael were able to meet Grandpa Wahlberg before he passed away. Sadly, Wahlberg's dad passed when Rhea was carrying the couple's third child Brennan. Brennan and then youngest child Grace were never able to meet the man their father loved so dearly. Wahlberg's son Brennan is the child that resembles Mr. Wahlberg Sr. of very much interestingly enough.

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