21 Milestones Moms Can Expect From Baby At 24 Months

Watching a child grow from an infant to a toddler to a teenager to an adult is truly an incredible process. There is really nothing else that can compare to the experience, and this is why despite the difficulties of parenting, moms and dads always seem feel that all the hardships are worth it. From the first steps to the first words to the first day of school to the first time they get behind the wheel of a car, there is no end to changes that take place, and each day as a parent is a new adventure. Parents are always seeing first hand just how much their children change month by month, week by week, day by day.

Of course, there are certain developmental milestones that children should be hitting by certain ages, and every pediatrician knows what to look out for. It’s always important for parents to be informed on child development. Some kids might be a little ahead of the timeline, some might be a little behind—every kid is going to be unique in their own way, as their parents will understand. Here are 21 milestones moms can expect from the baby at 24 months.

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21 He Will Start Saying Short Sentences


This is one of the most exciting parts about being a parent to a two-year-old! According to Today’s Parent, children will generally start saying short sentences around twenty four months. Of course, don’t expect any long speeches or complex phrases. Just sentences of two to four words are what you should be looking out for.

This is a very important life stage for language development. Kids love to experiment with the new words they learn. They are always listening and picking up on new words—so you’ve got to be careful about what you say around those toddlers!

20 He Likes To Respond When You Speak


Here’s another amazing aspect of being a parent to a two year old: they want to respond to everything you say! According to Child Mind, kids are very responsive at this age. Many parents will talk to their babies just to help them with their language development, but of course, until a certain age they’re not really able to respond with their words.

But once they get a little older, they will attempt to answer—and it’s so fascinating! Watching a child learn about language and how to use it is quite an interesting process, and it’s so rewarding to experience.

19 She Has Some Picky Eating Habits


Of course, seeing a kid develop some picky eating habits can be frustrating for the parents—that’s understandable. But according to Baby Centre, it’s also perfectly normal. At this age, kids are starting to understand what textures and flavors they like and don’t like.

Now, combine that with the fact that they are learning to be just a little more defiant and independent, and you can see exactly where the difficulty lies. Parents need to be ready for kids to get a little picky about what they put on their plates and into their mouths—it can be a challenging time.

18 He Will Try To Copy The Behavior Of Adults


Here’s something really interesting about two year olds: they are very engaged with the world around them, and they try to imitate and copy what they see. According to Child Mind, kids at this age are basically like sponges. They soak up everything that goes on around them. It leaves an impression on them.

That’s why you’ve got to be careful about what you say around kids of this age—they will be eager to repeat whatever it is! So watching your words is worth the effort. Remember, they see their parents at their most important role models in life.

17 He Is Excited To Make Friends And Socialize


Another beautiful thing about this time in a child’s life? They want to make friends! This is really when kids start to learn how to socialize. According to Today’s Parents, around the age of two is when children start to transition from playing solo to playing with each other and cooperating. It’s very exciting for a parent to watch.

This is an age when many early friendships can start to form. Learning to play nice together can be a challenge, but with time, kids will naturally begin to learn how to play in groups rather than just playing by themselves.

16 She Can Follow Simple Instructions


Babies don’t know how to follow instructions—in fact, they’re basically the ones calling the shots and instructing the parents! But according to Child Mind, this starts to change as they get closer to that twenty four month mark. They actually start learning to follow basic instructions. Of course, we’re not talking about any complicated directions here—just the simple things!

For example, something like “Put the toy away” or “Be quiet” is easy for a young child to understand. The instructions really have to be at their vocabulary level for them to be able to listen and comprehend what to do.

15 She Can Sort Shapes And Colors


Kids love learning about shapes and colors! It’s so amazing to watch a child learn their colors, but this is definitely not something that happens right away. According to Today’s Parent, it can take a little while, but by the time a child is about two years old, they should be learning how to tell the difference between different colors and shapes.

It can be fun to watch a child sort their toys by color or point out different shapes in a book. This can open up opportunities for lots of fun educational activities and chances to get a little creative.

14 He Will Start Favoring His Right Or Left Hand


If you have a young child, you might start wondering whether they will be right or left handed. During the baby years, it can be pretty much impossible to tell—and it’s not like it matters too much anyway, but many parents will get curious about it!

According to The Bump, a child will generally start favoring one hand over the other once they’re about two years old. So if you notice that your toddler always seems to be reaching for things with their right hand, or always grabs toys with their left hand, you might have an answer to the question!

13 He Will Play Simple Make Believe Games


If you’ve ever spent some time around kids, you know that they have big imaginations—and if you have any children of your own already, you’ve probably seen them make up all kinds of fun games! However, this behavior doesn’t kick in right away.

According to Kid’s Health, as children get closer to that twenty four month mark, they will start to engage in more and more make believe games. They will come up with games that they play alone, or with friends. It’s always important to encourage children to use their imaginations—they want to be playful and creative!

12 She Can Name Objects In Picture Books


This is another very exciting development that occurs around the two year mark! According to Kid’s Health, as a child’s vocabulary grows, he or she will be able to name objects on their own. It’s definitely good to practice with them! Picture books are a great resource at this age.

Yes, sometimes they will point and name the wrong object, but that’s totally fine, of course—making mistakes is all part of the fun, and that’s just how the learning process goes. You will be amazed at how much a child learns at this time in their life—it’s so astounding.

11 She Likes To "Draw" And Color


Okay, so it’s not like your toddler is going to be able to write their own name at the age of two, but they will start picking up some more fine motor skills, which is super exciting! According to Baby Centre, at this age a child will generally enjoy coloring with crayons and markers.

This is one way they express their creative side! This is just the first step towards being able to write their own name. That day may be a long way off, but it will arrive before you know it—they really do grow up so fast!

10 She Walks Up And Down Stairs


Yes, by the time a child is two, they are toddling around and trying to go wherever you go—it’s both exciting and nerve wracking for a parent! But when they fall, they just seem to get back up again—they definitely have limitless energy!

According to Baby Centre, when a child is two, they will usually be able to walk up and down stairs as long as they are holding the railing. Some might get a little brave and decide to try for it without the railing! It’s good to hold hands when your toddlers wants to brave the stairs.

9 He Goes From Walking To Running


Another major milestone to look out for around the age of two? When your kid can suddenly go from walking to running! According to Today’s Parent, kids around this age will often try running—they may not go very fast or get very far, but it’s still encouraging to see!

Of course, sometimes a toddler can get a little ahead of themselves, try to run too fast, and end up taking a tumble, but it’s okay. Kids are very resilient, and they will learn to get back up again even if they trip and fall. It’s all part of growing up!

8 She Can Jump Up And Down


Okay, so this might sound like a small thing and not a big development milestone—but it’s actually a big deal for toddlers! According to The Bump, jumping up and down as a toddler is actually a good sign that things are progressing normally. It definitely takes a little extra muscle strength and coordination!

Sure, your two-year-old won’t be jumping very high, but it’s still a good sign if they have a little bounce in their step. It usually means they’re having fun and letting out some extra energy! Jumping is definitely a positive sign for child development.

7 She Can Feed Herself (Even Though She Makes A Mess)


When a baby is born, mom and dad are responsible for all of the feeding—after all, a baby can not even hold its own head up, let alone eat solid foods or sit at a table! But according to Today’s Parent, toddlers will generally be a lot more proactive and interested in food as they get closer to two years old.

They have better fine motor skills at this point, so they will reach for food on their own. Your toddler will likely want to put food in their own mouth, but it can be a very messy endeavor!

6 He Sometimes Throws Tantrums (Don’t Worry, It’s Healthy)


Ah, yes, if you’re a parent yourself, or if you’ve ever babysat or worked with toddlers, you know that two year olds can have quite an attitude! But honestly? This is actually a good thing in terms of child development.

According to Mama Natural, children around this age are definitely known for throwing tantrums, and while this is not really ideal for parents, it’s a sign that the child has a strong personality and is expressing their needs and wants in the only way they know how. It can be a tough time to go through, but it’s not forever.

5 He Is Learning To Share


Sharing can be a challenge for toddlers, but it’s very important for them to practice and learn! According to Kid’s Health, this is the age when children really begin to learn how to share. It’s crucial for parents and teachers to be proactive about this, because most kids are reluctant to share their toys!

But it doesn’t mean that they are trying to be selfish—they just don’t know any better yet. They are still learning and growing, and they have a long ways to go. Just be patient with them and continue to encourage them in the right direction.

4 He Needs One Daily Nap


Babies basically need to sleep for most of the day and night, but as kids get a little older, they do not need quite as much sleep. According to The Bump, kids around the age of two generally need about one nap per day, and parents should try to plan for a two hour nap.

This gives toddlers time to rest and recharge—their bodies are growing, and they’re going through so many big development milestones, so they need plenty of sleep! If a toddler does not get their daily nap, they might not be in such a good mood.

3 He Will Start Climbing Out Of His Crib


Alright, this is one reason why parents of two year olds need to be extra careful—toddlers can absolutely turn into little escape artists! According to Mumsnet, this is the age when they start trying to get out of their cribs.

The time to make the transition from a crib to a bed will be a little different for every kid, and most two-year-olds will still be happy to sleep in a crib. However, they are tall and strong enough to try to climb out, so parents definitely need to be mindful of this around nap time and bedtime.

2 She Will Mimic Words She Hears You Say


Every parent knows that kids want to be just like mom and dad! According to Baby Centre, children around the age of two love to repeat the things that people around them say. This is an important way for them to learn new words.

This is why it’s so crucial to talk with your child without using baby talk—yes, baby talk can be cute, especially when they’re young, but they also need to learn more advanced vocabulary and start picking up on grammar. Soon, your toddler will be talking up a storm with a ton of brand new words!

1 He Can Scribble With A Pencil


Of course, a two year old won’t learn how to write their own name just yet—but the day is getting closer and closer! According to Baby Centre, children around this age generally like to scribble with pencils, and they might try to imitate the way that mom and dad write.

Of course, there won’t be any actual letters involved—just wavy lines—but they sure do have fun with it. Just let their imaginations run wild at this age—they want to be all grown up like mom and dad, but they also love the freedom of being a kid.

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