21 Moms Who Did The Impossible For Their Marriage

Love is more than just a word, it is a powerful emotion that can keep people in a relationship they aren't happy in. What is it about love that makes it such a powerful emotion? It can make us happier than we have ever been before, and it can also cause a world of pain. Some people will do things in the name of love that they would never normally do.

Sometimes in a marriage, for whatever reason, one or both partners can start to fall out of love. It is such a sad thing when this happens, especially when one of the two are still in love because for that person the feeling of not being loved back is a horrible one.

Some people will go to great lengths to keep their significant other from leaving them and many times the other spouse will take full advantage of it. We have here a list of women who have gone out of their way to try and stop their husbands from leaving. Maybe you can identify with some of these women, or maybe you know someone else who can. Leave a comment if this brings anything to mind, we love hearing from you.

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21 The Stepmother

This woman confessed that she pretends to love her step-children just to keep her husband happy so that he doesn’t leave her. This is one woman that I believe should be left alone. She obviously has no love for children. Who knows maybe she is even pretending to love her husband because she knows that nobody else will love her.

If you are with someone who does not love your children, then it is definitely time to move on, the kids deserve better than that. Every kid should have two parents who love them at home even if they are step-parents. I know what it is like to grow up without any motherly love, and it can affect your relationships down the road. My advice to this woman would be, for the sake of the children, let your husband go.

20 All Tied Up

Ok, so I do not know how many children this woman already has but her husband told her that if she got pregnant one more time he would leave her, and so she had her tubes tied. I am sorry but it takes more than one person to get pregnant so if you really want to make sure your wife doesn’t have any more kids, stay off of her.

I would say let him leave and then let him pay support for the children you have now. Right at the moment when he made that ridiculous remark should have been the end of all sexual relations with him. If that is all it would take for him to want to leave, more than likely he will eventually find another reason.

19 The More The Merrier

This woman says that she lets her husband bring other women home just so that he stays happy and doesn’t leave. My question is that if you are letting him bring them home does that mean that you are enjoying them as well? A threesome maybe? And if not, does he ever have anything left for you?

I think your biggest concern here would be ending up with an STD. This is no different from polygamy except that he is not marrying these women. My wife doesn’t mind me bringing strays home either, but they are usually covered with hair. This man is truly not happy with the woman he married or he wouldn’t need anything more.

Maybe you should tell him you want to bring guys home or you will leave.

18 The In-Laws

In order for this wife and mother to keep her husband from leaving she had to agree to let her in-laws move in. Now we are not talking about having them come for an unpleasant visit, we are talking about having them actually move in. OH, the horror.

Ok so not all in-laws are bad, but if that were the case here she never would have posted about it on Whisper, so it must be very hard having them there. The husband is being a good son and is looking after his parents, but he really should take his wife’s feelings into consideration.

I wonder how the child or children feel about this. Most kids would love to have their grandparents around. In any case, she agreed to it, and hopefully, it works out.

17 The Bigger The Girls...

Here is the story of a man who married a woman who for whatever reason wasn’t enough for him after some time. His wife confessed on Whisper that she had to get her girls enlarged just to keep him from leaving. Wow, does he really like silicone that much? Buy him a tube of it and tell him to have fun. I’ll bet it would be a whole different story if she said to him that she wasn’t happy with his size anymore and wanted him to have something else enlarged.

Girls, if your man doesn’t love you for who you are then let him go, be proud of your natural self, and don’t go changing your appearance for anyone. He doesn’t want you, he wants you to look like someone else.

16 That One Thing

This Whisperer confessed that every night she does to her husband the one thing that all guys want. Well, that could be so many different things, depending on who you are, of course. Although I think we all know what is going on here, and unless this is something that the wife actually enjoys, she is really degrading herself.

If this is the only way that the husband will stick around, then he really does not respect her at all. The real question is, does he do as much for her, or is he one-sided? Ladies, please respect yourselves and do not do anything that makes you feel bad about yourself. Respect for one another is very important in a happy and functional marriage. It sounds like this man is very self-centered.

15 Playing Dumb

This woman is on to her husband's extramarital affairs but says that she plays dumb and pretends not to know about it because she doesn’t want to end up losing him. To me it sounds like she is already losing him, he just hasn’t actually left yet.

Maybe this woman should confront her husband and find out what it is that she is not doing right, or what she may be doing wrong. Try to get to the root of the problem. I don’t think any marriage is really doomed as long as one of you is still willing to work through the issues you both may have, and as long as the other person has not left yet. If they are still there then there is a spark of hope. But it’s best to sit and be honest with each other.

14 No Friends

Here is a Whisperer who says that she has stopped talking to all of her friends because her husband doesn’t like them. I don’t think it has anything to do with not liking anyone, it more than likely has to do with control issues. He has to control everything that she does.

When a man starts controlling who you can and cannot talk to, there is a serious problem in that marriage. Marriage is about equality, and no woman should ever be controlled by her husband; he may be the head of the household, but she still needs to be free to do as she pleases. To love, honor, and obey is a two-way street. Too many people say, “I Do,” when they should be saying, “I might”. Those two little words hold a lot of meaning.

13 Cutting Ties

So this woman is married to a man who does not like her family, and that is okay - if he doesn’t like them then so be it, but he apparently doesn’t even want her talking to them. Now that is a whole other issue. So this woman stops all communication with her own family just to keep him from wanting to leave.

This is a sad Whisper because I know somebody who did the exact same thing, and then years later she really regretted it, especially when her parents were no longer around. I hope this man finds another reason to leave her, just because I know she would be much better off in the long run and maybe be close once again with her family. We should all stay close to our families.

12 Baby Trapped

Here is a confession that I have heard more than once, This woman said that she stopped taking her birth control pills and then ended up pregnant in hopes that having a child would keep her husband from leaving her. This sort of thing really is very common because a lot of people think that having a child together will bring them closer, and sometimes it does, but not always.

One of the problems with this is that you are taking a chance at having to raise a child on your own, and that is not fair to the child either. There has to be a reason why she is fearing that he might leave, and whatever that reason is, getting pregnant won’t make that issue go away. I just hope this kid doesn’t have to grow up in a one parent household.

11 The Man Cave

One woman whispered that she went and turned her sewing room into a man cave so that her husband would be happy and not want to leave her. Good thinking on her part, except that he could have his man cave anyways if he would leave, he would just have it somewhere else.

If this man does not love his wife anymore, then changing one of the rooms around is in no way going to change his feelings for her. It does, however, show her desire to do anything she has to in order to keep him from leaving, and most people in love will go to great lengths to hang on to the ones we love. I can’t help but wonder if he stuck around or not. I would guess that probably not.

10 All About The Money

This whisperer said that she took out a large life insurance policy on herself to keep her hubby from leaving. I am not sure how this is supposed to work unless maybe she told him about it in the hopes that if he knew she would someday be worth a lot of money, he would stick around and wait for that day.

I personally don’t think that any man would stay in a relationship that he is not happy with just because many years down the road his wife may pass away before him, leaving him a bundle of money. This may be the worst idea I have ever heard of a woman trying to keep her man.

If my spouse wanted to leave and I took out a policy on myself I would live every day fearing the worst.

9 Hidden Past

This woman says that she hid her past from her husband to keep him from wanting to leave her. She must really have one heck of a past. I believe without a doubt that before you ever get married you should be honest about who you are, or were. Your significant other should know everything there is to know about you - that is what dating is all about, getting to know one another.

There will always be little things you will learn about your partner as time goes on, but if there are any disturbing things in your past then you should just be honest about them from the beginning. You need to know that your partner will love you unconditionally before you get married. Complete honesty in a marriage is essential.

8 Goodbye Career

This wife and mother gave up her career for her husband. He must be the kind of man who thinks that the woman should be at home taking care of the house and the kids. What bothers me here is that if she had a career and not just a job, she must have worked really hard to get there, and it is something she should be very proud of.

This woman is throwing away a good education and a lot of hard work for this man. Maybe she has come to a place in her life where being a stay at home mom is appealing to her, but I highly doubt that. You don’t work hard to get ahead in this world and then one day just throw it all away - that would be insanity. I hope he is worth it.

7 Keep Him Fulfilled

Here is a whisperer who a lot of men would love to be married to. This wife confessed that she fulfills all of her husband's fantasies to keep him happy enough to stick around. This really isn’t that bad, there are a lot of women who will do whatever their husbands want to keep them happy, but if this is the only way that he will stick around, then it is wrong on his part. He needs to love his wife, for better or worse.

This husband apparently loves what his wife is doing, but not who she is, and I really hope that someday she opens her eyes to this fact. He is using you in a way that no man should. It is okay to do this if it is because you actually enjoy it yourself, but not if you're only doing it to please your man.

6 Faking it

Okay, this wife says that she is pretending to climax in order to please her man. First of all, you are only cheating yourself out of fulfillment. If he is not pleasing you then you should nonchalantly guide him to the places he needs to be, let him know what works best, but without being overtly obvious.

My concern is what exactly makes this woman think that he might not stick around if she is not happy in bed. These things can almost always be resolved if the couple is willing to be open and honest about their desires, and what they do and do not like.

I think a lot of men believe that if the wife is not happy in bed that she is just not happy with him, and their marriage, but that is rarely the case - he just needs to learn what works for her.

5 Risking It All

This has got to be the worst motivation for sticking to a diet that I have ever heard. This wife said that she stays on a strict diet because her husband told her that if she gained any weight, he would leave her. Wow, what a pig.

I am glad that she is keeping in shape, it is better for her health, but I personally would rather see a woman gaining weight with a man who truly loves her than be slim with someone who doesn't love her unconditionally. If my wife told me she would leave if I gained any weight I think I would call an old girlfriend and say, “hey let’s go out for some pizza,” and then we could get fat together and love one another for the rest of our lives. Do it for you girl, and nothing more and no one else.

4 Off To Boarding School They Go

WOW, what this woman confessed to is utterly detestable. She confessed that she sent her own children to boarding school all because her husband doesn’t get along with them. Does she really love this man that much more than her own children? I am sorry but even though you should love your spouse, your children should always come first.

You should probably send him away instead. If he doesn’t love your kids, then you don’t need to be with this man. Your children are a part of you, and together you are a complete package, take it or leave it.

Most women will do whatever is necessary in order to protect their children so I can’t even imagine someone doing this for another person. I hope her kids will forgive her.

3 Bad Habits

Here is a woman who claims that in order to keep her hubby from leaving she puts up with all of his bad habits. I hate to burst her bubble but this is something that most wives must do. Now there are all kinds of bad habits, so maybe his are unthinkable or something, and if they really are that bad then don’t even worry because probably no other woman would want him anyways, and then he would just end up crawling back to you after a while.

This Whisper really does leave a person wondering exactly what his habits are - they must be awful - and so we are left to use our imaginations. Maybe he drinks too much, I know that is something that would be hard to put up with.

2 The Ex-Wife

This whisperer says that her husband wants to keep talking to his ex-wife and she lets him just so that he doesn’t end up leaving. First of all, what does she mean she lets him? He is going to keep talking to her with or without her permission. He obviously doesn’t want to let go of her altogether so there must be some feelings there yet.

Unless you want to become sister wives, I think you should give him an ultimatum. Find out how much he really loves you. The word EX means past, previous, over and done with. You really need to know where his heart is. Let him know that there isn't enough room in your marriage for you and her both, and then let him figure out if he loves you or not.

1 Words Won’t Hurt Me

This Whisperer says that her husband mistreats her verbally and that she puts up with it because she doesn’t want him to leave. Verbal abuse can often be even more painful than physical abuse. I have heard many stories of women putting up with it out of fear that their husband would physically threaten them, but this woman puts up with it so that he doesn’t leave.

She is either very in love, or she has no idea how to make it without him. There are many reasons that a woman might stay with a man like that, but none of them are good ones. There is a whole big world of opportunities out there, and many good men. Somewhere out there is a man who will treat you as you deserve to be treated.

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