21 More Rules Royal Kids Have To Follow

For people who are rule breakers, they would strongly dislike being a part of the royal family. Sure they have titles, money, and fame. Yet, it comes with a full set of rules that even royal kids are expected to follow. There’s a reason that Prince George is seen in similar outfits and was scolded by his mom on the tarmac before getting into a helicopter.

He might only be a toddler, but that title comes with a set of rules that is stricter than what most adults feel that they should follow.

Those rules will only grow the older he gets and the lower his number becomes before he can take a seat on the throne. Although, if George is ever-crowned king, he will at least be able to forgo having a passport. He’ll also be allowed to enter a room first.

Apparently, when on official duty, royals must enter a room or walk by their rank. Imagine if for every family outing you had to ensure that your grandmother walked in front first, followed by your parents, and then you. Even if you were a kid, running ahead would be forbidden. Welcome to Prince George’s world and the strict rules that he has to follow.

21 They Cannot Handle Money

If you think there is cash or an Amex in those teeny tiny purses Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton carry, think again. Royals don’t need to carry, well that is if you’re a queen, prince, or married to a queen or prince. The staff is hired to run errands, hold money, and pay for items if the Royals should ever need it. Ther are also servants who will iron notes at your request. A source from Buckingham Palace told ‘US Weekly’, that the queen only carries cash on Sundays for church.

“Her butler irons a 5-pound note into a little square by folding it until you can only see her face!”

It must be nice to never have to worry about money, except for when you want to see your face. We wonder if Prince George will ever follow in his grandmother’s footsteps!

20 Girls Must Wear Peter Pan Collars

Princess Charlotte doesn’t have to play dress-up like a princess. She already is one. Instead, she has to dress up a like a 1950s doll. Since the moment that she was born, a dress code was already in place. Nike shoes and tee shirts are out and prim-dresses with Peter Pan collars with a cardigan are in. Charlotte has had this uniform since she was one-year-old. It hasn’t changed much and it isn’t likely to for a while. Buckingham Palace tends to stick with a traditional wardrobe that some on social media have referred to as dated. "Lovely children, but why are they dressed like that? Wish their clothes were more up to date," one viewer wrote on Twitter after they appeared at The Queen’s annual birthday parade.

19 And Matching Hair Bows

Not only does Charlotte have a strict dress code, but she also has to follow strict rules when it comes to her accessories. She always wears classic dolly shoes in colors that compliment or match her outfit. Yet, what fans are also noticing are her hair bows. In every photo of Charlotte (well, since she grew hair), the princess wears a hair bow. We wonder if there is a maid on standby with an extra bow just in case it falls out when she’s playing.

The princess gets her hair bows from Amala Kids, a British brand that also specializes in Charlotte’s other favorites- Peter Pan collar dresses and Dolly shoes.

The brand offers bows in various colors and even some prints. Although, if you really want your little one to dress like Princess Charlotte, stick with the basic colors sans prints.

18 Girls Cannot Wear Tiaras Until Marriage

That hair bow will have to do for now. Charlotte won’t be allowed to wear a tiara until she is married. According to Grant Harold, an etiquette expert who also tweets etiquette tips on Twitter under the name @TheRoyalButler, “Flashy diamonds and tiaras are not worn during the day and only married ladies wear tiaras. For married ladies, it was a sign of status and would show you were taken and not looking for a husband.” Of course, that doesn’t mean that Charlotte can’t play dress up in the palace with her mommy’s tiara. Then again, seeing how she isn’t even allowed to wear shorts, we doubt that rules will be broken during playtime. Traditional rules in the palace say royal girls will have to have a wedding first before they can wear diamonds in their hair.

17 Family Outfits Must Match

If you look at pictures of Queen Elizabeth when she was a young mother with Charles, you’ll notice that the royal family was matching even back then. Princess Diana kept up the tradition and often times had William and Harry wearing the same outfit that matched with her outfit. Kate Middleton also favors matching ensembles for her family.

When the family makes appearances at the Queen’s Trooping Colour celebrations, Charlotte’s dress is always matching Kate’s.

When Kate stepped out in a lavender and then a blue colored dress during their European tour, Charlotte and George wore the same hue. In fact, it’s only William who can get away with not matching with the family. He only has to wear a coordinating tie.

16 But, You Can Never Be Brighter Than the Queen

There’s a reason that Kate Middleton wears a lot of pastels and William dark suits. The Duke and Duchess are literally not allowed to wear bright colors. And, when attending the same event as their grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, Charlotte and George have to follow the same rules. The Queen, on the other hand, is rarely seen in subdued hues. Apparently, it’s so that fans can easily spot their queen in crowds. It’s reported that the Queen once said, “If I wore beige, nobody would know who I am.” While no one knows for sure whether or not she actually said that, when you think about it, it makes sense. Neons are easy to spot in a sea of black and the queen wears a lot of neon-colored suits. We just hope that the royal children enjoy wearing primary colors and pastels for the rest of their lives.

15 Never Ever Eat Garlic

Just as Gwyneth Paltrow has probably banned gluten from her kitchen, the Queen hates the taste of garlic so much that she has banned it. Former royal chef, John Higgins told the ‘National Post’,

“The Queen is a wonderful lady, the royal family are wonderful people, but they're missing out on garlic because at Buckingham Palace you don’t cook with garlic. I suppose, in case you get the royal burp.”

We take it that the Queen prefers to stick with basic salt and pepper when it comes to her well-done steaks. Another former royal chef, Darren McGrady told ‘Recipes Plus’, “We also couldn’t serve meat that was rare, as she liked her meat more well done.” We can only wonder what the royal children’s first experience tasting garlic or eating sushi will be like!

14 And Shellfish Is Not Allowed

While garlic is banned from food at home, that doesn’t mean that the Royals cannot eat it while out. On the other hand, shellfish are both not allowed at home and when eating out. Technically, it’s advised not to eat it rather than being forbidden. It’s been put in place to prevent food poisoning as shellfish has a higher rate of food poisoning than other foods. Other foods on the ‘Do Not Eat While Traveling’ list includes- spicy foods, exotic foods, tap water, and rare meat. However, some people in the royal household have broken these rules. Prince Charles is known as the rule breaker in the family. He once ignored the rules and tried (gasp) a clam. Although we doubt that the rest of the royal family would be so bold as to try moules et frites or spaghetti vongole.

13 Genetically Modified Food Is A Big No

If you ever want to see a look of horror on the Queen’s face, just try to hand her a strawberry during winter. Darren McGrady, a formal royal chef also shared with ‘Recipe Plus’ that

“you can send strawberries every day to the Queen during summer in Balmoral and she’ll never say a word. Try including strawberries on the menu in January and she’ll scrub out the line and say don’t dare send me genetically modified strawberries.”

Her majesty grew up during a time when you didn’t have supermarkets stocked all year round with the same produce. She grew up on seasonal produce. Unfortunately, today most people probably don’t know what time of year sweet potatoes or strawberries are in season, because they’re always at their supermarket. Although, we’re sure that George, Charlotte, and other future royals will know exactly when to eat and when not to eat their strawberries.

12 They Must Speak Multiple Languages

When you’re the face of the Commonwealth you spend a lot of time welcoming and being welcomed by international dignitaries. So, it’s expected that you should be able to speak multiple languages. While each royal can speak a few other languages, everyone is expected to at least know French. The Royal Family’s official website states that the Queen is fluent in French. Prince William and Kate also speak the language and are teaching their children not only French but also Spanish. William has also shown off his Mandarin in several filmed speeches. One was in 2014 when Prince William and Prince Charles put their language skills to use during an anti-poaching message. The father-son activists spoke Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Swahili in their message.

11 No Selfies

Kim Kardashian would have a hard time living a day in the life of Kate Middleton. Not only would she have to throw out her curve-hugging wardrobe, but she’d have to stop taking photos of herself. Selfies are forbidden. Granted, it’s mainly a rule when the royal family is out in public.

Yet, with the Queen rumored to have a dislike for mobile phones, we’re sure that the young royals aren’t allowed to run around the palace taking selfies.

And, with so many pictures of themselves on the Internet, they don’t really need to take photos of themselves. Even Meghan Markle has learned that selfies are not allowed when you’re a royal now. Although, there have been a few slip ups with brave fans getting a selfie and some even getting a smile from Kate Middleton and Prince Harry.

10 No Social Media

Meghan Markle deleted her social media account when she became engaged to Prince Harry. Just like selfies, social media is forbidden. George and Charlotte will have to keep up with their friends, the good ole’ fashioned way- face-to-face or by talking on the phone. Although, there is an official Twitter feed, Instagram account, and Facebook Page for the Royal Family that alerts the public of updates about their lives. There are also plenty of news sites that let the public know what brand Charlotte is wearing or whether or not Kate really does like almond milk. So, young royals will definitely have an online presence. They just won’t be able to control it completely by allowing the world to see what they find interesting or to see their vacation pics.

9 No Political Opinions

There’s a reason that William and Harry choose wives who didn’t have political careers. The royal family is not allowed to express their political opinions. They must remain or at least appear to be politically neutral. Voting and running for office are also considered unconstitutional. Instead, the Queen has a ceremonial role as head of state and meets with foreign dignitaries.

Senior royals and children and grandchildren are expected to follow in the Queen’s footsteps.

Even Prince William refused to give an opinion about Brexit. Instead, young royals must focus on their ceremonial duties and charities. Although, it’s not too bad since they get to shake hands with Barak Obama.

8 Always Send Thank You Cards

Send a note to the royal family and they’ll send you thank-you cards. It’s proper etiquette and considered mandatory. No matter how many notes and letters Prince William receives, his team is hard at work sending out thank you cards to each and every person. There is even a team that sends out thank-you cards to fans who wished Princess Charlotte Happy Birthday. Although, if a gift is given or in other special cases, the Royals will sit down and handwrite a thank-you note themselves. We’re sure that when Prince George’s handwriting is deemed good enough, he’ll learn the art of 'thank you' letters. Prince Harry and Meghan’s children might follow in their parents’ footsteps and go the extra step and send out a ‘thank you video’ to fans as well.

7 Travel Includes A Bodyguard

Security is a top priority for the British royals even if they have to spend $30 million dollars. So, it’s no wonder that the royal family travels with a security team. In fact, wherever a royal goes, an elite Scotland Yard squad follows. One hundred and eighty-five highly trained men provide 24-hour security for the Queen, Prince Charles, William, and Harry, and their children.

Other royals don’t have to worry about the Scotland Yard following them everywhere as they’re not in a direct line to the throne.

Although, the Queen did send a bodyguard to Switzerland to protect Princess Beatrice when she was attending boarding school. Meghan Markle and the children that she will have with Princes Harry will have several SAS-trained officers watching their every move from school to visits with her parents.

6 And, You Must Try British Airways

The Royal family champions British brands and one brand that sticks out above the rest is British Airways. Aside from the Queen, every member in the royal family travels commercial when going overseas. The Queen first flew British Airways in 1952 and since then, it has been the preferred airline for members of the royal family. Since 2012, Prince William and Kate Middleton have cut their travel budget from $7 million to $5.8 million. Part of that is most likely because the Royals have skipped royal jets for British Airways. On a flight from Rotterdam to London in 2016, Kate was in seat 1A on the airline. Both Princes Harry and William used the airline while in the US to go from Memphis to Dallas in 2014. Of course, even when flying commercially you can be sure that a bodyguard or two is seated a few seats behind.

5 Monopoly Is A No

You can bring any game to Buckingham Palace except for Monopoly. Royals aren’t even allowed to accept the game as a gift. When Prince Andrew was visiting Leeds in 2008 and was presented with the game he said,

“We’re not allowed to play Monopoly at home. It gets too vicious.”

Most likely the royal family is expected to stick with jigsaw puzzles. The queen is rumored to love puzzles, especially around Christmas time. Princess Diana was once photographed doing a puzzle with Prince William. Yet, when it comes to board games, no one really knows which games the Royals are allowed to play. Maybe young kids are taught to mind their manners with games such as Sorry. We’re also sure that means that games such as Old Maid and any gambling games are also out.

4 Curtsying Is A Yes

Speaking of manners, royals must learn to curtsy. It’s a tradition that is still upheld by British royals. Not only must women like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle learn how to curtsey, they must learn whom they should curtsy to. Curtsying goes by rank. Everyone must curtsy to the queen. Although, only one curtsy is needed per day. There is no need to curtsy to the Queen if you run into her several times throughout the day. Kate must curtsy to ‘blood princesses’ Princess Anne, Alexandra, Beatrice, and Eugenie. Meghan has to curtsy to Kate since she is married to the eldest prince and future king. Although, if either Kate or Meghan encounter the ‘blood princesses’ with their husbands at their side, then those Princesses must bow to them as their Princes are in a direct line to the throne.

3 Waving Is A Yes

Absolutely no one waves like a royal. Well, maybe some people do, but even Camilla Bowles had to learn (and fail a few times) before she mastered the royal wave. All royals are expected to wave at their adoring subjects. Yet, it’s not just any wave. There is an art to the royal wave. Fingers must be together with the thumb slightly tucked in. The hand should be cupped and the hand only turns at the wrist. Luckily, Prince William and Harry are little slack with this tradition.

Their waves are easy going and they tend to use their arm rather than just their wrists to wave.

The royal wave has evolved with the times. Although, one thing is clear, young royals will still be expected to learn how to wave.

2 Shaking Hands Is Questionable

With the Scotland Yard surrounding them, you’ll want to be careful about how you greet a royal. Touching is a grey area when it comes to meeting a royal and their personality will depend on how they’ll react. Michelle Obama made headlines in 2009 when she was photographed touching the Queen’s back in a photo. While the aging monarch did reciprocate the gesture, it's recommended to ‘obsere the traditional forms’ when meeting the royal family on Queen Elizabeth’s website. Men are expected to bow and women must curtsy.

However, with their down-to-earth personalities, William and Kate have greeted fans more than once with a handshake. We’re sure that the royal couple is raising George and Charlotte to follow suit.

After all, Prince George has already shaken hands with Barack Obama and he nailed it!

1 They Can’t Sit With Adults Until They Learn The Art Of Polite Conversation

Children do not sit with adults at the Royal Palace during dinner. There is a kid’s table where they must sit until they learn the ‘art of polite conversation’ and how to mind their manners. Of course, when it comes to manners there are basics that every kid should know. Napkins should be placed in laps throughout the meal. Forks and knives must be crossed when they are finished eating. Most importantly mouths should be closed while eating. When it comes to conversation, royal children must learn how to talk with adults. Their discussions should be respectful, encourage the listener to share their opinion, and they should never be too heavy. Kids must also learn to listen and not interrupt others while they are talking. Once they’ve mastered those skills, they can sit at the dinner table with the adults.

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