21 New Mom Products That Might Be Recalled In 2019

Nothing is more important to a new parent than the safety of their little one. A new mom has a lot of jobs to do but keeping her baby safe is probably the most important job description. No one can really understand how dangerous the world is until they welcome a little baby.

A baby is new and fragile and so very special. They are precious enough that they immediately make a new mom see all of the dangers around her. Luckily, there are others out there who are looking out for the little babies. Most products that are purchased for babies are able to be registered. When mom registers a product, she will be one of the first to know if a product has been recalled.

Recalls have happened for years now. Then there are products that are not safe, but they are not legally banned from use. This can make mom feel like the product is safe when it is not. If we had to take a guess at 21 products aimed at new moms that are likely to be recalled this year, these are them. These products are incredibly unsafe, and it is amazing that they have lasted this long without being banned or recalled.

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21 Drop-Side Cribs

Some products are banned in some countries and drop-side cribs are one of them. It is illegal to own, sell or buy one of these items in Canada. One cannot even attempt to bring one over the border. If they are caught, then they could be facing a hefty fine.

These items are aimed at being convenient. They allow mom to lower the side of the crib to easily get her baby out of it. The problem is, these can be faulty, and the sides were known to drop down with the baby caught in between the bar.

20 Bumpers

A big part of keeping a baby safe is to practice safe sleep practices. Since these practices have been in place there has been a drastic fall in the rates of SIDS. Crib bumpers are cute, and they make for a very lovely nursery addition, but they could be considered dangerous, and it is quite surprising that they are still allowed to be sold.

Bumpers are appealing because they are aimed at preventing little arms and legs from getting stuck in between the rails of the crib. However, they are also a smothering risk as your baby could get trapped with their face pressed up against the side which would restrict air flow.

19 Sleep Positioners

Sleep positioners are pieces of foam that are placed in a baby’s crib to keep them at a certain angle when they sleep. This may seem like it would be ideal for a baby who has acid reflux and sleeps better when they are a little upright at night. This may be the case, but they should only be used after deep discussions with the pediatrician.

They should not be used without this conversation. This is another item in their crib that should not be in there. This positioner does not guarantee that the baby will stay in that position. They may move in their sleep and get in a position that is not safe for sleep, meaning their breathing could be affected.

18 Blankets & Pillows

Now, blankets and pillows as a whole shouldn’t be recalled and they won’t be, but there may be stricter restrictions if these are used for babies when they are in their crib. Babies should always sleep in a bare crib that has no blankets, pillows or stuffed animals.

These can all cause smothering while a baby is sleeping. Babies do not have the muscle strength in their necks to move their heads if their airway becomes blocked. If mom is worried that her baby may get cold, she can adjust the clothing and temperature of the room instead of adding blankets.

17 Crib Tents

This one may be cheating a little bit because it is not an item that a new mom needs, but one she may want to use when her little baby gets a bit older. Crib tents are mesh netting that can be attached to the top of a crib. The aim is to prevent older babies and toddlers from crawling out of their crib.

The problem with these is that babies and toddlers can get wrapped up in the fabric and cords. It is a much better idea to transition your little one from a crib to a toddler bed if they start to climb out of it.

16 Bedside Sleepers

This item may never get recalled, but there are experts out there that are urging this to be banned in the new year. Bedside sleepers are more commonly called co-sleepers. These are small bassinet-type beds that allow a newborn to sleep very close to their mother at night. It allows the mom to have easy access when the baby wakes up at night.

Co-sleeping is recommended, but the baby should still be in their own sleeping environment. Ideally, they should be in their crib in the same room as the mom. This way the baby has their own space and there is no risk of the baby being smothered or getting caught in the fabric.

15 Changing Tables

There are some people who love change tables, and there are some who don’t see the use of them. Change tables are often left to be used as extra storage in the room and are rarely used for actually changing the baby’s diaper. That is because mom usually just changes the baby’s diaper wherever they are, and they don’t want to run to the nursery for every diaper change.

There are many different kinds of change tables and there are even versions where you can just place a pad on top of an ordinary dresser. They are saying that a change table should always have four sides, and we have a feeling anything that doesn’t fit the ideal dimensions may be gone soon.

14 Laws On Furniture

Baby furniture will never be recalled, but there may be stricter laws and regulations on them. Parents always need furniture to store all of the baby items they have.

When the baby starts to become mobile, these can become dangerous. When babies start moving, they start climbing on everything around them and this includes their furniture.

It is always important to anchor the furniture to the wall so that a baby is not able to pull it down on themselves. Right now, this is just a suggestion, but a lot of people would like to see this become a law of some sort.

13 Sling Carriers

Sling carriers are very beneficial for a new mom. It allows them to hold their baby while getting things done around the house. Sometimes, babies don’t want to be put down. They can have days where they just want to be held all the time.

A mom would love nothing more than to hold her baby all day, but sometimes there are things that need to be done (or there are older children to care for).

Sling carriers seem like the solution to this problem, but they may be recalled soon. There have been a dozen reports of injuries due to these slings.

12 Walkers

Baby walkers are another thing that is banned in Canada. It is illegal to own, buy or sell one of these devices.

The appeal of a device that you can place your baby in and have them walk around is understandable. This allows them to do just that before they are able to themselves.

However, with this ability comes more opportunities for harm. The baby could get themselves into some harm if they are to walk somewhere they shouldn’t. It wouldn’t be surprising if these items were banned in other countries as well.

11 Infant Bath Seats

Bath time is one of the best times of the day for parents and the baby. It is a great way to bond with your baby and have some great one-on-one time right before bed.

However, bath time can be one of the most dangerous times of the day as well. Babies need to be monitored at all times when they are in the water and bath seats can sometimes give parents a false sense of security.

This is especially towards the ones that allow a baby to sit upright in the tub before they are developmentally able to. Too many parents are relying on this and not watching their baby, and this can be dangerous.

10 Bumbo Seats

While we are talking about a false sense of security, we need to add Bumbo seats to the list of items that may be recalled in 2019.

These chairs seem to be really handy to a mom who has a baby who prefers to be upright but cannot sit up on their own yet. These chairs hold the baby in an upright position while making it seem like they cannot fall out.

The baby may not fall out (even though they can), but the whole seat may fall off of a counter or table if the baby rocks it enough. Due to the false sense of security, moms and dads can tend to leave their little ones in the chair and on top of high surfaces, assuming they will be fine.

9 Corded Monitors


Baby monitors are a gift right from heaven. They can give mom and dad great peace of mind while their little one is sleeping in another room by giving them the ability to hear and see them at all times.

This is great for parents who are just transitioning their little ones into their own room for the night time. However, there is one major flaw in their design.

They have cords. Cords, if not handled correctly, can be dangerous for a little baby who is very curious. It seems like there should be an alternative to corded cameras now, but they all primarily have cords. These items will never be completely recalled, but we hope that there is a permanent design change to eliminate cords.

8 Humidifier For Baby

A humidifier for a baby’s room is always a good idea. It keeps the air moist and allows the baby to breathe easier. There are even a bunch that are specifically marketed for use in a baby’s room. They are shaped like cute little animals. However, these things can be dangerous and while they may be legal to use, they may be banned soon.

The reason why is because they can emit some very hot steam. This may not be a problem when the baby is young, but once they start being mobile there is always a chance that they could get burned if they touch it. They are saying the best thing to do is to remove it from the child’s room when they are in it to avoid any accidents.

7 Rules For Jogging Strollers

Jogging strollers become very popular (especially as of late). Pregnancy changes the way a woman looks and not every woman ‘bounces back’ to what they looked like before they gave birth. This means that a lot of women want to start working out as soon as they are medically cleared.

The problem is, now that they are a mother finding the time to get a run or a jog in can be hard. Jogging strollers seem to solve this problem. Mom can place the baby in the stroller and get a run in.

However, there is a time when this should be done. Mom should not run with a baby in the stroller until the child is at least 1. This is when they can handle all the rough bouncing that happens when the stroller is pushed at a fast pace.

6 Safety Gates Are Not-So-Safe

Baby proofing the house is important and some moms start right away. They want to make sure that their house is safe for their baby because they can become mobile at any time and we know that it only takes a second for an accident to happen.

Baby safety gates are one of the most used baby-proofing devices out there, but they actually may not be as safe as we thought. These gates should never be used at the top of the stairs, which a lot of parents don’t realize.

They are OK to use at the bottom but should never be used at the top. This is because if a baby leans on it, or uses it as a tool to stand up, they could push it and end up falling down the stairs. This really applies to gates that are pressure-mounted, which may be banned altogether.

5 Bottle Propping Devices

This one seems like an obvious one, but we are surprised that this item has not been banned yet. If mom has chosen to bottle feed her baby, she is in for some work. It takes time to make the bottle, wash and sterilize the bottle only to have to do it all again in a few hours. Mom is always looking for hacks to make her life easier, but this one should be banned.

There is a whole market out there for items that will help prop your baby’s bottle up so that you don’t have to hold it. These items may be recalled because they are dangerous. When a bottle is propped, there is little control over how much and fast the baby is eating. This immediately becomes a choking risk for the baby who will not be able to pull the bottle out of their mouth.

Due to mom not being there, she will also miss the signs that the baby needs a break or doesn’t want anymore.

4 Jolly Jumpers

Jolly jumpers have been around for a long time, and they have been used by hundreds, if not millions, of moms. They can be used once the baby has the full support of their head and neck and they love it. They love to get in there and jump around. Moms love it because it can buy them some time to get things done because their baby is occupied and entertained.

It is surprising that these jumpers have not been banned or recalled yet, but they may be soon. Jolly jumpers can actually be dangerous for the development of the baby’s hips. The problem is that they should really only be in this item for about 15-minutes a day. Since the baby loves it so much, mom usually ends up leaving them in it for a lot longer than that.

3 Car Seat Toys Are At Risk

Car rides can be really dull and boring for a baby. If they are not sleeping in the car, they are just left there to hang out while the ride goes on.

This can make car seat toys very appealing to parents. They assume it is a great way to entertain their little one while they are visiting family in another town or doing some errands around town.

Car seat toys are generally OK, but they may be recalled due to improper use. Car seat toys are only to be used when the car seat is not in the car. If the family is ever in an accident, those cute little toys can become projectiles and may cause  injury.

2 Mobiles

Crib mobiles have always been very popular, and this is another item that may get recalled due to improper use by the parents. Crib mobiles should only be on the crib when the baby is in there awake and supervised. That is because this is not an object that is permanently attached to the crib. It is usually held on there by a clip of some sort.

This means that there is nothing stopping this from falling into the crib with the baby. If it is a hard plastic one, it could cause an injury when it falls. Even if it is a soft, fabric mobile it could fall and cover the baby’s face which may interfere with breathing. Mobiles may be cute, but they should never be in there with a sleeping baby. Babies aren’t going to use them when they are asleep.

1 Formula Keurig

We mentioned earlier that anything that appears to make a mom’s life is easier is always going to be a hit, and the Baby Brezza is one of them. This is like a Keurig for formula and appears to make bottles in a matter of seconds with a touch of a button. We can definitely see the appeal with this product, but we can also see the potential harm.

The Keurig for coffee can get really dirty and backed up, and the Brezza would be no different. These machines have all kinds of little plastic tubing inside in order to work and these can all get backed up. If these are not cleaned properly then they are going to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Bacteria that will end up in that next bottle you make. It is surprising that these have lasted this long.

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