21 Of The Most Memorable 'Teen Mom' Showdowns (Ranked)

Fans of the show Teen Mom know that when it comes to feuds between the girls, these girls truly know how to go hard. From social media to back-stage (and on-stage) brawls to legal threats, just name it and it has been done probably.

Now, not everything about these girls is bad. There are a lot of moments that could make a fan cry or just have them smiling from ear-to-ear, but nowadays it seems the more drama they produce, the more air time they get, and MTV is not shy about hiding their fight scenes. In fact, some of the girls have even brought this up against MTV. All MTV wants nowadays for the show is the girls with the most drama.

Which is probably why the show has done so well for so long. Everyone loves drama, they love seeing how real a celebrity can get, and of course, all the cute kids running around.

Over the past few years, there are have been quite a few fights, either in person or over social media. From family to couples to just cast members... Sadly, we weren’t able to list them all, there are way too many, but we did pick the top 21 feuds. Listed below are some of the most intense feuds throughout the show's history, all ranked from Eh to Wow!

21 Briana DeJesus Vs. Leah Messer And Others (Briana: They All Act Fake)

OK! Magazine & People

Briana DeJesus joined the cast of Teen Mom 2 back in 2017 and right away became public enemy number one with everyone but one of the girls, Jenelle Evans.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, when it comes to Jenelle Evans, Briana has the strongest connection with her. “Jenelle is the only one who was acting humble,” Briana was quoted saying. “Plus, she was the only one who wasn’t acting all fake and choosing sides.”

Leah Messer’s response to this comment, “Pay no attention to those who try to bring you down. They’re just envious of where you are and how well you’re doing.” This started a pretty rocky relationship with the two that has not gotten any better since.

20 Matt Baier Vs. Amber Portwood (Amber: He Failed A Lie Detector Test)

All About The Tea

Amber Portwood's entire relationship with Matt Baier seemed to be nothing but drama. There was constant fighting, new daily articles being posted about Matt’s past, and even some negativity among some of the other cast members.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, Amber started to have doubts about Matt after she learned that he had offered something to fellow co-star Catelynn Lowell to help her calm down. By hearing this news, it started to cast serious doubts on whether he really was sober or not. The last straw for Amber though came in the form of a lie detector test. During the lie detector test, Matt was asked a series of questions about being faithful to Amber…. and failed.

The test revealed that during their relationship, he had made advances towards other women. That was it for her.

19 Jeremy Calvert Vs. Brooke Wehr (He Was Talking With Her Best-Friend)

Blasting News

When it comes to Brooke Wehr, she was never a legit cast member of Teen Mom 2, she only became relevant to the show when she started dating Leah Messer’s ex, Jeremy Calvert.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, the two were engaged at one point but ended it after a few details that involved Jeremy came to light. Brooke found out that Jeremy had been talking to her best friend and had built up quite the relationship with her. Brooke even publicly outed them by posting screenshots of their texts online, proving they were close.

Jeremy admitted the two had become close, but only due to Brooke had befriended another guy beforehand.

Haven’t these two ever heard the saying, “Two wrongs don’t make it right?”

18 Farrah Abraham Vs. Nicole 'Hoopz' Alexander (Let's Get Ready To Rumble!...Or Not)

Hollywood Unlocked

Not long after Farrah Abraham was fired from Teen Mom 2, she was recruited to star in a celebrity boxing match against Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander. Farrah trained for months in preparation. Sharing multiple live videos, pictures, and other posts showing how in shape she was becoming, and all her new boxing moves she was learning.

According to hollywoodgossip.com though, Farrah backed out last minute, essentially not only causing issues for Nicole but also everyone else involved. Luckily, Nicole was able to find another partner last second, but now Farrah is currently being sued by the promoters of the charity, who say they paid Farrah in advance and how she was under contract. From what Farrah has said though, she was promised things in advance and they did not deliver, which is why she backed out.

17 Chelsea Houska Vs. Adam Lind (Chelsea: He Is Living An Unhealthy Lifestyle)

Us Weekly

The feud between Chelsea Houska and baby daddy Adam Lind is probably the longest feud in Teen Mom history. It has gotten so bad that the two really only talk to one another now through their lawyers.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, Adam has been involved lately with some not-so-friendly substances and hasn’t been living a very healthy lifestyle as of late. Because of this, Chelsea has set it up so he can only visit Aubree during supervised visits at a visitation center, which fans of the show will know hasn’t been going very well in this latest season.

In fact, Adam’s life has hit such a downward spiral, that he even signed over rights to his second daughter Paislee.

16 David And Jenelle Eason Vs. Cory Wharton  (Jenelle: He Is Just A Drama Queen)

People & Reality Blurb

Back in the day, before Cheyenne Floyd was on Teen Mom OG, she had posted a few questionable tweets on social media. When these posts came to light, David Eason stepped up and questioned MTV on how they could fire him but allow Cheyenne on the show.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, Cheyenne’s baby daddy, Cory Wharton, was there for her and had her back. He even went so far as to challenge David to a charity boxing match, and honestly, that is something all fans would love to see.

When Jenelle saw the post, she went off on Twitter and called Cory out for being “dumb” and how he was a “drama queen.” She then ended her post by saying, “He doesn’t deserve the attention from me that he’s desperately wanting.”

15 Maci Bookout Vs. Ryan Edwards And Mackenzie Standifer (Maci: I Don't Trust Him With Our Son)

Reality Blurb

Maci and Ryan are another Teen Mom pair that have quite the rocky past.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, typically, in the past, Maci and Ryan have been able to sort out their drama and have a civil relationship for their son Bentley's sake. Unfortunately, with Ryan’s new “interest” it is going to be a bit harder for Macy to forgive and forget.

In the past season of Teen Mom OG, fans learned that Maci no longer trusts Ryan being alone with their son. To make matters worse, Mackenzie has been stirring the pot even more by taking shots at Macy over social media.

Hopefully, these three come to terms soon. The only one getting hurt in the end is Bentley.

14 Amber Portwood Vs. Farrah Abraham (Farrah: Stop Using Me To Get Attention)

Entertainment Tonight & Radar Online

After their big blow up fight on stage at a Teen Mom OG reunion, Amber and Farrah continued their feud over social media.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, while in a relationship with Matt still, Amber talked about how Farrah’s boyfriend at the time, Simon Saran, was not allowed to come to their wedding. She went on to talk about how he was not part of the cast and just a creep that is trying to get his five-seconds of fame while he can.

Farrah responded by saying how she was not attending the wedding anyway, how Gary, Amber’s ex and father of her child, should have full custody of their daughter, and how Amber and Matt need to stop using her to get more attention and publicity for their wedding and book.

13 Mackenzie Edwards Vs. MTV (They Turned Me Into A D-List Celebrity)

Celebrity Insider

After her wedding to Ryan, Mackenzie decided to go on a rant about how MTV had turned her into a D-list star.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, Mackenzie Edwards went on a huge rant about how not only MTV had wrecked her, but also about how Teen Mom viewers have been so against her relationship with Ryan. She mainly went off about how everyone went after her for allowing Ryan to drive to the wedding while under the influence and how he had lost consciousness a few times while driving.

“It’s easy to show the 'half-truth' and portray it as a while,” she wrote on a long social media post. “But that’s ok because regardless of what happens, whether it is right or wrong, you’re considered scum.”

12 Kailyn Lowry Vs. Javi Marroquin (She Is Just Salty Over His New Relationships)

In Touch Weekly

The tension between Kailyn Lowry and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin is something that has been going on for years now. Though there have been some parts where the two have gotten along, it is constantly changing depending on the tension between the two and different circumstances that may arise.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, the biggest feud between the two happened when Javi started dating fellow cast member, Briana DeJesus, who first came on board the Teen Mom 2 cast in 2017. The two female cast members are bitter rivals, and it is no wonder Kail would be so against Javi dating her arch enemy.

Kailyn became so salty over the two dating that she even canceled the memoir her and Javi were supposed to collaborate on together.

11 Jeremy Calvert Vs. The World (No One On This Show Is Famous Due To A Talent)

New Idea

Jeremy Calvert, Leah Messer’s ex-husband, seems to be a pretty chill guy most of the time, but there are times where he can kind of lose it and go off on a rant.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, over the years Jeremy has been known to go off on his ex, MTV, Teen Mom viewers, and anyone else who happens to cross him the wrong way. His normal way of taking his frustration out is by doing long video messages on his social media.

In fact, not too long ago, Jeremy went on one of the most epic rants to date and talked about his fellow cast members and had this to say, “No one on this show is famous for anything. No one has a talent, no one sings, or plays a sport or anything.”

10 Jenelle Evans Vs. David Eason's Sister (Jessica: She Is A Bad Mom)

theashleysrealityroundup.com & In Touch Weekly

Jenelle Evans has gotten a lot of negative criticism due to her relationship with David Eason. From the star, there has been nothing but negative remarks for these two and it goes deeper than just fans opinions, there are even some in their inner circle that have stated their disdain over these two being together.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, one of the biggest critics was David’s own sister, Jessica Eason Miller. Jessica basically went off on Jenelle with the same old rants: she is a bad mom, she has a sketchy past, etc. Nothing new, and nothing that really bothered Jenelle too much because she has heard these claims a million times in the past.

She still didn’t take them lying down though and in a public social media exchange, Jenelle tore into Jessica.

9 Farrah Abraham Vs. Bristol (Farrah: She Is Stalking Me)

Life & Style & Perez Hilton

When Bristol was added to the cast of Teen Mom OG after Farrah was fired, Farrah was convinced that Bristol wanted to be just like her and was stalking her.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, there is no real explanation behind Farrah thinking this besides the fact that Bristol replaced her. Bristol, on the other hand, has denied all claims and has been pretty open about how she wants nothing to do with Farrah. She even went so far as to say, “There’s nothing about me that wants to be anything like her.”

Fans will probably agree that she is not the only one.

8 Farrah Abraham Vs. Catelynn Lowell (Catelynn: Farrah Who?)

CafeMom & People

Farrah Abraham is known for picking a fight with just about anyone she comes in to contact with.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, in a social media rant that was bizarre for even Farrah, Farrah went off on ALL her Teen Mom OG cast members. After saying some not so nice things about Catelynn and Tyler, Tyler simply dismissed her rumblings as the ravings of a seriously unstable woman.

Farrah is not the only one to stir the pot though. In the past, Tyler has been known to say a comment here and there, especially after Farrah was fired from Teen Mom due to her alternative future choices.

Catelynn also attacked Farrah, even going so far as pretending not to know her and instead talked about Farrah Fawcett.

7 Mackenzie Standifer Vs. Ryan Edwards' Tinder Girl (Tinder Girl: Your Husband Is The One On Tinder)

Us Weekly

Before Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer were married, there were reports that Ryan was not 100% focused on just Mackenzie.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, Mackenzie learned right after they were married that Ryan had a hidden Tinder account where he was talking to a few girls. Instead of taking her frustration out on Ryan, Mackenzie decided to hit up the most recent girl he was talking to. Unfortunately, for Mackenzie, she did not come out on top as she had planned.

Mackenzie’s argument ended by the girl simply stating, “Your husband is the one on Tinder.” Sadly, she was 100% in the right with that one.

6 Jenelle Evans Vs. Kailyn Lowry (Jenelle: Don't Try To Make Peace And Then Talk Bad About Me Next Day)

People & Monsters and Critics

Long ago, Jenelle and Kailyn were actually civil with one another. Hard to believe right? Kailyn even posted bail for Jenelle after she found herself in trouble with the law, which is when the feud started due to Jenelle never paying her back.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, these two have been trading insults with one another ever since. Jenelle even went so far as to leak Kailyn’s pregnancy with her third child all over social media. It has gotten worse since though and Jenelle’s husband has even gotten involved by posting videos of photos that talks negatively about Kail’s appearance and lifestyle.

When things got bad for Jenelle though, Kail tried to make amends by sending her a PR package of her new haircare products and reaching out, which ended with Jenelle setting fire to them.

5 Farrah Abraham Vs. MTV (They Force Us To Keep Making Babies)


It seems that when it comes to MTV, there are quite a few cast members who have had some feuds with the network, Farrah including.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, Farrah took her feud with the network to the next level when she accused the Teen Mom franchise of forcing the girls to have more children in order to create drama and more content for the show.

She then even went so far as to accusing producers of egging Amber on during their fight on the reunion show and how she was wrongly let go from the show due to the extra activities she did on the side for money. Which, MTV was 100% willing to work with her, as long as she stopped those activities. Farrah chose the wrong path though.

4 Kailyn Lowry Vs. Briana DeJesus (Kailyn Was Not Too Happy Briana Was Dating Her Ex-Husband)

People & OK! Magazine

Briana DeJesus was not welcomed with open arms when she first was cast in 2017 for Teen Mom 2. As mentioned earlier, she became even more disliked after she started dating Kailyn’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, a move that drove a huge, un-fixable, wedge between her and Kailyn.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, although these two were never close as fans thought they were, they were at one point pretty civil with one another. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be with these two and they have been feuding on the reg, on the show and over social media.

Luckily, it seems they have calmed down a bit since Javi moved on and is no longer an issue.

3 Jenelle Evans Vs. Radar Online (Stop Posting Rumors!)

Entertainment Tonight

When it comes to Radar Online, it seems Jenelle is always posting about how they are liars and like to start and create drama.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, in one of her more current beefs with the news outlet, Radar Online posted about how Jenelle doesn’t have a fence around her huge in-ground pool and how it is a danger to her children. In response to this article, Jenelle posted a drone photo of not only her husband shirtless, but of the fence that surrounds the pool — a fence that is at least 20-30 feet back from the pool by the way. A fence that far is about a football fields length for those with little kids.

Well played Jenelle. She sure showed them.

2 Kailyn Lowry Vs. Barbara Evans (Barbara: It Was A Joke, Get Over It)

celebrityinsider.org & 16 and Pregnant & Teen Mom Wiki - Fandom

In a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, fans saw a live video that Barbara did with her daughter Jenelle, while the two were on vacation with one another.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, during the live IG post, Barbara was caught saying some not so nice things about Kailyn. Kailyn, in response, was not amused by it and threatened to quit the show for good this time due to Barbara’s actions, actions that Barbara says was all a joke. Jenelle has been quite adamant also that it was all a joke, and that Kailyn is envious of them and wants them off the show.

So far, the situation is far from over, but for fans of Kail, it seems as if she has decided to stay on the show for a bit longer.

1 Jenelle Evans Vs. David Eason (Jenelle: It Was Just A Dramatic Misunderstanding)

Us Weekly

Since the two lovebirds have gotten together, it has been them against the world. They have received not only negative criticism from fans, but also from those close to them. For good reason too. It is quite obvious that these two are not meant to be.

According to hollywoodgossip.com, these two have been at each other’s throats from the start. There have been quite a few heated arguments that have aired on Teen Mom 2, even one that happened the night before their wedding.

Things got more serious though. Back in October 2018, Jenelle called 911 in complete hysterics due to a fight that had left her injured. Once she left the hospital though, she was quick to explain that it was all a misunderstanding, she was not right in the head at the time, and her marriage was amazing.

Sources: hollywoodgossip.com

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