21 Of The Most Short-Lived Nanny Contracts In Hollywood

Celebrity parents could never do half of what they do without the help of a massive entourage backing them up. They need several assistants to keep their daily schedules straight, gardeners and housekeepers maintaining their lavish mansions, and cutthroat agents booking their lucrative gigs. They also need a rocking nanny or two to help them raise their children as they globetrot to all corners of the universe.

In Hollywood, a dependable nanny is an absolute must, and when celebrities find themselves a keeper, they will do just about anything to keep them within arm's reach. For every golden nanny, there are dozens of others out there who don't pan out. Famous faces are fierce when it comes to their offspring, and if childminders don't make the cut, they see nothing wrong with severing professional ties with a snap of their fingers. When it comes to celebrity nannies, there is no room for anything but excellence and discretion.

If a person wants to stay in a celebrity's employ, they better pull out all the stops and bring their 'A game.' In this profession, going above and beyond is going to get a nanny the job, but doing less than their best could mean the end of nannying dreams forever.

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21 Kate Gosselin's Gal Could Not Keep Up

via justjared.com

Plenty of fresh-faced nannies have come in and out of the Gosselin family's life over the years. Mother of eight, Kate, could never seem to get anyone to stay in her employ for very long. Most nannies have remained pretty quiet about why they ended up leaving the family, but one caregiver, in particular, has been plenty vocal about her less-than-pleasant Gosselin experience. Ariel Cantar says Kate drove her crazy and no matter how hard she tried, she could not keep up with the mom of eight's hectic and demanding schedule. Working for Kate proved to be an impossible task it seems.

20 Rob Lowe's Hired Lady Wanted To Take Care Of Other Business

via bustle.com

When actor Rob Lowe, his wife Sheryl, and their children spent time across the pond in London, they needed some extra help in the childcare department. Being a working actor with children often requires extra help in the childcare department. The couple turned to a woman named Jessica Gibson hoping that she would fit the bill. She seemed to like the family just fine, especially Rob. After a short period, the arrangement came to an abrupt halt. Lowe claimed that the family had to let Jessica go because she had a real lapse in professional judgment, which was something that he couldn't have.

19 Eva Amurri's Nanny Set Her Sights On Something Other Than The Baby

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The beautiful daughter of Susan Sarandon and her husband Kyle Martino decided that an extra pair of hands was necessary after they became first-time parents. They agreed on hiring a nanny and thought that they found a real gem who met all of their many demands and requirements. This nanny sent a text message to Eva's hubby, and when he did not respond to her the way that she had hoped, things went south. The nanny acted as if she meant to send the text to someone else. Eva didn't even have to fire the girl. Her class act man took care of that immediately.

18 The Beckhams Babysitter Had The Wrong Friends

via justrichest.com

David and Victoria Beckham seemed nothing but content with their nanny, Abigail. By all accounts, Abby was an essential member of the family, helping to make their complex, busy lives seem a bit more doable. Issues arose when their beloved childminder made an unapproved friend. When Victoria discovered that Abigail and Posh's former beautician got chummy, Posh made it crystal clear that she was not in favor of that budding friendship. The nanny ended up leaving on her own accord, but it doesn't sound like it was a peaceful parting. In this family, Posh calls all the shots, even when it comes to choosing one's friends.

17 Mick Jagger's Short-Lived Nanny

via ibtimes.co.uk

Rocker icon Mick Jagger has always had a whole lot of love for the ladies, and he has never gone very long without a few beauties by his side. Back during his days of being model Jerry Hall's main man, Mick and Jerry hired a woman named Claire Houseman to help them with their young children. It only took Mick two days to convince Claire that they should spend some quality time together. Claire went from a brand new hire to unemployed in a flash. Perhaps Mick and Jerry should have just sent their child to a daycare center inside of hiring in-home help.

16 Madonna's Main Woman Had Other Goals

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The Material Girl has lots of children underfoot these days and lots of family rules that must be paid careful attention to. This means that anyone working for Madge must be nearly superhuman. After many hits and misses, Mother Madonna finally hit the nanny jackpot with her caregiver Angela. Sadly, Angela decided to change her life path in hopes of pursuing various avenues. Nannying was not what she wanted to do for her entire life. Angela had hoped that Madge would be happy for her and support her, but the opposite took place. Madge asked the former nanny to leave the premise immediately.

15 Heather Mills And The Mile High Demands

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Former model Heather Mills landed herself a fairytale life when she became the wife of musical great Sir Paul McCartney. During their union, this Beatles babe was adored by her hubby, but perhaps not by the family nanny. It is said that Mills and former nanny, Sara Trumble, were oil and water. Trumble claimed that Mills was demanding and disrespectful towards her. Mills required the nanny to stay and help after hours and even embarrassed Trumble publically. This nanny's well-paying job didn't last for very long nor did Mill's marriage to McCartney. Some partnerships simply aren't meant to be.

14 Kim Kardashian Is Impossible

via thecut.com

The Kardashian-West family has had their fair share of nannies come through their palatial gates, but none seem to stay for very long. The infamous reality family has a difficult time getting help to stick around, and this is partly because of the wild demands that both Kim and Kanye have for their caretakers. While the nannies probably get paid a whole lot more than the average sitter does, the requirements for employment are too high to sustain for very long. Making mad bank is awesome, but not when the job completely drains you every day. There is something to be said about balance.

13 Charlize Theron Needs Eyes Averted

via bet.com

Charlize Theron wasn't married when she became a mother, but she was an in-demand actress who was working a ton. Hiring a reliable nanny was an absolute must for Theron. While Charlize didn't have a mile long laundry list of demands for her caregivers,  her nanny still could not hang. Theron was supposedly so frigid towards the nanny; it made everyone on her staff uncomfortable. One nanny has been said that she was not allowed to even look in Charlize's direction. She instead had to write down her thoughts and hand them to the boss lady if necessary communication had to take place. Imagine how awkward it would be to be with another person all day and not be able to say a single word to them!

12 Jessica Alba Has Specific Needs

via irishmirror.ie

Jessica Alba has three young children to take care of, so hiring a nanny was an essential part of her being able to take care of the kids and be a fulltime working mother. She hired a lady who had many of the earthy principals that she did. Jessica is known for her health-conscious choices. The story goes the nanny got released from Alba's employment when she was asked to perform daily meditations with the kids. In terms of nanny demands, meditation is a relatively tame request, but who knows; perhaps the nanny just wasn't as into the healthy living routine as Alba was.

11 Angelina Jolie Runs A Loose Ship


More than one nanny has flown this kooky coup over Mama Angie's lack of structure and rules. Angelina Jolie is not strict on what the kids eat or when they go to bed. The nannies have a hard time trying to keep the kids orderly when their parents choose to let them run wild. What sane person wants to be woken up every night at 3am to watch kids eat sugary cereal and zone out to cartoons as the parents sleep? That is too extra even for the most talented of nannies. This family has too many children and too little structure for a childcare giver to be successful at what she does.

10 Mariah Carey Must Be Number One

via okmagazine.com

Mariah has publically admitted that she goes through nannies about as often as people go through toilet paper. She pretty much sees them as disposable, and when one of them is let go, she puts another in their place. Mariah demands that her nannies be on call all hours of the day and if they get too close to her kiddos, and the bond becomes strong, then they have to be replaced. No one comes before mama Mariah. It's sad to realize that her children will spend their formative years bonding to the grown-ups who are brought into their lives, only to have them ripped away when their mother snaps her fingers.

9 Sarah Jessica Parker Needs A Singer

via denimblog.com

Sarah Jessica Parker made it very clear to her prospective nannies that if they were going to have any chance at staying in her employment, they needed to be ready to sing "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head" over and over to her twin daughters as they nodded off to sleep each night. That alone would be enough to do us in! There's no way would we be able to do that for very long. It appears that SJP got her kids to nod off to the tune one time and now she swears by this tactic. Can't she buy a recording of the famous song and cut her nannies a bit of a bedtime break?

8 The Afflecks Night Nanny

via:The Cut

Ben Affleck and Jen Garner have had plenty of nannies over their years, but one of their more recent nannies was brought in during the later years for a particular reason. Before the dissolution of their marriage, the hired caretaker came into the household, but only during the nighttime hours. Ben and Jen needed help specifically with their youngest child Samuel and his inability to catch some zzzs in the evening hours. Having a child who is awake 24-7 can take a toll on parents, especially when they have such demanding daytime needs. Ben and Jen were not about to let this Godsend of a helper slip through their grasps. You know, until they did.

7 Kelly Rowland's Almost Nanny

via vibe.com

This nanny's stint was so short that it never started up at all! Word spread through Tinsel Town that singer Fergie's nanny was a boss at getting kids to bed in a flash. It didn't take long for other Hollywood mommies to take notice and covet what Fergie had.

When the songstress's friend and colleague Kelly Rowland caught wind about this particular nanny's magical talent, she had to try and win her over to her family. Fergie wasn't having that, though, and offered her winning caregiver $1,200 to stay right where she was; so the job with Kelly never took flight. In this town, money talks.

6 Bey's Twinning Nanny

via nydailynews.com

Beyonce made sure that her firstborn daughter Blu's nanny did one extraordinary and specific thing to win her spot in the family's employ. Without it, this childminder was not going to last very long at all! Bey required Blu's caregiver to learn all of the choreography to her hit jam "Single Ladies." More so, the nanny was to perform the routine anytime Blue asked for it because Bey claimed the dance calmed her child down. We bet that nanny is in excellent shape right about now. The "Single Ladies" routine is a workout for even the fittest human being.

5 Jude's Lapse In Judgement

via bustle.com

Jude Law doesn't always make the best choices, that much is obvious. Of all the poor decisions he has made over the years, he has done several things right. His darling children are perfect examples of the great stuff Law has managed to produce. It's unfortunate that his choices in the childcare department have not been as sound, however. When it comes to employees, and otherwise, Law has a difficult time not blurring the lines. Blurred lines always lead to messy situations, and in Law's case, they nearly brought the house down. When it comes to employing nannies, Law has a lot to learn.

4 Gwyneth Paltrow's Nanny Had To Live Like The Family

via justjared.com

If Gwynnie's nannies want to last, they have to adopt her strict lifestyle choices. Gwyneth lives her life pure and clean, and she expects everyone who comes around her children to adhere to similar lifestyle trends. We don't imagine that a nanny who munched on processed foods and never worked out would last very long in the Paltrow Palace. Aside from living a clean life, Gwyneth has high expectations for her employees. According to the Telegraph, in 2011 she advertised for a nanny, but the winning candidate had to have superhuman powers pretty much. She requested anyone who applied needed to "possess a classical education, be fluent in at least three languages, play two instruments, be passionate about sailing and tennis, and enjoy art history or martial arts."

3 Call Me Madam Kourtney


Kourtney Kardashian might be sweet and warm towards her three small children, but she is anything but when it comes to the employees in her home. Nannies who have worked for Kourtney have described her as challenging, cold and unfriendly. They have to refer to her as "madam" or face they face Kourtney's wrath. KK's employer side is a direct confliction to her sensitive maternal side. The bottom line is when you are working with Kourtney's kids; you better never forget who the boss is. If you do, you will find yourself standing at the back of the unemployment line.

2 Ethan Hawke's Switch-A-Roo

via zimbio.com

Actor Ethan Hawke was once married to the beautiful and talented Uma Thurman. Together they seemed to have it all, including two darling children. Their busy work lives forced them to look to outside sources for help with balancing their families and demanding workload, and they found that help in Ryan Shawhughes. The next thing we knew, Uma and Ethan were no longer our favorite Hollywood couple, but Ethan spared no time putting another blonde on his arm. It wasn't a co-star or another actress; it was Shawhughes herself. Now those two are married and have two children of their own.

1 Katie Holmes Fires For Expression

via vogue.com

Katie Holmes found herself in pressing need of a hand after she left her husband Tom Cruise and found herself raising little Suri on her own. Katie is all about freedom of expression and allows Suri to express herself; however she sees fit freely, but one nanny let her go a little too far, and she paid the ultimate price for it. One day Suri wanted to paint a mural on her bedroom, and the nanny went ahead and allowed it. She ended up painting her entire room black! Katie was none too thrilled. She showed the caregiver the door.

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