21 Photos Of Will Smith's Willow Growing Up

Willow Smith has been in the public eye since she was a little one. Her famous parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith are A-list celebs, so it is no wonder that Willow has been on the radar for as long as anyone can remember. While she is all grown up now, it was not long ago that Willow was just a kid, and she has certainly grown into her own person with a unique sense of style and a notable personality.

It can be hard for kids of celeb parents to adjust to what’s “normal,” so it seems like Willow has taken her own path and paved the way to her future. She will never be not famous, so she embraces her celeb status by dabbling in the industry herself. Still young, Willow has the world at her feet, so who knows what will become of the blossoming star as she matures.

These 20 photos capture the essence of Willow as she was growing up. From an adorable little girl to a trend-setting teen, Willow has always been one-of-a-kind, and fans appreciate her honest approach to just being herself. Peruse these pics and take a walk down Willow memory lane.

21 Wee Willow

Via: rickeysmileymorningshow.com

With a head full of super cute curls and bright brown eyes, Willow is an adorable small child, thanks to the great genes passed on from mom and dad. She looks innocent and impressionable, probably not even realizing that she’s already well-known around the world. To her, mom and dad are just like anyone else’s, not mega-stars known for their talents far and wide. But soon she will grow up and come to realize that her parents are not quite like everybody else’s. And once she gets older, she will be following in their footsteps, as big as their shoes may be to fill.

20 Teen Angst

Via: blavity.com

Those teen years can be tough, even for a famous face. Willow is experimenting with some facial piercings and bold eyeliner, with a unique hairdo to top it all off. She’s never been one to follow trends or do anything basic, so this edgy look suits Willow to a T. She’s giving off a certain vibe and a “don’t mess with me” attitude, but that could just be her way of coming into her own. While a nasal piercing isn’t for everyone, Willow can pull it off. We just wonder if papa Will was on board when she decided to add some heavy metal to her pretty face.

19 Daddy’s Little Girl

Via: hotnewhiphop.com

Posing playfully alongside her dad and brother, Willow is all smiles, gap and all. These kiddos must have thought it was so cool that their dad was famous, so these photo ops must’ve been so much fun. These kids couldn’t be any cuter, and Will looks as happy as can be with his children smiling next to him. While they may no longer be little, the love this family shares still seems to be just as strong. They idolize their dad, not only because he’s loving and kind, but because he’s a super talented and funny guy who has captured the world with his presence.

18 Fresh Princess

Via: polpettas.com

Willow is taking the stage to sing her heart out for her many fans who’ve come to see her perform. With a bright pop of bright pink on her lips and more of that bold blue eyeliner, Willow looks like a natural as she shows off her talents. She is following the path her parents took before her by stepping into the entertainment industry. She may have a leg up when it comes to her ability to advance in her work, but if she does not have the talent to back it up, she’ll never be as big as her folks. But with Willow’s good looks and drive to do things her way, she may just have a shot to carry on the family legacy.

17 Gabbing at the Ballgame

Via: refinery29.com

Willow and her mom seem to be at a ball game, and knowing the Smiths, they probably have the best seats in the house. Jada is chatting it up with her daughter, and Willow is listening intently to mom’s life lessons. Willow loves to change up her look, and this super short and dyed ‘do is definitely something different. Paired with her tie-dyed shirt, it seems like Willow decided to give her hair a matching look with her outfit. It’s pretty cool that mom and dad allowed their daughter to express herself through her style without worrying that she’d be too over-the-top. Plus, this hairstyle looks kinda cute!

16 Pul-lease Paparazzi!

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Is Willow getting fed up with her photo being taken by the pesky paparazzi? It sure looks that way based on her aggravated expression in this pic. While walking around minding her own business, it seems like she was caught off guard by someone sneaking around waiting for a candid snapshot. It must be annoying for celebs who can’t do much of anything or go anywhere without being stalked and snapped. But that’s life for famous folks, so they’ll have to adjust or get out of the biz. Willow usually plays it cool, but maybe she was having an off day or someone was really getting in her face.

15 Sass and Style

Via: blavity.com

If this isn’t a diva in the making, then no one is! With her cool pose and stylish outfit, Willow is a little kid ready for the big time. She’s got plenty of sass and flair, from her shiny sequins to her shades. Willow must have gotten her sense of confidence from her parents who are always ready to rock the red carpet or star on the big screen. When Willow looks back at this photo, she must be amazed that she was so sophisticated as a child. She’s ready for the life of a star and definitely looks the part.

14 Big Bro and Fashion Show

Via: rickeysmileymorningshow.com

Even the biggest celebs don’t always get to sit front and center at a fashion show, but Willow and her bro are not your everyday kids. They are ready to watch the models make their way down the runway, and they look just as stylish in their well-put together black and white outfits. Surrounded by adults, these pint-sized style experts look engaged and excited to see the season’s latest styles and the good looking ladies and gents who get to take them for a spin. Maybe at the time, they were considering going into modeling too. They’ve surely got the good looks to do so.

13 Dad Does Her 'Do

Via: shemazing.net

Who knew Will was such a multi-talented guy? We know he can act and rap, but he’s a hairstylist too? And a good one at that. Just look at little Willow’s amazing updo. It looks like it was created by a professional stylist, yet it was dad who made this look come to life. Aside from Willow’s head-turning hairdo, her fierce outfit is on point too. Animal print is always in fashion, and those huge chains around her neck are bold and beautiful. Dad looks dapper too, sporting a super stylish modern suit. This daddy-daughter duo is ready for their closeup!

12 From Braces to Bangs

Via: seventeen.com

Some kids think getting braces is a rite of passage while others want to avoid this awkward phase like the plague. But if the orthodontist decides braces will make a kid’s smile better, you can bet your bottom dollar that mom and dad will be shelling out the dough for their kid’s dental care. While Willow looks pretty cute with her braces, some kids aren’t as lucky. At least she got the clear kind. A few years later, the braces are gone, the teeth are straighter, and a new ‘do finishes off the look. Willow can rock those bangs just as well as she embraces the braces.

11 Meditation with Mama

Via: pinterest.com

Namaste. Or in this case, mama-ste. A young Willow is practicing the art of meditation with her mom, bringing them calmness and clarity in an otherwise chaotic world. Sitting together in silence and doing some deep breathing is sure to bring peace of mind to both mother and child. It’s better than going to the mall or binge watching a silly television show. Who knows if these two still reach that Zen state together today, but it is nice to see them doing something so special. Does Will have the patience to practice too? Seems like he’s a little too energetic to sit still for more than a few seconds.

10 Bonding with Bro

Via: nzherald.co.nz

Willow and her big bro are hanging out and bonding as teens. They’re both used to being in the spotlight, and unlike most siblings, they’ve had to grow a thick skin to be able to cope with all the chaos celeb life can bring. But these two kids seem to be handling things just fine, goofing around and playing it cool. They’ve got their poses down pat, their style is unique and youthful, and it looks like they are having fun. No sibling rivalry here between these two famous kids. They’ve got to stick together if they want to make it in the entertainment world without crashing and burning.

9 Then And Now

Via: closerweekly.com

From a tender tot to a trend-setting young woman, Willow has grown up before our eyes into a lovely lady. Her famous father must be so proud of his only daughter as she has blossomed into the beam of light she is today. Following in her father’s footsteps, Willow has made a name for herself in the world of entertainment, proving that her pop’s talent has extended through the branches of the family tree. While Willow may never reach the level of stardom her father has seen, she is still quite popular with her fans and seems to love the limelight.

8 Peace to the Paparazzi

Via: public.fr

A teenage Willow won’t let the paparazzi ruin her afternoon as she flips them a positive peace sign to let them know she’s cool with their presence. While it must be frustrating to have to deal with all the drama on a daily basis, Willow knows that part of being in the public eye means contending with the chaos that the paparazzi may bring. Her pal doesn’t seem fazed at all, but Willow is showing the cameramen that she’s on to them. They got their pic and she got the pose she wanted. So, everyone wins. Next time, if they want a candid shot of the celeb, they’ll have to be sneakier.

7 Willow’s Workin’ It

Via: nbcdfw.com

Just because she’s a little kid does not mean Willow doesn’t know how to work the crowd. She’s looking so adorable in her cute outfit and hairdo, and that pose is simply perfect. This kid’s got charisma, something she likely learned from her super famous parents. Her pop is always a showstopper and her mom is magnificent as well. It proves that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When Willow was small she was made for the stage, and her talents only got better as she got older. The future sure looks bright for this beautiful little lady.

6 Whip It Willow!

Via: picslyrics.net

Who could forget Willow’s song and video? The catchy tune and fun-loving video were adored by the younger set, and Willow loved every minute of the music making. She looks vibrant and vivacious in this modern music video as she shows off her dance moves and vocal chops. Not every kid gets to live out their dreams like Willow was able to do, so hopefully she was appreciative of her opportunity. Perhaps her dad and mom had something to do with it, but Willow had the talents to back up their leg up. And that multi-colored hairdo is entertainment in itself. This child surely had a knack for doing things outside the box.

5 Locks to Love

Via: lindseyvonnweightchatterbusy.blogspot.com

This gravity-defying hairdo is something to see, and Willow would be the only kid who’d be bold enough to make this look her own. While it must have taken a long time to get this ‘do just right, the end result is nothing short of spectacular. Was it comfortable atop her head? That’s something we can’t be sure of, but sometimes there’s a pinch of pain when it comes to looking pretty. This style is more like a work of art than a hairdo, and Willow is the perfect canvas to show it off. Sleeping with this ‘do must have been a challenge, but there’s always a way around that. Keeping this ‘do as long as possible was a necessity after all the work that went into creating it.

4 Fun With Fashion

Via: billboard.com

It’s hard to imagine that there could be any child who’s cooler than Willow. From her side-swiped hairdo to her amazing outfit to those laced-up boots, this entire style is super special. Most kids that age wear a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, but Willow always takes an extra step or two to look terrific. She’s not shy about being herself, even if it means wearing pieces that no one else would dare put together. She loves to play around with fashion and style, showing that her sense of creativity is always evolving. We’re guessing she doesn’t shop at K-mart to achieve looks like this.

3 Child Chameleon

Via: YouTube.com

It is hard to believe that these two pics are of the same kid, but it is indeed Willow on both the left and the right. She’s a human chameleon who can change her style so significantly that it doesn’t even seem to be the same person. But no matter the look she goes for, the outcome is always outrageous. She rocks braids like nobody’s business and does a buzz cut like a champ. With a face as pretty as hers, any hairdo does her justice. Plus, she must have so much fun trying out all sorts of hairstyles. The world can’t wait to see what Willow comes up with next.

2 Downtime with Dad

Via: people.com

It’s a daddy date for Willow and her pop. Looks like it is Christmastime since Will is wearing a festive holiday hat and a silly Santa blazer. Willow is wearing a Christmas sweater, so she is all ready for the holiday too. Wintertime is always a fun time of year, especially around the holidays when families get together to celebrate and spend time spreading good cheer. We’re not quite sure what these two are reading, but at least they are together and smiling. With a dad like Will, we are guessing Willow and her bro got some pretty cool Christmas presents.

1 Caught Off Guard 

Via: low.onvacations.co

Both Willow and her bro seem to have been stopped in their tracks by the paparazzi raiding the streets looking for their snapshots of celebs. And neither Willow nor her bro look particularly thrilled to see the cameramen coming in their direction. Can’t these kids get a break every now and again when they simply want to walk from one place to another without being photographed? It’s not like they are doing anything special, so why must these people pester them all the time? They are just kids after all, so letting them live their lives would be a decent gesture. Then again, perhaps these kids have a more complicated relationship with the paps. They do help keep them relevant.

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