21 Pics Of Babies Born With The Most Adorable Features

Babies are miracles, one of life's greatest creations and of course they are super cute for so many reasons. A lot of the time it is what our babies or children do that makes them so endearing - for example their laugh, the way they crawl, the funny things they do and the cuddles they give us. This article, however, is not about what our babies or children do that make us love them but rather the outside appearance that makes everyone 'ooh' and 'aw' (especially the doting parents) with excitement.

Every baby looks different with some having big eyes and button noses but others having more profound eyebrows or pouted lips but no matter what features they have each and every child is adorable in their own unique way.

There are some features that we as adults seem to gravitate to when it comes to our little ones and if you are a parent you will probably notice others pointing out these features too. So in this article, we decided to share the cuteness and share with you '21 Pics Of Babies Born With The Cutest Features'. So here it is, enjoy reading and get ready for some incredibly adorable baby photos.

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21 Elf Ears

Yep, that is right, Elf Ears! They are not just a fictional feature in sci-fi or mythical based films/books. They are actually a very cute and very real feature that babies can have when they are born most likely becoming more of a normal shape as they grow but for those first few moments at least, you can enjoy those little points.

It is rare that babies are born with 'elf ears' but it is a possibility. These ear deformities can be caused by genetics or the way they are situated in the womb as sometimes their ears can be squashed. Most of the time 'elf ears' are harmless and nothing more than a cute feature which is why it has a place on this list, but in some cases it can be a symptom of an ear disorder that can need further medical attention.

20 Big Eyes

Now I know I am biased so you can decide for yourselves but my little girl's eyes have been big, bright and wide open from the moment she was born. I have had many, many comments on her eyes and how large and beautiful they are and of course, I agree. In the early days she looked mostly shocked (with just added to the cuteness and hilarity) but now she has grown into them, myself and her Dad are constantly getting lost in these perfect pupils.

Eye size varies from baby to baby of course, but you may have noticed that all babies seem to have large eyes but why is this? It is because when a baby is born their eyes are already the size that they will be when they are an adult, making them large in comparison to the rest of their features. Some also say that babies have big eyes to make you want to care for them. As adults, we are drawn to those large pupils as it seems to trigger our caring nature.

19 Dimples

Who knew little dips in the face could make your heart so full of warmth and love. Dimples are one of the staple features that people think of when they are imagining a cute baby and no wonder, they are so adorable. The scientific reason behind the sweet feature is often ignored because we love to look at them so much but it is actually a bit strange.

Dimples are caused by a mutation in the cheek muscle which occurs when the muscle which is too short for the face is overused or overstretched, therefore causing a dent or dip in the side of the face. Many babies are born with a dimple/dimples and they can be seen moments after they are placed in the mother's arms but others get them over time through pouting or smiling excessive amounts. Now I know it might not be ideal to get a mutation in your cheek muscle, but surely something that is caused by too much smiling can't be bad.

18 Chubby Cheeks

What is better than a baby with those iconic chubby cheeks that you can squish? Nothing, that is the answer! Unfortunately, the babies aren't usually too happy about you doing this but sometimes the cuteness gets overwhelming and us Moms just can't help but become overcome with the need to squish our sweetheart's little faces- just a little bit.

Babies often have chubby cheeks from birth and that is due to all the nutrients they were getting when they were being cared for from within their Mother's bodies. When in the outside world, babies are often breastfed which just makes those chubby cheeks even bigger because breast milk is made of lots of good fats. Baby formula can also have this effect as nowadays they are a pretty close second to breast milk. As adults, chubby cheeks are a feature we do not desire ourselves but when it comes to our children, the squishier the cheeks the better.

17 Long Eyelashes

As adults, we pay lots of money to have these next few things done to our bodies to make them more beautiful, but not babies as they have these features naturally. Starting with the long, lush lashes that so many women desire but don't have due to years of mascara and fake eyelash applications. This could perhaps be why we find this feature so cute because we are envious. Either way, long lashes on little babies just accentuate their already adorable eyes.

Long eyelashes are determined by genetics and it is a known fact that if you have allergies or are sensitive to things coming into contact with your eyes, you will likely have longer eyelashes due to them needing more protection. The fact that babies don't have the need or want to groom or apply anything to their lashes also adds to the fact that they stay long. Maybe we beauty queens need to take a leaf out of our infant's books.

16 Hair And Lots Of It

Another one of those features that adults strive for is thick, long and shiny hair. As you grow older and start putting products or heat to your hair, it can become damaged, dry and could potentially thin out. So when babies are born with thick, untouched hair we can become envious but also well up from how cute they look with their lovely locks.

Most people imagine newborn babies to be bald or close to it, but it is quite common for babies to be born with a good amount of hair even if they do lose it as they get older before it grows in again. Hair is formed on a baby's head (and the rest of their bodies) in the second trimester of pregnancy. Most of this hair can fall off before the baby is born but some stays which is why some babies can be born with a full head of hair. Lots of hair can also be acquired through genetics.

15 Perfect Pout

Following on from the last entry on the list is this pretty little baby and her perfect pout. Big lips are something many women want nowadays and they can go to extreme lengths including lip injections to get it. But for some people, they were born with those big lips and the perfect pout which us parents find just adorable.

A funny reason that babies can be born with such a good little pout is that in the womb, babies tend to suck on their thumbs creating that pout shaped mouth when they are born. Because of this babies can also be born with a 'sucking blister' on their thumb so if your baby was born with big lips and a little blister on their thumb then here you go, you know why.

14 Two Front Teeth

Two front teeth? What do you mean teeth don't come till later on right? Not always. It is possible that a baby can be born with one, two, three or even more teeth. It might be a shock to the parents when they see some pearly whites in their newborn's mouth but after that initial shock is over they are sure to find this feature very cute.

The teeth that are through at birth are called 'natal teeth' and develop in about every 2000 to 3000 births. Natal teeth are not related to any medical conditions but they can be related to certain syndromes that babies can be born with, such as Sotos syndrome. Although some teeth can emerge at birth it does not mean that the rest of the teeth will come in soon after.

13 Button Nose

You might recognize the cute owner of this button nose if you are familiar with the British royal family. This is the son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George back in the baby days before he became a big brother to Princess Charlotte. The little royal is a classic example of babies born with the adorable feature of a button nose.

Surprisingly, babies are all born with the same button-like nose as the bridge of the nose is not present at birth. This may shock you if you didn't think your baby had that feature but it is true, all babies have the same shape nose. This, however, does not affect their sense of smell and by one week old they can recognize their mother's smell - isn't that lovely.

12 Cupids Bow

I know you are probably imagining the bow and arrow held by the Roman God of Love named 'Cupid' but that isn't the Cupid's bow on this list. This cupid's bow is the dip in the middle of the top lip. The cupids bow is more noticeable on some people's lips than others. When you can see it clearly on a little baby it really melts your heart.

Many women and some men who do not have a deep cupid's bow try to fake it with makeup, but little babies often have this naturally. This adorable feature makes a little baby's pout and other facial expressions even funnier and endearing which us, as their parents, family members and just adults, in general, can't get enough of. Much like the Roman God of Love, this feature makes us fall in love with our children even more.

11 Birthmarks

Let's be honest, newborn babies all look pretty similar. Yes, there are slight differences in skin color, amount of hair and weight but in the grand scheme of things, there are a lot of things about newborn babies' appearances that are the same. Parents love the features that make their little one look unique which is why birthmarks are on our list.

When it comes to birthmarks there are two main types, Vascular and Pigmented. Vascular is the type that can be dangerous, they occur when the blood vessels don't form correctly. Pigmented is the type of birthmark that appears like a blemish on the skin which many people think are just adorable. For example, this heart pigmented birthmark on this newborn baby glowing red to show the parents how much she loves them.

10 Eyebrows

Another baby in the public eye that you might recognize if you are a fan of reality TV and rap stars. This is a picture of Kim Kardashian West and her husband Kanye West's daughter, North West. This little princess is a prime example of what it means to have your 'eyebrows on point' which many people find very cute indeed. Many people accused Kim K of waxing North's eyebrows to which she denied. Some people just can't believe that someone could be born with such perfect brow hairs.

Many babies are born with no eyebrows which people may think look very strange. Some babies, like North West, are born with the eyebrows that adults can only dream of. This is yet another feature that may make parents envious of their tiny baby but at the same time, it will melt their hearts because of the overwhelming amount of cuteness. It's all about the brows.

9 Cute Rolls

Chubby babies with lots of rolls. Need I say more? This is one of the cutest things about our little ones as mentioned earlier in the list when I mentioned squishy cheeks. But it is not just the cheeks that can be chubby but the whole body, and because of this chubbiness, it is possible rolls can be formed. Rolls which adults would hate but pray that their newborn baby will have.

Babies get these adorable rolls due to the healthy fats and nutrients they receive, and in contrast to many people's thoughts, a baby having some rolls and chubbiness is a sign they are in good health, not bad health most of the time. Babies most often get rolls in their legs and thighs which us parents really love.

8 Little Feet

Feet can be a big phobia for some people and others just find them disgusting, but there is something about tiny baby toes that make you want to kiss them. While a woman is pregnant she dreams of cuddling her newborn, rubbing their tiny feet and staring at them with so much love.

Babies are born with more bones than adults, and as they grow they fuse together. An interesting fact, however, is that baby feet have little to no bones when they are born and are mostly made of cartilage. The bones start forming between 9 and 18 months of age and are not fully formed until that baby is 18 years old. A fact that I bet is shocking many of you reading this, I know I was very surprised.

7 Tiny Hands

Only one feature could follow tiny feet and that is, of course, those adorable tiny hands and little fingers. The hands that as parents we love to hold, kiss and tickle. The small hands that grasp our fingers so tightly showing us just what it truly means to give someone unconditional love. This is a feature that of course all babies have which may be the reason it is one of the cutest - because we can look forward to it during pregnancy. Just closing our eyes and imagining just how those little hands and little fingers are going to look!

Speaking of baby hands, have you ever wondered why they seem to be cold a lot of the time? Well, that is because their circulatory system is still developing since they are so young, meaning that blood is being put to vital organs and systems which need it most. This means that their hands and feet tend to be a lower temperature.

6 Their Smile

A smile can mean so much especially when it comes from your little one for the first time. That first smile is something you will remember forever and it will always have a special place in your heart. Some people even memorize the date of their baby's first smile.

Although babies can have a reflex smile from the moment they are born, this smile is often caused by gas. It is from 3 months onwards that babies usually get their 'real smile' which is often followed by their first laugh and that is even more heartwarming. But no matter if it is a reflex smile or a real smile it is still one of the best moments of a parent's life and this is why it has made it onto the list.

5 Tiny Tongue

Our little ones can sure be cheeky at times, for example, they often like sticking their tongues out at us. Some people find this rude and try to teach their child from a young age not to stick out their tongue. But for many parents, we find it so adorably funny that we let them carry on. Babies can be born with a very active tongue and they will be sticking it out, and within moments after birth.

The little boy in this picture is very adorable and you may have noticed he has Down syndrome by his facial features. Babies with Down syndrome are often born with larger tongues which means they have them sticking out. Many people worry about their child being born with Down syndrome which is understandable as the condition can come with health concerns but at the end of the day that beautiful baby - no matter what - will be yours and just as cute and funny as they would have been without the condition. Love knows no boundaries.

4 Cleft Chin

A feature that is not always met with a smile or thought of as cute unless it's a newborn baby that is. A cleft chin or some people call it the hilarious name of a 'butt chin', has been seen as a negative feature for which some have been made fun of in their adult life. But when a little one has a cleft chin they are met with 'oohs' and 'aw's' from the people around them. We should continue to give positive reactions to everyone who has this feature, or a newborn baby with this feature, no matter what age as there is nothing cool about being mean.

It is possible that a cleft chin will be inherited if one or both parents also have that feature but there are exceptions to the rule and your baby could be the first person in your family to ever have a cleft chin. The reasons behind that are unclear.

3 Wrinkles

No, these wrinkles are those that come with old age but rather those that signify new life. How is that possible you ask? Let me explain. Whether or not your baby has wrinkly skin is based on what week during pregnancy they are born. Babies born at full term often have smooth skin as they are a good weight and their skin is fully developed, but premature babies often have not finished developing and their weight may be low meaning that they are still yet to 'grow into their skin' as they say, meaning wrinkles can appear at birth.

Wrinkles, however, like adults, can appear when a baby makes certain facial expressions. For example, in this precious picture, the baby is raising her eyebrows almost as if she is shocked and this causes wrinkles on her forehead.

2 Double Chin

This is a feature I still have the pleasure of seeing on my own daughter which is a little double chin. Again, this is another that as adults we want to get rid of but in our babies, we pray that they will have that extra skin under the neck to make a second chin. For some reason as parents, we think the chubbier the better, meaning a double chin is high on the cuteness scale. If only we continued to feel this way as we grew it would mean a lot more people would be happy with their appearance.

As I said earlier when I was talking about chubby cheeks and little rolls, a double chin is a sign of a healthy and well-fed baby. Babies often lose up to 10% of their birth weight when they are born so to see your baby after this, seeing them gain weight causing them to have a double chin makes you very happy.

1 Big Ears

This photo somewhat reminded me of 'The BFG' - Big Friendly Giant- as he had massive ears. I say this in the most loving way as I always thought the fictional character was so kind and adorable to which I think many people would have the same opinion. From this, I find this baby and his enormous ears very cute indeed. This large feature is also quite unique and quirky which is always nice for your little one.

There is no way to tell through your pregnancy if your newborn will have big ears or not and you would just have to wait till their arrival in the world to find out. It is possible that this feature could be genetic but even then it isn't definite. I also feel obliged to tell you that big ears do not equate superhero like-hearing powers. Sorry to burst that bubble.

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