21 Pics Of Blake Lively Pregnant (That Make Us Hope Baby #3 Isn’t The Last)

In case there's someone who has been living under a rock for the past couple of days, let's just start off with this: Hollywood couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds announced that they are expecting their third child. And while most of us are just happy to see that the couple is doing so well, we can't help but get excited at the fact that fashion queen Blake Lively will give us some more of her amazing maternity fashion.

So in order to mentally prepare for the overwhelming amount of pregnant gorgeousness that will hit us over the next few months, we thought it would be only appropriate to take a look back at some of her most iconic pregnancy outfits that definitely prove this lady is a true goddess. If there's one celebrity out there who is the ultimate pro at maternity fashion, it's definitely Blake — anyone who disagrees is about to be convinced by the end of this list. From beautiful red carpet looks to insanely chic streetwear, Blake knows how to dress the bump up like no other.

Now here they are, 21 pics of actress Blake Lively pregnant that make the fashion gods sing (and pregnancy look so easy).

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21 Let's Start Off With Blake And Ryan A Couple Of Days Ago Announcing To Everyone That They Are Expecting Their Third Child

Via: gettyimages.com

At the premiere of Pokémon Detective Pikachu, in which Ryan Reynolds stars as the voice and facial motion capture of the titular character, Blake Lively showed up in a stunning yellow dress. And while the movie was supposed to get all the attention, a quite prominent belly stole all of it. Yup, Blake and Ryan are expecting their third child and honestly, no pregnancy has ever made us happier. The two are one of the funniest, kindest, and best-looking Hollywood couples right now — and we just can't seem to get enough of them. As expected, Blake's look was once again perfection, and we love seeing the actress rock some tight curls!

20 Of Course, By Now, Blake Is A True Maternity Fashion Expert

Via: popsugar.com/pinterest.com

Blake has given us a plethora of amazing maternity looks, and this pink dress is just one of many. We love that the actress isn't afraid to hug the belly and show it off — and we can tell each time how excited she is to be pregnant. The photo was taken in New York City during her second pregnancy in 2016, and according to PopSugar, the star is wearing a frilly pink Jonathan Simkhai dress, strappy Sophia Webster stilettos, and a very funky structured Christian Louboutin tote. To finish it off, the actress wore her hair to one side, giving the look that last bit of pizzaz.

19 Her Looks Are Always Fun And Quirky

Via: pinterest.com/justjared.com

One thing that we love about Blake is that she always has so much fun with fashion, and she isn't afraid to switch things up — especially when she's pregnant. Plenty of celebs stick to that one look that works for them, but Blake likes to experiment and honestly, it seems as if this star can do no wrong. As we already mentioned, we love seeing her hair curled like this, it gives every look that extra bit of fun. The short dress, the long sleeves, and the edgy shoulder cutouts make this look young, fresh and fabulous — all the things we identify Blake with.

18 And It Seems As If Pregnant Blake Dares To Be Even Bolder With Her Fashion Choices

Via: gettyimages.com

This dress the actress wore to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Kimmel absolutely has us at a loss for words — it looked incredibly stunning on her. In case anyone still thought Blake isn't a goddess, by now everyone is surely convinced. According to Evoke, the actress wore a textured floral dress with a strappy, bondage-style top by Emanuel Ungaro. Who says pregnant ladies can't look boss and even sultry — it's the 21st century and baby bumps have never looked better. This honestly may be one of our favorite maternity looks the star wore, but then again, Blake looked amazing every time she stepped out with her baby bump.

17 Proving To Everyone That Pregnancy Is Truly A Fabulous Experience

Via: okmagazine.com

One thing you'll notice by looking at Blake Lively's pregnancy photos is that the star is no fan of boring conventional outfits, every look she wears will have that "extra something' to make it pop and stand out. In this case, it's a simple sleek black dress that has intricate side detailing and a cutout under the bust. Of course, Blake wouldn't be Blake if she didn't match it with a pair of statement heels and some voluminous curly hair. But most of all, our favorite Blake accessory is her gorgeous smile, one she always flaunts for the camera.

16 Seriously, There's Not One Bad Look Blake Gave Us During Her Pregnancies

Via: gettyimages.com

This backless black number a very pregnant Blake wore to the L’Oreal Paris’ Women of Worth Celebration in New York City back in 2014 may be one of the most glam looks we've seen. It's so simple, yet we are absolutely mesmerized by it. The asymmetric cut of the dress together with the gorgeous dangly earrings and Blake's soft beach waves make this look so effortlessly glam — once again proving that the star doesn't need much to look amazing. We bet even Serena Van der Woodsen would approve of this look, in fact, she might even want to copy it!

15 She Can Serve Us Old-School Glamour Looks

Via: pinterest.com/popsugar.com

During the 2016 Cannes Film Festival Blake wowed us with plenty of amazing maternity looks. Blue is certainly one of those colors we see Blake in over and over again — she definitely knows the color suits her fabulous. The actress wore this stunning Atelier Versace gown at the premiere of The BFG, serving us ultimate old-Hollywood glamour. She kept her hair simple and pulled back this time, making sure the dress gets all the attention it deserves. The asymmetry of the shoulder and leg cut gives the dress a touch of youthful edginess proving once again that pregnant Blake is a fashion force not to be reckoned with.

14 Edgy Soon-To-Be Mom Who Isn't Afraid Of Cut-Outs

Via: gettyimages.com

Speaking of youthful edginess, this look is something most pregnant ladies wouldn't dare to wear, but once again Blake proved us that she makes her own rules. During the same Cannes trip, the actress rocked this amazing tight midi-dress with edgy cutouts around the shoulders and waist. The dress has that youthful sporty vibe that makes it easy to dress it up or down, and Blake decided to give it a bit of glamour by pairing it with some strappy high-heeled sandals. Same as with the previous look, she kept the hair rather simple and pulled back, letting the dress be the statement piece.

13 Or Girly Serena Van Der Woodsen Circa 2008

Via: pinterest.com

During the same pregnancy in 2016, the actress gave us this stylish maternity look, having all of us Gossip Girl fans immediately think how this definitely looks like something Serena van der Woodsen would wear. The intricate skin-colored dress is covered in beads and flowers, but the true eye-catcher is the fact that it is super short. Of course, when one has legs for days like Blake, it's so easy to pull off this look even during pregnancy. The simple gray bag and shoes together with her long wavy hair pull this whole look together, once again showing us that this lady can do no wrong.

12 Even Her Pregnant Street Looks Are A Level Of Fierceness Us Mortals Will Never Achieve

Via: pinterest.com

Plenty of celebs look fab on red carpets, but only a few true fashion icons look effortlessly amazing in their private time as well. And Blake is surely one of them. No matter when the paparazzi snap pics of her, this diva always looks perfectly put together — it just seems to be a natural gift she has. Now seriously, how boss does she look wearing this warm, all black attire? She is definitely serving us some The Devil Wears Prada's Miranda Priestly looks — minus the fact that Blake is clearly humble enough to carry her own cup of coffee when needed.

11 Here She Is Rocking A Regular Summer Floral Look To Perfectly Enhance That Pregnancy Glow

Via: pinterest.com

From a sleek boss lady to an innocent flower-power girl — Blake truly can rock any given look. Personally, we love seeing her in a summer-inspired beachy look that screams relaxing and having fun. After all, Blake did grow up in California, so we feel like any time she goes for messy beach hair and flowy dresses she is showing us her true self. Of course, that doesn't mean we're not fans of all the other looks Blake has served us because trust us — we are obsessed with everything this girl ever wore. If there's one celebrity closet we'd love to raid, it's surely hers.

10 Honestly, Blake Has Already Twice Proven That The Whole Pregnancy Fashion Game Is Totally Her Forté

Via: gettyimages.com/elle.com

We already mentioned how amazing the color blue looks on Blake, but just in case anyone needs more convincing — here's another blue look the actress rocked while pregnant. As usual, she let the gorgeous dress be the focal point of the look and kept her hair and accessories very simple, yet still very elegant. The cut of the dress looks perfect on Blake's pregnant silhouette, but most of all we think that her pregnancy glow is what takes this look to a whole new level. And just to make sure everyone still knows she's a risk taker, Blake did add a bit more color with her patterned heels.

9 The Diva Knows That An LBD Is Always A Good Choice

Via: pinterest.com/gotceleb.com

Now brace yourself for probably the best look on the list — even though it's really hard to pick just one. However, we think this sleek black look rates very high on the scale of best maternity looks Blake served us, and here's why: it perfectly hugs her curves and belly, that slit that turns into mesh gives us a bit of something unexpected, the long ponytail shows everyone Blake does not mess around, and lastly her earrings show off that fun and quirky side of her. Besides, everyone knows that a little black dress is always a great choice, so why not rock it when pregnant as well?

8 Sherlock Holmes Who?

Via: gettyimages.com

How about this street look pregnant Blake gave us, doesn't it immediately remind you of Sherlock Holmes — but like a stunning, pregnant, female version? Once again, the actress was spotted strutting the streets on New York confidently while showing off her growing baby bump. And while the whole look is rather muted and monochromatic, the actress did give us a barely noticeable pop of color with her turquoise earrings. One thing we did notice in pretty much all of her maternity looks — whether it's on a red carpet or the street, Blake is a really big fan of sky-high heels.

7 The Actress Can Pull Off Literally Any Color

Via: gettyimages.com

Blue, yellow, pink, colorful patterns — you name it and Blake has already pulled it off. Here she is with hubby Ryan rocking the red carpet in a pale yellow floor-length gown. It definitely seems as if the color and fabric are not forgiving at all — but when it comes to Blake, she doesn't need any forgiveness. Her hair was half pulled back and her makeup was — as usual — kept very simple. Her best accessory of the evening was definitely Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds, who looked at her like she was the light of his life. Which she probably is. Seriously, we can't get enough of them.

6 And We Can't Wait To See All The New Vibrant Pregnancy Looks She Will Serve Us

Via: pinterest.com

Here's the last blue look on our list — and it's definitely one worth waiting for. The actress rocked a glittery blue dress — of course, midi length — and to make things slightly more casual and fun, she threw over a long, sleeveless, tie-up cardigan that matched very nicely. Once again, the rest of her look was simple and elegant, and it was her gorgeous smile that definitely finished the look off. There's something so charismatic about Blake, even just seeing her smile in photos definitely makes us smile too. We love seeing that the actress is happy in her relationship and that her family is growing!

5 Hopefully She Brings This Lovely Summer Dress Back

Via: pinterest.com

You know, most of us who would see this on a pile on the bed would never in a million years think it's a good look. But then pregnant Blake puts it on and somehow we all realize we have been so wrong. The copper boots with the funky two-patterned dress and a warm coat? It does sound odd, doesn't it, but it seems as if fashion works in odd ways and sometimes one just needs to be brave enough to try things out. We love that Blake doesn't only stick to sweatpants and hoodies while pregnant, but rather shows us that pregnancy is a fun and beautiful experience where one can push their own fashion boundaries.

4 Has Anyone Ever Looked Better In A Party Dress And A Hoddie?

Via: harpersbazaar.com/pinterest.com

Speaking of hoodies, when she does wear a hoodie, she decides to pair it with a funky, short party dress — because why not? Sure, she may have just been cold on the way to the car, but honestly, we are kind of digging it. The dress is gorgeous with all its feathers and frilliness, and it once again reminds us of her Gossip Girl days, except that Serena van der Woodsen would never be caught in a hoodie, no matter how cold it may be. But hey, this is Blake, and she very well knows that a hoodie might just make the look more interesting — and keeping the baby bump warm is obviously a priority.

3 Blake, You Pregnant Ray Of Sunshine, Teach Us Your Ways

Via: gettyimages.com

Here's another gorgeous look from Blake's first pregnancy back in 2014. The Hollywood actress stunned in a beautiful white midi dress — yup, Blake obviously loves her midi dresses — and you bet nobody could look away. Blake decided to pair the dress, that had cute white flowers all over the skirt, with a patterned beige jacket, a beautiful turquoise necklace, and some very high baby pink pumps. While it definitely sounds like none of these things would work together, pregnant Blake once again proved us wrong and taught us that fashion rules are only there so we can be brave and break them.

2 Like How To Copy This Insanely Chic Pregnancy Street Look 

Via: pinterest.com

The last maternity street look on our list today might just be our favorite one. While we do get to see Blake in a very casual edition sometimes — mainly if she's out and about with her kids — usually even if she is spotted running errands this fashion icon does not disappoint. We don't know if she sits and plans her outfits for hours, or if she just opens up her closet and pics a look right away, but either way, we are always absolutely obsessed with the looks she serves us. And somehow it seems as if pregnant Blake is even bolder with her fashion choices, which we are totally loving!

1 Honestly, We Want Blake And Ryan To Never Stop Making Babies

Via: gettyimages.com

Lastly, we got this stunning sensual look she gave us while pregnant. She was wearing a skin-tight red midi dress once again showing us that pregnant or not — she can literally pull off anything. The dress definitely covers most of her, but we would say it is certainly very attention-grabbing and hard to look away from. In any case, we hope to see plenty more fabulous maternity fashion from her in the next couple of months, and hopefully, Blake and Ryan won't stop at kid number three...

Sources: evoke.ie, popsugar.com

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