21 Pics Of Snooki As A Mom

Snooki. Does anyone not know this girl?! Snooki really made a name for herself after starring in the hit MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Anyone and everyone followed her antics as she teamed up with her fellow castmates and friends, such as JWoww to basically wreak havoc on the Jersey shore! Snooki’s real name is Nicole Polizzi, but now known as Nicole LaValle, after marrying the father of her children, Jionni LaValle (but she will always be Snooki to us!).

Well, now that crazy, yet tiny powerhouse is a mom! While is hard to imagine the inebriated and disorderly Snooki from the Jersey Shore as a lovely mom of two, that is exactly what she is now. And she is a pretty good mom at that. In fact, Snooki may surprise lots of people with her mothering skills. She is still Snooki in all her glory, just toned down a bit, and all for the sake of her adorable kids.

Snooki is a mom to Lorenzo, age five, and Giovanna, age three. Both little kids are totally cute. They look a lot like Snooki… will they have her personality, too?! It may shock the world to even imagine Snooki as a mom of nice and well-behaved kids, but guess what? She is! Snooki is a far better mom that we ever could have thought possible, and we have a bunch of pics to prove it! Read on and take in the photos of Snooki doing the mom-thang.

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21 Adorable Little Family

This sweet snapshot shows a young family that is totally chill. They are just relaxing with their adorable baby. No one is dressed up, everyone is casual and happy. This is Snooki as a great mom. No need for a crazy get-up, just a nice day with her little family. You can tell on their faces, they are all just so happy. Who knew Snooki would be so happy as a mom?!

This is a photo from when Snooki first became a mom. On August 26, 2012, Snooki gave birth to a baby boy and named him Lorenzo Dominic. The baby’s father was Snooki’s now husband, Jionni LaValle. Lorenzo is now five years old, but looking back at this pic, you just knew Snooki was going to be a better mom than anyone imagined, and she certainly is and will continue to be!

20 Mini Me

Giovanna Marie was born on September 26, 2014 (how about that, both of Snooki’s kids were born on the 26th!). She is now three years old, and as cute as can be. You can easily say the apple does not fall far from the tree with this mother-daughter duo! Giovanna is the spitting image of her once crazy mama.

Snooki is clearly doing something right because both of her kids are so happy. Sure, like any celebrity, or any mom, really, she enjoys social media and sharing photos of her kids and of herself with her kids. But who doesn’t? The one thing that is noticed in each and every pic is that Snooki’s kids have smiles on their faces. Giovanna obviously loved taking a few selfies with her mama!

19 A Mom For All Moms

Being open and honest with her children is definitely Snooki’s style, and what it does is makes her an awesome mom. There are no secrets, there are only truths. If only all of us could be a mom like Snooki with her two little munchkins! It may seem crazy to even think it, but Snooki, or shall we say Nicole, is a mom we can all look up to. She is a mom we can all relate to!

In this candid photo, Snooki is showing her kids, Lorenzo and Giovanna, her pregnancy stretch marks. We can hear her now- “you kids gave these to me!” What is truly amazing is that Snooki is sharing her real body with her children. There is nothing fake about Snooki, you get real-life with her.

18 Halloween Snooki Style

Awesome moms know how to have fun! This Halloween photo definitely shows that Snooki is all about having fun with her little ones. She even got her husband, Jionni, on board to dress them all up as teenage mutant ninja turtles! Her son, Lorenzo, must have been in heaven to have his whole family dressing up as his favorite characters.

The best part is the smile on all their faces. They are definitely enjoying themselves! Let’s face it, many parents, us included, may not willingly want to dress up for Halloween. Sure, we let our kids do it, and maybe we reluctantly dress up ourselves, but we bet we don’t look nearly as happy as Snooki’s little family does in this photo.

17 Mother's Day With Friends

In this nice picture, you have Snooki with her long-time best bud from the Jersey Shore, JWoww with both of their daughters. They are celebrating Mother’s Day together. We think this is really nice. Everyone is dressed nicely and appropriately (unlike the Jersey Shore days!), and they all seem pleased and happy.

JWoww and Snooki are definitely a pair, and how fitting for them to each have daughters around the same age. JWoww, also known as Jenni, is pictured with her daughter, Meilani, who is only a few months older than Snooki’s daughter, Giovanna. All four girls likely spent lots of time together. JWoww also has a son, Greyson, who was born two years after her daughter. So, look at that, both Snooki and JWoww each have a boy and a girl!

16 Mother And Daughter

Is there not a more beautiful photo of Snooki with her baby girl, Giovanna Marie? Snooki, or shall we say, Nicole, looks so proud to be a mom. She is in her glory by having her little girl. And, we must say, she looks great! Snooki totally bounced back after the baby and looks very healthy and happy.

There is definitely a stereotype to how people think Snooki should behave, and it is all based on how she acted on her hit reality show, Jersey Shore. But now, Snooki is a different person. Sure, the crazy gal still lives inside, but she has calmed down a bit. She is a mom now, and what better thing is there than that?

15 So Much Love

What really makes Snooki a better mom is the immense amount of love that she possesses for her kids. Snooki absolutely loves her children to death. We see it in all of her Instagram posts and in all of the candid photos that are taken of her. She always has a smile on her face and she is always showing her kids endless amounts of love.

Here she is with her cutie pie of a baby boy, Lorenzo. Snooki will pick up her kids and give them snuggles and kisses until they can’t take it anymore! A truly wonderful mama is one who shows constant affection to her children, and that her children know how much she loves them. That is definitely Snooki as a mom, and a great one at that.

14 Perfect Family

Snooki is a mom who keeps her family together! There is no reason to leave the kids at home in her house. If she has a fancy occasion to attend or dinner out with her husband, Jionni, she does not always leave the kids behind. Snooki really enjoys spending time with her children, which makes her a great mom.

Sure, we all need time away from the kids, but with Snooki, she makes sure to include her kids at times, too. They are so adorable anyways, so an excuse to get them dressed up and get them out on the town for everyone to see, is always fun! You have to admit, in every picture of this cute family, they all look as happy as can be.

13 Doing The Mom Thing

Let’s face it, Snooki is like the rest of us! She is doing the mom thing one step at a time, just like a regular mom does. Here she is with that sweet and adorable baby girl of hers, Giovanna, obviously coming from a dance rehearsal or recital. Seriously, how darn cute is Giovanna?!

The best part of this photo? The fact that Snooki is dressed down just like we all do when we are running our kids back and forth to all kinds of activities and events! In her yoga pants, hoodie, and baseball cap, we would easily chat up Snooki if we were sitting next to her at dance class. She easily blends in with the rest of us moms, while also standing out, because, well, she is Snooki after all!

12 A New Kind Of Bad Mom

Gone are Snooki’s days of being a bad mom, partying it up and staying up all night (well, we hope she gets some moms' night out!). Now, Snooki teams up with her best pal, JWoww to do creative mom things. Here we see that they have put together quite the display of… school supplies!

That is right, these former party gals put together something we would never think they would even want a picture with, let alone do it themselves! Clearly, Snooki and her BFF are all about their kids, and have gone ahead and devised quite the clever little display. Sure, it is just school supplies, but it shows the dedication both women have as moms. Let’s face it, we probably would have trouble recreating that masterpiece!

11 Practice Makes Perfect

This photo may seem a little funny. That is not a real living baby in that stroller- it is a doll! The story behind this odd pic is unknown, but we do know that Snooki was pregnant, and may very well have been practicing her stroller skills. Okay, maybe there were other reasons as well since pushing around a doll in a stroller is not a very normal thing to be doing!

Unless maybe it was one of those realistic dolls that teach you to be a mom. It definitely could have been that. The point is, though, Snooki was dedicated to learning how to be a mom, and it has paid off because she is a better mom for it. Seems like practice really does make perfect!

10 All Stocked Up

You gotta love Snooki’s diaper bag. It is just so Snooki, right?! It is far cry from your plain or floral diaper bags that are out there. That diaper bag is full of personality, just like the woman lugging it around! Snooki has her sense of style, and we would not have it any other way.

That is another thing to love about Snooki being a mom. Even her diaper bag speaks her language. She did not cave into mom pressure and just get something plain. We also love how her diaper bag is fully stocked as she carries her first-born, Lorenzo, around town. That is just what any other new mom would do. Complete with the baby bottle sticking out! And, is that a foot of a stuffed animal we see? Probably!

9 Love At First Sight

Baby Giovanna, so incredibly precious. Snooki must have been in heaven when she learned she would be having a baby girl. She already had her little mama’s boy, Lorenzo, when she found out she was pregnant. Then, to know it was a girl, she was as pleased as pie.

Snooki seems like the kind of girl who would make a cool mom to a little girl, and that she definitely has. But, just look at this beautiful photo of the two, mother and daughter. It is blissful and enchanting. It captures Snooki’s deep feelings for welcoming her daughter into her life. It is not staged, even though we see Snooki made sure to put on makeup (like many of us have done and would do!). The look she has on her face is genuine and of pure joy.

8 Taking In The Waves

Snooki is a great mom because she loves to give her children experiences, like taking them to the beach. We all know it is not easy to take two little ones anywhere, but Snooki makes it happen, and she never really seems stressed out (although, we are sure she has her moments, just like the rest of us!).

In fact, even though Snooki knew this cute photo of her and her children in front of the waves would be taken, the look on her face is priceless. She is happy. She is content. She loves her children. You really have to give Snooki a lot of credit. No one expected her to be the amazing and involved mama she is to those two adorable little munchkins. We hope they got their toes wet!

7 Selfie Time

In the days of smartphones, it is super fun to take pictures of our kids, or better yet, selfies of the entire clan! Kids love to see themselves on the phone and press the button to capture a fun moment. This is something that Snooki enjoys doing with her little ones, and we can see from this selfie that they are all enjoying their selfie picture-taking time!

Snooki is a fantastic mother because she is always involving her kids and doing fun things with them. Even simple things, like taking selfies. They are together and bonding over their photo-making skills. This is a memory (and a photo) that they will have forever, which is so sweet. Just how adorable are Lorenzo and Giovanna, though?! You could eat those two up!

6 One Strong Mama

Look at little Lorenzo’s face! Do you want to squeeze those cheeks or what?! This is a powerful photo of mother and son. Snooki is pregnant with her second child, soon-to-be baby girl Giovanna, as Lorenzo looks on. Having kids inspired Snooki to get in shape, and that she did!

Snooki is a better mom for taking care of herself, too. She got strong and even lost some weight, and from what we see in this photo, Snooki did not let pregnancy stop her from working out. In fact, she included little Lorenzo, which is awesome. She is showing him, and now her baby girl, how to really take care of oneself and stay strong and healthy. Good for her, we need some of her motivation!

5 Little Minnies

Just take a good look at these four beauties. Snooki and JWoww each have their mini me’s, or 'Minnie' me's in this case! They were together to celebrate Giovanna’s first birthday, and they did it Minnie Mouse style. So cute, don’t you think?

Both moms look great and happy. It takes an awesome mom to throw a nice first birthday party for her baby. It is not easy to do, either, as so many of us know. We love to see that Snooki really enjoyed the day with her daughter and that she made it so special for her. And, knowing Snooki, we bet it was quite the extravaganza! Come on, Snooki, send us an invite to the next birthday bash!

4 Frame Worthy

We cannot get enough of these two little cuties! Snooki took the absolute most adorable first day of school picture of her son, Lorenzo, and her daughter, Giovanna. Both kids are happy, embracing each other, and are actually looking at the camera- at the same time! You gotta give Snooki props for accomplishing that alone. All moms know how difficult it can be to get the little ones to look at the camera simultaneously!

Snooki really is such a mom and a good one at that. She is doing the mom thing like we all do. Taking those first days of school shots to share with family, friends, and social media, of course. Her kids are so sweet and look just her, don’t you think?! So darn cute.

3 Mommy Love

We have seen so many snapshots of Snooki giving her kids lots of kisses. While some may be posed for the camera, others are candid and totally real. Snooki is a wonderful mom because she truly loves her kids. They clearly mean the world to her and she is not afraid to show it.

Even with makeup on, Snooki will get right in there to give her son, Lorenzo, a ton of kisses before he is able to squirm out of her reach! This was taken on that cutie pie’s first birthday. We all can admit that showering our kids with kisses is one of our favorite things to do, and it is so sweet to see so many pictures of Snooki doing the mom thing with so much love.

2 Precious Times

Here we have another sweet photo of Snooki doing a fun activity with the kids. They had a day of baking that was likely messy and gooey but full of memory-making fun. Snooki is a better mom for spending so much time with her children and exposing them to experiences that are meaningful.

Sometimes the simplest experiences, like baking, are the ones that will stay in our kid’s memories for a lifetime. You can bet Snooki’s kids and JWoww’s kids had an awesome time baking cookies with their mamas. So easy, so fun, and so meaningful. What a lovely experience for both young families. The best part about baking and cooking, too? You get to eat your creations! Looks like Lorenzo, especially, was happy about that part!

1 Back To The Jersey Shore

It was inevitable that Snooki would take her kids back to her roots on the Jersey shore! This is a sweet photo of Snooki with her kids as they spend some time in a place that she knew all too well. It is yet another example of the experiences that Snooki wishes to give her children, and we could not think of a more perfect one for her to do!

The Jersey shore is a great place for young kids to frolic and play. There are the beach and the boardwalk and the time with family that is full of memories in the making. This is what Snooki desires, to visit the Jersey shore in a new light, one that now includes being a mom, and showing her kids just how much fun it is to be on the shore.

Source: Instagram

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