21 Pics Of The Worst Dads Of Walmart

Step aside moms, dads of Walmart are just as bad, if not worse. At least these dads took their kids grocery shopping, right?

Step aside moms, dads of Walmart are just as bad, if not worse. At least these dads took their kids grocery shopping, right? But surely, most of them could also have thrown some clothes on them?

The 21 Worst Moms of Walmart have already previously been covered, but now it’s time for the 21 Worst Dads of Walmart. Interestingly, moms aren’t the only ones with questionable fashion choices as some dads on this list definitely take the cake.

Many of these will leave you scratching your head in bewilderment as to how anyone would dare take their child out in the public like that, along with the numerous blatant safety risks that just can’t be ignored.

Taking kids shopping is unavoidable, but in many of these situations, the dad should have hands down been paying a little more attention to their child. All it takes is one moment of inattention for a kid to get seriously hurt.

Others had extremely questionable disciplining methods that other shoppers around them instantly got on video.

21At Least The Pharmacy Is Right There

The sheer amount of pictures there are on the web of parents casually shopping while their kid has a bag over his or her head is incredibly heartbreaking and frightening. There are dozens of pictures out there of parents blatantly ignoring their children while they have a bag over their head. If that is how they discipline and take of their kids in public, can you imagine the level of disregard towards their well-being in private?

In this picture, the dad couldn’t care less that his daughter has a bag over her head. Too absorbed into the kind of blinds he should get, he pays absolutely zero attention to her, while she risks getting asphyxiated. And you just have to love that someone chose to take a picture instead of making sure that the bag is taken off her head!

20This One's A Given

Come on, we all know that only a dad would hang the kid like this. While it’s kind of humorous, it quickly becomes not so funny when you have a good look at the kid’s pained expression.

Logistically, it does make you wonder how the heck anyone could have hung their kid on the stall door. Kids have an amazing ability to wriggle away when they don’t want to be picked up and undoubtedly in this case, there is no way the kid would have agreed of his own accord.

The safety risk goes without saying as well. Our phones don’t always comply with us right away and it can take longer than projected to snap a picture, so there is no telling how many seconds (or minutes?!) he stayed hanging on the door. We can’t see what he’s hanging by exactly, but it does look incredibly uncomfortable.

19Best Role Model

How many numbers do you think this Dad of The Year secured while grocery shopping with his two kids? Not only is that shirt completely inappropriate for the occasion, but it wouldn’t be appropriate for any occasion.

Even worse is the terrible example that he is setting for both his kids. Children are sponges who learn and copy how to behave from their parents. So if dad is “asking” for sexual texts, then that doesn’t exactly set a good example about the way that relationships should operate. If you look closely, the son is already starting to copy his dad as he’s wearing the same-colored shirts and pants. It even looks like he might be rocking the same faux-hawk!

Both kids also look like they are old enough to read and “Daddy, what does ‘sext’ mean?” is certainly not a question that any parent would want to be faced with answering.

18Buried Alive

Scores of pictures of kids buried under grocery items can be found on the web and this one isn’t any better. Why the dad wouldn’t bother to take a basket is just beyond comprehension. It would certainly have been way easier to sit the child in the front and to put those items in the basket, instead of piling them on like this.

The kid can barely move under the pile and it looks like everything is about to fall anyways, possibly causing quite a mess. But if isn’t considerate towards his own kids, then we can’t really expect him to be considerate towards the store’s employees.

If you look closely, there even appears to be a pack of raw chicken in the pile. If that is truly the case, then that would have been extremely unsanitary given that chicken juice always finds a way to leak out of the package.

17Not The Place For Naps

It used to be that parents didn’t even worry the slightest bit when their kids played outside all day long every single day. In those days, parents had a vague idea of where their child might be, but they were reassured that they were completely fine.

Nowadays though, parents won’t even let their kids play outside in the yard without supervision from fear that they might be kidnapped. So for this dad to take a nap in the middle of Walmart while his kid naps in the shopping cart? Not great, but I guess he figured that he’d be jolted awake if anyone approached since he put his feet underneath the basket?

It’s actually kind of ingenious of him to have rigged up such a cozy place for the kid to nap in, but from a stranger danger perspective, this isn’t very safe for the kid at all.

16Watcha Lookin' At?

On the one hand, dad totally gets a point for taking care of diaper duty. It used to be the moms did all the work, but now that times have changed, it’s great to see dads stepping up and taking care of the kids just as much as moms.

But to change the kid’s diaper on the hood of the car… major loss in points there. The dad is obviously distracted by the person snapping the picture, but that split second of inattention is all it takes for a kid to roll off and get seriously hurt.

An increasing number of establishments have been adding baby changing tables to men’s bathrooms and Walmart is certainly no exception. Even if let’s say there wasn’t a changing table in that specific restroom, then certainly the dad could have improvised a safer way to change his son?

15Too Many Wrongs

Sometimes you look at a picture and you can’t help but wonder: “What in the world…” That’s probably exactly what the person taking this picture must have thought too. It’s great that this Dad is apparently spending quality time with his son, but everything else about this picture is completely puzzling. There are so many pictures of kids wearing nothing but a diaper at Walmart, but this kid is definitely too old for one! Not only that, but if you look closely, the diaper is appallingly too small for him.

Even if the kid had maybe had an accident and the father was trying to make him feel better, putting him in a diaper that is far too small is completely inexcusable. The same actually goes for failing to potty train as he looks like he might be about 7-8 years old.

14Daddy's Coming For You

Every year, dads all over the country think it’s funny to terrorize their kids with scary masks. Sorry to break it to you, but there is absolutely nothing funny about it. If anything, it actually shoots them in the foot because guess who is going to most likely have to deal with night terrors later on?

The little girl in the picture looks absolutely terrified and with good reason. That’s a scary mask that most certainly shouldn’t be used to scare kids her age. Whoever snapped the picture isn’t any better either.

Sharing a laugh at the expense of your terrified child is nothing to be proud of, especially since it’s unlikely that child will want to step into another Walmart store next time! One moment of “fun” can turn into dozens of temper tantrums later on.

13Keepin' It G-Rated

That’s one way to set a bad example for your kid! This father was spotted on his way to Walmart with his son, but it’s his shirt that is putting him on the “worst dads of Walmart ” list. It’s a little hard to read, but the back of his shirt says: “Strippers love to climb my pole!” Lovely.

Walmart is known for bringing people to wear their most outrageous and humiliated clothes. Many people of Walmart choose not barely wear any clothes at all, so at least this dad is fully dressed, but it still remains a highly inappropriate shirt choice for a store where families go to shop. Not to mention the fact that his son is obviously old enough to read what it says and there is a good chance that he’s going to want to copy his dad.

12Shirt Says It All

Speaking of inappropriate shirts, here’s another one. Why teach your kid to be nice and respectful, when you can teach them instead that it’s better to tell people to “f*ck off”. It’s one thing to wear t-shirts like this when you’re a teenager, but there comes a time in adulthood when it’s time to throw them in the trash – when you become a parent is usually a great time to do this.

Parents can’t control if their child becomes an introvert or an extrovert, but they can certainly encourage them to be a little more socially open even if they themselves aren’t. But all this dad’s shirt is teaching his daughter is that it’s best to take a “leave me alone” approach in the most vulgar way possible to avoid everyone.

11That'll Teach Her

Does this dad get Father of The Year or did he take the punishment too far? Many would undoubtedly side with him, but if we have learned anything from kids wearing signs in public is that public shaming is actually never the way to go.

At least this little girl isn’t wearing a sign, but it still must have been beyond mortifying for her to have to go to Walmart with her dad wearing shorts that are shorter than his boxers! And what exactly is this form of punishment supposed to accomplish? Studies have actually shown that all public shaming does is encourage the child to make sure hide their wrongdoings even better.

In this case, the girl might learn to hide her short shorts and wear them out anyways, but just making sure that her dad doesn’t catch her to avoid further humiliation at Walmart.

10Tug Of War

Here’s a good example of why kid leashes just don’t work. Many swear by them and they undoubtedly work for a good handful of kids, but whether on a leash or not, kids throw tantrums. But as tempting as it might be to drag them across the store when they refuse to budge, that is most certainly the wrong approach. Just as we don’t see parents dragging kids by the arm at the risk of someone calling CPS on them, so shouldn’t this dad have been dragging his little girl.

Toddler meltdowns aren’t easy to handle, especially when they happen in the middle of the store and your nerves are already fried, but sometimes it might be easier to pack up and save the trip for another day. More than anything though, the better approach usually involves simply getting down on their level and talking to them.

9Setting A Trend

Are all three kids his? Who was pushing the second basket? So many questions, not enough answers. But the fact that all three kids are practically naked, with the exception of a diaper, does point towards them all being one family. Either way, there is absolutely no excuse for taking your kid(s) out of the house without any clothing or shoes.

With that being said, why the heck are they only wearing a diaper? Potty training is a pain in the butt and can take longer than anticipated, but still, the boy who is semi-standing in the basket looks like he might actually be too old for diapers at this point. While the dad just casually stands there looking at the floor, there is a good chance that the kid who is semi-standing might end up tilting the shopping cart over and taking his brother down with him!

8At Least He's Using A Car Seat

Call me judgmental all you want but come on, this had to be a dad’s motorcycle. Moms are notorious for spending hours, if not days, on all the car seat blogs, comparing this model to that one and making sure it will fit in the car with the proper restraint method.

With that being said, there is no way in hell that anyone would have been able to get away with having their kid strapped onto a motorcycle like this. Given that no such story has hit the news in the last couple of years, we’re going to have to hope that this was just a joke or that the irresponsible parent was warned before the child could get seriously hurt. Even a helmet wouldn’t be able to save the poor child in the event of an accident.

7Don't Worry, He's Safe With Daddy

It’s always great to see parents showing their kids love and attention, so major props to this dad doing just that. However, there is still no excuse for placing a child in danger! Why anyone would place a stroller inside a shopping basket is just beyond me. It doesn’t exactly leave much room for shopping items anyways and the worst part is the great risk of injury if the basket. Walmart shoppers are comparable to headless chickens when they shop. No one pays much attention to where they’re going and there are constant traffic jams that force to stop suddenly.

So let’s assume that this dad is happily wheeling around the store, when he’s forced to suddenly stop. The only possible outcome is that the stroller goes flying with the poor kid inside! A better alternative would have definitely been to place the child in the appropriate seat in the basket and either leave the stroller in the car or leave it in the basket folded.

6Cruel & Unusual

Back in September 2016, a father in Cleveland, Texas was slammed for wrapping his five-year-old daughter’s hair around the shopping cart handle and dragging her along while shopping at Walmart. In a video that was posted to Facebook by Erika Burch, another shopper, the little girl can be heard crying: “Please stop. I promise I won’t do it again. Please stop.”

Burch also added: “People are telling me I’m wrong for stepping up for this little girl, but you can discipline a child without dragging them by the hair on their head”.

Although the father wasn’t identified, he told police that he has three children and holding his daughter’s hair is his way of discipline. Any kind of violence towards a child is completely unacceptable and a better method would surely have been to talk to her.

5But Where Are His Pants?

There is absolutely no excuse for taking a kid out in public in just a diaper. At least this little dude is wearing a shirt and shoes, but where are his pants? And also, why are his legs and hands that dirty? Something smells fishy about this picture and we’re tempted to give the dad the benefit of the doubt, but you just never know with Walmart shoppers.

It looks like the dad may have been trying to help him and let’s hope that was truly the case. But the fact that the kid isn’t wearing any pants and is that dirty isn’t pointing to anything good. It’s also really hard to tell what he’s holding in his right hand, but even a chocolate bar wouldn’t have gotten him that dirty.

4'Yeah, I've Got A Minute'

Talking on the phone while driving is illegal in most places, but what about while operating a motorized shopping cart? Judging by the looks of this picture, it should probably be outlawed as well!

While the dad just chatters away, his kid in the meantime is hitching a ride behind. Surely the dad must have felt something heavy dragging behind, possibly slowing him down? Even if he didn’t, he still should have been attentive enough to realize that his son wasn’t next to him anymore.

There are loads of pictures on the web of kids dragging behind a motorized shopping cart but there is nothing safe about it. Freak accidents happen all the time and all it would take is for his hand to slip and end up somewhere it shouldn’t. Either that or he could risk getting stepped on by another shopper -- or maybe even ran over by another motorized cart given that those are used en masse!

3This Is How We Do It

There are so many things wrong with this picture! From the cigarette in his mouth, all the way to his shirt and the many beer cans overflowing from the car. It’s a miracle that the kid is actually sitting in a car seat amongst all this. This kind of looks like it might have been a gag picture but at the same time, it still doesn’t explain the bags of beer cans.

Maybe they’re empty and he was on his way to returning them and thought it would be hilarious to have his picture taken like this? But given how all sorts of people shop at Walmart, there is still a very good chance that the picture is depicting exactly what you might think upon first glance. Let’s hope not though.

2Totally Safer

Yay, the kid is getting a Hot Wheel Jeep! Let’s just hope he doesn’t fall and break a leg before he has a chance to take it for a spin. What’s mind-boggling about this picture is that the dad could have easily had his kid sit in the designating area simply by placing the smaller box either on top of the Jeep or in the area underneath the shopping cart.

Kids are notorious trouble-makers and all it would have taken was for the dad to shift his attention elsewhere for a half a second, only to turn back around and see his kid standing on top of the box. Even when you tell them a million times not to do something or you expect them to know better, they still do it!

1Pajama Party

People shop at Walmart in all kinds of attires: from skimpy shorts to plain ol’ tighty-whities. But pajamas aren’t any better, especially not full body ones! There is a time and place for everything and pajamas certainly fall into the category of clothes that should exclusively be worn in the privacy of one’s own home.

This dad does get some redeeming points though as unlike some other pictures of people at Walmart doing questionable things, at least his kid is dressed normally for a shopping trip. Unlike some other kids from pictures on this list, he even has shoes on! Just like you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, so shouldn’t you wear your pajamas out in public. All he had to do was take an extra minute to put some jeans and a t-shirt on!

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