20 Award-Winning Moms Spotted At Walmart (Part 2)

Believe it or not, but Walmart moms are actually much worse than Walmart dads. There are way more pictures on the web of moms having been caught being failure parents than there have been dads!

That’s kind of mind-blowing when you consider how bad of a rep dads get when it comes to looking after the kids and yet photographs taken by other shoppers paint a completely different picture. As it turns out, Walmart moms are some of the worst offenders when it comes to keeping their kids safe, clean and out of trouble.

Many moms fail for the terrible example they decided to set their kids through their fashion choices. No shaming here, just cold hard truth as most of these moms should really consider the effect that their choices can have on their kids.

We have already done an initial list of the 21 worst moms of Walmart, but we were actually able to round up 21 more pictures and some of these are certainly worse than the original ones.

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20 Like Mother, Like Daughters

The “Mommy and Me” trend comes back around every couple of years. Unfortunately, it has already come and gone this time around and someone most certainly should have given this mom the memo.

The fact that the ‘80s are long dead and gone is also another memo that this mom failed to get. All things considered, this picture is actually amazing on many different levels. The mom is clearly the head of the pack as while all of daughters' outfit boast a flowery print, hers is instead solid-colored.

If you look closely at everyone’s shoes, then you can also clearly make out who is younger and older. The younger girls have flats, another girl has mid-sized heels and the girl closest to the mom has a heel length that is just as tall. It’s also interesting to note that the eldest is wearing a skirt like her mom, but a flower print top to match her sisters.

Mind-blown? Yeah so are we. Soon they will all graduate to looking just like mom.

19 Hurry Up

The sheer amount of pictures there are on the web of kids with plastic bags over their heads while at Walmart and other stores is absolutely horrific. In most of these photographs, the parents appear to actually be aware of what’s going on and yet do their apparent best to just ignore their kids. If you willfully don’t look at something, does that mean it didn’t happen?

Two things are actually wrong with this picture: not only is the mom clearly ignoring the fact that her son has a bag over his head, but there is also a matter that he’s walking all by himself. Judging by his height, he must be three or four years old and to be walking by himself in a parking lot is incredibly dangerous even if his mom is ahead of him.

18 Moooom!

I’m all for breastfeeding in public, but this is taking it too far. Lately, there have been a lot of concerns raised by all sides of the public breastfeeding debate. Ultimately, the baby has a right to eat and shouldn’t be confined to having to do it under a cover or in the bathroom.

That’s fine and all, but surely this mom could have paused her shopping to breastfeed her son properly? The poor kid is barely hanging on to his milk supply as she is more focused on browsing the aisles.

Breastfeeding can be incredibly hard when the child doesn’t stop wriggling around, unlatching and latching a dozen times just for the fun of it… and if you look closely, she isn’t even holding or securing her child in any way as her appears to be sitting on the shopping cart handle bar. That’s a horrible faceplant waiting to happen!

17 Fashion Statement

Think there might be a slight chance that this mom is wearing nude leggings? Probably not but one can only hope so. It’s really hard not to mommy shame in such a situation but seriously, this mom should have known better. There is absolutely no reason to leave the house without properly dressing yourself or the kids.

It’s tempting to try and give this mom the benefit of the doubt by hoping that maybe her romper had merely ridden up at the worse time. It happens to all of us but if you look closer, you can clearly tell that there is just no way.

That “romper” or shirt is just way too short (possibly even too small). This fashion choice definitely warrants shorts or pants, but better yet, it should probably just be ditched altogether. At least the child is somewhat dressed, but he is missing shoes.

16 Sleep, Baby, Sleep

When it comes to the worst moms and parents of Walmart, there are three major trends: kids with bags over their heads, kids being dragged while holding onto shopping carts, and last but not least, kids being buried in a full shopping cart. This picture is a bit of a different play on the last trend.

There are just a couple of items next to the kid while he takes the nap but what makes this mom stand out as being one of the worst moms of Walmart is the fact that is life is seriously in jeopardy.

It sounds logical in theory to place something bigger on top but if you look at the right side of the box, it’s barely hanging on to the cart’s child seat. Not to mention, there are more boxes piled on top of that big one, making the load far heavier if it were to collapse onto the sleeping child.

15 More Convenient Than Potty Training

We can’t stay it enough. There is absolutely no excuse for going to Walmart or any store for that matter and not properly getting your kids dressed. The internet is flooded with pictures of nearly naked kids at Walmart, but this one is up there as being one of the worst and not just because the kid only has a diaper and shoes on.

First of all, thank goodness he has shoes on! In too many picture, kids who are only wearing a diaper at Walmart are also shoeless, but something still needs to be said about the kid’s age. Judging by how he’s nearly as tall as the shopping cart handle, he must be perhaps five to six years old, which means that someone has massively failed to teach him about going on the potty.

Sure he might just be tall for his age, but still, something tells us that isn’t a justifiable excuse here.

14 Bubble Kid

Seriously mom? I don’t even know what is worse: the countless pictures on the web of kids at Walmart with a plastic bag over their heads while their parents keep on strolling past the deal or this picture of a mom dragging her kid while he’s under a giant bag.

Even if you consider that it might have been raining, there is no justifiable reason for putting a huge plastic bag over your kid. People of Walmart do the craziest things, but there is still something to be said about the weirdness of this picture. It’s just not a normal thing to do whatsoever and it’s incredible that someone even managed to snap a picture of this strange scene.

The mom looks completely matter fact about it too: “honey, remind me to get cat litter please”.

13 Lesson Learned

It simply can’t be said enough. Punishment via public shaming is not the way to go: there is only one lesson that kids learn from this form of punishment and it’s not the one intended by the parents. After seemingly exhausting all other options, a handful will parents will consider slapping on a sign on their kids. Most don’t end up going that far, but many who have done this have since ended up on the web.

The problem with this form of punishment is that it merely teaches that child to make sure to hide his bad behavior in the future. Even worse is that it also breaks the parent-child trust. If the child can’t true his parents to keep him from social humiliation, then who can he trust?

12 Designed For Big Kids

Without question, this picture is confusing. At least the kid is wearing shoes and is fully dressed, but the question still begs to be asked: but why is he in an infant car seat? It obviously can’t be his. We can only assume that the mom only placed him in there so he can take a quick nap while they wait.

That’s the logical response, but Walmart people aren’t always so logical. The thing with this one is that there is no baby in site and the car seat looks quite old. The beige isn’t exactly as beige anymore.

If we’re not suppose infant car seat at the top of the shopping cart like that, then this kid certainly shouldn’t be in there either. The mom has her feet on the bottom part of the cart, but that is still an accident waiting to happen.

11 Not Even Club Worthy

What the what? As always with the worst Walmart picture, the kid isn’t even wearing shoes. Obviously that isn’t the point of contention with this picture though-- just what is the mom wearing?

There is never any reason to go to any store or mall dressed like that. This isn’t sl*t-shaming and this isn’t even mommy-shaming. This is plain old common sense! Someone needs to call Stacy from What Not To Wear asap because this mom is in some dire need of help.

From the back, her top appears kind of normal. It would have certainly been interesting to see it from the front too as something makes me think that it’s probably not any better than the “party” happening in the back.

The silver lining with this one is that at least she is wearing pants.

10 Please Cover Up

Maternity clothes exist for a reason. They might be overpriced but they are so worth it! When you go from suffering inside you pre-pregnancy jeans, all the way to using a hair elastic to make it so that you can continue to wear them and then finally trying on maternity jeans… only then do you understand what you would have been missing out on.

The same goes for maternity tops. Just like we frown upon men walking around with their bellies exposed, the same goes for women! The best case in point for this is the pregnant woman who was turned away from a restaurant in Seattle for wearing a crop top that exposed her seven-and-a-half month belly.

In her case, she was in violation of the “no shoes, no shirt, no service” policy, which is tied to health code regulations. The same can certainly be applied to this picture and countless other barely dressed people who have been photographed at Walmart.

9 Drag Me To Hell

Ouch! Does this photo make you cringe just by looking at it? I cringe when my child falls over for no reason, so how any mother could let their child hang onto the back like this is beyond me.

There are many pictures on the web of kids being dragged along as they either hold onto the shopping cart or a scooter. This takes the trend to the next level though. It’s one thing to have your kid dragging along on the dirty floor inside the store and it’s a whole other to risk them get scrapes and bruises from the concrete outside.

Kids will do what they want sometimes, but the parent still needs to step in and set boundaries. There is no way that this mom couldn’t have known that her kid was hanging onto the back.

8 Livin' La Vida Loca

I’m sorry lady, but there is no excuse for walking around like that! As parents, it is our responsibility to set the best example we can for our kids. They are little sponges and it’s only when they yell back at you for the first time or they say their first swear sword that you truly realize this as a parent. At least the little girl in this picture appears to be completely dressed. But despite this, something needs to be said about her mother’s attire.

There is no way that she wouldn’t have noticed that her skirt was on the verge of slipping down. That’s not the only thing off about this picture though because if you look closely, then you can also see that her legs are actually quite dirty.

7 I Got You

This is seriously an accident waiting to happen. It wouldn’t even be all that surprising to find out that the kid did indeed fall and seriously injure himself. This mom should have seriously exercised better judgment as asking your kid to stand on the corner of the shopping cart to retrieve an item from the top shelf definitely isn’t the way to go.

It’s obvious that the kid isn’t holding onto the shelf and neither is the mom holding onto him. Her hand is under his shirt, possibly holding his belt, but if he were to fall, there is no way that she would be able to prevent him from hitting the floor in that positive.

Even worse is the fact that the cart has an incredibly high chance of toppling over as all of the kid’s weight is placed on one corner.

6 Three Is Too Much Trouble

Originally, this picture was almost included in the 21 Worst Dads Of Walmart series because the man paying in front of the basket appears to possibly be these children’s father. If you look closer though, there is a woman’s purse in the shopping cart and sine the man is already paying and there are items on the conveyor belt waiting to be paid for, it’s safe to assume that the kid’s mom is possibly either somewhere behind or maybe she is actually the one who took the picture!

We have said it many times already and we’re going to say it again: there is absolutely no reason to take kids to any store without properly clothing and shoes! Surely getting cola isn’t more important than making sure your kids aren’t going outside in nothing but a diaper or underwear?

5 He's Fine

Parenting isn’t easy. Kids require constant attention and it can be hard to get anything done around their nap times. On the one hand, this mom gets major props for still getting her shopping done, but on the other, we simply can’t overlook how this child looks in the carrier. And clearly, neither could whoever snapped the picture.

The internet is overloaded with parenting advice but on par with putting a baby to sleep on his back, making sure the chest clip is on the chest in a car seat, so is choosing the proper carrier. In this case, seeing the child’s legs go straight down is absolutely cringe-worthy. Even the beloved Ryan Reynolds received heat for this same issue. It’s important that the support is at the knee joint because if it’s not, then it’s a contributing factor towards hip dysplasia.

The child’s leg positioning isn’t the only issue though as he is sure to wake up with a major crick in his neck.

4 How Dare You

Speaking of kids holding onto to the shopping cart while their parents drag them, here is a golden example. A picture is worth a thousand words and it’s certainly the case with this one. In the first picture, the mom is seen pushing the cart as her son hangs on. In the second picture, she stands indignantly while someone likely accuses her of mistreating her son.

Just because the kid wants to get dragged by the cart and may not have listened to his mom when she asked him to walk normally beside her doesn’t mean that she should have dragged him along. In the second picture, the boy is clearly visible with his face down on the floor, but the dirty floor aside, there is also the real risk that he could have injured himself.

3 As Clean As At Home

We can’t see the global picture with regards to this scene but what we do see is that the little girl isn’t wearing any pants and is walking around Walmart completely shoeless.

Walmart and stores in general aren’t exactly the cleanest places. Walking around barefoot (and with no pants on for that matter) is a terrible idea. It would have been interesting to know if the mom is shoeless as well.

What’s funny and ironic in the majority of these worst pictures of Walmart is that while the kids are all too often naked except for a diaper and shoeless, the parents are usually fully dressed. If as a grown-up, you would prefer to walk around a store with shoes and pants, then surely the assumption can be made that your kid would too?

2 Not Fresh Enough

When it comes to grocery shopping, many us make sure to grab the furthest item as these tend to be the freshest. Fair enough, but what could this mom have possibly needed her daughter to retrieve all the way on the top shelf like that?

The shelf collapsing somehow would be my greatest fear. We have all seen the countless videos of shelves giving out and creating huge messes in grocery stores. Some might argue that a child’s weight isn’t enough to cause this to happen and it might not, but there is still a slight chance that it might and personally, I wouldn’t risk it!

The mom appears to be securing her daughter but let’s face it – if she falls, there is no one catching her other than the cold hard floor or the clearly full basket.Wt

1 Maxed Out Boredom

Should kids be allowed in supermarkets? A contentious question for sure and not one that will ever be considered but it does raise an important point. As grown-ups, we are forced to have to pay the bills, do the groceries… all these “chores” that eat away at our time. For most kids, shopping is the biggest source of boredom. At least once a week, they’re expected to sit quietly and patiently while their parents do the shopping, but for them there is nothing fun about comparing that shower curtain design to another or for trying to decipher the best deals.

With this being said, this kid shouldn’t have been allowed to lay down underneath the shopping cart no matter how bored he was. Better yet, he should have just stayed home, like most of the moms on this list.

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