21 Revealing Facts About The Cyrus Family

There are quite a few famous families in the spotlight these days. One that has been well-known for the past few decades is the Cyrus family.

In the beginning, Cyrus was a name many people were familiar with because of the success of country music star Billy Ray Cyrus. But according to imdb.com, the family became even more popular because of the fact that Miley Cyrus starred in the hit television show Hannah Montana, which pretty much made the actress and singer a superstar overnight.

It seems that this family is full of talent, as nearly all of them are involved in music, television, or film. However, just because they are talented and famous does not mean they are much different than any other family.

Each of the Cyrus family members has been through some incredibly fascinating drama. After all, being popular is not all it’s cracked up to be, partially because fame tends to put a lot of pressure on people.

In fact, some of Miley’s infamous antics over the years have proved that to be true. But Miley is not the only one who has done some questionable things. The rest of the Cyrus family has been involved in a lot of drama as well.

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21 Billy Ray Paid Miley To Clean Up The Stage When She Was Little

via:The Wrap

One fun fact is that when you’re a popular singer who goes out on tour, there are people who throw things at the stage. So, that means that someone has to clean the area up when the show is finished.

Well, this used to happen when Miley’s dad would go on tour. After Billy Ray would finish up one of his shows, he and Miley—who was very young at the time—would go out together to clean up the stage. According to femalefirst.co.uk, her father would pay her to help assist him in picking up the mementos fans tossed at him when he performed.

20 Trace Has Not Always Liked Liam


Relationships between celebrities don’t exactly have a good reputation. It seems that someone in Hollywood is always breaking up with their significant other, so it is really awesome to see a famous couple last longer than a year or two.

It appears that Miley and her new husband Liam Hemsworth have been together for quite a while. Her whole family loves him now, but things were not always that way.

According to elitedaily.com, Trace was not Hemsworth’s biggest fan when he and Miley started going out. Being her big brother, he found himself being very protective of Miley. But things seem to be fine between them now.

19 Dolly Parton Is Miley’s Godmother


It’s fun to imagine what it would be like to have an iconic country music star as a godparent. In Miley’s case, she does not have to imagine it because her godmother really is singer Dolly Parton.

According to thisisinsider.com, the singer has been very close with the Cyrus family for a long time. Dolly and Billy Ray met one another in 1992 when they were on tour together.

Parton has remained close with the family since then. She even appeared on some episodes of Hannah Montana. In addition, Miley and Dolly have shared a few performances on stage as well.

18 There Has Been A Lot Of Drama Between Miley And Selena Gomez

via: Vulture

These days, everything seems to be fine between Miley and fellow former Disney Channel star Selena Gomez, but for a while, their relationship was pretty tense.

All of the drama between the two girls began when Miley and a friend posted a video that poked fun at another video that had been made by Selena and Demi Lovato. Then when Selena and Justin Bieber began to date each other, Justin and Miley were never spotted together, despite the fact that they were friends. But he did start hanging out with her again after their breakup, and the pair even recorded music together, according to j-14.com. Furthermore, Miley even included a cardboard cutout of Selena in one of her performances.

17 Noah Had An Interesting 13th Birthday Party


For many kids, turning 13 is a pretty big deal. That means that their first birthday party as a teenager is a very important and memorable one.

However, Miley’s little sister Noah had a birthday party that raised a few eyebrows, to say the least. Firstly, the location was a strange place for a child’s birthday party. The event was held at a nightclub...

Secondly, some people were surprised to see the outfit that she wore for the occasion. According to huffpost.com, she decided to wear a mini dress, as well as bright red lipstick. Also, Noah’s big sister Miley did her makeup.

16 Trace Had To Cancel A Tour Due To Anxiety


For some people, anxiety can be a huge problem. Severe anxiety can have a negative impact on our day-to-day lives, and celebrities are no exception to this.

Trace Cyrus is a great example of this. The performer once had to cancel a tour because he was having a lot of anxiety at the moment.

According to ibtimes.com, Trace apologized to his fans, but he hoped that they would be able to understand how he was feeling. Trace claimed that the reason he was anxious about the tour was because of the way he is treated by some of the people in that location due to him having tattoos.

15 Billy Ray Regrets Putting His Daughter On Television


Hannah Montana was an extremely popular television show and helped Miley become the famous star she is today. But the show also affected the Cyrus family in a negative way, and Billy Ray claimed that he wished the show never happened.

According to hollywoodreporter.com, Miley’s father felt as though he was being blamed for her strange behavior, which is why he chose not to attend one of her birthday parties.

Miley and her father seemed to be close to each other when she was young, but they have not always been on speaking terms. Nevertheless, it looks as though the two have patched things up recently since Miley’s mom and dad were guests at her wedding.

14 Miley Has Five Siblings


Usually, when one thinks about the Cyrus family, they immediately get a mental picture of either Miley or Billy Ray. But there are actually a lot more members of this family.

According to buzzfeed.com, the oldest of the Cyrus children is Brandi, who was adopted by Billy Ray. Her mother is Leticia (Tish) Cyrus. The same goes for Trace, as Billy Ray adopted him also.

Then there is Christopher Cody Cyrus, who is Billy Ray’s first biological child. He and Miley were born during the same year.

Lastly, Billy Ray and Tish share three children together. Miley is the oldest of the children they have together. Miley’s full brother and sister are Braison and Noah.

13 Christopher And Billy Ray Are Not Close


The Cyrus family tree is quite a large one. But not every member of that family shares the fame that most of them have.

Billy Ray’s first child, Christopher, was the result of a relationship he had with a woman named Kristin Luckey right after he split up with his first wife, Cindy Smith.

Billy Ray began seeing Tish shortly after his relationship with Luckey ended, and they married soon after that. According to itisweird.com, Christopher’s parents had already split up when he was born.

Christopher’s dad supported him financially, but the two never spent much time together. Also, Miley’s half-brother is a huge fan of her work.

12 Billy Ray And Tish Have Parted Ways A Couple Of Times


Aside from his music, one of the things Billy Ray is known for is having marriage issues. Firstly, he split up with Cindy after only being married for approximately five years.

Secondly, he and his current wife have called it quits on numerous occasions. But things seem to be going well for the two of them these days.

Nevertheless, at least one of their children learned something positive from this. According to eonline.com, watching her parent’s marriage taught Miley that everyone changes a bit as they grow older. It is important to have a partner that is going to be able to handle that instead of ending the relationship.

11 Miley Went By Her Original Name Before She Was Famous


A lot of celebrities go by different names than the ones they were given at birth. But it’s still hard to imagine our favorite famous people having different names than the ones we are used to.

Apparently, some fans were surprised to find out that Miley Cyrus used to go by a different name before she became the superstar she is today. According to capitalfm.com, her mom and dad originally named her Destiny Hope Cyrus.

Nevertheless, when Miley’s professional life started to take off, she began to go by her childhood nickname. Then, in 2008, her name was legally changed from Destiny Hope Cyrus to Miley Cyrus.

10 Billy Ray Didn't Have The Easiest Childhood


While there is no doubt that Billy Ray and Tish’s children have not always had it easy, it turns out that the patriarch of the family also had to face some tough issues when he was growing up. Billy Ray was born to Ron and Ruth Ann Cyrus in 1961, and the singer’s parents split up when he was very young. According to ninjajournalist.com, this was not very common in the 1960s, and it was considered to be a much bigger deal at that time than it is these days. Billy Ray claimed that he had to discuss this topic at school, which was probably a very hard thing for him to do back then.

9 Billy Ray Had His Own Television Show For A Bit (That Everyone Forgot About)


There are a lot of television shows from the early 2000s that have apparently been forgotten about. One of them was a show called Doc, and Billy Ray Cyrus played the lead role.

According to cmt.com, the show was about Dr. Clint Cassidy, a fictional character who moves to a new location in order to be with the woman he loves. Their relationship doesn’t work out, but he still stays there to work in a medical clinic.

The first episode aired on March 11, 2001, and the last episode of this show aired on November 28, 2004. In addition, some of the singer’s music was featured on the show.

8 Miley Seems To Be More Financially Successful Than Her Dad


Overall, it seems that the Cyrus family members have each been successful in their own unique ways. When it comes to money, Billy Ray is still somewhat popular, but Miley is actually bringing in more of it.

In fact, while her dad still seems to be releasing albums once in a while, Miley actually seems to be bringing in more money than him.

In 2011, Miley was named as the richest teen in Hollywood, according to zimbio.com. Additionally, Billy Ray’s daughter was also one of the six highest paid child actors on television during the time she starred on Hannah Montana.

7 Miley Called Her Dad Out On Twitter


As talented as Miley Cyrus is, she has certainly been known to do and say some weird things. For instance, a few years ago, the singer took to Twitter to talk about some personal family issues.

Miley posted a photo of herself with an unknown woman, which was pretty strange. But what was even more strange than that was the caption that was included with it.

Miley’s father was tagged in it, and the singer basically told him that since he was not replying to her texts, she was going to give him time to tell the truth, and if he did not do it, then she would do it instead. But then things got even stranger because the tweet was gone just a few minutes after it had been posted, according to dailymail.co.uk. The singer then suggested that her account had been hacked.

6 Liam And Miley Had A Rough Start

via:OK! Magazine

These days, everything between the new Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth seems to be going pretty great. But their romance has not always been this way.

There was one point in time when Miley and Liam went through a tough breakup after being together for a while. The singer and actress said this was because she wanted to be able to live life on her own before having a partner.

According to elle.com, the former Hannah Montana star and the actor reunited a few years ago. But Miley does not regret the breakup one bit. She claimed she knew she was on the right track when the pair split up.

5 Trace Was Once Engaged To Brenda Song


The Cyrus family has definitely dealt with their fair share of rocky relationships. For instance, Trace and actress Brenda Song had a rocky relationship with one another for a very long time.

It all began in 2010 when the couple started dating. In 2011, the former couple got engaged, and they bought a house together the next year.

But then they broke up the next year and got back together again in 2013. Later that year, Trace got back together with a girl he dated in high school, according to j-14.com.

Brenda and Trace then became a couple again not long after that. But the couple split up for the final time a little while later, and the actress publicly addressed rumors that she and Trace were expecting a baby on IG. Trace replied to her post, claiming that she was the one who started the rumors in the first place.

4 Miley Was Upset With Noah's Ex-Boyfriend


 A lot of big sisters are protective of their younger siblings, and that is especially true for Miley and Noah Cyrus. The youngest Cyrus sister dated rapper Lil Xan for a while, which ultimately ended up causing a lot of drama for both of them.

Originally, Lil Xan claimed that he called things off with her because she was seen with another guy. But then he later took to IG to talk about what really led to their breakup.

Noah’s ex-boyfriend claimed that she was using him for fame. He also said some sorry things about the rest of the family as well.

Apparently, Miley was furious about the situation. But she felt confronting him would not do any good. So, she decided to simply help Noah get through the breakup, according to hollywoodlife.com.

3 Hannah Montana Gave Miley Anxiety Attacks


Apparently, Trace is not the only Cyrus family member who has had some serious anxiety issues. According to galoremag.com, Hannah Montana put a lot of pressure on Miley’s shoulders.

The actress was under so much intense stress when she was working on the hit show that she went through anxiety attacks. Miley claimed that she frequently felt sick to her stomach.

The show took quite a toll on its cast. Every day when Hannah Montana was being filmed, Miley had to wake up really early and work for 16 hours, which is a lot for anyone to do, especially when they’re still a child. Since she was on that show for so long, Miley claimed she didn’t really know herself once the show was over.

2 Billy Ray Regrets Not Being A Better Dad


Since his children, especially Miley, have spent a lot of time growing up in the spotlight, many people have questioned Billy Ray’s parenting choices. Even he feels as though he could have been a better father when his kids were younger.

According to momtastic.com, the singer admitted that he has some regrets when it comes to the way he raised his offspring. The country star said that he was more of a friend to them than a father.

Billy Ray said he taught his kids how to do fun things, such as how to camp. But he also claimed that he was not very good at some of the other things that come along with being a parent.

1 Miley Auditioned For A Different Role On Her Hit Television Show


Whenever anyone sees Miley Cyrus, it is hard not to remember the days when she played the lead role in Hannah Montana. But if things had worked out a little bit differently, she might have ended up having an entirely different role.

The star originally auditioned to play the role of Lilly Truscott, but someone else knew she was a better fit for the lead character. According to axs.com, getting the lead role still wasn’t easy, as she didn’t get that part right away.

Producers of the show originally thought she was too young to play the part, and they had other actresses in mind. But she ended up being cast as the lead character, and the rest is history.

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